Matt's Wardrobe Malfunction

Monday, November 13th

Matt wearing a dress is just asking for trouble...find out how he embarrassed his daughter over the weekend!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening to all there with the. Just this weekend. Gaping. Don't based on the money for rain. The community. Patients with HIV and aids hole and doesn't really cause great time very funny. And Ramona was there and her relatives ES. And we got to see you as any and I also got to hear this story about how you embarrass your poor daughter was. Brings us to my wife Amy now remember I was wearing a red dress on and until I got somebody by Mina were actually anyway for the states you you'd give me when your waist. So my daughter was having a sleep over. How many kids name. There are three girl total middle school girl. And then when he and Andy you for everything that it would be great to come down there is in your little handing out it down now mind you it's. Our middle school daughter is watching her dad comes downstairs. Dressed. In an Indiana wig. You can. So I would have laughed and Cochran a little bit. And I got her friend are laughing their cleanup adequately. Got Ebert and searched and still look like slow motion and you turn around to go back and buried in Nedney and that is incurred bad underwear. It's. Good. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I'm not address. You're appalled but is that she now with a minute and red wig on and I I don't I don't know how parents are prepared she. I. I. A lot. Yeah yeah. Urals. I'd I didn't mention to him later that night when I got home from gaming guy said. I horrify you guys that just ridiculously giggle and rants. I talked about it later with your dad I'd tell the one that got in front of the story. I told that would happen but it didn't look like you're just slashing the budget Middle East yeah. In place or about it is and you know and he. Been backstage when it was time Reid put on your. And actually beat Andy out in front of the crap. Again. Talk to my underwear. Little tiny little known to me I'm ready to go around and Nate in the news. Big week of rain. He's like I'm you have your dressed tucked in your underwear on and I. Wind yeah let's yeah Maryland and less need to do your rides. I don't know I don't know I don't know what to I'd move I've apologized Addison I don't think it worked I think the kids will be okay. My daughter. Via today it's hard to recover from that what you try to partnering our met Amy thank you pick up a satellite and. On the we have pictures on our we have pictures up on our FaceBook page hits again there. At Pomona or individual lines when some analysts. I opens this Friday at some magical outcome ice skating experience does tend to wanna some and I milling dot com to see this special mention hours for the great thanks in Piedmont Natural Gas. And fox 46 Reyes comments at be called to. Don't have it our FaceBook pages to Matt Harris following a matter much to show etc. okay. We're talking a first date and how not to lifted up and right ad that said that one that's in life in general writes we had it bad Duckett did. This is a question for here you're here and you used to be really really layperson I just kind and is somewhat late that it's a hit and that's. But any deal let's say it's your dear Ted that dates at five you're there at ten tale. Do you wade in the car until exactly five or you're in there and wager I am I going to an early knotted at one minute early. What do what would you go and that. I'm going name if the military finally looks like are you looking to CBOs in first then waiting a couple minutes. Ab probably in my current iPhone. So I don't notice if I see him heading in I will go in. But I feel like it and is there any. Yet if I show up early I am definitely hang in our way. And we don't know exactly I ever final on my anxiety does not allow me to be early. You know that we had a totally opposite of most people all my guys I don't you live now likely to be really either I need to be right on time. Not doing you know I don't act so that like yeah. Yeah he be doesn't just you be ready on time may be entirely. Right on time and yeah. That gets in your car you walk in and exactly. 5 o'clock. And they are always be always be on time your early. And beyond time you're late as the old expression. And so but you're not going inner ear you're sitting in a drive apart you'll set apart Natalia by. And they say no matter how tempting it might need to tell the other person about your love life on your first date no one. Really is intercede in your love life history I beg to differ no I don't ask questions. Where you. These reasons arms to signal yeah. Your lane and you bug and a lot of personal quest is a fantastic start. That Iraq now what were you I'd FaceBook like patrol first before the day now but after the day you will it. I'm definitely doing my homework now here's an alternate Luke age. Which are not due to afford all. Now now be surprise. Right in its. If it's someone who has been. Recommended by a friend and being introduced to the relative or friend a lack. I'm not going to. Try to get information up front I want you know organic or get to know the person I'm really I'm against immigration I want the information and it fits. Internet situation where I've met in my mind you know stuff. After I get the first and last name I'll I'm going all in for information really because