No Birthday Song For You

Tuesday, January 16th

If you ever think you're going to hear Matt Harris singing "Happy Birthday" to anyone over the age of 10, you've got another thing coming!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan was they got caught there with the remote. I have. Boston while it's I didn't take a hard stand on and that is. I'll see you happy birthday to adults kids buys such a top. But adults. This deal and it's it's just not good for anybody. It's I think it's just read about it's ridiculous as it's comfortable. And finally someone wrote an article about that when wrote an article about. Bagging. Happy birthday US adults it's agony. Agony she says. Singing happy birthday. Feels bad the notes feel awkward the pace feels awkward all situation feels awkward and you're talking about around twenty seconds like nobody's in the same paces. Get them you don't master in the other. You're trying to winded up. Talk about the hallelujah chorus before he hits happy birds well it's still like it no one knows what you I don't know and then I. I also have the problem of how loud should I be here not because I don't really want to. Saying it. And you don't wanna ruin other people around you whose birthday it's not they're just trying to dine quietly now or to get to that level. I. You don't have to worry because I get so excited when I'm in a restaurant and somebody has a birthday I am all in your name. Yeah unless they have won those songs that. In elsewhere is some restaurants I know their song site and ease of doing it back at her and. And. And yeah. That's easy here all. That's better than the actual hard as I do. Who stands up and part didn't. I'm the birthday boy or girl to feel special now I don't last. Now strangers. And I saw a crawl under the table and back and you can Wear some grants and so I'm bare its. And they've made as they make fun of in this article Muslim. The person brings up the tick readdress it around. And then ever looks around at who's gonna suck to have averted and and people kind of assume it's a cake person who they're carried out the candles up and let vs like Aaron got a job on the takers. Somebody else I'm trying not to drop this thing right. Then one person starts singing their race slowly fades in to try to find the note that tempo. Just try to sync up. You're happy birthday to you are or can be happy birthday to you using to go on like multiple ways. And and so then. Everyone kinda gets an gathered in some smock comes roll it and now at least on off again. And the birthday person this is the one that's crazy. You into thirteen and you hit. It were among gonna look my hat look happy enough of it looking like I'm enjoying this this and well. Low Laden's body via proxy in your horrified you still have to smile again and pretend like offer me. Honor and I. And because I am horrified and and there are some people who like to jump in on their own birthdays on because it feels awkward and out aghast that decision it. The bird they didn't meet you there whatever. So that's in. Back. Then com. The you know again they're look at it I make eye contact to it and it whatever whatever and that third line they say is the top one. His name's Matt Abbott so. First. Gets bad by and then the name always has to be louder bigger names ally via everybody I. And imagine. And I really have to Matt Ramona and I just for the boy at heart I ask you happy birthday being in the US. About. Try to make somebody else feel special on there's special when they make their name Larry so you. Don't like to have Hebert did they let people know so that they will try to do something special for you they're the ones who brought you the front person feels the joy and singing it sound like taking away from you. Yeah that's why I always try to pick a restaurant that I know they don't allow that sort of thing yeah that's another topic yes. Always do an idea why there should be nosing in restaurants gas. And that kind of way beyond that I could sing but just not anywhere near crown anyone the nearest agers on the idea. Maybe a merry got you banned that doesn't come do you table. Right to stand in the corner OK band more likely to Sox again even as pursing his soloist you you don't want to be a prime. My mom yet low this win. You know you're mad at a Mexican restaurant or some Italian restaurants and so Lewis comes over with a violin and the low heat. Love does it. Move. It yeah now that I'm not a big fan out ideas aren't right you ask him that on the way to blow a gap. Weird it's like it's like when you have a fantastic extra pressure groups that are gonna. What you're supposed to do I. Well I think you do away I don't know because you immunity isn't any you feel root of it is not only in your meats and it's it's but it's been another lifetime. Maybe it's changed its onto etiquette on strip clubs on another pocket. That man doesn't what to do when you're not gonna weigh on your me it's been an active club also there with Matt in Ramona. Oh have you had the incident just pots. Seeing things whenever it is always an. So all over