Matt's Done With Mugs!

Wednesday, November 8th

Matt forgot to bring his own coffee mug to work...there's no way he wants to use one of the company mugs in our office kitchen! In this episode we also talk about 10 things you should never say about yourself when introducing yourself to new people.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to fox. Color remember Lester got tired of that music ceramic coffee cup and just blast the couple to get water coffee. The ads about the one thing initiative. Which is only saving the planet you know I will say the plan in my own way. All only the cup. A bottle I know I've got it today no I'm not watching that either. I'm not watching it I only drink already you'll be alone because there are a lot of hamsters here now who don't wash. They are glad it is great I will not just lately in a round up or upside down and Brian act. Watch as it's been why the water normalcy no smartly. I'm wondering initiatives and the other thing that I can't stay I would imagine not using water. You don't even get in Sudan if you're not it's. Going to participate I'm watching the mug and the glasses and you may not drink coffee or water here I do wash in my eyes. I started I brought my mug now because I usually do I expand at least ten minutes after the show washing the mugs of other people. May need to make sure they're clean. And B because the hamsters get left them in the sink wait for some aren't gonna before it kind of before it. It bothers me then I should wash them. My problem now is that people doing exactly what you're talking about not really gonna do it. They are putting the dirty mud I'll find out in the do. You know parity. Rap isn't any. Better each. Splatter moment because before they want to somebody who. Act as. And it is sure he's so great I. Do the math is Meyer a is throwing away a let's say they're recycled he would do the man a recycle anything and what is the one initiative bill it's better for the earth the recycled cup that it throw away or running a water to wash cops. I gotta say it's got to be a tossup right. Now should or should I can't nobody got pretty close got a pretty close plus the soap and the and a sewer system god. Did you just make in this how to make I can't do mass. I want I really map it's an economic unless I caught it heavy route year. Environmental footprint no I didn't get hit me on line one. There are very armpits over haired dog that's better look up a Tippett chilling smelling ass over here and do the math on this. Long series is made AB Freddie will help you figure out your output per day and since free tell me the difference okay sorry accompany a lobbyists and I will do what initiative in my own way. It's what it's the one thing initiative and a different. But it is purely on one initiative in your own way but the one I do know one thing is I'd usually you see may usually bring my own cup. You bring your own blood out so there just did you listen Tenet. And it ends. Your attitude that it kind of nasty attitude you're probably drinking from a glass that ahead who knows who slips out here I don't care. And at no I don't care. I'm one with a little sickness this. I. Actually not yet or you can. You got a person from I would like rent a house or something and wash all it dishes and glasses of course. Now when I stand Ambien be original out not to bring in or can anything I have it waddle walked out and you'll rants but how about. So why are you don't sub water yeah which it is it is a luxury you running through this roster now I'm who I won't. Could use it and using that much is one glass here what month there are yeah. Just pop him and I rinse out but I figured if I'm cooking and it just needs to be wrenched out because whatever I'm. Do we eat it up it's going to Q what was there before except for it's fine but I'm not just fine going into any given. Air being the either. It's vacation wow result of the water yes I am no way never know in fact you know why because. I've seen what happens when you leave people to their own devices. Not the back at levels now I remembered now think. Act. Amy's BCS. Hershey. Six years. And we Wednesday it displaces the beach and you know classes that. Smart water something again got the glass and or to water so you're not gonna wash that. Spur toss up your 62. No. Now they tellers separates a regular. Bay rays are some sort of germ freak or something I'm a monster drink out of you'll learn now there's nobody like goes man now people are washing things out for you that's life's about. Look I don't expect people to look. I cannot. I was very Imus being variants that I did wash it hurt but as I should have no way to raise a child. I. It's gonna get sick because they need to drink some good bacteria and germs once in a while. Build up immunity battered body provide a much on that roll the dice baby's stomach virus is sure everybody at the at bat. Yeah community. Are played with the matter and call of the day right right well I know this guy actually. You took Diana brown experience. Homeowners comic or something and I got his disease recruit solid. They