No Best Friends?

Friday, January 12th

A psychologist thinks we need to ban children from having a best friend at school...really dude?!? We also talk about the way to tell that your lady isn't attracted to you anymore and Matt's fascination with sleeping naked.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was that Ramona. Some psychologists. Are saying schools should ban kids from having the best friends. Lisa C headlined the whole. You know which operates. But technically. There is a merit to the movement to psychologist says to ban having best friends as invaders in this school foods. Other children like eve middle schooler years at next one Q indicated crosses on the table and you like it is my best friend Betty Lou end. It's not you. You know worse and prevent but the implication you don't actually say. But which leads to she says. Exclusion. And best friendship two rapidly so merely Samir somebody's gonna get hurt as you know analyses I've missed and that's an immigrant whenever. They could lead emotional distress and she says those who say just popping up like yeah I get it. But you wanna ban it says really but may be just kind of guide him to I have friends it's good to have a broad social circle not just have. Best friend and have many friends that. Just because you have a best friend doesn't mean you don't have many friends don't and that's the part that I find a little stupid. And while I admit that a public times I've seen one of my friends post some thing on FaceBook about spending time with their best friends I. All. Love tell but I realize that. That person. Has a different type of friendship may be something a little deeper than what she has would meet maybe something. Something that they see eye to eye on that. I don't see eye to eye with her mature adult and can work it through. And kids had in kids become adults because they learn how to work. Those things through him. But what we have done some points so why make school this quickly weed out best friends I'm making it they're just saying like they should realize. Maybe be more aware analyzes some kids are friends and some kids are very good friend. I had a lot of friends in high school that really only two that we're best we don't have one. Now when that app as a rule now there's nobody there to roll again to get a little bit I make an admiral you know I've won best friend. You can do best friends otherwise not your best friend okay controversy I had a best friend but didn't want to call somebody out of Ghana took the double as originally up. And less time there but she knew more about me and she night. You know I bit more time together. It changes its fluid in school and I could jog around added I look at. Adult situation. Worse you know. And somebody Sanders a best friend but they're talking to a friend I feel very uncomfortable. More recent best used you're talking this person is different but put her on number one remedy was me somebody was talking to somebody about their best friend and I'm an. Let a lot of my number one yeah I don't I don't think it's the murder might exonerate. The best number one birdie and so I you know I did it. A little weird thing. That sometimes can. Unnecessarily. Cause drama is always tibia. There's enough drama around and been schooled at no extra drama on top of that now look at it and -- photos you're doing something with somebody is not know and I'm was somebody and largely united auto care about that stuff anyway. Visiting its gonna still come up no matter what because there aboard the friends who. Are there for every day in the birth to your kids. Our kids' graduation and for into the air for more frivolous stuff they're going to be people who are thought to funerals and beyond doubt that we BS get invited to this thing to be able. And why not let kids start learning that in school and because. Hey my mom tells me I could have a sleep over mom says I can only by three kids. Well every candidate to feel like I know friends I think you don't get invited well their feelings are gonna be here that you deal with it. I know let's say I have 3 people in the am in eight race. Six grade okay I got sixth grade regarding three million or three girls yeah hanging out without there's a Ford General Motors three girls okay and then they go to another girl. And poor girl standing there and she introduced this other person out as my best friend had this man's best friend. Jamie in this bill or what happened to listen to your man the Naia whenever a girl named. Then McGwire went appointment that person. Whatever the board that is assertion the first is not really in the group. Now you tell them I'm better view we're better New Year's anger Roger. Consistent. The group near a hanger on then you're not even in the group. Enter our bread and a parent like a small I don't think you guys say best friend or else. I don't I don't I don't I limit him to stop the best friend but I don't hear guys say best friend and a brilliantly I think some guys say it. Without using best friend I'm on the senate they don't use the