Matt's Freaky Tweets

Wednesday, January 3rd

Matt's social media is way too inappropriate for us to even talk about most of the time...we also give you advice on how to tell if your relationship is normal!


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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com source listing all of their. Remote you're just saying I'm reluctant to share. Yeah here so here comes to trying to hear my stuffed. Bird. What is and I are you trying to cheer like host that I put up for something. I am mid the administrator. Of the links Twitter account. And while we're on the here I'm the one you supposed to be updating Twitter numbers had. And what I like to do you eased to notch yes. Tweet on behalf of the speech and right things that we're doing but I also like to share what people on the show we're talking about so. I will generally go to yard Twitter account and see if there's something bad the link can reach weak right. And it's always a challenge. That sounds upgrade I am speaking. As the brand. Meaning. A subsidiary. Of intercom and and and Twitter. Has gotten a lot of companies in trouble. Yeah yeah right like his offensive veered out of fins in via growth things have been weeded on behalf of various organizations. And you wonder. Idiot did they have tweeting for them. Wanna be their purses so between 230 and 730. To make sure it's okay well. Okay pop over to Matt Harris is account fish and dad. I see okay what can I reach read from the man. I choices. He used. Who moved here from south Philly a little rust that's what levers of while locked. And they. Goal. Line on drink soda. Pop yeah that the thing out it's not like failure to look at them the idea and incredible. Now that's gonna work about it. Does not offense then I see okay this is good because this promotes our show on the link brand I seek big G has tweeted. It's been pointed out how gross it is here's what I refer to straining like you're not and I'm panning for gold. There is nothing weird about it man just on an restrooms singing all the embers as do all my darling Clementine at I. And heads. Wreaked in and eat it a bit I think I was listening to a much better noise and I usually hear coming from behind the bathroom door. After that we do I three that yeah why not it's miserable it's folksy. He met has also shared you had one job. Why you don't put Christmas lights on countries. You haven't looked upon trees and Christmas lights on on and it looks like they have basically lit up a budget penis. It is pretty funny and it Saturdays at an acting like yet rounds and then you can retreat until injured a year ago and there aren't pretty much I didn't see that I thought it just looked weird I don't mushroom and Ramona of course there's a right away so. So what you. I got some more things coming out. That I think will be more family friendly. I know my emails to know saying no I I'm I'm coming up with our I don't think there's anything wrong with the link they have lit up it says. And I don't look foot guy. Both on your back. Not really touching. Me. The description of Hoch foot guy like guy both on your back and that really touchy aren't likely isn't it weird things yeah. At a payment of weird that lady with a looks good idea I have just right on the go find I'll I'll I'll get on it. Al although I'm the happiest girl that was mainly friendly. How I weep people I was on it it's at desert island teach you guys and that's all that's fairly friendly only cannibalism yeah yeah and I'm gonna work on some more stuff here. I'd you go to the mat and Ramona FaceBook page or Twitter all our. The things that Ramona thinks don't rates are on the Matt Harris when I. Our Dana did tell my nor need they look like. Insert famous Asian galactic center of famous person. Goes Welsh and let's however tall skinny leg that idea and you do look like Kevin Durant. And that we give all of us fired. To edit. The no. Not minding our show you a picture. You can finish that then it think that'll hold up when the boss calls this Hindus office. I really does look like Kevin. You're out the latest. Final week of holiday on ice Charlotte outdoor ice skating rink at the NASCAR hall of fame get your final laps in before the rink melts away for another year details on hours and more at 179 and a link dot com thanks to fox 46 Charlotte and kept for Genesis. Her best friends a guy. What do you do what you do when your leader you and start dating again and I am a best friend big way. Whenever Davis and a little intimidating at that they may accident. And be the next logical question you didn't ask that you. And it says not supposed to be elegant look in particular call you can't ask why she calls him big Willie I don't know cousin and his name is it willing and he's not being there. Around you can see yes I guess on ethical question what you can say your best friends a guy that's cool I'll be known each other. But he can't see say something like I breast friends again it's kind of weird don't think there's ever got. One drunken night college and beyond. Those kind of cool. The did you guys ever hook up you can bring up eventually. Yeah I don't want him what do I get the wrong answer well then you know now you know I know I don't know exactly completely insecure around this guy every time you hang