Matt's Never Sewn A Button

Thursday, January 18th

Matt doesn't know how to do most things around the house, so why should we be surprised?


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T shirts were originally marketed to unmarried men who didn't know how to sew buttons back on collared shirt by themselves. Yeah I still not so much. This are you kidding me I'm not kidding never lacked the vary based big life skills and what's the basic I never had access. I'm white probably knows how but I never see yourself button he'll be like Alley to my mind it's here its ticket to detail on. How we got. Oh yeah has. Done it multiple dot can you so much that. Yeah may be comprised etiquette. You get into it and many wish Lulu are. Act it out about brain surgery and not just. Now I'm exude that we're a new world order man we don't new world. We're not cern and putter and raised in Barnes and sew on buttons coming and I'm not darn in his sock when they give you an extra when you by nature exactly and just throw that away. I think I have a bunch on land around it varies drawers. Doctoral you know with the new world. Saving the dozen other. And also come back. Zombies zombie apocalypse I've got an extra buttons for everybody knows what. I'm living. I'll stop and have a Taylor he's been a part of my entourage he's out of the road budget book is on the ground watch the bell ball.