Matt's Gotta Go!

Friday, November 24th

Is Matt the only one who does what he calls "The pee pee dance?" And are there people out there who are actually happy with being single? Ramona says she is, but we're not so sure about that...


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That took that met her at a show cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there was that remote and then when you asked if he needed a little stands. Teeth tedium next. Forget them really really badly pretty tight I try to get to the restroom as quickly as possible but you can't you do any DV gets you see that kids do you seen me. I've seen children do it and I've seen you do it and you are the only adult. I have ever seen do a PP Dan. Bear did you ever done one thing though. No. And then add to all we have to. Eat. Dancing do like thousands of dance and call our league with a mob but oh did it grab my own. No I don't like gilligan's we have and and these guys are good news. You have to ski he's the only end to keep her as you and I thought that is reason but apparently scientifically there's nothing to mine. Dance. The purpose of mood they brought articles obviously I'm not the only one. And they did you feel there are other children now I don't know adults adults and they did study on adults who had to be really badly. And they found they had diminished focus and cognitive abilities. Yet it's hard to focus. Not to pee or people who wait too long to Pee-Wee gets to you can't because there's. And you're right I'm angry was that you can't let anything go against all I think about it doesn't alone make me dance clicking thing kind of band. While plummeted to an adult get good and it's like a robot and it is the idea is Null or not I know you've seen and as and you assume that there is complex choreography involved. But it is not it's not like Corey asks that you beat the number of July I assumed it was Michael Jackson or something you're really dislikes and we really dried up and that's good. Wiggle and I guess there's a dance but as they did this thing. And their country or would it accomplish is to everybody barely what you guys does that DP adds. They asked urologist and behavioral sciences and always other doctors and stuff they really couldn't come to big conclusion. There's theories. For instance bouncing up and down what clinching your legs together. Or perhaps both lighten the load on the bladders to enter and help you feel a little more control of what the end up urinating on yourself. I being I have wanted to do the I like a catalyst on the eagle Blatter stinker that was just like. I think putting your legs together makes sense right yeah how far women and for men and Williams volley anyway says it probably doesn't help. I can squeeze it out as he puts legs together and it's well it doesn't work anyway technically I mean it does can. And believe me then being mad men knows it. As that work and might fold your brain though and thinking this situation isn't as dire as it feels. Sick you've gotta trick your brain. You're doing your pee pee dance you. Are convincing yourself that you're not when he urinate on yourself some people are. I don't know if not I don't know I don't we don't you don't have high hopes I wouldn't know what it because I habits habits is unconscious I don't know another idea is just this might be mind. Just keep occupied. When you know. Is this it's it's distraction. Which you do like. If you if you use your phone distraction when you're in and line or something just distract you from. Thinking about peace your dancing regulate. Here's it's it's it's a tough psychological situation and we take solace in anything outside the team wherein. Wow so we wiggle override the discomfort. What you guys why are you probably are wiggling. I don't know it was a complex. Man but the most likely theory. I did the PP dances are type of rhythmic displacement I don't news. There's nothing rid medic about your dance when faced with conflict it's in our nature to move in a rhythmic way did you know that. Now I think of Ferrell kitten. Iowa voters in one of the about a drunk who is trying to coax the kitten in your house with food. Demands both. I'm imagining yes. This relates to year. Yeah I need to me if you've ever done is that you probably never done the kid you'll actually rub against the wall liberal writer it's back. And go back and forth toward the bullets catch Al. Is it's strong contradictory urge the food buddies Brady do so we have anxiety because like we have anxiety might not bite our nails. Scratch our head or whatever that's TP dancing. Up. Is it that's a birth version. And anxieties or you're just like this is a lot of society pressure not to pay yourself. Which I think is ridiculous just put the movements reduce the anxiety and now you know. But here's under remember. It's not dangerous to occasionally bushel limit. Oh your Blatter can hold the view too often as you age might lose the ability to completely empty your Blatter. And I know that sometimes I don't completely on sentiment Blatter did. I don't know I hurried to get back to whatever and that's why