Matt's A Tornado

Tuesday, May 1st

Matt's a pretty routine when his schedule gets thrown off chaos ensues, just like a tornado! We also talk about how to keep both your friendships and relationships going strong.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You'll that we think are there was that remote. All right DE a rate the podcast have you how I've had a hundred. Events like this but it's like it's not really. OK anyway. Lost my Tom mind. I really did you know I was hurt and you said that you see what I think your whole mind. I didn't today and you guys that you're not a tornado today you got it together and all hell is broken loose is set we did. Do you we jinx I think you did I feel very anxious and every other day you've been sold together yes. We don't mind. Knew we acknowledge how together you Wear a menu yellow car right I read some candidates as you when you get anxiety from realizing you don't have anxiety. That's what just happened I think. And Alessio Vinci code romance. I have to admit that has happened to me where it's where like I just started meditating. Analysts finding that that was feeling a lot better I was like oh wait a minute. Should I feel this good. Said he had anxiety via knowing exactly yet we can't wait matinee is the other shoe to drop here. And what is happening we are messed up people this we are now really works though the rabbit hole and none were not thought falloff medically version of my therapist tells me your motto. Reaches out to find something to worry about all right. Even when you're not worried that tiger line and is an animal that's what we Wear got to learn how to be abnormal for us we haven't. Involved. Merged it's now back in the cave man days it's that are our Ellen time and some woolly mammoth is in a third John. It's. That haven't allotment as Cynthia. Some on the Flintstones I. Atlanta and Barney were like holy crown Cowell on Bolton another woolly mammoth Denard junk. All right so anyway it kissing dating breaking up. Allie took about how many people the average person in kids is before finding the one. And according to a new study. May I think kids about the same number of people that that would make sense right egg. This society tells us that the men around. You know knocking down his major any extra possible in the women are kinda holding back. Yeah. But it makes since that we're about even. Yeah I mean I guess it dies and because these guys find it there are women only gives into into. Are the guys is easier just one woman bringing up the average for a rod wells gives him a budget guy probably is actually. That is the average an accident that mean you're so that means it could be somebody kiss and a hundred times that it hasn't lied in its. Yes but I went and numbers of same thing for guys and girls men the study says the average woman kisses Tony two people before finding one. The average bank uses 25 people before finding one. And you knocked out a lot of those well not me here and Eva editors somewhat popular knock out some high school and it. And it the first four years after we're withers college or whatever you you've you've you've got Ted probably twenty down at a time really when he died. By high school how many people educated so zero by the anti school. Zero. Probably three. Okay the era. I'm bringing an average net Clinton an element of it you docket fingered neck in neck yes. They're in high so we were neck and not a business that it is important to point out yes yes zero man. And I know people look at me now like how is that possible at dashing young man yeah. She kisses by the time I graduated from high school to yeah. Yeah. Tonight I mean my wife and a thirty. No because. Of her parents are listening I'm just a crib at this gets backed are by the way tell Matta just getting so I really don't know. I don't think about it the average age when you meet the first thing you settled Allah doesn't mean you marry them. But the average age did you meet the person you'll settle down with his twenties that I was surprised that I thought that was like the marriage page seems late. Right because it got to look at is an average marriage like Tony 718 or something like that now so you would think to be brown 2526. Something like that whatever. This job society and then you are seven people you meet her senior ready to settle down with it 27. But before that you have an average of five relationships that in badly. Own. Am I brought that every where he had before I got Mary because you heard the whine I hate and bad play or or yeah. I wasn't until probably about. Maybe fifteen years ago. I have revelation on the year when we were talking about breaking up and I realized that I don't think I had ever been broken up with. Although I know the feeling. It Ole miss other breaker upper. Did people well. So yeah that is what you say they have how it if it ended badly or not that's in the eye of the be holder as they resent sometimes the person. Doesn't even realize that no doubt in broad spectrum of badly. Yes there is Indian because it wasn't so bad for you doesn't mean the right person didn't like they were kicked in the gut about Amber's and you're badly might just to be feeling guilty. Yeah are feeling. Like you know what what's wrong when me again. It's your tires slashed your Mickey Mouse toaster stolen in your house broken into and that's personal colored dog kidnapped. There's some badly. Yeah. Yeah. How many did there isn't badly bears it's. About its London of the spectrum. Yeah. Yeah outside those five in babbling but you're going to be the one doing the dumping in three of those situation. A cat dolls and everybody's