Matt's Foot Is A Mess

Thursday, December 7th

We're still scarred from Matt showing us his bare foot and the weirdness that's currently on it...also, what's the hot new trend coming in 2018? HINT: It involves no clothes...

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there with the net remote. How Wednesday will be doing what you're rather gain menaces ones. Last Wednesday. Zero start with the this. Would you rather be achieved for the rest your life or sticky for the rest here. Mandy Keith. Allred tees yes they deal day icky Qatar open HE HE a little. And then yet I know I'm not like Ramona and anytime you mention anything started to your area Kazaa now I'm and it's and it's. How about to have me walk around eighteen year. Scratching your arsenic should trust them. I. I generally stick they couldn't. The thought of being in the polls that. Ichi people makes me it's the U Iraq would you rather be sticky. Or have all of us in the room console itching. There editors as in America there's even a question in your mind. Like she doesn't it's for the rest of Condoleezza he's out he's got he's the Dickey but above you're watching a scratch and it but yeah yeah. Like your governance I think it feels like you're covered in fear every day now by. But you guys are error are spread on the under is sort of like AG are ready to be so. Answer because of the FEMA has fifty Italy and in that doesn't happen you like you with someone and they are just catching it does that make you itch. Not well known I really don't make it I've I've been having you scratching you should see my feet. And now on we saw my arms and let you go Dermot tell yes yes she's gonna tell you say she gave me some amount we were the F. It leaked. We learned and it like an ointment thumbs loans on our otherwise had total things now. Not from my arms and select an IDs bow out now that it does. That's not only us through you know I don't think you were paying attention maybe now she's and maybe there's something wrong with the shooter where. And it's existed otherwise I know ideally. Recently my feet an old thing doctors operate like well yeah I hope yeah. That's exactly did you get to grab that all look at on the the bracelets and digital copy it and analysts as our old ones scarred them do you think so Larry you scratching your speed on Amy doesn't like. A lay in bed next to that he thinks it's anxiety. She's a social stopper not a conversation uhry does that really Terry just like. Scratchy like really it's at why would it not really gets. Things that the there has bars. And she thinks that I'm just speaking at or something or might not are not taking him but she thinks they don't really and it's I should write it out. Anyway so they don't know what it is the doctor. So there ego just take a picture mice that's. Got the one. And aside and one and that one orbit to the one on the side. Did you get this one who can't. Get I refuse to believe it dermatologists say that's going to help that if they say they don't know what Taliban's. She gave me went in our sound holes for the arms but. Look at that point I when I ran a second opinion shouldn't poke at exactly the pit. He's a pro editing the pay is given all of this with a two and it was white paper on the oil I laid down under for. All of his doubles as the bathroom at the 7-Eleven and around Atlanta president Allison is a van. Writes again here's another one why are fine because. Are you need help that your ugly don't way where's the nets know it's not a yesterday and no it's not a allergist and I'm here I can go to a cutter ortho Carolina and telling was an ugly joke. But you have some an on your feet senate how to sing and she got me. Like you and we'll journal and it's gotten there she's what I see guys it maybe your shoes oh they're back. You sound like she's playing. Huff and finish you log into the stimulus enjoyment from my arms and nicer what about my speech that that I see the town to put you know my feet just like a good luck with ads. No this is true. He told would you not tell me to put the women on my feet Tierney she's a masseuse brought me some good for your arms as the one about the beach as well I don't know I don't know as it. Yeah you know you gonna say to hell I'll give you that. It's just that I don't know what that is I don't know how is that I don't know that it zone and into Nagano and trying to figure out Tippett. These noises and he's an. A lot of and dermatologist. Or by eczema era. Mob has been to a dermatologist because she had a heat. And reaction to admit. I guarantee you don't what's happening what your skin. Don't know what we are they're they're going to get a second opinion of Torino or does it does look. Like. It isn't your arms and maybe a huge you don't know it's an. I don't like yeah. I don't know it's true they are not out to Jews started at the owner not show you completely true or not. Why make this up. I. Mean he isn't a dream home. Here's another easy. You don't have a memory let the ball you don't I'll change. I would pay specific attention because my feet were raping a problem today I thought tightly. You said you digit wasn't any appointment that you're using my dad's it's like what is the super strong. What's the name of it I don't Karen look at millions and accidentally tech recycling I don't know that it's like mister urinary tract in. Its first and