The Most Swiped Right Jobs On Tinder

Monday, September 10th

If you're trying to find love online, we've got the best professions to help you make the best impression!

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That's what that meant remotest. Via FaceBook Twitter find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Stewart Cink all there with the remote canyons and slight. Net income. Because she's an action scenes pictures hat who this guy who can't take yourself so yeah. App and organizing a good picture anything. Elected a lots of pictures of nothing do do that office says the guy who. Works on his smiles like yes I did I literally has had over the past. I give you five years different strategies for looking human eye to that I've I've gone through distributors as Anna and and then make myself laugh your creepy laugh and then that a new what is. Coughing into your smile and that went on vacation and before that it was basically. Being in the acting like. A photographer of pets and children been trying to make you laugh you know that. But he can't come around and the photographer. Who worked with the show who head. Had a pornographic pictures any major look at reality hours. Do you resist. That kind of face of that slack. Don't love the blue well I'll tell you right now you're trying to coughing thing all on they cases best summer and that. You sat and Sammy and how leg ups that it does it. The only am part in a semi now Lansana Yellowstone yeah yellow cents not you were sick they had not yet like my kids are very. Bears that every time I say as they say to somebody eight using a picture of us ago. A good bit. I. I think your children know how I feel wind we're all cuddled up with clients for a photo and you're going. That's how this at home with your enemy to the call. The. It is. On the endorsement yet the top stories and is. Honest man the allocate Tinder. The man who got the most good swipes. The number one winners interior designer. Which I find hard to believe there's a lot of. Straight. Interior designers on tender. I mean I guess I just a small sample I agree and laying there and they're gonna camped out Manny I had just I just don't. I would a woman like your good guy isn't years I don't think sheets I wanna I want. I would slide on it. Because it sounds good theory and theory think I'm like wow. You know I could shop her. On the court again their are hours. And days is getting lost in interests together. Flag office but I definitely have my own views of what I want what I think it looks good. And it's kind of nice and you have a guy who just like what colors are going to be okay cool. So we asked ourselves what colors going to be at plus you really don't want as somebody who shot eighty. In theory yet you like to send somebody hanging in shopper forty hours of whatever it is you do but. That's kind of years you don't wanna do you really don't want to let him get in you don't apologize on what I how they are due to eight hours a day do you. Which operates got to clear your mind and it doesn't pretended to like shopping mom first got together you guys out. Now been hours JC Penney held it together yeah I've gotten used at least trying to pretend I'm excited about it collars on them. But artists are typically your lunar new house now aren't I don't wanna be passed. I don't either I'd just in my opinion doesn't matter right and I'm gonna choose the wrong one. Right I know I'm gonna choose the wrong one you had one in mind to begin with I'm not gonna pick that one scene you just pick the one you want the cars like suitcase on all out. Yes right an additional six terms I don't know I think we're doing in Baghdad. Now what apple and a gang that's on the non on in my office I don't know what it is. I never heard eternal for the walls like he Wallerstein is not a color it's like yes like planks pentagon across it but it's not like we instituted something effort at all. But I said she told me about my dad's I have no idea events that person and I had an Atlantic today. And it wasn't just about interior designer on some organizer person I'm somebody suggest yes I don't know what is. C Lawler. Who percent. And boy is this and let's do it does do it the last game like plywood Clijsters and I don't know you can as we all day and I still want others to pay attention is noses and office yes. It's going up right now on its like and it looks like some. Things are on wall. Anyway us again pictures. Yes maybe. Okay evil within the app I'll definitely higher it planks I don't know I think it's. Yeah. I ship and it has not finished yet that should play is something. It's shift something you know why the umpire any shift something hi ship all chipped. Chip some it's as simple a wall maybe it is. That sounds like something you might be or is it shipped lack. Ship last sounds pretty yet it's as a I was gonna I was artists to sign an ownership something. Did it is it's a little careful. There. Match cyanide they got collision and I hear that interior designer