Matt's Beer Tantrum

Friday, December 29th

Relive one of Matt's meltdowns as he tells us about the time we lost it because the bar couldn't get him a beef fast enough! We've also got some crazy calls from listeners about the accidental injuries they've suffered.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona engine that they need to do it when John Ziegler family. And last night daddy was out on the. Hilton as I went out for a couple Beers of buddy. And I'm sitting at this place. And I it was and I know how long I was there is one of those deals nowadays you can look at Boehner called him that I'm here. A hundred ought to means it was 45 minutes I'd been there I still would have a beer. Let that's outrageous. That this side of I kept thinking okay. We try to get the this their detentions. Spacing out some where. An app filers at the attitude I can examined I guess it's like evident in my avenue which problems are known and unknown these plays the same easily as has got I expect it that way so as I. We wanna say something. Adversary did so but he didn't. I read as Thursday's mate OK it's like go inside the like. People. We who's the manager here like they both it isn't it 25 minutes. To get a beer. Well it tabs were down we reject as it. I. Don't. That concern me point is somebody who came over instead. Some like almost at a fixed but you did it. The senate come over to say. It. At least until Lee met Mary and waiting for beer what it takes that somebody you members say grab a little problem that I like I'll drink give me of vodka. I don't they're gimme some. Alcohol. If it was completely you figure out this big giant. Mechanical crap just say look at some other options for a while I drink a bottle and whatever it adds that they. A diseased apps outraged after he fired up thinking about it. And so that it walk or take two steps away from them. In on their odds of zealots is fine Michigan meet the beard some to demand the beer so I I walk in and by the way. I'll get out that'd be very much anomalies not a damn time talking to somebody but nobody. Yeah. So both of those so my eyes I Dick if you steps in this guy screener. And must not know who you are it is today. And on their value. We have another match Darren Manning areas and drum at that point I say in eating establishment yes. What I say is to make sure that Everett I don't people think any special treatment at a. I'd rather. Yeah. Whenever it's true big man who likes to do after he is. Complete. Is to rebel Rouse who like to let others know get it yet. Up. So I talked to these dudes a dog and these deduce there's an Atlanta and I had known then what does this show and on sort of thing in but are you let me put it I guess that Obama. At the rebel rousing and like yeah you know one of the matter of fact raise the price my buds tonight. Right this is this together. So I go whom I go back to my table. And what happens they bring wine beer about it and it's not. A big putt it's. Citi. How does he is where the buds working the new England's not. It's special you find negative. So the walk all the way back now. And I'm outside and you. Inside here at this point I'm just not my hands up as a marketing it heads are up on the air this big like. What the hell's going on here it kind of thing and I say you know. I don't have my beer yet. And without nobody does. Wonders to a it's time. And a bottom stool out of anywhere buzzer didn't bailouts aren't they gonna die. Let me go to. Did I act that was I had my arms up and and and they said it's a beer yet I don't know all I did I didn't know like. Well there's still little. Right and I definitely bizarre happening it. So may decry it like this and continue believe. Yeah and you believe all men and now looked like a half hour thirty minutes it is lifestyle. Is so. And ever and hey we didn't hear it. Have you don't even wanna during I don't really don't have time to get a good buzz don't like so. Dialogue this idea birds as well that means that they want to buy a beer. Yeah I mean why did just the principle of one of the earth. Another place that they've asked you not to return not not return it. It's not an out of their choice. But I will tell if they don't want you bagged my days on the united sick and the managers and sunrise it's Arnold cranky but I heard that my beer. Quickly. The final have a beer I get ready for Obama to bargain cranky and in that it's is that asking too much and that's the kind of put off get a bit. All the violence. And an apology. Haven't volunteered to leave this could be established may never have enough to easily do that no one you went on that and ended know anyone would about the burrito. I three. Hits his man and Ramona and no links bringing another great artist to. Went into the night knowing who visited. Even grammar April 7 that the good. Grammar and he brings his. Good parts Port Charlotte we. Now at 179 no link dot com. Do you think the average guy can tell whether or not a woman has had a breast augmentation death. Generally OK we demand they got however it there's there's some exceptions but whether you with the exception is if you say I'm not shall. The possibility. Wet like to eat go to the pointed the best what do you say is. I think it could be your couldn't be but I think it is that's investing gonna get as oppose it that's definitely. Then you have the next phases which. It could be OK well let's ask the guy who probably would have no idea and. Doc can you give us. Three of the five signs that a woman's breasts are not real they look like tights and whether the skin around the looks very tight lead like shiny. It even. Oh. This is the price tagging treadmill is that you can't lose that. Give you credit for all work. A couple of them I. They can I dig you