yeah. Has you don't have the luxury of knowing friends and coworkers. And relatives. So there's some. If I needed now our prop guys I don't know that even before the Thursday Convergys and talk about. Paid your dog with a friend setting you you don't. I buddies and do whatever it alleging you don't have a lot of it for you might lead even know the person's only I thought you know I'm on mine and middle name but I checked all the actress and everything like that out. But you don't definitely you can Google. I know what I'm saying you what are your premier like it was like Meese and yet he went when he here Matt Cooper's. You unsure when you set me up you've now my main thing now and I don't know if that's okay. We'll further behind their name as durable as John and out of all of the people in this room. My cousins are visiting. That they Andy and doc you are the last person. I would allowed a fix me up. It makes an absolute last doesn't make sense. How is that possible. I would tell seriously have you heard the kind of divisive and mean what you tell me I didn't you always write about it's always telling the other person with crappy Disco and it hit edit. I never say that you. Would tell someone do it do you know. Yeah yeah you know and once you do it does a lot of what he did someone else. Have a hard never councilman who did you have given I would not give advice to somebody has setting up with the youth and be different giving you the united due to someone else. And that's a big difference. Don't you just quietly go out user random present as. Okay I'll only be once you could but I I'd think given a shot I didn't but I so Matt do you understand why I'm saying you know. You're obviously not getting my hanging angry whenever I. Let's hope it doesn't mean he's going to be hanging. I I think going to be the most trusted. Honestly. I mean as Abdullah in wagon and I know you love me Ivan Ivan the best however. I'd I'd I don't just being Andy it's. It definitely you're saying in my view of dedicated W ceremony was so shocked that he was at least they could beat that I would assume that it was something like. Blessed by god let it had to do it out of curiosity I am able to get out and speak to put a date it would be like. Okay in heaven and earth is obviously moving here as truth is special as drug that. A bidding might be just was not responding for the times you try to send him out. T going to be canceled right there. I Jiri did that dramatically. So I would not and roll the dice and have possibility of. Either way don't talk about this in the office because I have some of the new guys at the sport stationed Iggy minimum bid matchmaker. They don't seem people you talk behind their back how awful they are questions. Okay the people should. But the more I don't you. Awful we know last ice age that they are messy yes there's massive Yeltsin appears they're good briefly edited people this mess. Good guys to view cinema it was only like cancers do you set that birds up with somebody would you say well I gotta be you know he's a sweet guy. I he's mass. But he could be tips. Okay no I could say that I won't pay that and the Internet and that's what yet find out if your home if you cry. No no no no that's another vacuum that we. And it worked yeah no it's not just that just a few crunches that it is secret address on the floor yes I have yes I have a contract Kleiner. It's not fail. That aren't there might be a lot of stuff on my desk right. But it's not bail. They write in and I wouldn't know it was hidden under an out loud you could be ruining hamsters chance to get love and now every guy. And clean up after lamps. Well if he'd probably cleanup and like I suspect. On my floor over the airport as well as you know I don't a couple of I did not match where where it minimize president. I'm glad that I mean nobody knows darn wrestler Matt you've seen out of your hand. That's why can't do a good yeah. And then got out yeah. Not a cynic but I am sick and clean up the guys around here in the Nolan custodial service okay okay. 200 does bastard you've really got. To bring them that I know. My guess yeah it killed me and didn't even know my yeah. Yeah I think it is. See things how low you can't say on the radio you were listening to off there with that Ramona. I. Am I well this off there by guest the sections lower body banning gay girls that's. And second grows they say education Sepulveda. About something that probably in everybody's dad got able to say it's about the more courteous. And because this is proud of who politely. In public restaurants. I just current podcast at bat. Pick up the metal thing about Google on Torre's. First of all space yourself out attack. If there's more than one at all asked yes you shouldn't take the next Avaya a somewhat and in Vietnam number one. Leave stall number two available and go to number three there's no need to go side by side unless. There aren't enough salt indeed bright lights here at a ball game and it's halftime and it's every woman for herself right you can't leave a courtesy Stahl. And guys know believe that courtesy Arnold that's area oh yeah I don't have yet yet this moron and that this is not relevant what it but it just something I thought when you're done grouping. Leave the door open. That would mean we don't want to do live look under the there that definitely we no know ones in there. So you leave and you prop the door open for future. Group of success