had too many antibiotics and I met that's just sort of the story. And they get sick it's again automatics. Because you bad bad you don't you do need to know if you you won't get sick if you read daughter and and the plume whenever clubbed over the everybody is your story if these crappy. Your argument act in I mean that literally I'm not worried about is what I'm saying not worried about it obviously. I don't know kind of you know. I don't have to argue about any of the that's bad. I believe on the map it rained a little new in the first place I don't think I don't. Yeah he did admit it now come on over a glass of water. You and I'm a weird place right now things sound. Thought. Right I'll be better next segment it's gonna let it. Live concert series presents a nice you don't want and then. Aimed right at the end time January. 31 second that he. Each of them went seven feeling dot com here's. Some minds to deal where. Jeter because these things that add a grizzly you know I've released yet he could be cheaters beach users list thousands of times the years and based he'd do anything. They've you can't win. You don't you start working out in my speech seating US star went allowing him at pizza eating in your hair different weapons you try to better yourself IP seating. Do you think that's how words are senior analyst thought I mean its on this list but I ask you not list a lot that's why I've never. Warm and don't you don't update your lookers you know or try to smell nice and that's why I'm a natural. When a guy and I got talking and the guy who. Obviously he has sprayed half the bottom of Cologne on his body. Yeah you're the guy who has decided that ex body sprays a week ago. But add guys who have invested in a nice Cologne seems uses it. So that when you're close to him he and smells amazing that is so underrated because women tend to have. I'm more sensitive. Since it was not right I'm only rely on when you're the guy who. Smells great all the ladies and I've good smelling the notre. Old spice and I think that's really not taking another loves. I. It was a good. So I would commercials and having him there. Hanging in there at the all these out his bit not taking into that level I ladies we'll know a little numbness anger in this deodorant is that now. There's no stand. So watch out for a guy at least two charming. That's the best we can't help but. It was a year she just Smart funny likable exciting he couldn't resist. Barry my big heat signatures and lack real empathy. When you let down canceled dates of last minutes but added stay angry a code those things are all. You know signs but the fact that they here she might be charming. We just automatically assume that point that. There's often no good. All but yet to appoint a lack of empathy canceling dates are all that sort of thing and staying angry. Staying angry era in relation managed angry at him for more than like it day or two he had a dangling for. Or eight hours and hours on the assembly line and organizer line I guess hitting it in the in the in the first few weeks of dating. I write their hyper flirty. Try to Housley in the dead. Of course that doesn't know. Did it it just that this is just this to resign it's in the years she's just a player look keeper sex or can be disguised them being sexually deprived. The sex really could care act of flirty. And make some sexual jokes and comments might not because their player might be just because they don't get. Either and still a problem I don't wanna guy either way it's a problem that thirsty. Or then gallery sometimes though. The double entendre. Ladies out there just an A this kid beat your sister can't Emma yeah. Double entendre. Yes. Hey I got it sounds familiar room who'd told me he wasn't a vegetarian he was a vegetarian. Get out of gas. And and. And your room man ya know your room and that's resort. On our right to protective of their phone. News is that a lot of time on the phone texting and talking to you turn your back there on it attacked yet. They're very with a explanations. And I can there not some. Where. And increased. On your text for awhile or they do. As I was just Jilin as opposed to helping a friend mover the end did not given a specific but I don't know about that one and I John specific sometimes yard. Tank and out I guess I should say eaten a meal make him watch and Lockheed Sanders. And whatever and every don't say the real thing that and it's that. Who's here to any details thought Puckett and there's such opinions too many people that's your double entendre again that's a double. That's actually a very in your face. They whenever they explanations it has inconsistencies. Yeah that makes X Zacks tags and he sensed the stories don't match up. Maine and it contradicts each other area. With a different things that's obviously on the hit a monogamy not their thing Maria might be assignment don't mean he's on the list. There are some women who need to hear it. Back yeah it is at best as they eat over his mind he's very charming little eighties all the time. And he upfront says you know he meets a woman is that you know I am