drink drink out of the news isn't gonna happen you know. For like they look like cantaloupe because like that the band oh yeah. Sometimes if if you go too big and you had. Nothing to start with sometimes it look really round and cantaloupe like. Verses having a bit of a tear drop the tape they get I'm gonna give him credit for that but now I'm sorry I can't count that we are signing. How about how about. Another sign a big deal allow that second ciphers that we'll get to that in that commitment and died due I should take it back that we always know when it's. Fake because. We will know. If it's not state. If it's really think it's real another side got back that she might have had a breast sovereignty or any other when some obviously. I guess that there's a giant crevice in between them is the largest a lot lot larger than normal. To the crevice and can robots that. Let's go to education I Italy's actually it's just something. That it. It says if their faith their further away right it would be flop and like I. Really it's. They're closer together tighten them up so it's doc sees it data. That got sent to gain this much deep ache if you wrapped around her rep good good good good. There's earth looks. It got most womens' breasts have like two to three inches of space between them have been some minor so if there almost touching. Either they're fake or she has a great push a brawl. So I obviously we've got the and they look like can't Mosul to hide it right now hi. The you want a smaller Kravis different from what the other end she has scars. Us. And then finally you can hear a sloshing sent all come audit Garrett watches daily once you can't. Tell you that got me down. But if I still heavily leaned yes I put my ear against the before I did not hear slots and unused glass that I heard the ocean and good. And I rather suspect that he's been a big blue this ocean mile. All there was. Just dumb play you injured yourself 7045701079. Let's go do grant a get us about the time it yourself and other street midway 7045707. What happened Greg. Well I think our and I'm excited that he's a restaurant. On our. And then on our ops our our our art and I'll. Or are about. We're just rich. Now what are you 95. Yeah that's backwards right how hectic it and I are back or share. Wow that's that's that now you go to the emergency room. Credit Aaron saw it blew an hour or iPod. And recently. Not happened about three years ago right back up our muscle our rob buy and without even do that lacks. Nice or. Ironic that. These but it toilet on stood up. Our error member of follow our I just. Okay okay. I bet the people living here are remember. Let's hear lightning and online again because it. Or are. Greg thanks good argument. I know you do that is gonna Jackie. I Jackie. Puts it that's what's the story and getting injured no stupid way. And I haven't got all out of play in on the back and I I am not green and I haven't higher up on an ad rock. And I can actually act on April. And I don't at this. And that it was all out tablet that. Doctor and they did stand and I had cracked the. Why now let's see the otter box worked in. His time right. Jacki thank you. Stephen exert yourself 704 57017. Ninths of a 4570179. Connie. I Connie. Or actually what happened. A lot of Canada write it for my husband and I got married we. Got a house that we are working on taking the wallpaper on I had already. Eighth grader late night from my work. I was on my way back go to work that next morning but it might hurt. Why you're my person my car and I went out and great abide by the ink in my purse and I sat down on it I cut my right but she opened. I. What are out there go to the doctor. Op Ed when I thought it was that funny that they thought he had done. About a week. Doctor you like to open but she. But I probably on it that bear and while that it is there to read too embarrassing to seek helpful she was okay. Hell yeah I'm. Next crack down there now. And it still is on the way yeah. Thankfully is it is not. More DeMarre like I've. It and did for you economy and use all night but kind of need. A step back. As you know Betty and I am. Hurt ourselves very stupid ways Beatty stabbed himself with a knife. Miley stupid yes here was slow stupid running amok run and falling apple analyst and it is now. Centers on an elected and I question of music policy what happened Andrea. Andrea what was a stupid way you hurt yourself. I think I'm making my daughter caught. Out and it can't let that I'll dirty laundry. Cutting out the bottom of the eighth lap. You look at it and the ability at a I am an aching. And I out I hear it out. I let and on the and I Al. And lose. You have. No court in the land they are. Are out your. Hole well yeah. The day it's been. You hold it over your daughter's head for ever turf fall did you go as bloody the law and very. Good when Andrea thank you. In June. Up a lot sat. Obviously it's the anytime you cut your hand really deep there's potential problems. Issue to you we have no idea who Robert is joining us. You Robert. Good dumb way you are yourself. Outside our brother. About it like on fire out adds up. All. Are. And want to back. Up our caller oh. Brooke you caliber running away from a sort of be. Bright and warm a happy that you're fired up because we're suing him back. You're listening to on there with. We're talking about the stupidest way edit your he had done his way you injured yourself 704570179. Hello Cindy. I would think well we're not walking out. Bob and I already. To use things from my car that is going to take into account my arm. And my dog without and opt out on her collar or are you that at. I was juggling all that that my. Except offer hollered I'll opt to her on in the house for the moment. And just double