you stays open our doors closes on it all demos do your best to make sure doesn't close you do some. Hardware worker whenever you need to. I haven't a band of. Well I think they say here is. I believe completely and totally wrong. They suggest that when you're ready to exit after you've done your poop then you've. They say you've lined the water not lying or that know when you're as you plot being. Do you want done. The courtesy fly scored a wild year poop thing and then. After word to make sure there are no remnant plop. Is his Mormon pour into. Or. You your you know not yeah. Like a pretzel rod and it's it's not tonight Colorado's. That's wouldn't want you don't even want a nice round ball. As opposed to my mind is slowly edging put. In Atlanta Crockett and New Zealand. You don't get a room and on. August creeps in the pot and get. Bob hey you and America play on the water is at some guys may start to hit it at it like spaghetti in bed yes but that. The polite thing to do is to close the Liggett. Know. No I see say no no there's no legal fellow and I'm fairly easily and the problem is literally when you walk into a public restroom. I know when. I speak from personal experience when I walk in there in the lead is down I am assuming. That there is nothing but a crime scene in this I I. Putting a lid down right the theory is that that when you flush and the but the wood on the the stock won't come flying up in the air is probably the reasoning they're talking about well so fecal as a flight eight and seize control contained. It's an extra measure of etiquette to make sure that the bathroom looks nicer for the next person no I know yeah because it's like. Knowing that your injury no haunted house we're now and it's eerie music. And you're approaching detonated it down you don't know what's in the air and you a salute that it's. Horrifying you assume there's a crap I don't let them what I would your house at my house tonight. I know it doesn't sound byte public I wanna know I don't want me. Really a public restaurant almost money not the stall door and I see it leads down going in there I think you won me over. Again. All right okay. And the way Kristy flushing isn't just a onetime thing you need to flush. Until. It doesn't need to be fun yeah yeah yeah how often as needed. You gonna hang around some to Arianna don't notice got to hang around. Town like here we have low flush ones or not but I've got to do a couple of and sometimes well. These toilets here just don't wonder why. Yeah I. It's a power washer and you gotta go double like some odd that well. I think you're trying to saviors or some crap. All I see it when I walked in there I mean I'm obviously someone didn't take the time. Counts. And so I do you. Ever clean it off. The else's idea males it's up again and put paper up for people in cleaning anything in my behind around it was a mind. In bull yeah it's a lot of the messy one that you did your. It's yes it was not underwater. Because. Unveils a block candidate doing a service like ABC I'll don't know what do you see a drag on nine when you're walking you're walking in a long global bank dole look a little. And now why can't talk about yeah anybody else. That Emanuel who put yeah just about had on your bag blowing around W picking up right. It helped urged it to. Did you read too much ground so. Or you or is guy aggregate gross here but guys. Look at public about it as a new guy under the guise of back me up it is if there is something on and you're standing up being you try to knock it off the beast. Not criminal law. Yeah and for the recent stock I'm trying to knock off and I right now hello. And ends. Yeah. And guys and then yeah it's more about our loss to the lawsuit unpopular that he would let down and the only guy and you're saying yes it's an absolute fact it's. At it's actually true. Are you. Yes and they you know they're digging in a commode and there's a piece hang in there you're trying to sheared off. Yeah you know in the boring sometimes. I yeah. It'll it'll what I did you shot this. I. Everybody in the room. Yes. I got a little. In the bulk. And on the floor somewhere to go in the bowling team I Wear it there's. Something down under the water that needs. We were both above the water just a bit above the wire and honored. Dubai it's. Due to the view follows in the UB Abby and. And we had leads gone whatever it was gone if you're my hands then we'll keep an airline like you present all of this. Yeah you got to bring in the big dog for the outlaws and at a at a heat and drink a lot of pain. As well. Yeah I am I'm much more on a topic but I'll say this it's all fair. Anderson has set the true reasons he's not giving you video Orton didn't knock case. Bottoms object aren't any announced in ads trying to journey it was Stewart's latest. I know you're not. I know you are not I rebuke you in this moment and that's why does your relatives and. Yeah. Yeah the. Inappropriate you leave office is escorted to go to I can take you to age aren't I doc this is part of the job no. OK so did. Someone out there is not getting it from their bodies. Then here's here's here's the problem. Getting from their Sig other or either. Who are aliens actually on the can be Los attraction to you to know fallen hero based too cowardly to actually talk about it with. Yeah you buy loves you he just doesn't. Find you attractive or sex. That it has had her amused. Would you rather be you know that