No Birthday Card For You

Wednesday, October 11th

What is it with Matt and Bandy's hatred of birthday cards? And why didn't Ramona get Doc a card for his birthday? We also talk about whether or not sex on the first date is ruining relationships and Ramona's awkward online date moment.


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Then took that men remotest okay. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to park there would never totally innocent and I don't think shows that mix match and run them. Didn't end up. Unless there's a market like that but I did southern Juliet I'm etiquette rules nobody follows anymore. And I think it's ridiculous. On this one they used to be an attic a rule that says you don't celebrate yourself. But now are saying no one else is volunteering it's fine to throw your own birthday party absolutely don't expect your guest to pay for it. All the best way around that's there is best for Iran now IE. I've seen them both ways I've seen it like a friend of mine. That I am not married don't intend to get married and have kids don't intend to have kids I have been to every shower. No demand every house warming party I want to have a birthday party a big birthday party for myself it's not silliness. I'm sorry it's silly. No it's not sorry and silly because it did anyway after awhile I feel when you are a bridesmaid for the tenth plain. And celebrated every one and not one time have you gotten an opportunity to be the center of attention. It's a nice is that is that. Where life is about. Being didn't pay back it's not about audio is paid back. Or what life's about but if you did no one loves you it's okay. About gathering people together like. And finally Larry apparently it is an excuse to invite everybody to come to give you gifts and to celebrate year. When you had a baby. I made another site. Now an excuse to invite people to come they bring you give us why not just say yeah. I'm made it to forty made it to thirty ID it's silly. It's not so it's at least not at the Amro may not party and especially the gonna make it into court and and I say that now she didn't make people pay for. She dual party and everybody was invited. For free. But I've also seen it happen where a person threw a party in today you know. We're getting together for my birthday into a birthday party at ABC restaurant. And everybody paid for their own food and then they chipped in as the pay the bill the party as a bird digger has his day at the I don't know how are part of there's. Enders and right now all we all DJ there Zardari was because she hired him. Does your item or private at a restaurant or is she went to a restaurant. Right and and like winner not a room I was a restaurant out of party at Lawrence. Private round the party and hi DJ says he did you BJ yes we should be paying for food at that point. Yeah right we all paid for our during a president. She should it present. The president should be you came and paid trio include an app would she have kicked me out of my head did but I wanted to bring you get. You. You know immunity deal. Just seem dated a guy who has not been forced to buy. Two or more bridesmaids again cars as we honor to not like. Equaled the score cheap and score I threw a party for you and I did his party your party I have to ask Miller and a veteran tuxedos and buy shoes and the only. Is it enough. I'll be honest with you in this league might be sound like. A crappy friend that I was not honored to be asked to be in anybody's writing a note I felt. How anyone I now know it wasn't an honor for me I. Enjoyed being a part of their day gap. A did everything I could to be. A good bridesmaid. Or my maid of honor. It was expensive. Out and they out. A major. Inconvenience on many levels because only one of those weddings actually occurred in the city which I live in eastern descent no. I want that one of Atlanta the person enough to do it for then. I think's. Going to our own animal rights makes. Is is can be very difficult yeah and I really didn't. But yet but it seems weird to say when you're a party so I have to out of art was not and you had a party so I don't have a party should pick here is and not to forget it's years and years and years. I'm going to everybody also staying. And never getting it kissed a few special is like being. Yeah international yeah. He's a sign a bay even though I'm gonna be silly gimmick he's salad they need them but just like a kid going to everybody else's birthday party. And never having a birthday party. Yen or your old unit now so why not celebrate yourself look at civil. Levy gonna do it which of these weird anyway but it didn't do it on a people thing. Right edited your art editor party here in our goal here is grown adult I would have some people come in my house and today. Pay from DJ your pay for my in spring but if it's not is it okay if I say I'm having a birthday party at my house. Your house is that we have announced and I want everybody to bring you ditched melt not okay now night on two. Some okay will bring India into it and covered dish that's fine that's as far as logo birthday. It out again bring in days bring ever letting your favorite dishes and by the way I am having a pilot birthday on this. It's a matter mana I'll get some Ortiz etiquette rules nobody policy Maher next and a and the like. At 1079. 