it seems on. Like to tell you that if there's a measure to repeal language should actually be saying. You're continuing that we've got a little while ago it's been one to eat go. Was just and I go back and finished yes its OK go back of an amendment to honor I don't have time. Good after we've all been there I would prefer you just go ahead is get it all beat out at one time. I can't come back and then boom you all night and good about it it'd. Still another pictured at a series but from now on I'm gonna do a triple extra SM a huge Blatter is that you can't finish in three minutes. Along pretty well and there's some. Things involved as. A and a lot of Angel island and more to miss. When I was denied the link been checking Santa's nice list because we have. Want to present that even cellulose and yeah this. An all time. December 70. Before the show. Can throw in a wizard seed we're especially glad. And searing pain. No one accidentally done. From Charlotte. 079. Stop that sit. Yeah. Miss kids shouldn't hawk carrier do didn't you take out our FaceBook page amendment FaceBook page ethical. Follow liked all that stuff. Women net. Prefer being single over man. They're happier. 61% of women are just damn please and being single. And up 50% of guys are happier being single. It makes sense to me. Because. I have friends who are rapidly single right now I am heavily Singleton and and I think it's easier for women because. For the most part. We do a better job and creating. The feeling friendships. That's true grit and it was reading that yelling. Friendships that that is one of the reasons they give I would also think that some. Of the women that 61% are happy to just his giving up. So it like I am I will be happy is that what you're saying should I think some are not say they're would you say about me not about you who you are. On the ground have given up here on the video I have now that you've never given up and senior rivals. Didn't. I think I can senior sold hash tag a sexual note that part of the floor and then it crashed and burned. If you really if you wanna contact Terri is Ramona hollow in space but I don't mind now that are out let me show you built the latest bad app from your tell me. Now with begins now I'm just helping. So. And and 75% of women are like anti wanna find a partner boost that. 65% of men all ours it's like just completely opposite. Guys are stars once somebody or so on the prowl the Y. Two women haven't made. His single guys aren't happy being single and they want a woman and her life. So the odds are written stories. All kind of guy out there miserable. And. Oregon's got a heck you're miserable morning Heidi is Ramona does ms. downtown are single or miserable as a single once. Somebody completes them now then they'll be happy a guy who's miserable single I is going to make you miserable in relation. I just said miserable I shouldn't I said urges us not beta they aren't as happy as they would be and they generally miserable little turnaround. There's let's see evidence that women spend longer domestic tasks Amanda and they also do more emotional work. Which I don't have any. Idea what has to do it editing I think it's because the guy wants somebody to help now. Doing stuff around the house. That's why he's not begin for somebody to wash your underwear saying that women are better maintaining friendships which you said outside of the relationship. That is the most ridiculous statement ever heard that's starting to change with a rise of the romance. Drama. And it that's just the wording. It's pretty liberal ribbons so pretty liberal Manson movies like. Hey you know her. He is having best friends people that buddies all this time saying you pack because David got I think he's a guy. Not your bro man I don't think it's a rock. And aim for it now hate the name in the past year heat have a one until labeled your relationship but now we're sitting down. So the label it and celebrated. And nurturing or maybe that's all true but but but but and I like the beginning of romance between. Met bing Indian dot pain in my ear of the romantic partner I'm not saying you don't. I'm just saying has there been Iraq haze of every bodies it is well. I mean we've become you've had good friends all our lives I mean. It drives really I'm in the right hands I had a dry spell it out a little bit Oberlin said yeah. Think he had a romantic dry spell I was a French hill. Until yeah. Who went to live life. There was a little little downturn for minutes they I have rebounded and now what happened since I got I literally on multiple drug France's. We're going to look at our finances if I don't take I don't think evidence on the rise is all I'm saying yeah well if we look you Lou. As an example that it is on the rise guys have been around for fifteen yeah is something that stupid term has been on the rise you can use the word romance if you are over the age of thirty. Yeah basically only applies if you're over the age of there. And the. No really applies to your 130. But the bruise teen then throws that I had on the spur of the web wouldn't use them a good. Well yeah it is they're a good lay