Meet Mr. Coffee Hands!

Monday, February 6th

Matt has an issue...his hands ALWAYS smell like fresh-brewed coffee! Maybe he needs to cut down just a bit?

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to talk to do with the. I asked guys to split fingers. May have to. So yeah I'm curious as to why you which. Turn that down but. I would rather smelly armpit. Armpit yeah organized because I can pretty much guess we armpit he's been. But your fingers there is no account and if you go to hell I think it was. He moved close what's on I wash my hands and body and and at a low note of the pin on his smell as it. Beat anything like that yeah. Well my fingers. I'm gonna take much insulin fingers maybe he had some chicken wings on a my hands the point being that I put on line today about the fact that my. I love coffee drink a lot of it is you guys now. I I hands and its own like copy. And people are amazed. That my hands only copy of your rants like copy. Leno needs during dropping note after us now that's no well off feet. I am not it's already know Mel your fingers and they're called real Labor Day and then they'll. Everything's happening in my hands that is happening allegedly all night I was disturbed when I. Was on your pay each. On. And I just cats and it said something about JT. Yeah I love coffee I drink a lot but I ate my hands on like gender cues from the get music special coffee drinking lots. And so as when I was upwards to energy is that was like good lord. What is he posting about this can't be good because I have never heard the term jitters that. I old. Tutored. It's actually a little concoction. That should make for kids when you're feeling jittery like. They recommended. And trade website kindergarten connection that the kids are jittery about the first day of school. You make up this spring forming survey with a silly straw and they get stupid kid argues that the let's take all of. Oh I went to coffee. Dot org. Waits and I assumes it's is that dot org it is. Nonpartisan. Education. And there's twenties lying terms for coffee. And Jeter juice made it like the top ten at the top five or something out of an automated number eight. Actually on the list there's GO. Dirt. Mud Java brewed cup. No Jews teetered dues being geez brains use high octane weight he's used that to go and I wish Alan wake each use morning jolt liquid energy caffeine infusion cup lightning leaded and unleaded rocket fuel worm dirt. Were certain worm dirt really call a green. Now any way. Art album live at number twenty CAH 10 and 402 which Kathy molecule. But the point is synergies was number eight so therefore copy dot org does not I. Have you heard using this. Year. A coffee shop around your way called. Energy use the word yeah. Yes a temporary it will stay in business very low when you are in Lyon at Starbucks stand by Gabe did today yes. Jeter an excuse they know what I mean I don't know they would I can't read as you they would be all right that's cool dude as I'm telling you. A guy you don't hear a lot of people. Use but I'm certain it's changed that it's 11 person at a time. All right well that's a good gamma cause I just ordered up on the FaceBook page so ought to get posted it under. Madam on a show of that's REN com anyways so odds are using it. My point and in my. It is. You don't mind because it is a little. We talk about everybody else think I really know which sums aren't ready for a Big Ten sure. I never heard kindergarten jitter Jews that sounds like Michael Jackson's stuff at least nine feet it's they don't see Jesus juice diseases you. Right. When I went iGoogle jitter Jews though no mention of coffee black guys don't come up bandy and that recipe are. Little kids Bagwell and what Heller. I don't know like little kids hands I would argue we don't go. I don't AdSense. Older guy I don't. I thought his value of figured egged. It says have you heard of did reduce its magic and it's yummy in makes the butterflies fly away right out of your Tammy and in the bubbles in this genetic. We'll help you not to worry so grab a cup and drink it up very very very. That a year let me ask them again. That sounds like an ad for profit what I as I don't bubbles in my confident. That nobody. I do as well anyway the point is clients like coffee and don't understand why. His knowledge energy and I don't I don't gore mine I don't what's gone on the amount of added got through the cup on my fingers. And it left out. My hand you know like Jeter if they. They didn't I'm afraid. I don't B of ram upgrade that existed. I Tesco and obviously and you know. Really love you so much for one send you to the most room. Place sandals royal Bahamian spa resort and offshore islands the Bahamas most elegant resorts. The police to satisfy your every win every desire and they. It luxury it's the perfect destination for two people and love them. Where you'll enjoy five star global gourmet dining from around the world. Then hold hands and walk along the white sands have to secluded beaches on the private offshore island. Get your chance to qualify for this four day three night Marjorie included vacation yeah. Any seasons resort including airfare weekdays at 