was one pilot for the guys number two I get. Physician's assistant three attorney for. That sounds like they have money even though not necessarily is thirty million. Five PR communications. Barry died. The Beckham's optic communications. Public. Already but we don't need it yeah. It's an app I'm alone when I didn't like and I don't think much of a communicators yeah. I act avenue and end up producers say external media creates but I doubt any. Probably not you know yes I'm just saying it means that they produce and I've primary leg I'm thinking MGM does do a movie again. I need a movie ever doesn't want to enter a yeah he does well there are. The odds are unless it is a producer to go to radio producers. Unless I can use use use. And our regional producers and TV newsman it's only works and approach his department okay. At that makes him he's there to me. And as France Iraq. Women who get the most lives they love the nurses radius of course yeah my attitude in such bad Clinton that their number seven app. Number two is kind of weird errors. Sixers I mean it's easy because. Somebody out there aren't a lot of seats in. Seized planning ads are like number four is. I graduate student or college student I mean am I gonna freon and Heidi military let I don't jobs to add that. Irving. Way down like 14% so a nurse wanted to hear as we were dentist number two. Again not the stereotypical but there's not a whole lot of female that is I don't think I I there's there's tons of teams not war. It used to be like yeah yeah yet but I mean you put it in the the bat teachers. Whatever arrows on photographer number three like for instance is a lot of female and I yeah and it sounds like a sex I because you're. You know you take large cities area and they can sort of take you to check it. Yes and thank him finally has the deep compassion but that's how it's going to be black and white so is there classic classy yeah I'm very glad it's not going to be when and is handed over and hang in attitude flat black flag. A contract act could say eating its the guys in the pharmacist at five to just one drugs. Feature in light editing it. Philly is giving you come. Cozy with your favorite artist this time you'll. We get 730 with Bob -- 1230 with Kelly buyers and 430 would matter most to win and go right back in one lucky winner is going you know. Now for a show September 19 at PNC music. Once and ninety linked. In the station that wants to give you one or some very good. Minus seven night. The link theory is a micro cheating scale. Ally I can imagine a list of things that. Some fairly innocent some potentially damaging to your relationship. Very Canada. Finally might have believed then yeah. That is at the scale from a looking less slowly at a stranger to some other things. I want you to rate similar scale of one to ten how bad wind up OK why being. It's a little rude disrespectful to your partner but. It's not gonna hurt your relationship to yeah don't do that boy on number obviously detectives do so this is micro cheating now. This is all stuff that happens before the actual Keaton. Movies a micro. So okay I'm gonna reach those of you give it. A number one to 101 to ten. I'm forgetting Timmy juniors together when it would feel natural to bring them up in conversation. It says zero. I'm like you're talking is that by lying to congress agent is kind of flirty. They start Tyler about dating. And it's only natural for you to say well I'm married but you dealt. You just keep the conversation going on the microbes to gain scale. It's a little too it's actually a four. And then she just wants to be like so young dog instead she gets pretty drank Saturday whatever. And how that and hiding your phone from your significant other. Like hiding I hiding it intentionally but did you actually make actually don't see your phone. Now at the eight or nine that is actually a five. I'm gonna give that one like at nine this very suspicious I mean if your say not look at it. Music hide like Heidi and it communities manage role or. A year and you're intensely putting your phones somewhere we used to get like all the time not as a wants. A cable got his difference in my proceeding and I think she's cheating. All right because I would think she she and she does happen I don't think that alone is a microchip and like a sign she might be cheating what reason would you have. For hiding your little anchor and you have something died out your look at reporters and may and be dead the text messages on your phone are. Flirty but they haven't led to any seeing a million additional years ago there would be upset if they knew that you were getting messages from this person. What it was just you bitching about your spouse of the good I guess. OK I mean it's assigned to me did you itching to let's say another woman. I'll packed about your spouse Carol to I think dragged everything you're told your thoughts. So they're given that five I would make I would say that was that I ire out flirting obviously in front of your