2000 dollar fortune or time each day getting into winning every weekday at 9 AM 11 PM on 1 PM and 3 PM when we give you. Ask ball four times every day Monday to Friday so Lee deal well you know. And so can cash from Hendrick automotive group insurance destiny. Seven. Till late. We've talked about when he etiquette rules nobody policy Mars or here's another one. Corneas person personal contact on special occasions. It's a good grad jury text on your upcoming wedding. A close friends not gonna cut it. Equations yes. Close friend. Pastor make the call the same with a birthday. I I can see a candidate in UK if your close friend you got to make these calls but he acquaintance they edit have to yeah happy birthday. He's got engaged things like that. In an acquaintance. You even have to text me for my brace face design yeah but if you're a friend. I expect a text or call. And happy birthday to not call yeah and you get married your close my little friend like ass super close. Now. We at a particularly in the war yeah I think that's that's the woman thing. Yeah it's a wanna thank. I am happy with a text and then when you see me later when we actually celebrate. I go out to dinner whenever they need gimme happy birthday person. I don't really care about it text and Seattle and he's my brother my apparent sense and I'm glad. I don't get any text from my. Bodies in general Ximian card guide them though the don't want don't do battle to military don't waste seven dollars so there really cost these days personally I'm not a more Nowak and they're not even funny any more let writing these awful. Hard to tell you. This was I think the first year and that. Eyes did not do a birthday card for doc. And playing good no he didn't and is Bernie was on a Saturday Lleyton and and I didn't bring a card on Friday and I felt like Monday was after it's not eaten but he really hurt me. Because I heard you heard me. Because this I didn't realize how I realized. Some years ago that I did your birthday speak because I like birthdays but that you guys don't care. All those hot like the years like for years I would go out I would bike week on the way to word pig. Annual event came back. And you know we can you out of the rude and leave it where you CA and we like thanks to remember when the yeah. Friends and I think we'll return guy that there. I. Did you like. I need you complaining about don't get me and pop art. Not nobody can about birthday present your holiday gifts yeah. Then I start to realize that I'm only doing this for me ignore it will accepted free and. Honestly no I was surprised because I. I've kept probably almost every single card thousands of all of well not gonna dry not save everything. Not not why did tears in his own card. It did it steers me read this page office but as I have been written and I heard they might I forgot that. Her ego and ask Lisa thanks for the benefit. I would I would run and don't you guys talk so badly about car did not. Nearly as an act amendment well hero any anger salmon I'd guess I was like you know what I'm not gonna do it this year because. They're doing and to me and yeah. I'm bringing it to assist the team. You'd better we're just too cynical to say an author I tell you there's especially early surprise coming your way I did forget that it was a birthday edited shook up about it again something. But Bennett forgot that I cared about it it's the we'll know that I can get around that's not true I can't rounding out the way and I all I know I am. My did not not right drew I know when we're in Jamaica. Yeah birthday his arm you don't just say exactly well it's pride. Because Courtney. From our trauma team was with us in Jamaica. He was by. Presidents for all of her friends here at the station and we're like. I'm not even Paris I'm not buy it I said it is that allegedly does it and they don't want the souvenir. Some carved. You know doobie smoking man slow. I hope that we'll have to just not saying you know this. This final Jon needs and yes. And I end right that we need to get doc and any topic did I not yes he did so they're jerks Oslo on your hopes for the and yeah yeah you're doing because you found guilty of what I did you a nickel. I don't know did because I didn't think he wanted to even though and the one normally given nearly one it is to buy him a birthday coming up you can get. Meet card league given the Dr. Phil. And it did not Alley inside in your credit card martyr and a and I did it hard to barter give it to dog you my birthday card to dock 200 dollar tree at least there's a lawyer in there and just give wow this get back to an excellent Omar this for fun there. These thirty something who got like 33 car and are now. Now like they are expensive and five or six and haven't changed you like arts and craft make one in particular season. There are experts never was a Christmas present the real complained I was complaining a Mother's Day mother yeah yeah is generally can't box at the heart and it's particularly. Words