Matt's Kids Want A Dog

Tuesday, July 25th

Matt's stressing out over the fact his kids are begging to get a dog...will he finally give in?

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My kid Addison turned twelve yesterday. As supersonic. Hearing sort of got it's a tea. Super power chicken here will whisper something from rooms away and shall be giggling all right heard batters something that. And I he she overheard. I was very anxiety ridden as well Amy when we went on vacation whether or not kids would be good and and related tidbit that I you know eight and then sometimes kids it. January about ligament pay lawyer gone for both the grandparents can split duty. And as again this they'll never want to begin they blow this and I've seen Ambien bad votes before a supports emit a pain in my. But many times. So I whispered I thought Amy and I were discussing about. Well. We tell mr. while. We're gone the good for the grandparents. And news. We'll get them dogs have been begging for a dog begging begging begging car. Year into PowerPoint presentation Alan why they should get a dog that's dedication and then listed dogs and alma. I'm very allergic to dogs. I get the day's news. Shots get epic and ready some very allergic I had no idea high profile attack dog I would. Go. She heard as. And that kind of we telling goddess and a quarter than Christie says he heard us. Right so scandal accused sealed the deal there and she kept text attack tactics to which we text during we've attacked her in a united. You know being really really good hand ant or something like that. And now we've come back and in other telling us how great they learned the grandparents are saying how great the and said OK. But now I've pushed it on its that are going to be really hard to find got to give me like another. Push. There have gone. Out. There. But I don't think abundantly gonna fall for now but I don't know lab every time about a dog it on our leader on and and then I want that they're mad got to find a special. I April Allard Janet dog so that that means all kinds it. Headaches and issues that come when that so. But I might I think I'm backed into a corner and I know that constitutes a verbal contractors to hide and I know people visibly disappointed don't give everything they want. Get squat. I am this one I feel like. I got. You've really got to learn how to use this whole whispering into listened to her advantage instead of actually giving a stuff away you know and you know me in my loud voice in my whispering you delete it regards I think I'm stuck in this weird now out weird but it. You're gonna have to do I know I've already said there's no way out now but so anyway they mentioned to my dad. My parents are dog people that never I didn't have a dog out they never had dogs often complain about dogs and egotism house. And so. They meet my father and all the drop off the kids. And they say demise hunt current law that says these kids doesn't crazy idea that they're getting a dog want to know that's not true. Yeah local and I did a couple of underdog local I don't know Mallard never get a dog a couple of the well. And so again all I -- hundred that is dreams squads and I get home from vacation and I don't think dad Avery as must've heard it so here I. Rodman bother all calls me outside and says I warned you. That your dad is very adamant that you're not getting a dog. That will help. I know my dad is favors getting a dog but really that is. Als or whatever but I think thanks for the heads up the rockets could thrust an examiner. Daniel I'm my dad. Getting and a whole hog and landlord and any other sizzle thing an affair I. I mean broken into my day and then in my and a family drama ended and the and the kids every hair looking at pictures of dogs and maiming now does the pressure is building good. It's not until you hear. Six streamed for free calls to every day 179 blue dot com.