it came to mind. The oddly enough. But it that was golf now I got to High Court zone it's a super duper hi record zone. It's all prescription strength super duper to the doctors say that I thought yeah. Does this say that when we did media as she actually did say something along those lines record zone but stronger in Scientology. It didn't miss it. Don't get back at. In my these super duper mega goodies down however I do is I'm telling you the latest in two days. I'm not making it a day TP I'm not making this. His leg that your shoes don't think. Now I'm back or not. At a decent and I don't think it's a heck does this is our. Don't get married this. Wish you every single and I'm like yeah I said you know. If she said in his say no she said maybe it's my laundry detergent amusing. In the mine are to bring that out im. My socks or maybe it's I'm tied my you're my shoes too tight all around them like that town but no now I am not buying and here. A decision to say about the defeat thing I said what about the guys to talk about the arms. And she's like while trying to use scented body wash maybe that'll help me get the scores tried for two weeks grabs now I said what about might be to get I don't know what that is. Movie season getting media is our big yeah don't. I'll leave here having a machine like your total cramp. Or something like that and that each condition has now. Now I'm telling you now I'm gonna get a second opinion. And you can handle a little more. 1079 they'll link cares. Send this link to kids it's the most wonderful time of the year and we need your help to spread that one year we teamed up with CN TD for CNET willing to kids help local children and families this season by sponsoring a child's Christmas join SF promise not on Providence and virtual village on December 16 in nineteen to drop off your gift and enjoy special activities for the whole family get details on the drop off parties and how you can help them 107 and the linked dot com. Anonymous is talking about a new hobby. Naked yoga into the Internet now was not talking about my new hobby I was talking about what they're saying it's going to be one of the big fitness trends for. 2018 I don't believe it to donate is then that's somebody making them not to read an article yoga in general old account to be yoga may be but that's. And forever yeah trendy fur is not new trendy for a long time. And specifically naked yoga is set to be next year's big thing. And those were feeling brave and I don't believe that I don't believe it maybe if you hippie dip Beazer. Gibson and only did the heat. Is always you bring your own Matt and stay out of my line of sight both were so you're okay with you knowing there's a guy behind you naked. I'm asking them participating. A reason you're okay that if you bring back would you doing you don't know that don't have to see it. But you don't I don't wanna be like hey into the why and look in the look he's that you're seeing you down or not end. Got part of a shortage they want allowed Apple iPod you gonna do an Islamic couldn't see the other naked person please let's say you sound like that I'd like downs are behind me out your class you can be. While Matt I don't wanna be at the yoga studio using the met you do said you're naked but I'm. I don't care how you wipe it down there's just something that you won't be able to get rid of your. Really wearing anything anyway I mean zone how much difference as well written announced. Beat while Matt and I don't wanna see yeah I am guessing if you don't take it you don't it. See it but I. I just aggregate you know part. So they didn't perform in a couple. But certain angle view only deceived by right anybody under certain naked things. This again yeah anything a woman now right we announces that there are certain angles and if you got men and women in the same class. Yet oil in Poland things could have. Have been. Being so you are dealing connected beach either that does not happen you know things can happen down and I didn't control that you're working too hard. I got into couples exercises. Like those. Strength training moves inspect that you can do with your partner using near wade your way I don't know I don't know like Adam batters on us. Now in addition to trust. Like holder up with a one hander is being in there and that it is right. That that's not gonna happen. I I'm I'm still not buying it and yet there's somebody these things the clamor tranda. That you know somebody tweeted about others something or whatever happened many resided in Coleman's Gary's make it somewhere doing this Beth how I feel about things like go yoga. Any series go to yoga I don't know that people talking about go to yoga how Oleg Tuesday. Who not mandated I wish I would do more yoga or Pilates is on trying to stretch naked with goat. And combine it all and you don't well yeah did go to yoga and I got goats around around they didn't spinning things. Yeah I. It wasn't smiling face of major with no yoga room beer you don't. I don't I don't I don't recall but. 04. I think really go gruff yoga you. Senior beer you know this sounds like it would just smell bad shooter yet again but I know they've yearning and each other's. Beards and I don't and you look at a do FaceBook. As a new way to connect and learn more about your friends. It's called did you know. Lets users share thoughtful personal