starting the badly you break three yards and two people bridge York. Me. That's sound like a high number. And he really mean that five relations incident badly -- a lot of us do our gas pretty much only been in two series released on Le plus it's all about. What he gets in relation to says relation not here to view our allegedly. Fighting 127 that basically means some Leo between 8227. You have five relationships and and batted Lee and I'd say region beyond the mat math somewhere informants. A Samantha burglary I just don't feel like it's OK your should. Because let's say I really should every year. And a series not to go valley so that's what is and that's why you relationships and I ever bad. The high number hasn't been any senate relations at the level yes. Again and another late 30s% of single people have given up on finding a soul mate. A 45% are still holding out hope. Or how odd it is on analyst as dad don't believe in us all made. As that that could be two skewing this. Numbers I would hope people don't believe there such thing it's all we'll have a we just call the one. Within a single and we'll have given up on finding the one of possibilities. One out of I think I found it in now. Not saying and it. Yeah. I don't you and me and Campbell era begins in your. Are there with that remote. All right let's see you guys that are down where this idea this person man woman. When a ritual that rub about a ritual that makes her happier because she keeps in touch with friends and science says if you have. Social contacts and friends you you know little longer lives for your help here and you keep your brain working longer all that a lot of a lot of blot out. So you. You talk about it is it truth time you get busy young kids got work to get spam the obligations. And distances you might have to drive forty minutes to see somebody in that. You know he had. So how do you keep the government oppressive government she says that up that's around saying that right in my day. Jewish friends that he broom the bits that's called I guess it's eight gathering. He's due Mike Myers did a bit on that they're alive while back when anyway. The base for couples in this case maybe every two weeks and they don't. You need to text or email or anything it's just every two weeks same spot same time. And that's just the way it is and they do a technical. It says that expanded. And I'm a big fan because he keeps the gathering affordable. If you take this to a restaurant. And even if you sit around and order ads and wine. Gets a little pricey it dies but. Are my friends were thin gruel out of my house yeah. Bourbonnais and he's got the trap I guess to try to make a centralized location centralized location plus you know sometimes. You don't wanna go to somebody else's house sometimes that say if you're going from house to house it might be more of a burden. No because though I think I got a clean my house are gonna do this second do that ought to do is make sure we have food and we mean this one place. That I had to vote I would say people company. There's there's a look if there's a minute and I'm going to give it and you bring the through new bill means. It's a no just that he still on the paper volatility and Matt you're on the air on the your own development on. So they did it is that every team he's had a picnic lunch while obliged to kids if you want and they can run around the picnic on a block and and you either picked out. Eat questions. They give the example of what's. One thing your parents taught you that you went to pass on to your children to later practical questions like how do you disconnect from your iPhone on weekends. I don't need is nicely enough to. Why would I don't want to let idea the and and they sit atop its receivers at the top is great. Because it gets you pass the small talk sports and weather. And talk about something actually matters and the gender doesn't split up and man of one corner women on the other dogged on this question. And for those with kids they have a great space so they can run around and be kids. While growing up symbol enjoy their own played eight of sorts it's beautiful people love it. I've read enough I do every two weeks I think I go once a month. They say I haven't won couple can't make it no biggie because you haven't forced. Or couples are Diaz all 430 for not showing up they're saying are probably pretty slim. I'd and wet sock go to the park in your food your kids not on anybody shows up. Of course my having obligate myself or worse they still went to talk about. What do I want a pass on my children and talk about Smart it's I can't talk about sports in my mind here. That's the only regret my thought it. Large out of the weekend. TV or have. You have a sports drink and that's not for this particular other. And yeah you have another time you get together and talk about sports I visit me something that appeals to everybody in the group BM prayer music let's talk. We're still worse. Has to be fair you go off in your corner and I'd go on the monkey bars of the kids yeah. They they say they say it's that is consistent. Every other week rain or shine. No back and forth emailing to find time it's always the same time same place and it's raining same place and it's clean it's come resume includes a no prep no cleanup. And they say it's a two hour. Bank two hours in and done no man's. I can't can't commit them and I don't want next two hours. Every two weeks what about two hours once a month did you go for that still I don't know mice to get this means these friends. These people who you say you'd love spending time with. You Sedin twelve times a year in a 