a really bad boyfriend yeah I try hard bit of a badly and then jeez you know because he's so charming. Do you get away and well you know what though and and I someone else like that whatever it is that he does he's a gag Eric doesn't badly very well and someone else. It starts with a Monad miles Rollins who says she's a bag over here. Bagram as seizing that issues please stick to say your baggage just like that does. Yeah. Guys you know what I'm gonna break my. I rights that's not a good sign. America haters and I mean I should have to dedicate a either tired or do you are you gonna want to let commitment that I am gonna run away December. Yeah runaway bride house while giving a shot guys that are FaceBook page and how now. Yeah emerged to home and I liked pictures of the. I didn't see the latest. Only to seeing you gotta play the numbers game now now I don't have Turkey do you mariners game guys talk about this I get another weird. Poke on FaceBook and our picture or. All have thrown that. The more harm fish resent your way the more likely at a local went into the mode. I am no there's no just say thank you thank us later and alloys and coming out. I know there will be no thank thank you guys. Also there with Matt and Ramone fan favorite ever return beggars and who's not here is one recently Tony four year old guy named. Shawn Sykes from Kansas City, Missouri was pulled over back in September 5. And the police officers. Found drugs and stolen guns and a backpack inside his car. Removed the cops took him in for questioning in Sean swore that they were not pay is guns or drugs in the bag and analysts is mark. No cops ever heard that before and now I'm not and that's an irony excuse they could be real but the caps kept persisting in Sean finally got him to stop. A parting shots. Today he uses flatulence zinc regulars. Used used it. As the official place of four including quote mr. Sikes released allowed fart mr. Knight has continued to be flat Chilean and I quote ended the interview. Right good and gave up because I think as well as that banging this isn't the official police report wow you mentioned and it's true they have all kinds of dear you need right against masks and I'm did you guess that's why isn't as well it'll all our. He's not known that drugs and dangerous and may help it. Anybody any symptoms of his house now and arms are well now you had a slam and medical condition at the point and dance you have to. And apologize. Did was he like leaning over aerial is it that. I've fixed reference ratio we have Martin wouldn't stop partying yeah he claimed that an issue here and he knew he did though. Yeah they do you know yeah it is but he's put his leg up on. I agree that you can't begging you walk ahead of us and got a bit does leg plus a rap sheet as an end them on my friend complained about the smell he snapped better but she was actually complaining about the difference now. That time that was outside the car right gassed that and does that but yeah I am on a setup. Man. I knew. What he was dealing I just don't know if could we had a producer Matt and your Doctor Who could fart on command general Carla and guys like that. You don't a lot of back and etc. guys all the time are doing it. Italy kids and this is the only human being I have ever met who even. Dragon did. Then they could fart on demand because I remember him saying that his dad used to have him come around to strengthen as dev Patel on the far he would. It's hard on demand metric. And really yeah thanks yeah. As commodity those party is this guy had that much control. Hamid. There when you are people who Britain a lot like game you know there are times I'd like to I mean I could. I didn't know every speech needs yeah. Yeah yeah well plus two. But I mean. You may you like the no I mean I mean it that way. I mean that like dirt there's been times during the show. That now knowing that I didn't but I felt it. So well that doesn't mean you're doing on complain and again yes that is greens and hold back eighth. Yeah Obama's our guy our cable. I don't I am I I'm not around. Can you hear us. But they think he has that. Public. I don't complain and its number one you now on okay. Yeah it's I think everyone knows how some of the ailing uncle main candidates and stuff I was at that everybody on this program hasn't one point between three and sent to know that every. Every day know who am I am sorry analyze how well every green and I have been very high. No we're trip I. I don't Liam kept tracked. This happened today though I'll tell you that right now it is talking about I can't remember yesterday and I can do right now I'm not in line. It. I think that is I don't like how we'll have a late June so I don't even this is more science. I know it's not gonna say you know having me three and a five. Home to ratify any attempt to drive you maybe once a week there might be at time where M I'll let into the app that I have five out of five. You know what I do ice he's myself and I go to do an excuse myself to do. I don't I'm not brewed it about just telling you statistically does announce. We often