out and I well I'm hoping. He's not a track. Well first thing you know hopefully ministry yeah actually that doesn't it over the years across Africa and could rent synonymous with I don't you definitely don't. Any time elated about is to meet somebody she knew in high school and I would hope that becoming a big tub a lard a little bit. Yeah and act knee and again and make you laugh all patchy. Glitter lazy guy go. Go again. On and we enemies and then I'm going to be threatened to OK I will think that it yes I'm not yet but here's what you do. It if you've got an issue like that and you meet him as soon as again. Galloway who's against you not thinking about it. That you realize that he's not. Sect Scott about the steal your girlfriend. Then that he may be say at the PX I'm journal. Here's here's the issue by ex husband. Have had female friends before we got married and I told him. That was fine with me but is frenzy become my friends is what I am I guess I'm need to be very M. And if I couldn't meet them and they did I mean B than it was a problem. I I would meet that when this guy Gordon Amtrak's regularly I had a very good guy for and you knew him. You thought he was got a girlie rest so. That when he got into serious relationship. I'm met his now wife GAAP and the only thing that found a little awkward was. Like when. I teased him and because he was friends with a lot of girls the other girls' tees since she kind of got a little off and did. Because I think at some point she realized that. None of us wanted him. I thought maybe it was in the inside jokes around it wasn't about the MEI just Gerald right it was kind of like. Like young nude gay so does the. We just not attracted to and that it's as anything but a friend. Shouldn't be that big duty including fears that do you say EU. Want him to be. I don't care means yeah yeah yeah definitely. I definitely wanted to be catapult our nightly M and again. Yeah buddies are you meet mrs. synergy can I suggested chill environments. Where you won't be tempted to be aggressive or getting a PB measuring contest. Where is that what you wanna wherever you measure BP let him that you know. Besides you up to because they're friends rights are pleased Diana dies UN and you and your guy for Indies is. Is really scrutinize. I was save my probably more so than my female friend I don't know that as add on add that. Man who have opposite and you but you don't count on. An advocate. Well there's. Yeah you know but I know an advantage and noon I'm a little bit and any of them along don't count that way now another delay look at Amy was already around and yeah yeah yeah all the not a very good round notes I. So I know but not Andy yeah it is now against physically much. You met here at. I have added that air ally you manners of Fran and rendered and you couldn't. Backed down have you ever a point wide amber. And as they don't take and like yours Sunday morning rugby game. Dumb planning opposite teams they can be amended well. That's never good ideas we've played rugby on Sunday morning. You know like in the movies though they all that'll do that put the did you know the guy and the new boiling down and other American football and yet another and rugby is quite written by some. Re nasty it's. They are European I think. They I think the pollen over across the back. I've gone where it is Iran that's the as whenever they had been elected Doug about this that they. They hang out a lot late at his house or whatever until what's Netflix is not invited. Oh yeah the prom I didn't again that's a problem maybe you gotta questioner asked. Boundary issue in that I got to land Netflix trying to hack. That I won on stranger things now but that we wisest thing we do you know pajamas to bed OK now now all of a nice eyes I'm from and move on with. Yup he's our man and learning together. Originally meant for each other's play fly away oberg. You know things are low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramon. Right told me the number. From 25 minutes right where people want and it has been doing yeah but not the actual. We're talking about it from that first kiss in the bedroom. To what they call the satisfied side of satisfaction. A case and no we don't do and this is not counting any post. Now it's not doing Zain can't add that in there so can't get at least imposed game. It was frisked and when my colors on but maybe I don't know I'm not cuddling little bit like again ever I needed to get the 29 yeah. Thrown at every minute battlers on them by about that's what she wants 325 minutes and I'm short. Say in the old cliche is that may and don't last long enough for women. But yet the way and you actually he. Survey men and women about how long they think it showed last right. Men and women. Come in both that a Mac and the Tony Wagner 25 minutes and I think women say 25 minutes and 51 cents on Wednesday 25 minutes 46 code when it got 26 is. 88. Eight seconds difference. Talked like a pretty high today that you randomly ask somebody noticed I had an exit at I don't know they were a key say we're not really reaching. People are doing it that long well I think you're just pitch at picking a magical number where it just feels like to spend forever. And of course he started early and it is a long time and handed it like it. In a lawyer