365. Day year personal I didn't say I love spending time when they acts. I okay. Oh they ask me to go to their gathering I didn't bring it out you never sent this via the instead I guess. He found them on the Internet so little they must be true match odd corner gas supplied champions. It's a match on facts on long version. Hope they're good. Long and daughter. Politics let's do this thing let's start with this. Bigger the orange and he's the leader of the juice that's right. That's right did you know that for real. Pretty astute about that and Mandarin oranges awfully tiny and sweet OK they go. The world's most expensive spice. Is sap rod. Romo and I. Look based paprika to assist us. I didn't read why haven't looked it up and many resorts apparatus for its most expensive spice. Newborns are more likely to turn their head to the right than to the last why is that. Listen I give me the facts it's your job to follow up on. There are gonna ask you this. I they EV USC a dead polar bear. Long needs lever. You'll die a vitamin overdose below are saying you know you never know I was really hired a bag as you guys. Talking and adamant and podcast he was saying that were too long the polar bears will be creeping into Washington State California so there's a chance. Your fingernails grow faster and cold weather. I can just sit there. The stomach acid found at snake stomach and I just bones and teeth but that fur or hair. That's really weird right the snakes who open air. Yeah yeah McCain night of balls leaded delegates like orders big giant snakes and now look Indio is South America or something with a cutter openly see human bodies and at that as a very cool. Video but that is that the guy at a separate beard. Is stated that this I fired moves faster uphill than downhill for the most part. Cal's don't have upper front teeth. It's in fort cal sympathetic attitude he has our Italian Indian smiling. The most twinkies every minute of the record is most with easy than six minutes a 121. Com on. The fast anyways every six pounds big means one minute and 48 seconds. Mets grilled cheese sandwich is even one minute thirteen there you go. Arabic is a cheese sandwich that's an important as it. The galaxy. Only 18% of Americans actually try to stick shift. I really like yeah now you and your hardest thing. You have yep. When although I couldn't when I first bought my. I bought a car automatic guy NA. I sort of started down then yeah I have been like this old factory. Abandoned factory parking lot all right guys that Volkswagen bus which was about fifteen years old. And I bought it from him and he laughed it is empty box whatever lies and I got in it was stick shift at United States. And like I would use to I'd tell. The end the story as it took me along. And you know so. Debates should fit with the running out and I'd be here tonight I I had not going to and he tells us there's too much respect was in laws. Now let's of the today. Brakes gave out I was going downhill. Human chats with doctor Taylor Murray like that ranked so your butt to their but not your about the show their butt too you. And now that means they're comfortable with you that's always so weird reasonable start. A. A flock of ravens is called are so many comments as a flock of ravens called and kindness. Thomas likes typewriters because he likes the way they sound. And I well I am glad that along. Omar and let my mind them little choice should be. He even really riders had it right. I'd look with that that that almost came in spent. Oh yeah the ad that was playing the drums yeah. It's englanders. The image. Not the wonders. The later the group today ask I forget. That's it that ad I don't you believe that this is these are facts he learned aren't true. Diamond is the hardest substance incorrect. Not incorrect. Can cut it man notes wind it cubic boron Knight tried. I have and handled when Cuba Gordon I tried really had so much to it and you get those. Fully a piece of paper you've heard baby isn't more than seven times is impossible the record for fully at peace paper's thirteen. I have to find something better career. See you send it it is at that. A oh it's a have a distant squid says. Like that. Oh the plural term of nieces and nephews is nibbling. I can't really ask god that I now I'm getting somewhere with sound they beat you and Monta these amended yes I can't slide. Yes I have my little naming them. My name beings are hurt Davis today. Before Pixar settled on Toy Story you probably know vanity. They thought about made in Taiwan as as the title. Moving bodies or toys in the hood the disease. On a ballot and it definitely isn't it as soon as possible Savannah my eleven year old. Pop pop pop and tie means 555. The I and not to laugh memory in Taiwan the only species besides humans at French kiss as a prelude to sex. The white fronted parent. These you'd ever wanna get numb one of them. Those are being unloaded president or vice I don't know I don't like the way you guys are reacting. And it is studies done via. Yeah ice cast there on soprano I am the prince kisses so yes it is time. And got me on Leo like anything I am today mark. And ma'am ma'am it's only anymore pocket out they want. Now ostrich is could out run a horse if they were. A what is it gives us are gonna come out and on that on but it they widened the lead outright dollars they just I don't know they don't get some convincing. Until they don't yet. Anyway at some events that get that anywhere that snapped and I maybe I'll do this and coaching yes he. So it's more glass and more fun. It's fair with a network load always go end light and follow the mat not a FaceBook page