though if it's a flu or you just can't just. Let's and other he's those of the every bottlers. Lottery. Back with news jazz I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm wildlife as taught me not to. Announcer because it's not cool teach your kids do that apparently bank death the night is him going upstairs they're O Jones yeah. Give us something he does pick up on your own home. To be rude you're one teach you. Have a daddy didn't. Like people FaceBook ahead location. They would let me hand yeah would rise his every move I'm leaving the room now and I'm going upstairs I'm coming. Sarah I'm like OK but I. Do verbal standards and could I walked into the house. But it's. Not think about that review did you do instead it's. Ever since I have no knew that it. It along to listen. I got it but this I walk into the house after war and Austin and round making dinner whenever. Mine that's my thoughts was the same thing just walked right past him go upstairs. It's a hassle and I think he's Angela. Els analog. I got to run search result will okay. Or saying you'll start talking energy and nobly I've digested it and I decided not to announce it. Talking and I sell laundry and Macy as I write them I'm just tell you something Manning had to turn around say I am not boo myself. You finish his translator. Spoke. So therefore it's good and that's right all right man man's plight. It is better to announce that to yourself or award I think that's the moral of the story just walk away from people. Water ice pick. To go every line I'll be back you know you don't zip code it's it's imply I didn't have distillery in the. It was an intensity. That was not Matt Harris. And I did not been an accountant and you only get at got a lot. They are letting go without charging him. Unfortunately for him we got pulled over again a few days ago I and the cops found more drugs and more guns and this time he couldn't stink bomb is lay Adam. He's. Negativity guide hides it dispute that children should should he needed to act in saint I didn't touch less. So it's more laughs and more fun it's all yeah wouldn't that. All right bloodied and also. Chairman podcast with people and we'd also luggage to followers and man like us on FaceBook. Funny thing Jimmy Kimmel did is found. As strongly feel like TG IF you like stranger things it's the perfect stranger things. It's mashup of perfect strangers marquis and act calls malaria and the monster from strangers things don't deity dates in this is what we're and then argued they sort of brought the two girls senator ever to get out of really. Let her and Jennifer oh yeah good. Wearing him out it was a good call. You don't you don't know what analysts say an apartment strangers and balcony and it wants TGI ASU and I don't watch and if it. I had they don't I don't remember much about really I don't know that there's a monster that's all you needed again Bronson has shown having viewed as is fabulous if you yeah Beverly Hills power sector of our tot his chances. Actor at that time it's. This on the act as a serial killers of the movie could be imagining that rates and out you can see him as we have not. Good for remembrance. And a big leagues obviously wasn't so many people slog I can remember but anyway. Yes ma'am. Reasons why people who are fifty or older feel younger. K you got the main thing would be to hang out like. At a retirement like senior citizen or something like I out of the budget eighty girls. This or not saying LE younger people. Now. Hello go out a younger people than about maybe getting a really old ones and sounds in the races aren't hustling and stuff I think you'd start to and he means. I don't sort it out there I'm assuming that you belong mayor. His arm wrestling and the seniors and and the. Yeah. That's really beyond across some people hunting clerics in my arms and have fragile bones in you. Our neighborhood and a big. Better to challenge the eighty year old to put great season arm rant all you. It was a way of feeling younger I didn't say it was really nice and polite but you definitely feel young and strong I imagine that. If that's what it takes. Had a few rallies and you've been doing it isn't that what that number in didn't hold anything. It can't go around break it no matter what. And double break him the freedom of arts and a popular race I don't. Hey let's bring up race you race but it's such a film that will break a hip yeah I think this and. Okay that's not one analyst and out BBC now. I dress young. Kid get the latest fashion. Yeah I I fit the criteria I think. OK yeah I don't dress sold. You don't Wear a bowler hat nine. Jewish women which you have been no you do in a monocle on the block it black dude. I Heisman I don't know much younger I mean I was a total of eighteen out of pocket watch in school are trying to feel older you should check out. Having a great sex life. And no comment. Enemy out of print round busy every sex. You'll feel young viewer fifteen she's not even go. I like when they're coming up and he might really end. Ridiculous a couple of years ago. Is your to have another student helped out