details with friends or naproxen the act. I questions about the birds superpowers guilty pleasures etc. It's we have it on I've had to me I don't find it but we found it it's. It's below the user's profile right lol yeah and you can. Choose to opt out of having their shared your friends. But it wanna know your friends are what what's up there right now on years ago as the pace. On my my line no Obama makes have been. And it just keeps changing much alike motto. And I was gonna put I don't Betty united which but he and it would ever I'm gonna put your ass after everything which like to visit there as. In things like that to favorite fruit and food. He is another thing that makes you happy that has. You know all the says everything you need to know about giving them no matter what life motto your hat to. What are your hobbies drastic just beat well but you know and after average easy then I moved them see that you know what you're giving to ask you tell me if he would love it. And they wouldn't let alone and the there are degenerates on your FaceBook page with Eagles hilarious but that's about it. America's practice amounts that he had. A blog about ballots submitted a welcome back after so much you are. You're listening to on there with. A lot of things. Storm trooper out. Talking to strengthen its easy to please. Big gags on the Charlotte hornets with 611 something like that and this video. Which added is pretty darn good. Not our part but how was edited it doesn't look good and from a director's standpoint. And the amazing thing is that one Terry dot browser our producer. Who if you are familiar with the program. He doesn't talk rarely he's capable I say doesn't hockey capable but he rarely talked he's in radio show radio and he hasn't talked with whether a few times. All a mystery is a mystery to mystery so we're all sitting here in the second. Even Muslims themselves doesn't end with. We're going back and forth with sales promotions or whatever aura about putting together this video. And we reach out to some professional and they say idea of you want this kind of money. Now what do we view you don't have a budget. To do and we hear little's the corner. Doc and speaking of odd duck. And it was still the salesperson came in in the eleventh hour saying day have you guys found the body what are we gonna do day and he he was little relief. That is my all on the verge of a breakdown because he died this whole deal the mormons is about to get blown because we we can't find. An editor for this video right. And and as of right doc who's. Right Raj. Oh. The again. You know also three pounds I don't know Marty says I'll do it and he's got I got a story board doesn't know you drawl out the scene and yet if he's he's he's done a story board which we were like we're act and restored our we know when. The good wind one of professionals we try to hires him well on the net. I had to drop your story board to have to do it is to have yet feel like I'm. Can we get the price down that's sort of orderly. I had next thing you know this dude pulls out a storybook yet landed cinema direct it rodeo where you're in that none on directing it was not saying about lab. Music but now and next thing we know we show up at the warrants arena. Yeah we showed that Specter and senator and our sales prison has got mountain purges the storm to precautions were a sort of them right and doc goes. I'm going to be during yes listen I let it. You eat right and yet he's got his big plan. And then and then and then warnings and our sales people like OK we have and it's going to turn around 48 hours. Either I'm like two or three hours something like that shot the video we met there at eleven we were done by news. And dot and a video ready to roll. By the time we went on the air at three yes. It was insane. And that is that a word about. I know was done and no I don't know miss guided yeah. Did a great job of the video like what video and a sales as they did he ever said. And I said dad nick I ask can I say it. He's from doing. Sad and I'm Mike do you guys you guys get it. Now does that make it asked if Clinton does he spent this time and it is amazing paying which ended eventually. Got. Emailed to the the big boss yeah I had the CEO America communications was about CBS who's gonna be. A second largest radio company in the country in and night and not that there's always whispering teen he did he didn't and no time at all no time at all. And dad and her a fractional crafts because dot there's a lot of stuff and he doesn't get credit it credit for it. But I was. Proud that he stepped up in his own silent way it was Verisign leaving many Israeli media is silent. Don't Kaminsky again the NBA about a seven foot guy he just walked through there and just you look through and then I. You know Islam is not like the old school guide at the megaphone and killing up to make no sense. So your problem. Yeah I know exactly now now none enough he just got a gesture. Right and you you buy yesterday when an odd because I do. So well because that started here is our intern to see him doing all the stuff I mean this is the guy who got. Html for dummies remember when he aria. That's entirely self kodi. And even if you hate to speculate it's good to have a couple of days he's been up all night on YouTube like asked how did you read your own movies probably right particularly yes