lease friends thank you Vera. In the podcast thing all right. Yet which yeah which. Is about eighteen your relationship Mora read billion. Act maybe. Yes absolutely what you need to do is to first to vol. Be optimistic. Right that's got to think positive data and positive you believe that your relationship is gonna make 90% of the time. You be 100% certain irony maybe the elite ivy. 81 year old Alex out there today that's front and on the day 8020s maybe you think that's normal. He you're. I don't know. We know we're a little different people but it. It's hard to imagine that doesn't hammer and that self fulfilling prophecy if you think you're about who's gonna make it. Chances are you're gonna make it good you gonna do everything your power to get everything. Satin Mets catcher. Desired. This it's just a few dollars because you think it's gonna work doesn't mean it's gonna Wear. Then it got a better show where. Maybe not because it's about what the two of you put into linked to make it work right there in debit both have to think that way. Optimism on. Your part again I'm Brooke for a living in constant fear she's going to leave yeah. I think anyone of the sweetest things I've ever heard you say is that. The biggest beer in your life. He's not having your wife and I thought that was so sweet. Incredibly insecure. But very weak right you are saying that every day. You look at your relationship and try to figure out something you can do to make her want to be this year. Even the days when she's not there you have no idea Felix and yeah yeah all these pictures of them. And a well I think what I'm really here to this day and yeah. Yeah that's a deflated and she's on the road a lot of the office. Have a partner who's doing met in your doing that for your partner how can you go yeah I don't. That's building up some serious resilient so you do in order trying to do that every single day. You're gonna survive the rough days but did you have all this this capital built. I just wanna be to actually be less than one. Every damn like OK I can read tiny bit less annoying ads that they don't let something go oh yeah do you know. Did you know who tiger being a little Miami. I yeah I didn't ala. We did TV and you get up and go to the bathroom not gonna say where are you going to tell me about it and yeah Georgia acting yeah. I have to ask that I have to ask had to know exactly give yeah that's not my thing but you know I might say. I. I was in the now. Yeah reality here if you hear the garage door but a brief link once they thought she'd just leave her own. You want some serious debt we now see that is maybe she needs help somewhere. Just gone and so much like move some furniture or something. How does go there and yeah. Well I don't know this is an iPod is good shill arsenic even though I am communities and I yell yell for help I don't know but I I am trying to think what I can do that makes it. How bad. I'll be missing you and that's it sees it and I've I've gods he. Leaping into robots that's just kind of. Know easier an interesting and care about budget there I there you don't watered and all you care yeah Ali can't tell you mess there. Yeah that's too obvious seller to know I know we are going Alan you're beyond the I don't know why don't the 1050 now I never do asked how long it dominated now there's a show wanted to do now watches without you. Are you catch him later we're wary sand and it's. I. Very serious conversation and you know you like why is only known you catch up are you come back in time we're gonna we're I can't tell that you. I don't know I need to know. Yeah yeah I didn't even know it's serious stuff man and this. Is now. It at all. And I don't even know it is just not gonna becoming one of the show is rumbling and I need an announcement of of where we sit on the shelf. This just mind off my calves and has an eye on you in or out you can catch up aboriginal. Definitely. Yeah but I a time and I think the Chinese ams every day but not conscious of the needs. Who's in the game a little bit. News I mean I'm rarely I just always be and that means love putts and. On it that's your body and all of them now yeah you know. I mean talked earns. I'm conversation. You know don't run I don't feel immediately turn on the TV and she says something a pause. That's a good staff okay for the breath. Out of this one it's self control. Now patrol were the ad that pretty does refers the ability to controlling your impulses. Are looking to delay gratification. As such bad. And to engage in health promoting activities. And I got that covered to some degree. Whispers into his own it also are you a simple a guy. I mean I do that okay I do but I mean I still blurred line and things like that. But I don't die immediate needs. Now I don't I don't get any gratification. That refuses insignificant as though it's again it never got to attention partly. It's appreciative of a lot of learning and dad. But not inside and outside it's government Floridians that gives me no relief effort. Sense of call in this isn't so this gratification I could hold off an active degree. Thus comes the sports. Of course honestly except in response today and for your own accident and also being willing to forgive me your partner with the down in that way. GAAP on forgive others necklace and also forgive yourself. Because I don't want him he'll get leads you to do things that are right. Really mad at you knowing. Him like that I'm working on that. We're gonna happen at Christmas tournament as a lot of positives to it. If you're up in the morning. Yeah I care about is should. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.