partner. Get a Wednesday and see this whole thing of like there's there's a hole. Range of flirting owners like a little learning is heavy duty flirting and grab and its projects and that's a costing it. I. Earning. Defiantly got two different territory the spectrum of flirting terms that's why it's hard to. And sorting does not include fondly about a lot better off object but there's a spectrum of just like giggling at somebody's who's jokers somethings and another your. Flirted with Kevin part of my god we shell I'm just trying to figure but it did some random guy at the office is jokes I don't find funny I'm just laughing to be huge. We're Zain is it's hard to get that a number because there's so. She just smile that a guy. Am where she just stared at his ass or something or she said punahou your heart you know different kinds of let me. Obvious flooding imply your weren't and one dead right how many dividend. It is six now. It is is generally believe it don't guess what they were OK how about this and changing your appearance with a specific person in mind. Good and a half his shirt because I think that. Britney in accounting well we'll sit high look. Well see here's the thing sometimes you want somebody did that your property doesn't mean you're a pop. I'd talking about my critique change your appearance that was a specific at zero who is not your partner in mind is and why and. That's actually too. This. Can you fathom some of these are now than it did you know he's just like I mean he wants him to find attractive area. Giving out your phone number to someone who you know always digging. That second eight that is an entire cast iron in there again. Yesterday. Sitting on a lap that doesn't wanna be a part of look at what the Santa. Another woman waited in all depends on the Santa. Another woman. I'm the woman when I guess on her now that a woman you're you're what sitting in a woman's auto lab not you know oh won't sign. On my lap then I'm not belong to your legs the woman nine and that he's an eight. Depends on of that man roll out. She's an element lacking today as doc set in your lap one time the heads are I don't know pedaling away on vacation and it was just that you can get in on sexual sin. A non essentials of success. Also have a partner who would be offended. That there isn't a giant may or may be out what mattered what you said my dad's lap. I may eco. And literally my energy and does. And yeah. You'll sitting. Schedules and easily go to lunch and I thought well. What is the musical chairs a good answer is true it's improved 800 expected don't. Just totally. Oh bullying a stranger. On the street in front of years together the teller. That's and I just vinyl building. A total allowance or zero honesty and that was a one yeah yeah. And that's the one that's it's time like now he's here beyond that yeah. It's smaller micro get a break and I believe many years did isn't kissing someone else on the cheek but getting some lip. You do that to a lol yeah and guerrilla Urlacher but it wasn't on purpose it was non sexual kissing and yeah I never is that nonsense just kept. Another bottle blonde sex yeah. This again on the cheek bursts on like kissing people you seek in general but I like oh what you did there I know but it I'm gonna go it like it do. That is actually a very there were pretty good at this and we think it. A atlas that's. President each other's laps not thinking within a little I'd say you guys go for. Its software with Matt Ramallah. Re kind of and entertain many take things a guest. They did a survey of the most iconic houses from movies and TV. Got like the top fifteen in it forever you know some of the houses that don't bounce house revised house allows. Pretty much of the number four member just sold for. One point eight million. Full house number two yes. But and they used different once you're used different ones in different seasons and different things. A full house it's really as notice. About Doug golden girls house. The golden girls house is not going to start twelfth yeah it began as a guys and a house to. All I don't Vernon because the Walt whose house was iconic no it's not on air and all but it is go back far but it is like yesterday to open and ripped off want to end the limb in the Walter. He was just I can't think this is economic and once likened it then they must actually mattered some of the burger pretty kickback pat asked if he's at all yeah. I don't go to that the number of fifteen deals used when even its and my sense 149 and build our house yet that's honest it's unlike number seven. You went there and Tom are managers absolutely now now and that I think. I believe and what that lead they tried to make things up about it still being haunted like the new owners try to make it a thing or something. Fourteen nightmare on elm street. I'm like the Desperate Housewives. Now that you know Erica he wasn't on a several houses there thirteen was beauties. And even known that. Twelve golden girls. No I'm losing track in a Lebanese