yeah. I. Yeah yeah and and I did buy a new camera for the sheets to us now. The camera. Putting it at a time and a camera or some cuts and Carl Cameron. Cameras yet but some camera gear and I mean and he's going to drill business yeah. The commercial sounded a bit I was like I went doc I was at that he was up all night. On YouTube he he probably Google's how to make your own Lou did you. Yes the pop up have a direct or not a direct does direct how to add color on the green screen how to color grade video footage of the great. I think really trying to understand that's like him and wearing knickers and high boots and background and then after the and it Maloney also did on any sort of learn how to have sex so. Inane and nick Hurst a host of tough talk about it assess oh yeah Wikipedia I was the guilty on YouTube and Wikipedia and the doctor can do it and so they are also wanted to hug yesterday. I I was so proud I'm gonna kind of so did his work mom. And intact they. So proud not viewed as the public not the finally said yes but. DC's this comes as your end of the year high because you're not getting another one. Haven't you ducked for stand up for yet yeah prison sentence here and operatives Allen blankets the seats more laughs and more fun it's fair with that. Right now it's it's. Only I'm. Let's see it's pretty easy to see you guys and it needs. To. The things that it is education he's gonna keep saying that he go on and he says he'd better about it I'm a five dollar up private Dicks. Ali and little. If you're dating. Each column affect not only lower note that was an older I'm pretty sure it's offensive net. Richard that word is really. That gets offensive Reagan over to meet new meaning mean if you are a price tag meaning now you couldn't say if you're out there are some words that to have enough. Older meaning that. Let's say to call was a gentleman. Two caller rooster by its its name is OK we are deceptive I game Cox they haven't changed. There's a private eye out there within his. Business card to private be okay. And I guarantee you he's not really detective he's a stripper. He's an exotic dancer who does. Bachelorette parties end amber they've tried and I had not done where's Ivins it would therefore get to this vague do you think people like. Name kids Richard anymore. I don't think it's popular I mean I I outlets that the family name and a look that up and then they probably go by the middle name. Like it it's you know Richard. Whether it's into. I'm a new year immigrant image a little let me know I guess he may yeah we don't McGee apart due Richard. Yeah and I'm so glad they need to go redeeming the not a good. You know they wouldn't be named Richard I'll tell you that I'm gonna look up where they fall and then on the he's a big cogs are celibate not. I. All I care being doc McGee thought about it if she didn't do it I don't asserted that the seat okay so you're. They say should be honest about these things in the first date and one of your health history. And the big question I guess would be like how far you back a much talent as a matter. Neighboring medical records should be passing here every d.s. And NN NN. An STD that's on the first aid I don't think. Mean it's as bad as this is just I guess if Oregon or some like that that's going to be the one you currently have moved into our hat our. That you don't have to announce on your third day did you need Sergey when you were twelve or wisdom teeth when your kid or something. But. Up front and health issues they don't really says he says says sexually transmitted infections. Get that yeah. Again let's when you get rid of it obviously put them. But you know humble and got a little X -- a black doesn't I don't feel like that would be kind of bumper sticker chances tell them I am chlamydia. Now integrated by the time you don't either yet again and again and date of today and you get over that quick. But there's there's some other things there on the bubble like you know maybe yes and I probable they could die in ten years you know what and how quickly you bring that up. Two and a lot you first went on your about to die or are you don't got died not out against that manages overlapping costs. So that's a very confusing place right there. As a very confusing place. This you're old dating scenario that you've created. Is very confused. Look at data you have. Terminal illness or not and I don't have a bigger and putting them on line we could take years. Volume one year you got some disease that doctors like you got ten years to live what yeah. It isn't easy you know the diagnosis. The average person doesn't make it to thirty years. I and Yang at the bodies you your ring I don't odds. What do you bring it out of damage person as my disease doesn't Kansas while this do you. Hi my name's. I'm hoping Jimmie got terminal disease you're not out dating. Do you URL you like I don't do you. I know some young people. Who have. Diseases like the dead and sickle cell waiting at once I ain't you know the life expectancy was very sure. But that doesn't stop them from having relationships right at what point do you say OK and that's my big question. And I think is when you feel comfortable enough. I don't think it's a first date thing under I'm not a state but I do seeing. A couple of dates and Thursday. I'll look at first look at how big early. A four month. Months