mercy housing. There were some senior citizen Baird who lost all their food during a power outage and they were taking just the pot luck lunch and Matt was working the room. Like some dime store gigolo. And Agassi got here around merit all. At way to be Paris also looking up another dude when he'll guys. Yeah no you know my eyes of like eighty women. Arnold mob does wanted to hear Mallory did look at this as a a and a lot of nine year old Zach I. Now I just am item finally made a mistake and minds is that you would feel so that would make you feel old at your fifteen with a nine year old. I just looked younger than you are and obviously that and people tell you so yeah yeah that and they are kind of acknowledging they hurled. As the saying you know you look young for your age group you know that's a let's not think it that way okay I'm negative Nelly. You go to the gym a lot. Tang he really that bad definitely do you feel good in your herb. The key need. Near you soon. Make it. Is that they feel great in my witted beach. I got a new allegations chosen. It Ilya. Did you feel. Do you feel great one it's the same thing it is it wanna write it TV feel good naked now this is the opposite of that I can keep up with people in their twenties. MacKey keep up with people in their eighties now bag he can beat. I think in my book the eighty year old its basic it would make me feel young but what makes most people feel young again if you can keep up with young people and I can not that I could be thought. The opposite but I doubt. And hang out younger yet today I just can't do it for an extended period time used. Again night. The by tree craziness the second night it's the next morning it's a problem. I'd Melissa I still like big nights out that's also. Now I don't like big nights out you know what I get haven't had a day out the other day. Was and you. Day out at the big day out there and yeah. Are you guys go to Wal-Mart yeah. All this out. Vegetables any. It was a daytime high stakes game so I was out. Got to wrap up I didn't I would say it was a big day out your act important yeah. The low low low. You realize you're limited to ladies are getting dressed that it yeah well they didn't you know watch the game and what is it could've been done by debt. Having a FaceBook or even better it is Graham account. And I should feel younger yeah. Understand that make you feel beyond. And it's as the only seven year old mom thinks that FaceBook is of that apple. While though I admire your mom's on FaceBook there are some older people who. Are simply afraid of the computer all together. So I'm gonna have a FaceBook account or against them you know keep up with things is that right. I'm like yes I guess I guess but sometimes you make you old as you see somebody yeah to pop up who's. You're aids policy you'll like holy crap look as bad as that. Now did you how did the grammar snapped Chapman not FaceBook. That's Elton and place everybody hates you got beyond the new cutting edge social media right to feel young but if you see people who are your age posting. Like years of technology year pictures. Green beans or something but if you like and hit a please I'm not afraid of technology it. Act no highly of my apple TV yeah I do not in my adult TV very well thank you and also dating online. Match beyond anything that app again are we dating younger people same age or older the Javier Mac mania. You can possibly go engineers now you come means he says. I'm deals that are young and has now that didn't and that Emanuel. He was just a thought. Yeah that I was the youngest she's ever had that's right exactly what a day out we had to pay out the group home by 10 o'clock AM. The real love. It's all there would then remove it all right ten things never ever ever to say about yourself. Wanted to ask for a stay on the destruction. And luckily they were then. You like that's your brandy are walking the situations I disrupt them. Your music so. Well I jerked. Suddenly goes on and like real workplaces even though you don't like me referring to are placed on work. But like it is like maybe they go to disrupt like him that they you know they react cause chaos and if people think tank I don't think that's gonna let them until Portland. Okay. A. Ladies is okay our goal here is K I've seen people do it without saying it I'll see you do it. And maybe recently you're not supposed to call yourself a doom room a minivan or an expert in whatever field let other people call you that. And I've heard it I heard it I've heard it yes but I tell you act that goes. Both ways for me. First of all when I hear you say it. There's a part of me. If you're saying it in relation to something I know a little something about I'm probably give you that. Chang even today. Are each year saying it in relation to something I don't know much about. He leads the anchor person to you yeah I give you saving you are. Like. A media maven I know a lot about media and if you're not leaving an. But if you tell me that you are a money market even let you know everybody to know about money markets in my book I don't know enough about