hurt a whole lot I mean that's because you'd be off the person it's hard to say. You really do love you got at me help you. Not let you and I really I despite tasting or something you're on your own latest Salmonella governor I boost. Doesn't right. That's got to be the worst thing that's the worst want that the words. And may be pretty man has pretty bad I guess that's emails a gun violence might be and that's like all good. I mean. Now you you know you maybe I'm wrong and about do. Well you buy me Henri Paulson isn't exactly. Me doesn't physically and fell apart. From your brain a little funny now that that's got to be the board. Analysts. Obviously that it could be met Maceda Nazi's that's that that's okay that you find out who otherwise cataracts and build better then repulsed by you let yourself go he's not in the anymore. This. You know the first one was. You didn't do and you're still the same you have only yourself don't you still the same and he just decided that I had a sexy but I love you. You let yourself go meet my had a plug AV users are sparklers about the but it was this is on you. This is apple says that the so it's a hard one to bring up the somebody loves you ladies so you go yeah but I still love you. He would tell Amy it's it I think I would have all the sudden hygiene went south you nearly need our audience you tell me. And that you know and I teller legacy. Constantly complains about. Her shape or something like that and you'll or dinners and wanted to move. I mean of the oddest she is the same thing to me. Again angels and I have anxiety or something recently and say you know why you need to go run lifts. Or violent rub my belly oak on its. But no bridges backing me up like tell me to do something about it right and ultimately self pity. Net I would say is perhaps I know you look great but if you don't think you do. Produced some OK on the throw the ball UT's. Did you just. So tired but I know no better and that's not it shouldn't look a little bit alone and half like an hour. Yeah a known now. Women like them Grayson yeah. Why there buddy comedy. The joke I obviously would never do that you can't buy mine off a right to. It and now can. I tell about the amount of data a month so anyway another reason is that the true reason he's not avenue meridian is. Yeah actually was never actually India agent use you against some tough. It's pretty bad yeah. But they'll think it is the start. You're right. It puts it words when you know I would I would never Indianapolis he's huge ego. Like they give an example a guy wants a sugar mama are. Maybe somebody pretending to be gay the beard. Or whatever. So would you rather be that wanted to at least he got the person was better now right. That they still lobby that is on assets as opposed to this they were never at least there's a loan. Yeah again had to be had to number of them I'm glad he's he's back cream I don't doubt. It's become repulsed by ego that let myself I know lots of good to see in this wow I. If you one more than might make you feel better. I have I'm pretty sure can now it is only a good one. He's got more confidence in the bedroom. He just did some guys is to lose the ability reformers are worried that they can't get to where you need to be. So the decided this is he's just a lousy luck or yes. But he still loves you wants to do you city's ban at a news heating demand speech. About the tournament. Get a movement. Yeah talk about it Sais in what is what's the problem here why we are you know urban use medicine on prints there or whatever where we're like at halftime had SP. I was lazy media a little on the back we'll pick me up those those those that something you can deal with and that's on the need to work. In cockpits. And the other things in reality he's losses dominates at the point where he just it do it anymore. Right he's afraid he's nervous as anxiety that is mine I guess. We faced with that list that is yeah that's the one probably the best you can get a time out Joseph back. To back. Mean yet to commit a topic. Covered sometimes between Jim about a gazillion like old I didn't like that emphasis. And detecting and I've got work to get back to back bad episodes. Yeah. You know I have ever happens sometimes. And a I cut up to continue to watch that show. Oh yeah you'll be invited after. Seats more glass and more fun it's also what's that. Oh thank you sir joining us and has always. Then ten times as much as but I also want to go to the when a seven and a link FaceBook page still time to get in on the tickets for the hornets and halves. It is an assay at throwback picture you also get the retro Jersey. That area into wearing that night and also on the matter but a FaceBook page of all kinds of things up there that we don't trio find interesting. All right these are things you know standard movie cliches. That you probably don't hear people say in real life act. Like for instance but he someone you you wanted to. Here let's do it regardless do this is do this I hate dance a maximum of immediate alleles. That it's not it it didn't make it. I use many people say it real life lets you see this is June. I do before every show with you guys. If we. I have to thank you did a around naked the just bang some out here at the bottom in his bank. Valued Jack. That is a day ago you don't meet people's there's like trash talk. You know Korean team is that I eat that yeah I guess I am doing and I am awfully fond of trash