words best. My just my body here but no and this is my boy is yeah I eighties but you have my total boy's case. Just like you can have multiple best. Now I gotta have one. Little thing I thought not only wants a loyal routing number one WiMax. Page shortly and get ready. Incredible night of music as 1079. And don't performing large percentage. I'm spurned in. Or on Wednesday. Grannies and 37 million. You know console. Don't miss this rare chance to see a music icon. Get your tickets now 0179. All cars dot org or by phone at 704371000. That 704372. I spent the night. Wednesday January 31 promise got a life spray. And Charlotte's best knicks' 1079. It's a link. He has news knots every day around 330 here's one from the week. 22 year old Zachary Sam hall allegedly stole a Sacramento police department's squad car on Saturday evening. And that's when former security guard Chris Marsden a bystander made a citizen's arrest. Is you have been saying that forever only. He said wait a home I'm gonna make a citizen I ticked at you just feel it when he deems a year if Korea only can I run good like that little luck and I don't what did you do it probably. Of them. It's dangerous all believe this will be the year that they get into the citizens police academy so I thought I. And I learned in the hands or her about how I can make it happen in legal. All right if you're protect. My concealed carry them out and hired for my gosh this is giving terrifying. Really terrified that there are dying. Yeah five. And the city yet is concealed carry would you be terrify and Nolan. I've seen you in a crisis and it's not alone that's true he adds it's not pretty let panic get the angle of the audit. Screaming at the Atlanta yes yes solidarity and not to mention there was a time Terry you left your bullets on the front seats yeah there was that was to deter crime yes and thought that would deter crime so what are you gonna do an actual. I don't know I don't. Don't think it matters it's where like we're match OK here's here's the scenario this guy did what he how do you think you'd react. Chris Larson said he saw the barefoot Sam hall walk into the anyone liquor mart and he was heading out the store our drinking a forty. And that's win Maher is an armed with nothing but a flashlight. Ordered Sam ought to the grounding call 911. A guy. It's not as risky and an English guy his route plus all that was a forty doubts though. Well it would let me if I yelled. Yeah now I don't know maybe even must I was wearing a uniform or out of baggage. Persona. Does it. And this isn't the first time that Mars and have been a part of a citizen's arrest he claims he's kind of a magnet for May handle. And has yeah. Now he's performed five other citizen's arrest for domestic violence driving under the influence and credit card that. Credit card that does the weird like that's weird citizen's arrest. The other one's a case either guy doing sound then whatever you can and but where's this guy hang Hillary got all the stuff going on right that is crazy. I don't there. It's dangerous. Yet even warns it's dangerous well he went that way to not get my training just way learn and a marketer Ressa he's just somebody C a police car seal a police car I follow. I'm not getting down to on again and an amber I might follow. Block amendment car. Used to the ability and I don't follow now I don't think union learned in this room should make citizens or I don't think I'm Blogspot. I have nothing to our list is seeing it. Did it and somebody's dead. Look look look at it in two and one does Sierra it is yet as we only do I get wet just didn't know Palin now. And I know I have learned through many television news shows and movies. How details but I'm right got a tail people though when you block a men in the guys like move your car you're you're going to be like I don't know I went to install real well. I'm Clinton do. You're having car trouble served as. I've slipped a knighthood Dana thank you take a look at this at an event and a look at some clues and I'll allow the here and a brave sold back. Act. Here's little stupid news not. HLA. They can be out of control some times Auburn greens complex all born in California. Allegedly requiring all of its residents PP QPP garage doors open during a week. From 8 AM to 4 PM. Because one resident had people sleeping in Iraq. So that they'd solve it by telling everybody. They had to keep the garage doors open 84 or face a 200 dollar fine. It is the worst rule is terrible and they talked to people on the TV interview where one guy guys and being taken everything out of its rat. Takes mobilize crime would goal of unknown I don't know that. It eradicate people stealing stuff. Garage heightened legal and clean my garage before they steal things they went by Mustapha on organized right now Christmas but yet that I you would have to. I'd be Selma and you you have to be an item on that you Aaliyah and eight to four. Please go out pretty much all day earlier work within you can drive around make citizen's arrest all day long. It's a labor people