7301230. Import duty. On the station that knows the way to your love's heart is through sand hills and up. Less than 1079. No link. Already everybody. Little anxiety ever using the phone and 32 on the absolutely bandy yep absolutely. I'm sure doctor. Ask you Q I can probably say my phone usage is in the single digits per month per month month. For calling calling people like calling people on now you want you might call one person. One or two. I'm might call my bank and that's about how the. And now they hide. That she does mr. Clark or. And I'm not far off I'd say a make one a week maybe maybe Q cops. That that's it. I make at least for a day accusing somewhere around four or five. Average stuff all people back. Call people that no one calls me. I mean the last time somebody co U. Oh look at my phone here I'm pretty sure it was. Somebody called me will I answered the phone when a guy called me yesterday. And than I gotta go back to. I don't title keeping last Thursday and in a call. Had trouble keeping up with. My return calls because my. Voice mail will get stopped and why you're where people leave and voicemails and so I even tweeted. L I am tired people texting me. That my voice mailbox is full well it's obvious that I don't necessarily care if you leave a voice and accidentally or was headed to be right. So I finally saw Akerson to rely entirely be a message but your voice mailboxes all that frantically got my voice mailbox. But that Disney that did this thing when you look at the messages is one extra step if you text to meet. Hey call me about blob blob and call me right that's so much better than me sitting there listening. About that anymore legitimately voice messages except for businesses. Exit. That's it. Yet messages left at Victoria yeah I get less but it's will only business in other doctors all my dad well. Radio I says I this is your father I don't know. That as an assistant and let down my mom always identifies herself as well. Because they US average person made or received. Six calls per day chat received that yet. The one of the reasons people of anxiety is because really checked out the other person is banking you don't have the facial expressions the body language. Disasters. It's just the boys to my region to something. You know and. And it's only be malicious and it was just a joke. Right and boarded up column people at the wrong time like during the middle let. I like alone that because on here pretty much every time. My phone rings. The home phone. Which I hardly ever answer my mom using answers it might not about a tennis. With them that you don't wanna talk. A slowdown again you don't wanna doctor Rai. Gap so I assume that when I'm calling people they're doing you know they're doing the same thing like I NIQ yes he idol until it out here we go as. Or about. That's they're that's what this guy says about phone anxiety he wondering in my being a pain in my bother in the person's a minor nuisance that sort of thing. And also say editing on the phone you're kind of like when you're texting or writing we have time to check it out. Kind of think it on your feet left behind Pete meant. And every silence can be assigned things went sideways and so whatever and then if you're doing here's one for you a half a log north that is. Lot of dialogue it's half a lot meaning. Everybody around like your cubicle can hear you yeah. You like N national arts so and that you feel like you're being judged right is their only hearing your side of it. Plus you know that's annoying to people. And I think of that. On the other side like what is the other person's saying around the people. Surrounding damn right right 90% of the time I can't develop. As remote. During the living daylights. That I also think. You know did I Quechua and littlest some being tests. I'm telling you want to try to keep be on the phone too long because I only have let's say a lot of my phone calls I would say 90% of the might make in the car. So there's a limited time you've got twenty minutes. From well it would be now. I know in my head I can't get ten minutes here about twenty minutes here and some people are phone hostage taker I don't know a cadaver hostage statement. Oh yeah of course because you hang up could end up like I say oh okay well. I'll let you know which is. My way of saying I have to go right it's like pass in the grass I guess I'm not a phone but you. Act. And it did and racked I know probably that a lot of different it was way too direct. My friend Tracy you know shall say well I'm dumb topic yeah I guess I don't think that's not rude under the talk. Oh I know I you know idea as I know you Durham done somewhere in between my opponents of aggressive I'll let you go and I'm done talking to you yeah that is a sweet spot of getting off. The fall into the how I just say got a they're close enough friend of Sam dun and got nothing to get anything else to only other day I'm done. Well hats onto my wife yeah talked. We are IE anything else snow okay well I'll talk to you later when I see and access my brother others to tell the truth and walking into work. Caller Morales I'm. That will both acknowledge we run out of things talk about you go