down they they they. They're not the maturity yet the romances. And and I think that site has basic bro shirt. I call you because likely romantic partners all the time where do I had done and he's still got on a label you can label edited makes you happy and makes you can't be hungrier for you guys call it friends and friends are wrong. Best pals Paul DFS. And a half a tenth and and I've women who don't have a partner tend to do more social activities. More friends compared to win with partners whereas a man reverse men without a partner. Don't do as many social activities they cut back which makes no sense to. I was single I'd be doing things. All of the places many years ago I could be doing tumbled down to sell bar by your house is doing stumble back home dad's doing. Say I'm not doing and I know right now. And things. Really all you can call it dangerous LB all adventures and would have gone to Italy even if you work off with your wife and I'd be all kinds it. Pea knuckle lumps. I think I've got. A bit and it would bridge. And I can see. That was is a domino who yeah hoping to have Mbenga I have ever. All there with Matt in Ramona. In my brand great comments on the podcast we appreciate it we do it because. You care what it is easy enough to. Stop worrying whether you view people like you wanted to play is because obviously you can't just today. Don't worry about you know people by just and I am adamant that he gets easier said than done right that doesn't. Really it's his Duff and tell some math on it it's not gonna work because you are your as far as that goes to exhaust. If your work counseling or whether people like you were not in exhaust it is. I don't. Worry too much and yet you probably on and we do better. Act like if I don't I don't know I bet you bet you don't like I know you are worried yeah but to someone who doesn't know you. They would think you don't hear right right right. And yet somehow got a level at all be in between but anyway one of the ways this guy says is to help yourself. Realize that the odds are Russian we against you as far as people like. That doesn't make me feel good yeah. The dead. Minds and used it. Lighten the load when you just said the odds are qureshi lean against me. That's like we're totally against the you don't Hitler lightening the load are opposite than and you don't have to worry. I don't think Shaq might make. Like a bad Blake. Thousand dollars I can run a hundred yard dash in five seconds. And that's that's gonna wanna lose. Odds are very against her right there and you meet someone they don't like yell it. Just another. Another day before yeah. It doesn't look kind of I don't really going to live flood lights and how odd that they don't really dislike used. Saying you did all of you guessed you would be like 60%. You're 60% of the people I encounter like me. And I you currently aren't you got another 40% like I'm slightly less than half and got no fly with 30%. I think I. Think tennis that doctor Berry like all the yard. Yeah Lar yet he's much higher retire he's kind of neutral. And walk know when you know not like a more display your media got an opinion and a feeling about it. Not nice that ice. Takes a lot of stress on them and get the believe about Jews now. No we care leaders don't know is that it's. Once you know on. They're together. Their common element of it and and it really doesn't sound like your right now I just know we don't know our shortcomings and when we got our own worst and we don't. And you are aware that a judge Stan is not afraid I would be standing at the party right. Let's is dancing involved or whenever a serial. I am very act chameleon and got him it now token at a lot of different and yeah London yeah. Currently used to. You say people might meet doc and they don't have an opinion he's not gonna say my cheek nod to do my show date walk away feeling kind of neutral. You it's either there or why the love you or they're gonna think you're the biggest jerk they've ever met. They were nothing in between were soon we're spend what does that no one is men remain neutral. Really good stuff. Another catalog on an open and you know it. Either Matt and is helical or met manager that can be true but like the guy in lined the grocery story mine. Not like me may be into it into the woman who. You're behind in line for a sub who's taking too long to decide whether or not to want to let his gig like. Its ally the. As lady and she likes to make her life now are. Let's straighten her life and yet the Mickelson. All you got into the fight. When I say knowing our night elegance and and all be with you should shopping brawls all the time. Not brawls dia. There ice time while McCain doesn't sign easy links local news retail injustice you have had way more retail. Brawls and tools then I have had any kind of generally ranks of other customers because I try to keep in. The retail employees on my side because they let me know when their goods and knocking you down a 50% its. Just five all all. Op daddy you all I will give you the most people when they first meet you like you. Yeah. And yes it's possible they they I am