can you vote twelve okay. The knowledge that. Well I'm gonna go to the target Wal-Mart a much Cardin is and Dominic DB 699 or Madrid or London under President Clinton. They could it is I'm not you capital. Idea. Just us or like everybody for berm pretty much everybody I mean Harriett. I. Yeah. On won't. Besides Joseph already shut that off Clinton shoe box. And tissue box critics and greens are actually achieve. And I. You did you did that. Tina not many you know I'm when it's actually to me doc billions of millions on his degrasse that's true. The easy or popular in all of us put together yeah I guess that's why we've mock it is sad. It people who throws stones are the ones who really had to get it there I well under the problems that we make money do you mean your great man who reside so. It's a problem. I'm I'm okay when then. I think. You're a great human being could really get your card could we have issues such as though they are feel better about his up a bag or box I want it to me the most seriously no more berg and we didn't want to yes and overboard aggression. Did you won. And you will pretend to like it in your given to me that's. I'm giving him on the 900 got a belated car for dock and they get one for you and that a passing around the whole station and you guys will win then got like it. And that's never happened in his history of this show that it went to everybody in the station that is that is definitely too far. And it is the four of us and that's it. I can't always been that role I can't let other people sign no can you sign and it. Forgotten nobody it's always been a rulers just the four of us well all of signing your card but I'm getting everybody has signed document and he's this article really who the hell's doctor tells Andy yeah they don't know look. Oblivion and oh yeah I mean I'm I'm not saying they know neither I mean I don't I don't know why I don't talk to them what it was the Alberta cart date you never hawk talk to me ever revert to X my ignored me always to be able Wednesday night of the year honestly wish you well ma'am that you wish me well does that not add convert them less FaceBook page I'll take that a Celtic hit him dance like compromise on the lunatic. I'm going overboard I alerting and I'll have more than anything less happy birthday and maybe my name. Well you. All there was. Let's talk about six BC aids. And the first day. There's heroic potential relationship it's down down down. You know move right on any right on the big guys have had such serious relationships after having sex on the first date I only know that never had. Are you I'm I'm not only people who lack of and I did have short term relationships with people that put on the first date. And have a long term relations with people estimated ten years somebody that is leaving on the first day Lou and I remember so it was crap. I crappy marriage and had very didn't sleep so what's a tight. As a matter but it house. I don't think it hurts or helps you and I think the odds are the same either like each other you don't like each idea. I stinky can hurt more than any now now that perhaps says just being a big deal there my iPod at all. 83% of women believe that having sex in the first they would make men lose respect for them. But went past 6 December sent a man answered the aptly don't think less of a woman who has sex and upper state local and while they want to double standard. And they've trouble with the user to Wear themselves so it is too it's like big percentage and they like you they're gonna like it I don't like it or not gonna like. You know when encouraging ever regret their point on the first statement happens don't Google is gonna change nothing I know Tim resume data for or why do you have for awhile. He do on the first day didn't less is absolutely horrible changes are you gonna get a second date. And I didn't you go from there figure out you know what are yen comment are we couldn't you know compatible for a long term. Like yours and ours is a matter of its one or four right how much of devers and right. You're telling me most guys are not gonna judge her yet that yes absolutely positively 100% and obsolete positive. I I I am telling me skeptical now be skeptical. On. Let's hear the current guys talk about that one chick at me like but could enlighten me. Yeah and riker. They wouldn't go out of the day where there even about anything really liked or they wouldn't tried to make the move on the first day how about that if they really liked every Specter. Would they have tried to make debt that they try to get in her pennies on the dollar state disrespect and a lot of. Times it wasn't a dated and picked up at a bar yes exactly wasn't a date at all it was a essentially hooked up with their rose 2 AM. Mean yeah that was it is saying goes the other way I've known guys who have hit in the woman's I have a hell is item yeah. I shouldn't curator nasty. I'm. Now it's just that to happen and it's happened. And also you're not alone if you do it on the first time. Wearing US single emeritus of the millennial 48% more likely asleep with someone right away just to get out of the way in cedar have a connection. You