all right by you by its soccer more than I innocent she's a well on the road all time in the flight attendant. So yep people are worried about the etiquette of breaking it down to parts body get over your phone anxiety. Don't say Mick McCall make more calls called exposure therapy and your goal is to call someone say in the line for full five minutes now. Why notre I think all of I don't have lost my mind rather have anxiety let me tell them to make a bunch of phone calls me to the right to mark pike has come up. All there with that in Ramona. All right when you're a new relationship that Valentine's Day it's a little weird. Mears and what do you sick and sad and it details how long before he starts dating your Valentine's Day. Before you celebrate now they are continuing and start being official but it's a week before Valentine's you've become officially is my heart out. I have to be official to at least give somebody a card it says happy Valentine's Day if you've started dating someone and you hope. To continue dating them it is very appropriate to. At the very least get a car what do we are not exclusive. If you hoped to sell may be expensive now it is someone is someone you think his love contender. You know my card if they don't like it does get a car for fifty said the buck a lot of they'd like a guy and did I was his obligated. Defense yeah yeah no cars that. A blank or doesn't wanna beat you long term all right but at the person is going to be mad because felt that I had a Valentine's Day card. Am chances are they're not the one for okay. William anyway does say when your early in the relationship BC's you have to talk it out. With Cy Young to surprise somebody was something you disposed had a conversation all right what do you what do you think we should do for Valentine's Day I know it's awkward. We've only been dating a few weeks will what do you what do you think we should. Yeah that's good that's fair because here's the thing. I love Valentine's Day you do I absolutely. Lot which is why it is an incredible disappointment. Here after the fourth. That and it's because I love it and I tend to wind up with people who are like. Yeah. Cared for eighth at that manufactured holiday middle of the week too which is you know an ex husband I said. All I want for Valentine's days speed right down. Five things you love about me I sleazy. I really that I'm that didn't do it didn't do it EU and I and I found that by Europe aren't so I tinted I do attract people. Who hate Valentine's Day the need to talk about that. It here with some odd things it's easy. Love this Valentine's Day there into the card the flowers decay and beat by that out yeah you're with someone who doesn't give a darn about it. Why go out of your way to by the car the flowers and candy if they're just like a mile wanna diet I hate watching flowers die standing big card person. Yeah and and they need to have the dive your new and rights of another savior not exclusive just completely ignore dependent not even there now you're you're not exclusive wedding day it is Powell's. Or boy cars with a pleasures and stuff a lot I think it's like this is accused you're interested in dating that person. Then they released if you're not gonna do the card there should be happy Valentine's Day text and bow out got a text out today. If you are exclusive audio has barely like new lead exclusive you have the talked. Unique celebrating its fine they say but within reason you didn't say a couple months. You don't have to go out to. Crowded restaurant with a jacked up prices used to thing app house. You still should probably still avoid giving gifts to go a couple months and do you giving gifts they give a dollar limit you know I don't know I don't know what it is with Saddam been together a couple months. Lawrence elusive red please each other maybe once or twice a week how much money to refi about. Betty wanna be young analysts say forty Steve thirties the best slid down the middle grant yeah. Acts. In the immediate your exclusive and you see each other once a week for. If you bid for two months you and I was Dayton freckles we'd started dating in like December. So when Valentine's Day rolled around it was that awkward stage jealous. Yeah ammo. So I just got a man I knew he. Ate lunch at the gambles like twice a week I just got mobile gamble's give carte. I don't think guys get legs and a box I get things are Valentine's I can't remember I think it's women get thanks for Valentine's. He's gotten I don't guy I was with some things around I don't ever gotten I don't think I've ever gotten its Italian summoned from my mom always. And I get something for my dollar. You I knew that was meant to even be editor. If it weirdo. There's a whole section I can't everything your animal sex. There's a sec well. We called from a big cat will you get something from cereal for your wife know that don't think that she would be he would be upset at me for wasting money for the fifth at. A wine from your dog to your mom. And one from UT your dog. You're dog can read like art and another is not how it works I would get I will go to the store. I'll be harsh. I will buy a card from armory. And mail