Matt's T-Shirt Trend

Thursday, April 19th

Matt wants to jump on the "t-shirt and jeans" fashion trend, but he doesn't think he has the look for it!

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The other day did you talk about yesterday I was on my. New look I talked about no I don't I just don't think guys and you and I don't think I can do it. Harder to come up our hair on their locker series record advance. A mirror game country music awards via. Look at lights he just came in off the street he's got some jeans on he's got may be a graphic key yes he's got a little scrubs going eyeball look like he's not trying. At all right but you know he didn't right now is that I haven't doubters that's a definite look. Right. And you want to have that. Yes I Bruce Springsteen. I favorites he does that kinda look as well which just looks. Natural for him. And Darius looked very I don't know if I can each you know so. What your work and what could be. Off. Uncertainty. Wind tunnel yet. My key swearing at them. Norton. He's learned not Jerry Campbell I don't want to go quickly. Thought it. An early on. Did the volcano the slope and. And now. At. AT and. If I don't I don't think there's nothing else for you if you. Right well and now eight and G you now have no hope runs amendment only word that way. I guess what am. Hi just missing. Is the cool part. Yeah. We're going to sing and it doesn't mean. You're right well islanders goal another guy looks like he's trying. Yeah that's right right item that I guy yet I don't. Yes and my putting on. The right footwear is kind of vital teachers like out of my dad. Right we want to boot. Yeah. Maybe I do want dudes I don't know what it is but I'm looking at pictures in here with a white teaser on jeans I'm contenders. People think you are old white teacher does. All that I could down. I I can't Wear a white teacher like to. Acted like there are you worried you're gonna spill. Your I don't think it was right on me I think I'd be like it went like this. I'm saying oh yeah I don't know all of them not cool at night and I feel like in my ward when beat. And our white teacher in my life I'm afraid where. Does. Undershirt. And I would think that the signature. And your opinion technical guy and deservedly. Won damaged or on double that and understand. And then employ around here. I just don't welcome to try doing it aren't already doing it. You are doing. It's red shirt and jeans. That'll. You run the I thought about it I do you Wear jeans and admitted it and and. Was read it island. Areas are just looked so cool and he gets it looks like he's not even trying to be cool but the pipe on a teacher and did he had. Which we. Oh yeah I'm curious to ever. Like never use. Asian man and elements you're turning to honor. The and a lot but tugs. How limited our demands are included. And bounced over it teachers something like that is that too much and probably. At the these teachers. I've gotten just get used to wearing right now. Maybe ten years from now you'll be on globally aware and then introduce the man asked the I didn't does this in the cold you know got their estimate that I didn't realize benevolent prompt. Autism and the link.