up third date third date all right the next day so my eyes will be the disease date of the second third dated now say it ended he can't be dying or it is I have to be a death sentence to bring about now now no. Contagion. Or death sentence you bring up everything else Saddam. I don't know how he had an occasion to show. Again why are you glad they're aiding the the clintons and a game maybe not getting it may. Make it. Your information on lepers looking for a mom dot com. What I thought they could that OK okay some smaller like your lactose intolerant that stuff you ever bring that up. Only about edgy or about like day. And I need to warn you practice that lost me spleen or anything like now now how about contagion what do you contagious and it's against the death sentence now. Contagion he went up front. That. But dude think. For example you have feel about being back Newton. Have you felt the need to go out on the state even though you you just came from urgent care. Yeah with your drops. I need to know that up front so I'm Daniel on the contain if you're currently contagion is a yeah these are the agency ten I don't think I guess it's the kind of it's until a guy like I expressed their desire IAE UEU decides when it comes straight from the doctor's office yeah with York. Stomach virus slash yeah I slash slice you need to be a plaque yet. While ago and you're not oh (%expletive) and I doubt if you decide to go out what may be. The contagion thing it you all are. About to make me a part of some outbreak in you're patient zero yeah. On the part of the Pentagon today and stayed a little bit and I don't know him like he's. Yeah. I didn't know that pie. Don't be upfront about it. I imagine it is gonna count out column in my arms aren't that don't share a couple of mayors who don't mind you you call up at any other to be able. How about these and other diseases the list where it should probably can't come up one good example. I don't count him allergies we had Tina how are you going to be a lot of the David peanut allergy. You order suddenly would peanuts. He let on bring it out of what it is okay who's appearance on the list when you bring that up or not particularly. Use a certain food allergy you have to bring up because they did go out. To dinner it was like girls' night out and the one girl was kinda shy about where she wanted to go really. Yeah let's go to the joints of the that she was over she was over all right you get an entire. And recommend crab legs and she's like duck PM like it's. The matrix this nominee Sheikh Ali says I am highly allergic to shellfish are you gonna come out I guess that's something you value and you needed to win. Before we don't know we and we would we be one of Belo right don't. And if fish. It's I don't die and you can't say I could how could you I could dial up if we go to the fish can't. What do you might want to ask your first date to go to like Aggies peanut palace testified out right away. There are considered at the place until I think if you are asking me out a nagging speed. Amount announcing yeah. The first day restaurant Bob. Guesses gluten but. If you think if I'd be. Went so let's and that and Brooke I. He's 37 million albums sold worldwide Y 1079 the link here. Blumenthal performing arts presented award winning artist who. NY times January 31 at night Peter inside. Available now it all Ticketmaster now it's 1079 no link done. And that night theater box office plus listen for your chance to win tickets and VIP meet and greet passes on Charlotte's best mix 1079. The link. Where the podcaster would be appreciated we've been doing that we don't podcast. The specs on that up I. Think that thanks. Thanks for getting us there are questions that people care alone in the dugout now. I just a series of SL now thinks letting things out by about a week guys not think that might gain 72 law. But I guess he wasn't around up public decided that was it. Is on our Hillary. Debris GNU help you get and our team on your social or not use those of you dating sites. Right because after some. By the swipes writer you swipe right on somebody EU or. They wink now it is time for your opening line Harbaugh Lebow would be mine. About hub for the fifth. A daddy is not on the list window in the first thing you need to do is focus on their idiosyncrasies. Is it that he. But most people wanna see themselves as unique right you pick some thing new in their profile that's kind of special like oh. You speak multiple languages. Pudge international. And yeah that's all right but bad I had you and Dexter I've never and a deck out cadets there. I hope people have been more exciting things on their profiles and Dextre is is not. Language not giddy but when you. You could write with both an item one what do I say back to them now. Mean to you did this and this will have run right left you just. How does that come and see pun intended and Dili. Annika line and I would appreciate upon which to use Mario reiter your laughter. You wait to meet you do right or left and it. I think a I'm I'm pretty much in indexer is I'm right or yeah. I don't think it's an impressive and I know it's not a pressing matter and I are in conversation starter. Have but I think Kuerten. Or say anything you would put in your profile for him to pick some. Cool hobby or something that's not normal healthy or did you finish as beach