enters this is a reality radio what your schedule all off there who. There are some things they do need every woman's and see here from there it man. That's two. Everything goes both ways actually and it's written. Better woman once ever I'm guessing guys when they hear it do bombs they see you yet mean more than anyone else. A powerful phrase that is now affirming how right you are together and to get used those words in his words are kind of like you complete it used to good. Yeah. Maybe gives you man I guess maybe it's how he really gives you as I say you in a wave of 99% of the world doesn't we you guys get in because. And all of us. Content in say oh my gosh poor Amy and then it tells me that Amy gets here it is she's still there and in an air at odd. But a lot of people like you guys know me forever. You get me for the most part. So as she and we do TCU all the heat and it's true it usually ship but I yet there are times trying to get myself though I'd say things might where'd that come from. Like I compared to play the area we worked to root or the new game and I are big enough and my god she is new game that's out of my dad I'll still scratching our head over them a wide decided to call the plays we were the biggest thing it. Gladiator shower and I think Jackson but added that I still can't find any choice on the Internet predators for a loop. There anyway X. Even understood inherently going gladiators our best yeah yeah yeah that might leave. Like all day we eat nowadays I'll let you be apart amid renewed can't be all his entire Eastern League leaders. Out all my things or it doesn't sound this don't know conspiracy theory on the icy in the morning when Els I think it's an on ice and Manso I would do more like. May. You know more than you give him more than any. Business you know. Again that's cool I'm glad you get media Jack asses donors and I don't think I'd be better. Now hostile if I hit it really but be more me than saying you yeah and went and on December. I didn't know where you are talking to figure why are you get me more than anyone else. I'm addict is better odds finally. You get it you know me people haven't tried to do it and get it. A magnet is the problem is I understand you now get to OK that's good points but I don't understand it. Muscular we understand effort and I'm just you always something that's true but Adam did you coming in and act on you say dome I love how kindly treated that bumbling waiter and humbling. To eat says bumbling and bomb. It's just. Basically describe the character trait you admire your partner is better than to San lobby. Is something you observed if you do it right then right when it happens the compliments more real more poignant. So yes. I mean I've said there last year that they needed over there is great mom bank slow that was great. Amount. So bad bachelor's degree mom's saying yeah I mean yeah mommy you're gonna come. Yeah but that isn't like that that that's not enough according this is it because you have to and be more specific I think yeah I so you have to say. That you. You view pay debts and kids. And the kids today are great mom game that's very motivated and children to tackle thank you for achieving our children lines finish you blame them for Ireland and let's use. Acknowledging that there. They're they're. Magic I paid attention to there but wow. What a sweet gave word REIT. I guess some guy wielding specific. Area and I think an end and had to be on the but I am trying to think and I do it many other ways. Things he does. I think etc. before its leader your good friend whoever you know as amid maxed out mixed up that's crazy person he's friends school there who think it's cool thing about it. On you may hang every painting crooked but you're still pretty cute. It's a playful jab you partners missteps. It's called by psychologist unconditional positive regard. You show. The partners their flaws realistically. I'd love them anyway it encourages the person be more authentic. So. There's a fine line. Because like a backhanded compliment really you like it here. It. It can be I guess but I don't ticket because she says you know you can't fix a damn thing Richard in that took. Acute. Physical and I'm OK with. Our young guys that you like you can't fix any saying I centric vixen things. Bank at about some I had tonight I have done some things speaks I Chandler isn't things in my day take some air filters. The law. Unclog a toilet and you don't let and a I don't but yeah the toilet you got out what we still all like we've never clog. You shoot at the you know as one of the Zeta what happened is as I was article and am ready yet but I would have. Delivers on its how to overcome the fear of moving about. What that's going to be coming up on our side impact. I'll. Bet there's I can't subscriptions is literate. Did embody me on aired and mom but the thing is your right Wiki what you mentioned earlier saying something like your late but a lot view really labored to puke it's kind of that. It's very fine line as a manager and as there's ever something