the FaceBook and Twitter and Internet know that sort of thing. You. I your life 11 right yeah. She's one and one I got the wrong one for our anniversary but I got the right one for Christmas but that and then always Ron about the other ones brought it wasn't the latest updated. Something again to his machine everybody wondered at. I passed Amy. Few months ago maybe when we first got to freer Ebbers wicket to about that I never but the instant. The Daria we have one. We have one of nursing this thing and uses. As I as the government has its really difficult. And online aware that he didn't he says Hewitt hasn't gotten to figure this out and hand you know what's gonna battle it out but I but it's only been a few weeks. I'm thinking about it I actually pretty not a recipe. Well I'll look at zero it's hard thought I was too quick because they use the crock pot at least work. Wanted to needs to be Diane. Like six RD to 56 hours mad get this thing don't cook it in in a roast in half hour or something so. There's stages they say of the ownership first everybody's raving about bears and so yeah. It's a lot of time you got to be great and yeah all pumped up and then stage one you get it. As a gift or purchase or something like that you have in your hands it is time to make dinner sit well. And then you go to stage two which surprised. And you rip open the box and it's all beautiful you start to cry because you love it so much then you open the user's manual you realize that you've got to do all this set up. Yeah and Europe confused. And they are specifics but he read the review is what you TV try to figure everything out candidate of the rose. Colored goggles you had on they say disappear. It's more difficult than placed food push button. Now there's an air Ramona gives up anti block shield a sealing ring afloat ballot conversation collector. And that's the old days slow release quick release all these things look so you're you're you're a little surprise. You're intimidated you feel daunted like I'm not gonna do anything but there's tons a instant pot. Recipes all over the places pages and pages and what's that the pensioners and all that stuff. I you know make yogurt and jam and Vanilla and moonshine. Meg bread yeah all kinds of it then you get that. I didn't when use. Start talking about all the things it can do. That's when it starts gaining even more intimidating for me. Didn't block that out and start lesser of the student. It ended up at odd. But still it's like all you know either you are making recipes GT. You don't do that that's yet to say your overwhelmed then you'll scared even try it. Thank you might blow up or something but it's not like analyst pressure cookers back in the day that I like terrorists used or something. There's a lot different little Angel don't lock down the sides and I are on a crock pot and that's the lockdown aside deputy. Basically it's like any piece of technology you've ever bought your Smart TV your iPhone your web cast yes you're intimidated the beginning because it did so many things. That I knew finally figured it out and I eleven. That's what they say the apprehension happens and then get to try. Dinner piping hot beautiful fraction of the time would be in the oven. And everything's great workers accused already have been in air so another master of the instant part. I instant pot and then you go to state six were Europe's best again and all you do is stand on interest in FaceBook and a new recipes to you do get to that point. But you and is a very good. Quite long and winding road my friend that is a very good point man nothing instant about. Being an expert and it and nobody like Ben made a very good point it's like anything yet it's new and used recently got a new found spent time figuring people are naturally afraid of new technology. And change. Are just putting together at all Housley guided it to five out and that's not a analyses of different cat and as a senator and nominee perhaps that the economy but if you ask the good point so I'm gonna sit down and get the stage three or whatever it is all right now I'm planning got a weekend. It's definitely flags two weeks it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. And news. He's gotten. In a lot together in the same management journey now Clinton. And I met people who claim as a string players. Very hot enough things to never say when you argue there's. Als and I can't believe they are not allowed to say this. Why do it in Indy is not the ones on about the list but I think I might start. Why can't be more like dot dot dot. Sibling parent neighbor. At first I thought oh of course not but then guerrillas are probably somebody has said like you to be more like Hank debonair group. Gives white roses every day or Hank few cuts is longer I can work saddled with a hammer. You know all those people don't pay. He is a special guy act but you shouldn't do it in middle of an argument. But I'd you can do it like jokingly and rat singly lean budgets locally and it looked like somebody builds I got. Screened in porch Amy's. It was not gonna