should be additional third nipple can be a third nipple a grant to Baxter's. Now now you did not. I mean minute gross and creepy about anyone's nipple I think anyway opening line I think it's okay for a guy again be Amer I just don't know where the bilingual or aim today curious commerce aging goes after you find out like and I just don't know. If big guys who brags about his third nipple in his profile yeah negative below the ability and irreversible the first thing I would say is when you say multiple languages. You better mean more than two. Multiple means more than two you can't just give me too that's bilingual now has more than one now multiple would not not to meet. If unremarkable multiples. I didn't have twins or triplets know why but not the case this case does count on hero as I'm a funeral. This. Pretty special I'm not saying it but don't say multiple bids only do on a prominent anti too. Within the. Yeah I stupid parents or Brian Lara yeah now they are yet. The U had the world was your oyster your Mamas of French teachers Spanish whenever and some dinner and go to Susan Noonan learning languages you know excuse. I tried that bad but still strive act. Actually I didn't I multiple has gotten we agree in that at least old. I would gives. Now exactly banners and there's aged aptly called the evil. Couple language yes mightily all the warnings to multiple media say bilingual is to have its multiple it's got to be more than two yes I agree. I say I have multiple jobs does that mean I have three jobs yes we're gonna have to suit up. Well Butler Butler reference with a them the word. I lingual by means to the stick with that so you can change the meaning of that word knows I speak. English. I speak French. I speak ebonics and guess academy. While that is multiple. And marry an idea that's been silent on multiple you know it's all the latest figure out why it's multi. I'm gonna start that you already speaking. We're gonna assume that move so. If you so you have to have multiple would mean more. Then one other one. If you speak to we're assuming English is one and yet another we saw it multiple NBC Viet English and then one of the one and then went on if you city. Now I can't you just stick let me ask me okay wait a with the blues are not really let me on the I use that I had multiple sexual partners. You don't think it's only two. Right. You don't think that's differently do you media Evers thank and the ocean multiple sexual partners. Only to this next Lindsay go without saying be positive. So many people will start out by complaining about the jobs knowing what went either. Or the fact they haven't had any luck leading online banks that's a classic. Habit that's classic I don't agree lock here you app will feel the wind is easier on everybody else is a jerk on here and you for being the only one did not compliment me Omar looks. Al. Now and by the way compliment them on something other than looks. Oh yeah remain does that even like it. Borrowers something you don't go to looks in my ago less or something and usually come course. As they might know finally put it in an online all the Lola Romans the mall they might not like that lol maybe a case I guess not but you can say are over byters. A pivot he's gonna stick to lake closed. That's a cool. And monitored. Avoiding in your opening line. Looks altogether. Less like wild looks like you have a big family something like that otherwise. Not a thing now can you do I get out allow that outfit you're wearing a picture. Okay great out an area known as your ability. And that any way are crucial for the stake out common ground. If I know language and you know multiple languages. Now you're good actress or I'm right handed over normal conversations and started out really hard I see that you went to Italy. I've been. I gave seeing that in your profile meta say Al allow. I've always wanted to go in I'll you know a comic iron into Italy eat that got to go for the common ground. 2000. Cane and can idea that's common ground against. It's not comment meant is I don't know if you've always wanted to visit the place it closer picture take that opportunity to tell them I've always wanted to go there. I'm Blaine he's not just at a I don't know that that's okay that's an okay one. As an OK I prefer that you pick something that you actually do they say woodworking and always always wanted to learn and here's something you can't do. That they suggest you flirt tastefully. You can glide to have you do you relate missed alerted reporters and. I can't flirted all that you can't flirt tastefully quality and teens in MySpace leads definitions different should hook up. You did so in some sexual innuendo and out to help myself could act and now here. 1079 no link cares. Which saved his link to kids when else. The aids in the area without the Charlotte Mecklenburg police department we don't Sanders like and it's. Business has recently what about the older kids. You as we are trying to help them to like fourteen year old Brady. Whose mommy struggling with every job after moving to our area Brady is hoping that maybe Santa Wilkins up with a bike tour. A laser tag set for two if you'd like to help out there are hiring. Periods of children that when a seven finally got pounding typing keywords into. Thanks for listening to are fairly remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.