Matt's Creepy Stare

Tuesday, April 17th

Making eye contact with Matt Harris is something we definitely wouldn't recommend!


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We're in the top five practical skills and an apartment. Practical. I'll give you an example listening. Well I was not a practical skill or is that just lie ahead the bracket they did do well women today feel safe and secure. Man puts down his own lessons. Magic words I'm here tell me everything safe and secure our Mary during the amounted to have him up unannounced. So I'm realizing that protection. I mean I don't I don't run I need your help yes I need to know that you're listening to me that during I can understand how many women might feel safe and secure. When guys say okay. I'm listening apparent because if he. Usually listens you know that that time when you really need in the listen gap he's probably tuned and look I got basically looking at them. I drive my my my customers and that's a look at. Which is talking look good. And I only get better addicts. I do wonder. I he's looking at me I do wonders stops a difference is when you tried to look at your wife Amy. You do what you do year in the studio which is hyper focus so you like kind of feed police stair yeah. App and she's just like you know what at least she's looking at me gas yes you Dudley had a bad because I can't imagine knew that it being something natural because when you. Are looking at someone and trying. Not that well you know the other night I came in from Parker whatever earned. It is I'll be rendered united whoever the hell allies and sir looking at her and she start talking it stops at. Are you on something but let's not I'm like hello guys. Like recent over the audience you what is why didn't convince. Like yeah I'll look at Martin but tell us what do you got there and cut.