Harry potters house is on there and affairs dealer's house that's all for one million recently the monsters. Were scum. Al I don't know it's not a real. Apple. That Matty is on there. It's Mormeck capsule come and I Psycho house is on neck. Although it should be. Fresh prince of LA it's like a house is always and Eleanor. Yeah number three. But you know the Psycho I think it on the real houses operation again that was built on a stage later as to why can't it was real this is no. Dance in the number one was even hazard in the title home alone. I am missile from 125 million but again I'm not sure. Like the fronts of these some of these are just kind of like I wouldn't tell I couldn't enforce got a house. Mean just like an old southern tight you know bright white columns are right Brady Bunch I got that vision in my head. Full house is just to see averages eight like a lot of things I don't get it. And the Christmas story house at the idea out there somewhere in the top yeah England again include would you recognize it though they'll although Christmas life ultimately they thing yeah you're right you're right. But I had so the home alone was one full house to friends for his three. Brady Bunch and Psycho which monumental event. Off. Definite separate it was updated. Even my obstacles are like all tech as the Brady Bunch was a split level and gas but it modern when he Vietnam. Gold re not great special for sale full house house. No I guess fresh tourists that go fresh prince even though wasn't actually in Bel Air. It was in Brentwood. Cautionary as a nice now urges don't embodiment of the fresh prince at a fresh write a fresh prints. Out. It's in its alliance and a cycle would be on them. They would. Onto another for entertainment story line old Richie. Is now hawking bed sheets and towels at JC Penney. All the other line you did not I did because you heard about it my daughter just happen to stumble upon. I heard about it you went seeking it out I would just like I guess it's working our line I was not impressed. I understand I wanted to be impressed I wanted to or online just a typical she try to you know isn't why would be some. Like Ty Pennington granite using it. And a different area but I I like his bidding. And we're cervix is different than just about right now shoes are fantastic but instead of that may be in her Emmy nominated citing. Bidding design means and sheets that I would like to dispute day in and let me play sheets. Good friend town right in the eye care in designing murder anything she'd design and when it's cute it's. Impressed and I couldn't extra room and Lionel Richie face on it. Does Remington where that I would say hello and and did cancel the ceiling I don't know very bright but it went but it was just they should do that it was so lackluster. And it's nothing special quota this thing says by Ritchie says quote I'm in the bedroom at least use my sheets. A I underline or its case he needs your plans so yeah like here it still sounds terrible engine and on to his famous love songs but I'm in the bedroom and at that and yeah I think you're my closet PP and MES final in the weird thing is to in this article they say the singer of penny lover. Of all the music you say right penny lovers thing. I don't know that it is and always always remember how them you know the big need Lou. If it. The ID eight American Idol judge of course. He's. Ortiz is always a medic gets Bubba block he says it's great synergy. God stop bad now Lional. A JC Penney shopper a woman over the age of 45. Net when they're 45 his east gore which the ranking is celebrity's marketability. Is a near perfect 98 out of a hundred. And nine out of ten people of these 55 recognizes. Race in 97 say I liked him. But yeah it's like not to like about him I'm not gonna chaotic yet. I would have a feeling my way or the other end most recently. He was introduced to a new generation by American Idol. In his final season ending was likable. Now he's but it does not do generating as they say over 55 reckon 45 liked him. He wants and he likes to make love to his own songs and as he didn't yes he told them to piers Morgan back when he and a show on CNN Cairo instead he made love to his own songs. You can't do that I did today manner not fair contest. I thought I. App for that grows and Iron Man these Toys 'R' Us this. You guys are talking on making. Any nation deep. Offense that that Bryant saga about his volleys yeah I'm but that's. I am happy it's an so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona again and an inanimate FaceBook page lately do it light and follow and also share this podcast and comment and rain. We nearly duty really really appreciate as do you really really do you really. A tea armada talked to me about when mom or. Why are these are things that women don't wanna hear from their husbands and they don't want he's there. Honey your urges better with the kids and I am more kids don't wanna spend time with you the kids that you did do it. It's basically just a