my target is eighty you're not. And the people I've seen people say I am a social media go and because other people don't know about social media there bypass well. So it says that though David does sell it you gotta show me something before I call you a new route bloody bar will respect that you don't apply yourself it. First at least the beginning that it had been nobody my bra on you to view something amazing on social media that never seen before. I would label you the guru or maven that's what they say is supposed to do but no one's gonna ask for your opinion if you don't tell them that you're an expert on maven are new roof first right yeah would you call yourself I know sunlight like if you. Our marketing yourself you say I mean. And social media person. It's him and I'm OK it's ocean VCU gotta think you're an expert or something right. Not get people I MA exercise have a radio may vendors. It is now live favorite radio gurus called sons ravens I think that's a sex word you ex husband. Gender specific word or is it like a raven a guy and I don't think I don't think it's hinders I don't think so either it is. I don't know that aren't an expert or on a slower. And that's I've never heard a man referred to himself of the as a Mason. I think Imus such maiden. And like you should be when you look at me and plague may even be. There's an even clinic ads. Dedicated to maternity resource well in the and may even as general Ali. A term used to throw around the fashion world as a as an back to me. You have a union and he certainly can be a guy's passion in your bank yeah administrators and what you may even a eminent domain and I'm like yeah you're great on the radio in the age of. I guess I'm Maria. In eighty deed need luck on ETC they got a sub. And yes I really do. Radio I'm Megan is a trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass timely and relevant knowledge a others me in the respective field you do not. I'm not a relevant knowledge to anyone else and radio that is true but that's okay I'm out any of you I don't know are out. Yeah we're all Alli do more than me as far as talking to people about it. All right so we're out on that you grew may have to get to end it. I'm nationally recognize their world renowned it's it it's silly embarrassing if it's true you don't need to say it again I know about yes exactly. Iverson aid world now but yes just should be noted that. Oh really your world renowned surgeon. And tell someone oh why don't you ducts introduce here. Educators yourself you do that I am now we're over now you sound silly you can't say it yourself yeah. Yes constantly. Of analyzed it rap that he was internationally. Threats Ronald renowned music rapper Vanilla I don't regret. Who wrote and I am gonna limit say anything that. So I'm raps about being able to do well be something that a regular person should not. You're not brag about 2 o'clock gag after a lot of bad things out there right right right. You see your rap about you know you don't need to tell me about how awesome your rims and your. I ordered line how many of those who can't help my title is now how much patrol and you can drink. Bill though generally aren't being you brag tag you know if you are known throughout the night. I'll just. You're not supposed say I'm a hard worker. Someone wants to hire you because you're a hard worker which ended with the industrial revolution. I don't want to take a job which you work for someone I respect your brilliant mind and ideas not someone just which you know is it drags down the via. I agree your hard worker. A lot of times just means here doesn't mean you're gonna that it. At what does that even mean. Around my. You think your hard workers and are currently doing you work hard to put in a lot of hours. Yeah right good and a lot of hours and you're not supposed to drop the year like from some Ivy League school or something like that much in your thirties forties and fifties or something. Or not knowing players or your or your. Title or something you necessarily be as beats people. You don't just say they have vice president of hubbub lies. Matt nice to meet. And mineralization throughout use a change agent and urging would do that but again that. Don't do any slash it is. Like like I'm an editor slash writers last producer slash web design people say that. Don't tell you on your putter profiler in talking about just introducing yourself the Atlantic and out and do anything I do. It is. I'm and funny. I knowledgeable and funny okay aid if it's a joke like. Because there are people around years who have. I'll. Not a job. Yeah hat but he he has done responsibly where maniac and how to do that and I didn't does that person you're introducing yourself taxpayer check wanted to do all those things. Zags do a lot of yeah. You've been a better. And a lot of you're slightly zone like I guess daylight. Coast morning show slack. Because if you aren't you're here. Radio host lands TV commentator yeah. But you can now Winston and. I did push to make putt yeah yeah. You sound path act fast. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.