that they are just some Erie bank can't think. But if it's something gets on your nerves that you had accepted. Like the person who's your daddy act or everybody's except. But I talk gibberish or whatever called verbal call to sack as senators. But I'm cute I'm all right and I was gonna say it actually gets any bigger and yeah. But you're cute yeah. If your butts Keats. And another one which is I think that we all do just in general but let alone with our significant others thanks so much. We're taking care of that idea. Am I probably over thank you. To make over thank you hurt him and I think we probably over thank you. But or over apologized. We didn't do things as they please to yet all a lot of please. I have saintly I am too polite and you do it then I'm like I'm not a Kennedy get over sank and I don't think you can overstate. There's something about. The over apologized him over apologized it is or if you're apologizing for not doing something too much. The year just suck it if you are not sorry about that that you're just saw. That's me that but over you can over asked please can you got me drastic. Every consulate saying please I mean you're constantly asking for things so I guess you could over. You're over use the word please. Is that if you're saying please like. Thirty times a day to be passed person again thirty things for too many favors yet to me payers. Yeah okay do you agree that you can't say thank you enough. That you find a way to get that negative get annoying guy you can't be can say thank you eat it is randomly said thank you. But at the end of a conversation you every time they were on the and we ended up and you that's what it was legal guys' conversation thank you sort of ways they things were listening. W brown in the senate every time I'm going OK again it thank you geez how about that want to. I don't want my somebody on they say. I hearing you say okay thanks for asking am I doing at every parents yeah every time I also think things are asking. Often the not too much and editors got into it every time what reviewers something's a small thing now it's it's not really. So how often are people asking me how I am here alone probably thanks for asking. I have others say what's up thanks thanks thanks thank you for ST yeah Strickland is up. And legislate or seven seconds ago and the other balls that I Zardari at the they let me thank cues Jerry there are possible tonight EB really annoying as thank you Patrick Stewart Cink all there. I'm gonna are faced while you dads how. Now look. These seats behind that he's on this team is very obviously beat up on Ramon okay around here now that is not true we'll spend all my plotting migrant. Every day is beat up on me day so. Why do you say other than other than an edited people talking about your stinky content. Somebody come on their money's on our cars once again I say they're very ours well what is. The music doctors took a shot you. He uploaded a video that I might have to talk about Michigan I refused to reload it I know there's a video of me and commenting on your Valentine's Day we're agreed that's up better some format in January to are doing some sort of work at all. And you Wear your Valentine's Day wreath might like the big one Alina data's android in I will chain myself to doing this. I would love to see that I love and whole idea bailout. Pretty important thing they do you do you really do it that is worth fighting for what is what the doctor about her being awkward and manners something. Oh. It began by net moving right on her own plus interacting with the any man ever equals awkward 'cause. I can interact with you guys and not be. Awkward I don't think you are all I told him I don't think you're awkward I know I'm hoping you use over rates are awkwardness. Assorted is that our all our task. Oh it's a little sound and audio are being offered was this this against him again. It is they're not intimidated right right and there's other awkward man and then as the reds on started dating site. For awkward people like the farmers and stuff like that this. And last time but the memory board farmed birds. Aren't as without bail. After you've finished talking about my dating life I get a couple extra Twitter followers and aura messages on FaceBook. And it's. All. Howell. I needed McDowell win hunter who need it now you've got answers. How old Gibson. And just now. It urgent that kind of found it yeah. Jonathan Byrd wanted to hurt Clijsters. Playing doesn't sit and birds that fly. Ladies and stake. I do think you know our state dinner mignon and just didn't I. I'm into educational and we punt out of our what is about these are the unmistakable signs that your woman no longer finds you attractive. I know. So well the last time you. Clark your woman checking you out. Oh I love them man looks in my wedding days maybe. It and that's because he tell you are leading now obsolete dapper in your best. I think she's obligated that day yes it's important to look at July and yeah I think I think she's lady Michelle looked okay presentable I get the