know just egg is gonna work or not let's point that's tipped check that all the lists. Really Al those feelings and emotions. Is I guess to see video it's at the sex works out will take it from there. There's no way am followed that line it does include a ten K okay I just wanna see if we're compatible in the bedroom. Before we move on. That's going nowhere those urges and things they cloud your judgment simply get out as a player easily then you can actually concentrate on getting to know each other on the next Lola dates and audience let me get you hack that wrote this article. And that's that's her. Today. And by some people. Who are human. That are Yemen. But see here. The city to make potential ghosting much more painful though that the bats and but you would likely ghost you idiot ends. Now it's as it doesn't matter postings though is gonna hurt. Paris the least meg again yards or march hearted then if you got a couple dates but I. He's into her daughter either way. Also warns its official way to add on wanna bully boys your life. Don and middle sector at a government and another thing is considered a leading with a sexual chemistry cloud your judgment is Mandy said. Which essentially we semi and you let things slide like deal breakers. Tennis is not always your frame of looking for compatible long term relationship. Let's do it. When easily with someone and fifteen minutes of meeting them wait forever. No way to guarantee any date or involved into a long term relationship so at the end of the day used to whatever they'll go in every aren't so. If sex. Causes an emotional connection for you. And since there's no way of determining whether or not a relationship will result don't do on the first day. Outsiders saying no and a member state to a person ever sign your thing but if you. But it's not gonna change anything don't make major and you should make it to thing if you know that sex gives you not just the physical feels but all the feels. Which are you know all the fields anyway on date and Lauren do it at least you have. You know that you invested your heart and you just didn't get you haven't been gigabyte hard after your but then you but you're getting better. But if you know that you're gonna investor heart simply because Jenna McKee anyway maybe is what sex. Young lowland eels don't exactly equate emotions and everything with 65050. Shot himself error that yes there is part of I don't know what it was like in my twenties all the people I knew it. I you know it's very different that didn't mean low in those Marines a good time. Good times great goalies. Hookup is and even if you want it bad it now I'll probably tell my daughter not. Date to yet. Should affect yeah. Not just goes it's all fair. Thank you as always do appreciate it. You would joining us podcast please spread the word number one well on the keep doing it against these lessons you don't people. This is very difficult for me to do and I were him I imagine. People in this room to get to a completely. Clear. Inbox in your email like now one thing unit zero. Now I believe it's impossible zero. And I'm not many sit down and I get here. You can't do it this is the lead everything's okay I could do that on lay what do you know what happens is. That I tend to put off ones that. I need to find an answer to ask somebody Els or its reserves a long answer yet. And they sit in there another three weeks old even though they might have been more important and the ones I did it and yeah. And then you're guilty and then like I don't even answered anyway at this point exhibit. And mouse hole wow I just discovered this email on a classic and he didn't like different go like yeah right all of a sudden I well know them problem yeah email in the world got through except for this run we know. It's funny you say that because until now I thought I was he would pull that out now now I don't I was pulling it all plus. I don't have his team though got lost as a whole lie we tell ourselves to feel better now. I can tell others Lou to make him feel better about the fact that we ignored the emea leaks to report because it required more than a yes or no answer could you. Could you be honest and say lesson I knew this is gonna be a long answer let him putting it off. And then come up and a short answer no I'm not doing your option. A but I just yeah. How do you live did you want him before was three weeks ago yes. It was too pumped to say no products are my feelings and I say no so. I hurt your feelings by simply ignoring. Suggesting that. Right that. I know one that you should be able to just around saints and everybody knows anyway right Renny but we can't. So you listen to this podcast you emails we don't answer for you few weeks line dance knows the answers now in theaters now that we get to yes is really bad minute or. I don't know. Yeah well that's possible to your email I need to get more information and that requires some work and you just don't you forget about it yet. And put an end and to be very do you forget some because on my screen. Right now I think he's the only see about ten arrogance the yesterday. At the scroll way down for three weeks so if you