Byron bottom reaches a tank to build me an outdoor. Garage or whatever I just advance in the course. Everybody got and defensed and I'm a bit like tanked this. Good thanks so much don't we hang out as got Islam I don't I don't remember all the puzzles and slowing and are gladiators heart. I never minds on guys and gals you should never say I should've married so and so. Global auto husband they don't declared financially or sexually. Yet to act until next yet any women do either. They don't know yet properly and it. An answer in my high school sweethearts they see you're probably right girl that I am yeah with a justice a spouse but it's as the Mets is that it's especially. Cruel blow guys they did that in itself so yeah I should merit but a black yet he need to do that. How are middle of an argument. Fighting over something and just say you know you really let yourself go. To this it just goes to say and personal attacks and and and ID act yet and it's good about Barack you you and daddy aggravated not candidates me and I you liars I've got an EUR. So I'll play and come off now now about the man some Lake County since both are. One is all adolescent somebody must decide it. As awful unlike you argue your spouse you say. You get that promotion. Which is insulting your spouse or repel their works a low blow. Andy is. The yeah yeah. Did it detects a person's character in case you're wondering. But on the other hand. You're just let's say why do you work so much. It's it's it's it implies you not do anything around the house. And mideast gently bring it happens that it just shouting out the middle an argument. Yeah same there's no didn't know what he gently bring that out leg you're not doing around I'll I'll I'll just I need more help around the house. Yes similar out of work to make eleven shot it could you do with pavlik but I. I should have made tanks. I married Hank it's a matter of Baghdad any Muslims on doubts it's a tanker the hell out and build sports. Because I know where I. Iowa Miami Gardens out to be a under the credit muttered. Yeah yeah yeah and movement better I don't as. It's also. Remote field the question and you opposed to a rather. Shorter caller we have a specific. Teachers were allowed to go there is. No taller smaller. Raid I did a certain amount of actors podcaster anticipated I'll talk yourself to edit very effective at Tyson and there is out of it as an enemy is that you made. I'm certain that's current question when he says is better than her sister's Canadian auto bail my guys and by the way and you can see pictures. I'm hotter face Batman FaceBook page called out for awhile you'll find her in your stinky food which was tune and eggs. Which just think about it for a minute and try to describe it in your head and they go to see some of the comments. On the FaceBook page and why does. My mom those comments she was horrified because she made that lantern he thinks Jerry Manuel. That doesn't mean onstage. G network does not work for awhile retirement longtime best time for her to reevaluate what she's making the right at you about the need teachers clowns back in the day when Ghana are well. I've Diane that right now. Drew a cigarette smoking in the US AT to submit a digital and a smoking. For both active Tinder I would June. The tall. Or short how we as resilient they give me ages Ernie Allen the caller yeah Debra caller. I don't think there's anybody wanted to very many people assault or are you happy with your current high. I can live within a brother and I am very happy AM happy I'm happy that your estimate to be happier. At a chili's yeah I'm happy not sad about my were all above average in this room lol you guys are in which I don't feel like an above average around people. When you read the stats were average Dylan and yeah the people around all Selig regularly close similar height in town. OK you know I mean yeah if you look at my ability guys tall. Yet I don't consider myself tall at all which considers a tall now. If someone is your data not tall. Blake if you go to Barnes and tall guy with a beer arguments it on currency to climb eleven I Matt yeah billion US sixty yeah. I yen maybe not short I was 59. Although the average tide in the land has now gone up to Y 510. I'm I'm Leo or birdie at barely above average I think I'm probably yes bad average. Our average cracked up. Obviously five eaters are used to be five date but it's a new route there to W yeah exactly wanted to tell him yeah. That the world of the US. American height for men or any time I've dated guys who are short. I have to say. Some of those guys were theory he. Conscious of their height would be so win I wore my fancy issues. When we would go out didn't look like egg you know I'd be ready named baby like willed it in now and I imagine it be like one day. I would be conscious are I am for guys Koch is our average height six foot four woman. Maybe could be a short guy. At least be confident enough. That when your woman puts on heels and is a couple of inches taller than you at speed being willing. Willing gas and able. To handle it