long view a lot error on this girl I really dishes stuffed her comment about your genes another sailor now. I said that at least these two tires it is all right let's. Do you collision course I don't know I wasn't just you know they really where they estimate galaxy dean's Humana Dreyer and sometimes they feel. Like tight now wanna look but I don't wanna talk out there stretched out now. Yeah yeah but whatever and I am by the end of the day they're lose am am am so glad so I've but I thought but I'm saying yeah associated easily. Thrown out like. Ultimately lose earlier here on out there is and I at night if they wouldn't tighten all the right places. Is and are also did you like smack you on the bottle error and I hate. Maybe it's I mean close snag an offense that's. So you like it now about close I don't I don't I mean it really really annoys me. And she knows it and shall do on occasion has nothing saucy sexy about it is just too annoyed because I don't much I hate that at a very sensitive. I do but yeah. About that in the bottom left and I couldn't help but doing either it's a big in every way did he knew it. I don't think I can help myself it's not really hundreds of its ads I don't really like oh yeah. If I don't know let's not really money into I don't want. It and like OK I don't I'd like she doesn't like she's been predicated generous Magnum and yet back daggers really madness back about the bots that so. Weird conversation and a but like I don't like being an assistant who want to put a video camera with those kids and they just and that it can give anti remote of the footing but I do like whereas elegant touch it. I don't like when I'm sitting next to somebody's eye and they're talking touching. You know what I mean back I like person. Like opinion and it's like this is an. Let's not those that know me well a lot of unity and a lot of because exude anything like it had. Oh yeah did yes yes I hate that yes yes don't touch me while you talked the night you know what I mean yeah I mean marijuana they're coming here yeah a little bit eight bit of that. Longer not poke in Maine knowing even that says it's on it's on don't do it now so you don't wanna be hit hands to yourself. In car and now when he smacked on the bottom out now a guy who liked him tussle and put his friends in headlock thin round. What are joins us and and dig units and knuckle in to not in my shoulder when I tell you it's painful you. Yes I like that shields when you're stressed that it would do it. You all right yeah to not take. That I had that's like if you get at night and as rollers. And she digs in in my back I love it like yet but I'm talking about just the annoying. Like touching when someone's talking Eric. The smack on the buy it which is again an artist human annoyed that makes me angry but he clearly angry like they're giving now just like I am so I don't mean that. But he putted for that matter I'm curious. I don't I don't like I was as I'm not and a. What about the flirty banter is she engage you in flirty banter still. Now I would say anything good looking. Admits it depends would consider flirted it's more comical good morning hands so. Now it's comical. Common cold banter witty and yet but that is not like about forty. I mean maybe that's Arlen are flirting style or something. Because. It'd be weird night. Yeah I mean something and that the economy is critical look at it is that usually it goes ahead of the February weeded me out just now I get it anymore like it buys a piece that is that would be our. Heavy artillery Trisha. Is this just like sarcastic over the top stupidity. Hope you know that kind of thing. I guess that counts is. Larry nobody's like it are you popularity and I'd like as described by like a movie years something it right now aren't you must click I like like. Like just closely sarcastic. And eBay enter a bunny like like I know like telling me commode example. She's funny and no that is. I have matter a lot about it implies that we the other person likes it a person yeah but it's and I know she's joking around with me she's any good mood and I didn't do anything wrong and she liked about it. I. That's floated to me every it was a good Ole that is flirt. I need to get it flying out today although the other. And I came home from the edge and she was overly happy and excited and stuff. And you get to a point where it's too much. That's the palm now. I. See have leg. Is that we're is wrong with you. And so like also don't ruin my Goodman and Michael Chang now or yeah. Obama hugs a and has done and I used for me up I never could he's racked up so we are going to lap you know it's weird it's been that I. I why it isn't threatened and our nightly. And but there is a point you know the point oh I'm happy no and I heard you like what is going on. On her that would now gauger you can question you're quite what incredibly. Happy yeah good mood and you know it. Well IE you got a weird. And. It has a point where someone has no leg DD and really. But no ice. And were sent like well what is up with the I feel like