probably the Ramones like a little longer than Al Martin be yours mine. I know I'm cranky. Again it so this guy guy says there's seven billion people on the earth. What percentage. Of those people. You'd think would like viewers are to say you were a likable person. Not just a madam but they have in the new near little medically likable person again and and 70%. Is this guy's spot. I'll take 7%. Is thrilling to 30% people wouldn't like him. And 30% or seven billion is just over two billion. Take that attitude into a party thinking they're ten people at this gathering seven of them. Probably like me just could not. On hand that's enough for me well away. People that don't like cute yeah and I'm. Got to figure out who they are a man that I had to go over and trying to impress them at a gathering I've got at least be in 90%. I think I can go there all night Bieber like a small gathering you're gonna be just a small gathering at I would Obama 90%. Cool was sent me you can't be cool with that re you doing I think three people. Now you. Know you're a small group. Yeah a small group by then it goes up yeah you positional dominance Margaret. Just over the course your lifetime to even open and I hope you probably don't comment with seven out of ten people in a room liking me. There's. An ad six people the room right now. So what's one of us have to bust hapless 11 half of us that like didn't do it. They wanted to Jarno doesn't like you at least three days. And I got enough so anyway you're supposed to tell yourself. The odds are crushing the against you know me I'm gonna be disliked by people I know it's going to be a couple million people don't like me so it's wet. Can't walk around and give. And just a couple of billion people hate on me what's the big deal H leaguers as lifelike that. While I don't think you can relax. Concentrate on the billions who do like I can't slammed. It doesn't bother me anymore now but I realize the odds are astronomical. But just I'm gonna double. Yeah and I but I. OK I can't touch the rim many marks out. About it when I don't touch the rim that's like somebody not liking it. What a billions and billions lizard I hear it emerged that. I even did the analogy and and doing you know or anywhere like you just get over a Juliet. Surely. Yeah I did yes have a nice life like 70. So seeing things are low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that remote. Our women are apparently being Langer. The PO owed it does doesn't bother me. And one of those things is being friends. He says sometimes you were quiet. But now. Looking back after after. Afterwards Ehrlichman and I was friends and I am angry and I told everybody I was like that's okay I'm located in the friend zone. Sometimes I would say is both ways that probably to write a snow's not women yeah I mean although. Probably sometimes guys it. I would say it probably happens guys way more than our laurels. Of I Greg Bobby put his grandson yeah. I know a couple of girls who while Lebanon and added wanna be there now. But book that I know more guys who are. And a hanging out there and also way woman can be in friends on the so against sex a guy Campion at friends get sex. DA you're right so it's. So you are very right about that I'm going on for at least hopeful. That's exactly cheap auto but at least you can should be less sad than the guy has even get to touch the goods and you you he's got something at a pool. Isn't the go the women don't like it when you don't introduced improperly. That we talked. Girlfriend yesterday I. This is my girlfriend Ramona now my friend or just this is Ramona. Do you title if I have a title. Yes maybe he almost got me and Amy and other things physically make me mad do a sexual rejection. We act like being turned ever sexism bothers but let's face it girls that's a damn lie. That and they I mean yards anybody. We get rejected that. I think more so the price for women even because. And what hoot what kind of guys turning it down. Yeah no hope so many parts of orbiters are thinking guy turned elegant guy can go to woman turns and now and guys who turned it down. I know but it probably heard though woman more than I got synagogue gets rejected like just another rejection on the legs and I don't woman gets turns Angela gets worse precedent turned out for sex I would think. Because. Yours and the generals this stereotype is agog at any thing. They're turning you down and bam. You've played easier for women that sexson human rights of a guy. Okay and I'm gonna say yeah on the it is I've had this conversation with many friends. You could have sex anytime we want to yeah if you're willing to lower you stay here inequality gap. It's something I holding out for particular guy or particulars of the way the wind. I if you just say I'm willing to have sex with whoever you did have sex well guys can do that to do. I mean we could only get harder it's way harder for guys you can't. Now you're one of those I didn't dating sites now you can find some catwoman herself and is now audits are gonna sex tomorrow I wanted to float you go. Your Mary so now you've probably from energy already irritated