cop out. Even if that's true on some level. It is a cop out but they beg for their mom. How about maybe mom is banking for a bright GA is that I can't do like Avery likes to do cuddle before herb bed time. And I tried it. And some types like at wreaths. Or rather. Than I did brush my teeth. But other times I've never pretty but obviously they're just like now now known no one mom or mom. My president. It's like they're just her will be the. I mean. You know and when did that that's what she's they had their Florida and and content Connelly you don't know me and in my house Marshall tiger sees better parenting and stuff. So. If there's like some sort of punishment delays at lea needs laid out or whatever she wants to be don't want it does it. So I'd love you ever break but she doesn't like my options my choices. Though I culinary like it's an island. Well as she if she would prefer to do it she refers is another thing if there's a sort of tricked by the guy oh let's say. Amy wants a break from the kitchen and you say. I'm gonna make dinner and Amanda girl's leg and now. Miami no matter which that very well could happen yeah I heard that. To give in and say OK okay will let mommy cook it or. One identity it that's a cop out his and it sometimes mommy mead media right there are times kids need to know that mommy needs a break. And denying it as a added here and it's a baby. It is made up men. That they want money are they not daddy but sometimes. The parent that the kid wants most needs a break. And yeah if you have to put up a little bit of crying a little bit of an attitude he is also need to learn that parents need breaks. Yeah yeah that well yes they do need that a lot told them that before but I. That's another thing that she's only allowed dissects the. And I've had enough of a break not we do we do the break then we have obviously and on the toilet. I helped produce it because nobody locks their house what would you wish it. Primus. Danny less privacy on the toilet yes that's island ads us now is and it's. There's so bad that's a long ordeal on these yell it out. And they know don't quit slide a little piece of paper under the door. Of or anything like that are knocking on the dole. And just go from the host and then the migrants don't want to hear their husbands content and adding a note and let. And it's really go. There and I don't need arcing it outlines in his brain he doesn't want to hear what else. Asked hey that's all the time so that it is only goes along no I have done that before though not that but I said that it did now. I'm doing this man needs a break and planning attacks we have monetize. The it's lighting things on the door. I'm mommy needs a break my reads and write yourself Rahal. I've done the money's great she's done that area we do we do that parents need a break with analysts. Another question is is that what you're wearing or yeah of course why would I want to get any guide there are alive if she has an on. That's what she's planning to where. By Alexander's group. And why would you even on the body she I've got out a woman can do that demand an end millionaire where they EO's that was your wearing well yeah. Is what I'm wearing gas and I'm too stubborn to say why do you think I shouldn't Wear it I'm just gonna Wear it but I'm gonna have that question in my. The mount my confidence is wrecked and secretly met that you won't like. I've never met I've never said that. Amy has said he think guys like to do a series one liked but to issue a one foot to shoot to pursue another fight and say which 1 am I why what I don't find out. No blind in a you've got an issue one on the other yes. It's how are yeah looks better and they're both the same close above the brown June above the black Jew and one's slightly different because got to buckle or different strapped I don't know what looks good it does for outings Damane Duckett hours dressed man. Are up this how about she wants to know. Which one do you think she looks better. Yes he actually wants a design which one but I think both great. Fortunately I've got a thirteen year old now I call her in reinforcements Garcia yeah Johnson has a nice yeah its Amy has tricked me in the past for she's come down something ridiculous. And I've kind of looked at we are about guys go on and to crack operatic crack up because it's ridiculous but I'm gonna cost you know is not a caller out on it. I'm gonna boob hanging out there some that might. Still hard at the net net you're underway your shirts skirts on backwards shirts I'm backers out of jail let's move it on that I would never Colorado. Susan went south yeah I you know. Yeah after the figures he's just a good idea also lumped. Aware. Tigers never just like us so we're August. The thing that's that's right what a guy says that he thinks he's like yeah go to the office party and just. Again I didn't I didn't want to make your employer was moving you know I don't I didn't go right go away and that's the. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.