really in an all how would he think he could lose to. The guy I am insecure about a lot of things. So I I can't blame free and secure about a site but yet stop. Tell somebody else not to wears heels. Or is not any of them told me not to is just the attitude they have Manhattan. And I predict my life when she wears heels is taller than me and it doesn't bother me at all yet but didn't cancel not as high as five or fives and still shorter I mean it's not like I still I. I did see I would argue like Luka to be like if you had you know. Big acts market crush of pace or something you'd be self conscious about it well that the Democrat and Heidi I'm institutions. I'm just saying you're never gonna worry about some kind of body. Of the and it can't at a camp it's kind of a cool story it is that's true good point how did you guys who stars rally that was an amen. A 45% of women and men think they'd. Want to be taller rather than be towards the base that I fitted into either service. Regardless if you need to think if you're a woman and you're like 411. Images thank you so Q not true. I don't think they're few and those for a lot of people do not want to before 110 do you have talked to some of. Flyers on the cheerleading team. Yeah doesn't mean they're happy when you are just assuming that they're athletic enough to be a cheerleader. Yeah there. Now I can that be a big fat for eleventh. Yeah if you went with a right went to the skinny for a lot of. It could anyone and granting him on high shelves for you it's really cool and whoever out of 411 person in my arteries and can you get that off the shelf. People love it. I think people have a tiny and Lewis for nine and she hated it yeah I paid obviously you guys have never seen little women Atlanta. And that's a real learning a little bit more than me. How tough and even until York public 55. My wife's from their summer Villa and I don't know but most times we take pictures and try to put on cues that put me at about 59. I don't look short. Four inch heel yeah. That's the good giant Gil I guess and look at your heels been using giants and I tournament and on the heels and that's probably does and how. Our server I. Thought did an extension though. Does that stop being an okay yeah. Every I was like you know I'll hire you and I love met what is the average strip Israel can you give them no matter what a lot of times those are six inches in asylum or seven. Knocking out I I am actually Google how higher shipper heal Evan and I are seven inches so the regular person. Crosses the five inch mark they are now wearing stripper heels. Eleven on the issue. Discount stripper dot com eight inches and nine inches long road east of gets tight and I could put government. Back. Track but I just discounts your quickness. There's a couple of it's great that I can't wait scandal dating you'd have to get fined what you've Google to manage and. Dignity and out as a stripper like a lot of it is and 3% of men actually wanna be shorter and then. 44% of men and 39% of women say they would actually like to stay the same. What percent. 44% of men 39% of women wanna be your same height I'd like to be a tall either I'd like to meet. Two inches taller. Or two inches shorter Jacques go to six foot now. What's your top 57 hours 57 times during his statue west. But not so tall that you're taller than all the guys go six four's top. And what I am now. Honest explores my top. And here's the bottom. I thought that act ever goatee and a bit and he's going you don't tell you this I like it does so. I'm not to tell or I have knee problems are start to develop yes they're like 696. And me Simon and not you're not on ten and set. No not send me a violent at the end that you got need prom season and I die you know hug AMOCO. Acts 866960. In a block early dual world. There's no hobbies though Shaq today out which chicks dig it or learn where he thinks. Up 610 now and it's a lady. And now. And the limit your options when it is the fourth put girl out of five you look at you and they load yet there's a limit I haven't put based outlook. And uncles like 67 and both of his wives have been like barely five feet on six. Evolution the color of the guys the better that would see your bald head. And as I evening he had so much hair there could. It's more glass and more fun it's a yeah. Put that remote. Let's see what we got here. On the person talking couples. And those people were relationship back birds would not be kind of weird. You're really killing both people are relationship actors working. Late and get back imperfect relationship. I think it also be our. Right and he annoying. Media parents and older in life and I'm in it you need to analyze it because you don't know what it takes to keep the relationship healthy and you're doing it all the time and I know a lot of things that'll do them. Jessica I know something I don't carry it out. Those who do food. Do written those who can't teachers never mind the truth. I'm like that but yeah I just get your right and they may have different theories on me and so now you're now instead of just