talking guard or good it is anything but I'm good. Track now Lockheed trash talking is not gonna do it if it. If you don't it took nationally announced trash talking it doesn't mean I can back it up you you can't back up that it's not address I can intimidate the usual us. And then it's and I'm guy that a lot of have been teammates do. The intimidate anybody. Android's use plan like gas needs was and then Nat load the Internet I am if it's scary intimidating Spain's player that your country you are and they probably lap and actually it's. You're work. Who is afraid to play space with me now he's in nor aid and an Angel actually says a couple of he's afraid he does that London is not fun yeah yeah it is known apartheid. That I got. There's a storm a common. There's. And and I think people say this exodus I think people say I have said it. Storm a Bruin. I've said some things to learn before Wayne do you have announced that toured tornado now as the storm coming out about an English please I've. And that. You probably. If you touch one hair on his head at all. Oh I've heard that one got hurt that 10 yeah yeah about just wrecked. Mean yes that's excellent but you've heard that one that would definitely alive when to play out is that a threat. Newton an hour is easy is Bruce bobbled. That a solo and it's a I get into all of this. That's classic old puck yeah and Oliver yeah yeah pretty much every time I get on a roller coaster thing. My middle name is. He liked the nature trouble I'm fond of that went in the trash talking world Hodge sees you you are you are a movie cliche. How about I have a bad feeling about this all I've used out all. Attended an excellent. Did he discover fraud and I yeah IDC NL all I've also said that's a sense I thought I'd never saying. Yeah I added that runs or it. They're gonna wanna see this. I see that about myself and my computer thing and I'm. But down again learned you do this easy where are we can do this these are things that will again you don't hear that don't and it. It's not what it looks like. You know it's obvious cost him now I want to and it sounds like you said that mean any time. I'd people walking into the studio and you're doing so what year did you say it's not what looks like yeah but it's exactly what in the final I mean that's my answer down doesn't mean it. What it looks like yeah Edgar Sosa who decided did you throw in the studio David turnovers that we don't want standing you've got your answer right angles it indeed it is exactly what companies like. They don't realize what the big causes a lot. I don't strippers for anything. And everything every husband and guys have been under isn't our night. The good cars cars could get tired out. I was born ready. Some might says the jets. Can't say that. And you can't see this I shall want them I think a person had edit together a bunch of clips from movies with we got company. Now you write a movie down bush stay away from we've got company I would hope and movie can not any moving the last five years should not have we've got company. A lot of lives it is. Every alien movie yeah any Andy dean you where there's some type of innovator of some sort it's also night being chased yeah. When your on the land Milan police are on the way the military or the other way Iran you account a window and go we've got company we look at the security camera and say. Anthony. We don't gladly we don't have to do this 10. And relied much. On me miss. And doesn't even really say it or maybe I mean in this situation there hi I'm a little was dying I've got in my bed I start to Sam to stop. You bought at a what are we going to get. Even hundreds of studies but it's not quite a bit you yell. Yes its OK be diamond league CBI and went to the. I don't you guy I'm an only child and I mean I'm not saying that start over again possibly start over again. You sat me Equus says he shot me it's usually their own guy it's like comedies it's in as one of those things are you see what I'm saying. As she's gonna blow. You got it about your bathroom had work I was able he's gonna blow I thought maybe you heard it and oh. Like that the company had a we're not so different you and I. Use that you said that. There's no time to explain that does happen to movies all the time but not realized now because there if you want me to follow your plan you bet is to Wednesday. Knobs don't I wouldn't say it sometimes. I like it a walk and all you don't want to idea on and on and on time explain the talk. On the Miami. I. Can't explain things that aren't. What are your cook met him yeah studio though did you play and 'cause. Really I just you run into what looks like gonna keep moving you the last person. Anyone here comes due for an explanation about how it. Shame but you know what I think my new greeting is going to be don't you die on me it's an Walken. You're right okay. It would be that would name the CBS guy says thank you again is ABS or die on me and and his people. I would try it out. How about she. Did get the cops called on you'd go to Diane. I'm. Did you do you Billy Dale desperate sense that's not the life threats. It puts 200. He came different he's I hear she's. Right behind me is Lucy you know it's yeah something about voters there and turn it off of them and it's quiet too. Everything has said that there's nothing those words just now quiet diplomacy quiet. And me and it's nice. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.