iris. I guarantee yet. Don't they I think quite you're lowering your and 100% of the women. I know even those I don't know could have sex tomorrow if they wanted to and I think bandy and I think that probably 70%. Of men I know and don't know could have sex tomorrow it. A 70% in a game we're talking about allowing Sanders right. Yeah I talk to same situation. Am glad. He's at the heart is still some like I think guys stand up guy and one girl who have the they're five facing the same odds. Are six this girl has a much better chance within the next 24 hours. A finding somebody begin with then the guy in. Yes as I. I think I'd get it he said that's next. A we're a little bit. About you on thank you guys did eat it's a validate the fact that we thank you could give yeah I don't other than you're fighting a guy. And guys are six and haven't tomorrow with a theory. Now and a girl isn't you and Aaron with a I'm gonna find this through and doesn't exactly the boy dollar and the players aren't good. I don't. Know the friends list and Mosul very good. Now. An amount that you know maybe a little. Not soliciting the proper reaction. When now women are upset. It's often. They want to anger to be respected. We want you to know that we're upset and yard giving us any emotion while we're upset we assume you don't care. If we don't hear about ouster of the situation. As dramatic but true so we're calm and cool and collective. That means we don't care location that she is but demanded it. Are crying news a little emotion and of course he'll classic don't tell on down on an app now. But sometimes we nine need to be told to come down so. It's like being told to come now. Yeah I mean I guess it is the truth. But do you look like you're gonna come out of the situation is about is like on down take a breath and let. Because now Norman what. Appears to work best with my friend had nearest yet. And I often see his romantic partner. Bandied trying this with him. Is that when he. He is armed level ten code rating. That he's a tornado. And his romantic partner feeds into it like. Awful and then net the romantic partners as it is awful is the worst thing you think you need in and kind of says okay yeah app. You know he keeps going like this you gonna be homeless and your kids are gonna demonstrate tomorrow GAAP. From what I've seen again that work better and trying to con you down the pens this week NA and the way. I've I've analyze it actually. And like several years ago they took kids with who are hyperactive. Gave them a budget coffee. And found that instead of making it making them more hyper Qaeda. Pushed him over the top and brought them back to come. And that's kind of the strategy that big any user with my friend had Maris app that takes his catastrophe fighting. Sit up so that baton. The guy at Marist also occur and back to state of somewhat normalcy it depends. A topic that I just can't find my keys I'm ranting and rating on the ground and think about this now and I'm able and a and I don't don't down nor my little man had shocked with a stops whenever habitat and being in a while he's he's he's hanging it up on an out of touch. I divorced him on chuck marital therapist. Call her little dome and a picture. It a little bit and luckily senator been in effect that I would. Because really beasts. Like I had to make funny you shut dolls yeah. I'm not a minute changes name and treat me yet middle order you went public American girl that looked like you can disease like Anders on them. Talk and share on a Kindal. That it says that as a tattoo says stop that's been. You're listening to all there. It's not going to get shots out of lead. Do you think that's and dad. And particularly the levels and knocked par dockets the greatest non bachelor. Gets the go to silent. Comment on that but because it's as your reports of non-GAAP. Below that they're doing is they didn't so to speak to be even considered. Non battle yes yes. So silence makes many people anxious just silence. In especially if it's. At a group two bit of its one long one like him with a dude. Driving in the car's sound manner have Adobe air are things get quiet and blaming myself. You know like I I need to step up. I don't necessarily blame myself I just feel responsible I was filling the site lists and perhaps it's my radio training that says dead there. It's dangerous if it it'll get you fired bad things happen when there is silence out so. I feel like in any enough and I do it I'm the worst. When it comes to meetings and because a lot of times I'm on the board of a child's place. Other way support a child's place during the giving Tuesday campaign amazing charity that helps almost a limit Talabani tools details from our college FaceBook page. But from oftentimes I will attend board meetings via phone. You wanna talk about excruciating silence when someone says you know. How does everybody feel about blah blah blah when there's not question. Or even when there's just plain silent and someone says I end here of the financials for February we've got. You know while blah blah one million dollars bubble bubble bubble bubble blocked a shot. When