it to my mom a male it a mouse that she is downtime to the mailbox and she will do the same for me but she doesn't male mind. I just should put when I wake up in the morning on good enough that. The sense that now he gets yeah that don't give him a card because he doesn't like cards should I don't Valentine street. And he doesn't know how to spell I remember that equity yeah. A wave Angela area I guess. And I looked like estimates its reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramon. Write your friends via tax rate didn't. Maybe comment. On the words he's doing this I honestly tell you person why don't work ways. What is the long pause they say hey who do their report last time Chris goes. Yeah. My guess is not a positive saying yeah upon. Yeah. And you're. But the you don't mind. Just in the huddle and Eli and him being clueless this so they're saying that report is finished or not what what what I would belonged lies while maybe sometimes he does anyway needle but think about it or you're trying to. He'd finish the group who are here and an end to get a yes or no answer but sometimes like say for me I've blurred a lot says sometimes I try to be aware. And try to hold back for a second to home and I'd like to go but I when you might then be lying if I did. You know sometimes you forget the report done. Day by loading and running the tell the truth your not the bonds. Settled at the shine upon buzz this time I inconsistent details are crafting a story ordered alive as somebody different. Yet the Allen bed as you up and down somewhat transceiver T did he dealt again and again that the story shifts and things all saying anything and assistant DA. I might have made that up. The how do you do that and that's because you've forgotten what you are trying to tell us or down. View Ladd got distracted bid sent in this. Or are you realize you were mixing up two different stories that's not really lying as much as is the Dahmer's some. About it too so it would appear you're lying especially when you say. Five they got money may benefit. Yeah sometimes they forget. I do those outlets and a lot of them their album and I'll be like. That is imagine matter was that real sometimes work and I don't lying if you can get him open to come. And blood and he definitely. I think we're not a track fly and one of them leaving open the possibility that I get them play I'm not sure. I'm really you lie and highlighted sag being alone I became train most of the time I know but right maybe got something wrong there. I know what I'm open and honest about like eyewitness accounts we know that they are not worth very much or memories. People talk about memories and stop their you know tips where things were true or exile even out there that and it's possibilities that made the opening up to the I don't know if that's what I remember it has so you're open about your lying and saying yeah. Helping the you know what. Lack of doctors say the possibility that he might do but I made it out that's only something like in the in the pack like pat delicate piece that is the report dined. I wouldn't say. Like yesterday it was like three weeks ago I'm like yeah. I didn't read out Kabila I'm OK so what about the beginning to gel like we talk about the beginning of the show Lady Gaga. And I can't do that I don't know OK I don't know I have no idea you talk that was recent. About something about Valentine's I think Iraq could be sort of release of shock and I think I think it. You know another way to tell someone's lying is. When they cover themselves up and that is like you touch your you're neck her nose or whatever and to me that's a very good chance I always touching my nose for some reason. Good flyby is very airs. So it's no thanks I'm not lying or disliked attachment notes. And I miss the flight might be making that up. On. To have italics some gambling meters touching knows that don't mean she got to know it's on the Fernando negative guy tells you he's Megan stepped up. It's come up I brilliant and that he makes about what I thought that I thought may get up I getting defensive is a sign of a liar. But I guess agave you're accused of something you didn't you Archie and get defensive. Well defensive right now. Yeah it isn't as well you are already defensive I haven't even been a QB that's one in my nightmares I guess that's why they do it on. And on TV and stuff is when year. Like committed to the insane asylum more you know Hughes to murder like Amanda Knox and you didn't do it it just that is one of my. That was kind of shows us reach. We now think you can be accused of murder or yeah. You're going to you're crazy if you and a platinum and has the able to prove that you don't belong there yes and they admitted that homey listen yeah. Yes keep him or anyone you know who actually did it at all. I that is they have. Your yes he does now look at him compared to later Michael I'm mark and a lot out of you because you're not allowed to I did not at our guys and. I'll take that out but think that I like some gonna happen is somebody like when you guys to get knocked off and asked me about I'm like I'm a lawyer up right away which make it seem suspicious. Why