living life you're like way. What did you mean by Joey. So anyway. This is one of the things the big things that was common in these. People's. Analysis. Instead of getting angry or defensive you get curious. Curiosity is notoriously hard skull development pays off. So here's an example. You both have a different tolerance of clutter I NC realize it. And so you say your husband. Tom as clutter cross your thresholds unacceptably. Your family of origin and how did they deal with clutter. They don't even ask about my family a. Maybe say duke messy people via. Family essay yeah I bet you can't get messy down I've argued you have to go to ancestor dot com and look at beard messy DNA fun little island of Boyd I don't know. Like my parents were very mean my mom always kept the place. Fairy museum like. And I think I letter I don't now Kelly don't in my office and write my dad everything's like you are very clutter. And work out scattered pottery. Night your home's not really clatter I don't think now we have only had a couple places where Lechler yes it's edited. I've I cleaned up one of bugging me so much Eric couple weeks ago just took my arm wiped everything out to counter into a big pocket. And it's in the office of anybody ever mentions him isn't something. I'll say. I'm not clutter up the cluttered market. We're gonna are you crazy yes it would and is building is there something to attend the one from the normal that a new ways of me if I thought. That. About clutter it when I start attacking the clutter I have to do it methodically. Like because everything has to brilliance in the reason why it's clutter it's because it doesn't have a home. Right now are not necessarily. Been put in place. Yeah areas haven't. Like I went right now I had there's a clutter spot them about to attack I had to go today. To get a certain type of folder. Eight this clutter needs a home phone app well here's the thing I usually I've read an awful. But that I just in today I'm like I'm not spend time and as I'm just went in a box. If somebody's missed their totally blank here whenever Al and he's missing heard this or that. Are hearing more whining about it Aussie and a quarter bucket which is even know exist should actually be looking for is on the right now unless he matches me and I'd. On the salad I mention it playing easy you lose things all the time by which even the worst person to go to him have you seen I you have this grant and react if he gets mad at me for. Yelling at. Yelling at any mad at the seven year old for miss placing stops losing stop and it's just like you know. A lot of things about me up when mom gives me. To be I wouldn't add them to be so yet you're used by it I can't imagine and in the real world anybody's sitting down and saying something like. When this quarter cross your threshold about acceptability. I would not answer. What is like seventeen things. What is at. I'd say you win in the pile. Gates more than two inches high so that's would you say to somebody last year if I had to think about it too it's like there. Like if it's paper clutter. In big it's more then. It HI really it's that's a lot of paper. Newspaper La Michael Internet back letters and I expect. That somewhere. I'm undecided at that desk where. This out of market category got like parts like Dyson a rubber band. Editors considered as. I don't know about backs. So it's been and say why he's such a slob. And you say it's not a decision backpack. And what would look I do to support you being more conscious of clutter. Again. In this ship is sailed right at me you're not gonna change and like Internet dole as an adult. I think you should be able to least nary a narrow it down to a space. I mean you should be erratic you know. Come to. Mediation or something that all right senator haven't. You know whatever Tony Allen that's. A very old newspapers all around the place we keep it to this area right here this small area this honor this drawer. I think that's a fair. Yeah like it sounds fair but I it's I'm not I'm not yeah no leave in very different clutter world's I have. Read places in my entire house where. I think there can collect the app. And then when I get those spaces managed again. My mom continues to collect right all kinds of paper in objects and have a lawyer. And so. Then when we get a basket to basket gets Ole and then comes another basket then comes another man just like you never. There's never a mouth teeth. For a person who is I won't call them a quarter. Because that's hurtful very close call the person eight collector. Cognizant. Of the national martyr for example we went to the target breakfast club they gave us who sees. And little tiny foot ball. Mom took at least five YI everybody at our table but there's time to get rich. Football that she could pick a little kid glove that I'd never will definitely give the shot and I don't wanna. We will. I didn't know wanna. So high wage wage and then individually those things disappeared. Into my goodwill that. If you want the football and I guess I. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.