aren't in the three weeks or two weeks area. Yeah and about games when we get work email on our phones. Even more limited. As far as. A premium more limited because. It's gonna cut jobs that you only got to see like two weeks on your found oh yeah I area became analysts that few weeks ago at night now know can set it up in your buttons that are not yet. An attitude like it yeah act act at the average worker receives a 121. Emails per day. That's way way higher on that I'll work related email or are there some of those personal I think that that is good point because it doesn't release today. And for me that's one of them. Most soul crushing beings I face after vacation loan is that if I've been gone for a let even a three day weekend. I'm coming back to at least. A thousand. Out of here. The line enemy. Not a thousand in three days a 1003 days after right. Like I will arm vacation I will simply go win and delete a bunch I argue that. A fast and I guess the 1000009. Million if Al I'd I don't get much as several hundred. In three day in no way at all. Work related but things you signed up for personal and work hand. You must be a lot of shopping type things like not only is it that I don't get alzheimer's but the year are. Back from the days when we get a lot of interviews on the show oh are a lot of publicist who Cindy I blocked it all damaged cap. I get news releases from various organizations around the city. No I get a lot of stuff I blocked a lot and as I wouldn't you ask a lot. Decided to block Mecklenburg ministries or the city block our Liberty City block out. Fox lot block block. That's it says that's how I do it yeah those sole use those keys is that I got I'm happy man you have I have I am in Milan to be fair how many times like Dynegy Xena. So are you not I was kind of referring to people who wanna be interviewed and things in certain companies PR company that I blocked it. And is accused ex accused big video being locked. You got you block a conference for women. You blocker. No one why not. Because that someday they might actually have. An acoustic video announcement how they're not slice of the Cheryl I blocked my hat's off I blocked anything at the added I don't blocker. Authors. Blocks. If you block block every all you can yes you can yes you can and I do. I block any. PR company you know what I hear about their cancer survival story of raiders legend Michael laying. No no effect although he did where a lot of stick them in because and they made stickam illegal. There's actually a suspect. Any Stoddard that jerk. Yeah go back to it a lesser names who knew like it's rattle off a couple Lester let it lose it who cares might be a more appropriate question. When I don't have to fill up things again stores something or whatever I was but Amy's email. And so this could affect him emails he gets his. Crazy super. I want one the so called me and say you like does it has you put my personal email instead of hers every have a per personally problem. I think I do but I grew too big to try you down I don't look at I don't think things work you did all. Senator Amy. Yeah yeah I know you have a personal email I have never looked at a long. Time ago I signed up for Google's something or other because. I do a gift exchange for their family it would only test sign out and out there but I have never looked at it. If it that I have when Adobe's ccb I've never opened so I don't know what they're trying to tell me. I'd tell him everyday and I got the grizzlies in him as I don't I don't let it. That is. If you really want me you know what do I mean it's yeah that's. Law. I mean you can't pay you don't really getting millions maybe mark do you. You'd have a diva attitude now I just don't now. Not at all unchanged for the look at that our enemy that extra stuff I like there's an X took an extra price. For me to check emails OK you can be. Well I don't see where your duties ECB writer looks like oh yeah I didn't really say Allah because it just feeds on the hunt. The thought that. It's more laughs and more fun it's fair and put that remote and you have a story about. Commuters and injured the man who didn't food's good. And it's nuts and I've done maybe you're looking for new Jon and aside yeah hoots. Who is singled just like I am and she's been doing some online dating just like I have an backed. The last two guys who I. Seriously dated. After I got divorced I've met on match dot com so. We heard a laugh and about. Match dot com a dating off and she pulls up her profile. Report to the different guys in and she goes oh my gosh look. It's my ex boyfriend and she goes you know way. This is not the first time he has popped up is one of the guys who should date match dot com thinks that I should they wouldn't. Al Michael cook on like new video thing that I'm taking out his profile using you ever clicked on. Secretly I clicked on him anyway on her profile now and you can click on her profile. I did you are a lot of guys are your nosy nosy they just don't we have the same. Dating range same things that we're looking for so any guy who match that comes in gets hurt they would also is just right. So I click on him and it shows that