derail what everything and eventually got. Invisible fence collar. Under my arm. Hello hello William million new examining. This is. Well and I hit via a without. You know knowing that I was. So shocked I mean my arm just eight I was crazy that it it's bad. The part of you don't hear the beeping and know that you weren't supposed to leave the yard. With a higher again they are there either really heard it entered that ended that are and this okay good. Are pretty dark red. I think right about cutting back I'm here at least I'm back now great stuff right there city city thank you. We are talking about the times you injured yourself doing something dull 704570179. Hi Julie. Adds what happened. And nursing good and this do need an ethics well I have a going on today. And that the Bakken high school and that an athletic Irina bath and particularly medicated I jobs. And that's why I reached what I thought was the manic it I dropped and dropped it into my eye and realized. As I was doing and that it was actually a bottle let me nail glue that lake is actually lost and top. And right then I also cannot pry my eyelid open and it was glued shut. Alone how horrible. It was very hard to sit at my house my mind downstairs yelling. Do your gang I mean. Do you Eric. And yeah freaking out about trying not to sound and I didn't. I finally got her to come upstairs and a long story there at their guys are happened to be an ophthalmologist. All. Old and I spoke caught a big all the luck in the economic basically that the floods I doubt about it. And so instead of I'm going to our hockey game eight mainly decided that I haven't had that you'd had some time I would. The you learn more at bats migrate across the drizzling apparently got a confidant a man and. Exactly I I don't polite sorry I was surprised they rat me out to goes second time but he did it. Business and gonna about a pair of racial or your good ago Julie thank you thank you know I I think that just this is doing. I Dwyane. Only what happened man. Or I've been married about three years were brought younger than him. And had to order bit you know people thought spectrum that say about. They initially soaked in Latin. All awards. Yeah yes yes they are real slippery August look inside thank. I need air bag and on the mend their. There and I mean it was it was great you know but a city and we were yet but also. There are the but it she broke Barack Obama broke my left on Bruce. I. I'm I'm dumb about her arm she broke her right arm in two places that actually yeah well a dog I want. Is at all. But it will come in Europe but it was good to grow. Or how about words and at that point now you know it can't be that good ever very erotic until that's always erotic somebody loses an arms that the Tulane thanks man. I really sense aren't aren't that we're talking about how people are themselves in a very stupid way. 7045701. A seven night Lisa what happened. Referring. Some I was there to breast awkward but it is what are a lot lizard. And she's. And how you out start warming up I skipped college. But marijuana should Europe. It's going to be a outlook spitting out. Or some hail career. Can't what we're packing him off of marijuana that jobs. Out there along comment what good. Spinning and I. What that can't bump watch yeah I admire her I think. Hacked chat I'll. Even though it. Oh. You're sitting at your knowledge eSATA a cactus bush in her yoga pants. Yeah and I didn't even know what how can they opt that you have. Had to stick it in your belly up. Wow my mouth clothes in my mouth will not yet. I am armor one. It got a that was I'm hot and he had leap might it die and you know as an outsider in. If you want to cover that little we're the last active. We get better I think that there are all eyes are on your hot. Does not like it a little bit. You but I don't understand. It this is a tactic is to understand the difference for the I'm sorry you lost my kids got weed through me and let them all okay well that's a little different. Well aren't for me either bad about what the hooker coming down. Mentally she's. Every you know there are happy that their mom on a bigger burden. And edit here forty years now got bought out poll. Nancy to slam down again aren't I should they don't attack ads. It's all fair would that. Who lives down again. Keep bringing it up 704 or 570107. Up. Hey mark. There are good and what was date things they keep growing your face. Well that's the key here thought I have all the other and I know them. I often do you where I was able to bribery paid up right up Oprah out and he's kind of the way it is always. I'm 35 is all well I have an age eleven year old daughter won't walk in the I mentioned and think about. I would motorcycle just you know about Kruger to provide around. Bottom up rather well I wired are you can't get one of those were the popular vote that we would all be able. Well. How. My bed at a motorcycle. I think get worse about 3030 miles an hour I was young I thought it was cool that you're a straight down. We haven't artists were off again I would never give Obama relax. The eggs yeah there's my mark thanks vent our Charlayne. What's what's the deal older let's forget. I would. Teaching a foreign language collapsed middle schooler and Virginia and I kept my area and not fire. She'll show. Oh that group yeah. I are bringing eating or pat because I was having back problems and it went away pretty hot. Opponent or like shooting reminds me. Yeah that that go enough remark that you do on a daily basis that. How well my yeah my own children hanging intended cal that it might do well and I have thought Donald outlived them. Maybe it'll. I'll ask intelligent but on fire to trip over and battery if our fondest family memory of Charlie thank