knows. All lows songs about going all night long they just made me roll my eyes so well apparently makes everybody because knoller once. My only advice I mean it I'm sorry. You are and its people leads late in about it at times and add and this is not really that much. Don't have the ability. To just do the actual act act for five minutes I'll put 25 man writes ER do all they won't well and once that. I know I'm matter you gotta warm water the other day in Roland. And down pump up the tires on a bike demanded the age where they can hold on the longest just doing the actual do the actual art. We'll have to work. Well aged man what can can he closest to that 25 minutes just doing the due on site to be a teenager. No they hear the shortest yet if there are thirty. And then over thirty Easter egg having some endurance problems but com. Aged 31. It's that's the ideal age don't. Depends on how much experience. Because the less experienced and more likely yardages like dot. Wow so that that plays a big part of what he wants out now that's true. So yeah I did that so how long they don't they say what they what they really but it really I don't know 31 year old man is seventeen minutes in five seconds public that's just the pink thing. Not yet as a think tank so. He's only got. Warmup yeah on the back I'm women be displayed or ten minutes. And honored now that's a long time. A kiss in Zemin we will be number ten minutes of warm up. Yet the lord added they do rob them they're doing a percent humidity uniting your 26 but that's the average. So I don't wanna know if you're above gore I would have a date time. They say men don't beat yourself up if you. Can't go thirty minutes. Because for most women the actionable. Number act. That part. Is it what most women needs for ID act right so wedded at the sale of the golden trio how fast you can't say that it is. Well ears stimulant stimulating or manually and kissing her continually attack and you didn't hear business downstairs. That's. Because irony obviously some people this. Go on the practice tonight everybody it's all there with that in remote. Again I'm just get checked out. Holloway yeah. Kindness to. Check out. So this is how long it's gonna take give me my relations are better. 45 minutes too long and out. It's 45 minutes out a guy's crazy to do they have a stronger connection. With anyone you can build a new relationship with a stranger. You can make that bond with your partner stronger so based 45 minute hey stranger she spent 45 minutes and hate it may be years speed dating. You don't get 45 minutes and speed dating. Of speed dating. Well odd minutes to play one day be gay you kids beat day. This 45 minutes forty fat does not any are you gonna do it 36 questions now for the guys witnessed it but of even you hinted. But bears. Noted. Expert on interpersonal relationships in guarantees this'll work. Fire away. They're actually. Three sets of questions. And in the first set you ask something like would you like to be famous. I. Cities. So these are just basic the basic questions you like might doing a party with party game whatever they're not different you know conversation starter. I'm not gonna have these were my wife. I don't really boy heard. And she wants me to talk. Tough. Continental and also that I think you guys might actually and I played as a game like at a game night tape then your peoples around now and maintenance nightmare I have my name. I wanna Sharma connection they need someone asked. The U a secret a hunch about how yield. All yeah its art attack wow we wanted to stick okay we could make an interesting conversation about it. Mill lobby and I think he's and a lot of amassing modern medical die from heart disease you're just gonna like the most popular guy yeah. And I end up being so anger outraged about something that I'll I'm the big one. Also going to be economy. She shouldn't have to move this into a different in my mom's always been afraid of chunks of meet me. Like she has this like she. Like when you have woe. Is a mile and on Q and just go meet number like she's probably like put it in my hand managed gamma and that you're gonna dive on into the media says he always is very vigilant about cutting the meat and at small pieces at the patriots their it's funny because. My mom to this day. Is afraid of eating fish. Because my grandmother drilled it into her head that they could die by choking on a fish down. On so c.'s Mary very cautious and it comes to thank you either right aren't at its own Jeff Brady she'll die from but it's that same yeah. Like hot dogs and me like steak every when the kids for a little older you know that she'd go behind us sometimes mixer there even smaller yet. And I and I granted you know to people who who almost died on state. I died I mean they couldn't Heimlich had to be performed so he could I count that as a there's a middle between eating the chocolate and dining yes you might joke went down the chances than your survival a pretty good doesn't want Anaheim McMahon. Yeah I've often thought about dropping myself on. Like chairs on the practice than I'm afraid of Britain. Is that these posts do no one's around right. Yeah I want you Pratt who does it look look at just told me. Damn it to Montgomery. That's how we practice eating. Alone loans that it may you