Money Saving Cleaning Hacks

Thursday, July 6th

Ramona's got a few tips on how to clean your house without breaking the bank on cleaning supplies!

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And eighth inning did sour powered by Tripoli Carolina's remember. LA members save more money. If you are cleaning your house you don't have to spend hundreds. On different cleaning materials for different rooms in different projects. Start with. White vinegar. McAuliffe the cleaning Vinocur and vinegar can disinfect your microwave scrub filthy pocket and shined dusty services. IDs done your shower head and with just to have a cup of white vinegar and one gallon of warm water. You can take care of all let SE is on your hardwood floors and leaving your floors. Beautiful just absolutely. Beautiful and you think that you can do is raise your man is medicine cabinet. My dynamic sense of first. List the take a carcass. Cleanser a we kept denture cleanser is perfect for any porcelain surface so. If you look at it and clean your toilet your bathtub you're seeing your coffee mugs any things remain the ceramic. You need is a traveler two of the danger cleanser. And here's one more use the magic of rubber bands to create non slip hangers. But your rubber bands over the ends of your hangar so that your sweater poor lighting an idea I met hang on. You can use the rubber bands to open jars you can use it around your fingers to help you paint on a better produced hit manicure. And this is a trick that I saw Carol wins yesterday. People Karina programs around. Right before they got on a ride they made sure their flip flops stayed intact by using a rubber band around the flight. Not bad I saw you clever cheap people and I appreciate your worst way. Money saving his bride to back triple A Carolinas this is everybody show 107 I'm like Charlotte's best X.