if he had been on the site looking for love within the past 24 hours and friend. So I'm being nosy usually actually looking for not being nosy deceived he updated his pictures which he has not. So. And they are still buddies. Yeah right and he early this morning. And now. You know things. Wanted to do you first of all I was on match dot com with my friend it's. And she said yeah out that you had popped up as. An eligible bachelor for her like a couple of not. And and you'll go well if she message to me then I wouldn't know about it because I'm not active on match dot com and I'm like yeah. And I believe Husseini saying because they does it. I was on it with her I concede that you were just unless that 24 hours ago do you bite you even tell me you're running at me why you don't. That you are good pool is so that I can tell you all for people are aging show lit that I. He would pop up one of my best buy went she should yeah. You're trying to make him jealous. Little yeah like Sandra day. Notice you're still fishing out there are men. I was making him jealousy you know you don't match he did have a couple. Why it. I urge you Maddon mentioned that it was. This school sedans are just like when I would not match that not one time and I think on the dollar bike and play well and I put. I clicked on the CD with it I was dead heat of the hour a day. They don't know you year he had and he if he he if he's you're looking at is. Match dot com he's lying because he doesn't want cheaters think that because he still thinks that you're gonna hook up. Well how does. Yeah yeah he's very. As you brought it up. You brought up the fact the U Peru's demand stack coming came across his profile path and broadest. Otherwise you would just not me nor needles if you are not made it is makes it and it. No my friends. Male or female. Pop on match dot com I would imagine it to you. But not someone you'd. You would play here because. Above and beyond mad that real. You didn't date them yet that's the difference and it's the differences as an X yeah. And Andy stills the torch you need to know that is not true number one and number two. This in March yet another sign a gold ailing flashing red one that says. You should not be in Charlotte you should have little black as hell and back you should not date because web site. Because the pool is so all know the Mac dot com site. Might be too small. Like billions of singles. Not only in certain I'm dating range in Charlotte and the only ones that pop pop you dated a mojo. I. MIX well I. We'll try different site. That's for certainly may just for that they differ. Just for people. I have seen her ex is a match that sound like for certain age group down. Now we have ones as farmers only got out of the army and only of Harvard because I'd look alike and like the kind of girl who wants Illumina farmed that I am afraid of image every farm animal you know what actually due to help you get over it. Now I ultimately though. So you're telling me that that gave you and your buddy were if you want a dating web site you like my cash. Ex girlfriend just popped up in newly ex girlfriend. And it's only ex girlfriend and aren't I got to. Listening gay wouldn't acknowledge you had to acknowledge that you don't need it finally all over them. Truly over then he would not you know saying he would not give this guy ember of hope money a glimmer of hope and see your arm. Wind people see my ex whether it's my ex boyfriend my ex husband anywhere. Always filming right oh my gosh I sigh you're excited and Osama bin married viola what. My cast aside your anti suck up. To Osama bin married because I'm afraid I can't I'm saying though the reason he lied. At the door is open. Yeah yet because. Lying brings to people so much people connect panicked. In addition. He panics he's bruised but he's not good liar there. Does he. Could have ordaining people and beyond match dot com that he thought I just thought it was a weird Kuwait this week and you guys cannot write it off the I followed a bottle of restaurant because he has perspective. And yeah. Did you ever think for one minute that may be. These guys don't speak for all I don't think you get a loving and I as are not like all gone right. No eyeglass frame the debate day in all of us. And then. We know our guys think and it comes the relationships. And being axes. And he still holds a torch no he still will not a Jorge we speak for men on this were under his correct and he should be remain on the days as well I. Yeah and I probably selling to speak for London days in relationships. But we know I Duke's big forum on the days they need it. Got hurt us. There's solidly facility mama yeah hello Eric that's rice make our way via me Nolan Sunday a lot of you need me nearby. Better get cracking her legs flying everywhere and he likes flying never never kind of neighborhood very unhappy. I guess what the open energy shouldn't yeah I have a big day. That would be his suggestion on how to improve your big profile. Hey lady made that comment that February your profile names right the day bands. The dates and ever thought they hit the big yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.