Matt's Gas Pump Drama

Friday, April 20th

All Matt wants to do at the gas pump is set it and forget it!

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Think that a you don't really annoys me puzzling it out of into. And I recommend with a new arena but when you have a gas station and the gas handled does not have the thing that holds the handle up. I know I mean I don't have to stand there yet to hit it hold it. Once the meat so much Ali Al Davis and I'm not only be out. It goes so far as the lead I'm generally because I'm on me like Omega very far that's what. I'm glad I can't I am annoyed like. What would take three to put those who didn't care as a mistake to try to slide yeah the old energy field gap Ascap in the handle things as safe. You never know it's something where you take the gas cap. We on your car your car. Each had a wedge in there works. Times it still makes me angry. It doesn't well. I was the only outraged by I think there should you should have to have a side. Yeah hold your own handle. The and it's that same right there and the place I go to a double down on this we may doubled now doubled down things I don't like they have the holds her own handle. And then you roll overs or some gas in your enemy to get some merit your tires that's about 25 I'm like you're you're you're down to me on the air you can't. An old self yeah makes this is no sense at all so why there. What happens if I just discovered that no handle things but the error I've told you before the free air across the street always a line. Always a line for so they know that I'm like you have to pay it's just an appetite Dahlia. The line as it's thirsty people. All and there's a line of several water and male dominant over mailbox roller. And then added it and now I find out they don't even have a handle. Willow I went to 11 time and their credit card thing at the pump was broken so I think they said please come inside I'll say. And highly and that's these other lying monthly automatic. They can manage heavy I'm peel and out of there aren't adequate yeah I'm leaving no way you're getting my business. And it's a little things that bothers it.