does a mine when he I mean and anxiety via think mentally I feel like I have to. Chiming in on the bulk I can't look Iraq I even read the room right because I'm on the phone also the ninety I don't wings. Yes that's good material for an all fine words unique what I can't anymore. I can't I think half is at the end of I don't know silence for the person running the meeting should realize it even. That's that's the responded via the situation. Most of the population is okay with a couple things. And they shouldn't it's where those people those. Long pause is that we feel are core ring. Newton. Are just it's a couple of seconds. With backing out now man for people to learn how to absorb the information I know you're you're really taken notes it I guess I've seen be able and a and an actual. Group conversation just kind of China and or may not they they kind of reflect on the information to sit there with it. Men. And then act. Better now I don't five seconds or so they move on back OK night. Man I just can't. That incident and our next to your body daddy and nothing's being said no no and we have be really really close dad and I can do it. Yeah but if it's god you just met out a couple times I don't know I don't come boring yeah company northern and constantly will bring anything up yes. As well call badly it did as. So. And the spurs as most people don't like the silences don't know Rick Tony things you need to do is practice saying not to. Join in on a group conversation do nothing but listen what your mouth shut. And they do ask you some directly one sentence answer. And just practice I don't like their ideas wondering happen is somebody's group conversation. I don't stills weird to me. Yeah there's an elegant you know and you just hanging out on the light on the outs and equipment in the colonels and a but sometimes you have to like habitat. Party party but it's gathering at someone's house. You're on an island by yourself over there and you've got to kind of make your way and a conversation I had to. Nest eggs you're very likely get so if you do I guess he just then moving in I'm not saying any thing. Would be the correct thing to do and it's great creep in Italy and Italy and I clearly taken over the I don't. What do you I don't saunter over to the conversation yet. Now what might just lose all you know because we hope that bothered by the yes and all the bottom of that one guy or gal who comes into the circle and you just can't let that at doing a girl snooty sometimes about a nine now. I'm not necessarily needy I didn't feel the need to kids I don't want everything that's been said over the past twenty minutes yet that's why. Matt was just talking about how he babble even had a sense little bit early eighties and you know. Then yes then it's our. A eventually UI graduate -- stop your Babylon and shut the bleep up is. Go to this stoplight world. You're in the green speaking for twenty seconds twenty seconds you're good ago. It's like a yellow light if you get the 42 you better watch your pace sixty seconds no matter what you better stop it cited doubts at bat shattered that. That's a red light talk up for a minute you've gone you're at the limit. One minute one minute when you think about one minute is. It's a long Ambien intern at any time Kenyan attorney signed. And it's awful. Yeah but I have watched the clock when someone must talk and too long and that's true Matt and I are along ignoring tellers and Errol Louis story has gone on for like five minutes flat out they don't say that how long let me ask Brad Penny hook and wrap it up there right come on uncle Al bring it home yes news did a year for a twenty minute. And you don't really one to one up them which you might have a story. It just is similar so you generally shared everything gets better listen to hours ago. Anyway they don't tell element to reset what's a photographer 62 I got to stop. Now the science and when is a reset nagged him back in the green again Balladur had to set it down in a way you think that talking again. You could be in the green and yellow as much you need as long as you don't break the 5050 rule. Which says you should be listening to much speak if not more. And sometimes a bit inferior quiet group promote the dock and I'm talking all. Turn conversations in a game will help your battling. Ahead we can't walk away from a talk at least three mental notes about what they said you lose. You don't get the use some sort of reward for yourself I lose all the time then I can remember what I said what are we just say this conversation I mean I don't I don't. Somebody doubled and other what does that battle is have somebody you know you trust. That can help to stop that we can start out. And fans back art and you wanna be seen as a white her husband like. Right here today if. They interrupt your story and something. Then around they era like you tell us stories they start. A change in the subject or something maybe that's something like ping pong. That are green red or any differently aren't on his stand behind the person or talking to return home. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.