you. We wanna know what you did that your family simply won't let you live down years later they're still bringing it up 704570107. Night. Rich. Man what does a what does the fan on the keep bringing up. Well we feel that seniors don't let it go one day in and fortunately got busted by my step dad among our goal. I didn't think it army but I let it behind a bush they've all over and park and yet that would like great review that you. And I I would just if Brazil like it'd be big it. Nick and other like OK I mean yeah we can say is. All thirty years ago and I haven't let. It's a tough cookie British jet that they've they've we were related I would like to live it down either on the agenda thanks grids. Like I Samantha. Are excellent so the the family won't let it go what is it. Like exert that I was happy about seeing what I hate it as clear I hear really BP and I get a call I. They're out they were so excited Irene and out of the seal act and how are you sitting in your packet that sort out all else straight act or like a. I'm. Hopeful we'll call all of bull. All night they'll get that date down Val wow that went. Smith to thank you know probably think you don't hear a lot like they keep bringing up through your face. How how well when Allen eight years old I was very curious kid I didn't know at 330 actually worked as far as shaving your legs go so I decided that. I'll take my sisters and other bathroom and I shoot my locked. And today I am still known as chicken little because that's what looked like no eyebrows. It couldn't guard their big series please say yes. Marathoner there are no pictures for the next look on my mom had to literally job my eyebrow on. Delegate from goal is not a lot of they need to live up eyebrow analysts here at thank you. They get you a great time out today with this question. What is it that she did that your family won't let you live down Rea what was. Well I just something that that we did have my dad for probably about forty years -- passed away. But when I was young. My dad was member of its. Social political group and around some Friday night when they would meet. It was mainly that probably did drink. So why he stayed out late when he was in his good suit. When he got home my mother screamed says number when he was late and get beat puke all over his. Well. Any any cue ball in his car I need all the way home. And she says what happened in the points or could do is just shake his head. He looked down at that. Bad cold cuts Sebastien had cold cut I just plus difficult tests. I know and for years if we ever serve sandwiches or anything. We're we're always saying you know I don't want her either bad cold. Nice Nate banks and daycare ACF. Michael Michael what's the story there are there are repair itself into my girl while things are opera called art I'm not outdoor. I don't. Go outside you'll hunting like all the other men but I did when politics here at my dad wanted to opt layup we could be up for the work. Like thirteen and I'm a better liked quite a pretty big now. The problem is that we shot a yeah I didn't you like ended but it looked like the terminator all beer waiting Gaudin made just. It just kept. It a lot we can make it I'd. Yes. I ever heard and Guillermo. And it very dramatic to me I might add many dragon out of the well it's a popular every yeah that problem at bat. I kept printing out and looked and I didn't jerk pick up I was gonna wake up permit. Net and bite me in the by. Howard very scared the problem clearly that it might get that block. Happened because he would go to the beer. But for all of it hurt that could be your alma Brad kept breaking out that we're gonna bite me and there's no way it was gonna be alive yeah. It's okay. And it. Giving may bring about what probably it's up you've got out of that I'm. I think. And your brain that you think the turkeys and gets he's exactly I don't know in my era Gordon brown and Michael bank. It's all fair would that Ramona you know your boss is ripping you off from the real good India wanted to keep me who winds up responding to work messages at home. Your boss is getting all kinds of time not against. And you know I did or oh please don't mean this new survey found that. Technology is not your friend when it comes to time off because the average worker puts in an extra seven hours a week at home. That's just responding to work message that's the way it is man as the way of the world do you think you put him at a time. You have not answering you know it's email Mary thank you talked me out of but I like read stuff that we might use on the air and I think a lot. Of. I hit it that it was paperwork you wouldn't pick out viewing YouTube rain and umbrella group that I bet yeah it in the months and I doubt that I think. There is the real loudly about the show its dozen when I want it about a yeah. You could hear them willingly get mad at Greg you know Dana. It's all of you and India are you ready gap for me I think about nine about it everyday violence. And I think. About it about a Little League about a lot stubborn blog on any. Bit of a are you thinking that they like. Hour and a half every morning on Manny had an hour nap every morning. I think every bonus now it did. I think it's nonstop and I need you not know about it in. Yeah I think. And I think it arm and yeah. I am thinking that they're going to. And a lot of good thank. You very well either. Yeah that's what action is a great doubts about it. No no I think it's on gonna react to see this thing this. Haven't even though you're out yeah. We couldn't put it. Number I think about something more about it. Okay yeah. It's something else. Don't think tank the. Thanks for listening to our fair with met remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.