know Malone. A you have like leftover steak yeah it wouldn't preaching that they can. Poured out you know. Eleanor did and on it Allen it was just oh yeah no doubt about this family that leg. Treated each other like baby burn asked yes I bet to make you great attitude and up and who wasn't. Alicia Silverstone or somebody like that I was also attitude of Bloomberg did. And debris shoot but I. Pretty dim gloves and down thing about it again and that's why they aren't damaged organs are. There's all new rules about choking in new it's not Heimlich maneuver anymore news Bos does smack on the bank is better for you is something like that paddle out past mine well it's not gonna say Matt. My wife is a nurse so she has no excuse she can't say like I forgot how you do that this is something like at some land their. Dead you know it's fun. These people show could have come and they couldn't comment that I know people. Nada Mohammed because the stage. You don't. Know good leads to the mound and went bad and I'm not of flu did. Taylor I want my uncle rod of his buddies but it only Family Guy like you know editor for news older than me and white as the other offended you know Eddie both of those people. Choked on state what are they called 911 they were now. There you go good so it is a thing and it is that thing explains so much about it right you're listening to all there. And Ramona it is your relationship. Normal when you call and remedies percentage here. Let's begin with das. How many months a brief Bryant ran. But Gregory pretty quick the man. Couple weeks if you've known me for more than six months and you'd never see me cry you probably don't know me very well counties. Graphic and I'm assuming that no one die days or something like that then it's gonna you know what if I have I've. Watch something touching on TV or heard a touching story. The yeah I mean you have my wife they trial lot of commercials he had gone commercial and now it's like everywhere with a tissue. Well nobody liked. About life and at just about anything on TV maker cry. Anything you're you know it can be. Comedy you know bottom modern families and Goldberg's and all that and we date. Singing touching scene and a pleasure over the edge at the you know and and as I said before will locker. But. Yet so. I would think women are going to cry. Obviously sooner than men but they they see. Five months. OK. And lets out a bit Andre yet. Introducing the friend's two year new partner. That's. Then we're talking about six months to. Really takes months introduces the frenzy all night long time we'll see. Here's a deal. If I am. Because I've been single for quite awhile and I'm on my girlfriends are single as well. Most of the times I get together with my friends it's a girls gather. There aren't a lot of natural opportunities. For me to. Introducing that my friends I am at the point now where it's cattle like unless it's getting really serious like night we're talking Wayne's. Why in my. Mean. Well because you disturb him or whatever UH oh they actually were found somebody. W blue eye opener. Of its final run I have I have. It's fun to run I'm Bruno and. We needle you know what your friends think yeah you've been an important. Where you waste on your time yeah when immunity and they did us a clear eyes preference are gonna be cool no matter what we do Monday. Oh and end. Nine I'm glad it's in. Because my mom lives with me this guy is already met my mom yet I don't have other family around here and I don't subject my A. Anybody object extended families act until they are Whaley at table friends 50% wait three months. Much is too long now has a long time to really long time giving us. Yeah like two months like your second month into the dating you like four dates in there is something like Mary forever. How you better pretty quick yeah I don't matter Atlanta birthday party that's right Allison drove his house looking in windows update you yeah. We go yeah. What percentage wait for a year to get engaged. Oh goodness me 60%. At 45%. And then or later they do as soon. Out to supportive I've went 51% win a year to get married. Can merits I think I assume that's after the 45 they don't explain it and 41% Whittier to have a baby so I'm guessing that's 41. A year for the time via merit. Right I'm assuming you. Okay dating after a break up what percentage. Weight less than a year. I hope it's high eighty present if I would have thought it was higher than it is of at Whittier. Also the year's 67%. Yeah details about every two men's semi permanent kill but I'm hoping it's dating is a can't find somebody that because like. Hope and Bruins about it because probably it's not babbling about it's maybe doing a little introspection now when you don't hear me get a break you don't you don't hear a year you know everything's good yeah view here. Do you problems and then probably an outline of somebody can straighten it out and you date a therapist. I'm some funding being. That's a lot of it now a hole. I'm not beating doesn't know miserable rally means they'll have a somebody else. How to win steal your victory since the doctor away some guys you feel mob guys. My second us that he made him. Lou and it's just that and stick it that from your dolphins at night right. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.