what happened the outlook in life could possibly Matthew consent because I know it's not making. Off the bat good. That's the thing that I put it down like on paper like that doesn't sound equipment and I see somebody so happy it's ridiculous you know like topic. But it is like him yeah can note at that I usually kids but the if that I'm missing yeah exactly yeah you gotta bring him down and get ready for Obama didn't. I'm getting happy together with economic what is going on what what happened why we like this to be part of it felt. Alex you like a jealous that until it comes down to deal with. Yeah. Happily yeah community so adamant about. That the visit Belgrade and they added adding I don't know. We got it together then we get ago and I got happy Erin she can download it. Metal and that is kind of drama. You're listening to all there with. And they go the candy like sleep in the news. Pad. The only thing is leaving him and the other Hughes said the stock only sleeps and Sox thought when did you chime in and say what's the deal on just relax. Well aware of other things of that yet in a leg was a good boxers on. Yet this boxes carry the athletic companies anymore probably. Him. That was a thing. But I I've said there's I'll stick by this the guy. Naked with a knee high dress socks. Black dress socks is less attractive than a guy with like crew cut. I don't think so I guess. It's again it might look like he's ready to work out the other guy looked like he and go to work I've. I the thing about seeing naked men and press talks about. I think flora and so that's against that but again I think at some identity was dress socks on and I've never letting go says mr. Garcia Graham home they didn't notice anything. Another good men's. A soft landing at. Ziad amends just saw these are they big as you were needed he saw as Graham honest and I was helping her yesterday home while playing tight not keeping like music and I. A. And now my grandma was not naked season. Underwear and a brawl bad knee highs and treat now. On so I think that I think it's new naked in the action. And then his grandma's. Health. When I look at myself in the mirror and I'm Nagin was socks on. The Red Sox regular who are completely repulsed. They can click on exports to look ahead and and I in Little Rock gods against Atlanta I take a picture Nolan is DR cooler outside. Little old big demand where it's dress socks and then naked man where it crude Cochran knows you don't understand the I tell me where it's easier. That pick is it a foot. And. Okay yeah so there's no difference okay whenever and you say that you would rather have you gotten a relationship that. I thought. Little eagle yeah evil know you yes it while it's because you have any relationship you winds UW just don't you just don't. It's it's inevitable by. Or. I'm here. You would prefer beer like like with a guy you never married and any keep is something. I'm I'm I'm what I would like for him as he did his campaign via the delay happens when you get up and go to the bathroom and and you decide you're gonna stop in. AE on your way back in incidents air for a while my. Excuse me. Yeah let me Elaine nag about a weird no no I consider enemy to cheer your meant what an honor row. It's not that I'm what you have is. Our accounts cushion the. Middle of the night and I know he's about to not use until the paper so then no 100 loop. After DT is toilet paper and the police CD bloom British period your Brit that back to bed you're bound to hang in there. Found. Orange or golf like normal human being men and then you're brilliant you're bringing that damn honest and I and I am I. Can't thank you either. I do put something got a ged and I feel like. To lose and we'll also have children and your home so it is important to Wear their clothes come in a hotel by myself I'm content. I was keeping this year. And you love life's gonna get boost obviously naked. People mostly nude are out to December some of them are very happy relationship. People who are fully clothed only 48% happy. Well I mean you're happy might be likely take a close it close it's easier to access your probably happier with your body now there's no way items like. Sleeping with a shirt. I mean I mean I might start maybe certain you know Kennedy got a shirt lone no not go away. It tangled up sometimes. On me don't you try role in his pocket and I. I started out with a shirt orbit babies Kinsley did he serve without getting stuff downloaded a noted arson turn blue fish cap. We're swaddled. On it to make you healthier overall. Because oxy Towson is released when you're naked and dad that said the love hormone. So make your calls sleep and stay asleep powerful calming agents. Instead of like playing like lavender or something every lap and your fellow just a legion bits. I at least a good I don't know I don't know Ramona when your guys over there yeah it's taken you know like just. You can say I'm just here instead of lavender help. Bringing the pretty deep test well rested ahead. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.