do you. I watch TV shows nearly better lawyer up right out of the gate even though that looks at bases and I'm not taking a lot of Decker that there are you excited that. Yeah I bet you're playing what's gonna happen Cleveland that was shows up murdered because that's definitely the adopted this as I. Let the murdering. So I don't know on the ship out its immediate or you are back at I'm pretty sure that can be documented you don't man unless there's a lover's quarrel and that's he didn't grow bands with you out but don't look talk about bands keeping with him yet. Instead. Read Amy and pick anybody and I'm Damien. You think about murdering her yeah. No she gets murdered and I figure out you know been ideal lawyer up and refused take a lie detector tests now all this ever speculation against noise and do it. Guess and I'm getting largely lakers just thinking about it. Forget why did. I didn't know what exhibit it's on the jury lawyering up aren't yeah to pick up again different. AdSense. And send finally they're lying if let's say they. They they did this do much stuff. I think they don't result of their negative light winds and simple explanations and convoluted phrasing which IA guilty in album breaks that don't as anybody's people in the showed its murder wanna say bright for the record. Which now did you. Don't buy one eat and play until you release any kid them a lawyering up on not to lie detector tests don't get the spotlight often make that article at the I'm not do and that's trying to deal B yeah. Supplement the murder how fast I guess I'd thank you are vital people say I remember that I guess we figure he's just gonna lawyer up you know examine this and then he. You have podcast Margaret coming up you're listening to all of there was. Podcast time prince maybe not here to do what there was this guy hey yeah. And in Modesto American principles and that became a viral patient is in different engine. Yeah for every student like me any different handshakes and without some woman went to morning or something's been diligent. Wichita. I could remember abut. I see athlete to either site fancied. But there's multiple move bend to jump in and do and when it the Eagles guide as he put not a tie. I don't wonder how much time they spend in these things because you're you're like 2528. Years old you're coming up with and six teams kind of weird. But I understand. Little anger and duets body who's the choreographer. And they follow him yet that person is over the coolest person to like LeBron gets to make it out when I guess what he has horrible and six that got to do them. Yeah probably I probably yeah yeah I think as a guest here I think cam ahead. Different handshakes or get different guys on the -- yet but he and different nicknames and staff but I use the cooler guy has to do it. Probably doc ease the good choreographer error in these younger cooler than the rest of us here's a beach easy. And the united would be awkward we couldn't we couldn't do work coordinated enough. Awkward. You guys are coordinated. When you that's your memory stick so you would come up with something and forget about it later and it's. Drew my light daughter's trying to get media that fits the answer it in its own and not well. An attempt to never got well that immediately afterwards but I yes I I think at least a couple of and then write it into what did you have an. And I would like to record it because. I think I would titled it went awkward white guys try to do cool yeah Jakes I. We couldn't do that to condone and now we did two steps inning go lower resources that. Buckley is the thing is about Aaron and slap and we are still there waigel. And we had Gavin at practice I don't really don't when he would dud it would look something like chicken day it's. I probably without a good bet that we're bringing it back really the nets all the and a sickening to buckle and yeah. Funky. I. Yes yeah I guarantee you you will not go might I guarantee and no one else is doing it you're right now I'd say knows that area. Back in the day can't we just do like no one does the but. I don't ever see anybody any happily do that but pat gets him football and I golf ray announced. Bring you look at it. That's why I don't know I just like this favorite part of football and. Let the guys yeah hey I can. Is there is any line is that I bet he. I mean I remember in the low five became a thing. What below five I think it was Billy being or somebody like that that and that it allegedly did what the Oakland a.'s below five. Yeah. A man don't drift. Billy being invented the low PIP. Something in the Oakland a's believe much of Billy popularly being Billy. Yes yeah man in the low five or given credit to catch on yeah that was huge. Ever being ever get the guy yeah I remember about a little Billy green. Well he didn't credit a guy but the a's Billy equipment that you like history. My feet up opponent might or might history as a mega movie. Acknowledged the peanut guy and anybody else at the look behind guys and her due to a template. Yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. I don't I mean that's a cocoa. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.