No Sanitizer? No Way!

Wednesday, February 28th

Apparently scientists are trying to say you don't need to use hand sanitizer anymore...good luck convincing Ramona of that!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening off there would never go to Canada and on the map and pick McCain's I do believe we do appreciate you Jaron it's. But that's fundamental debate that they'd like and follow. You can really go that we attack. That is very weird looking. It says then today's got to cash even people who loved cats are looking at this Gatling he had leave me alone comfortable. It's as sub about the way it the first of all that it has no hair at its efforts face. And it's. It's fitting we hear it's got visible neat caps game which is I've ever seen on an animal some big screens unnatural. Yes but it's great there's always that bit weird. I chairman pubs. GQ is saying. Lay up and say advertiser. As you know dirt isn't actually harmful. And ever over use hands sanitized the alcohol and it will dry your hands inject some. It's sockets prevent the flu. That's been debunked because the flu viruses on the hard service for 24 hours it more likely you're gonna get it from. Droplets flying through the air and contaminated surface. You don't need to do it every hour day that's the resident last. So you know it's it's it's in the airmen droplets everywhere and full of disease and you. Yeah I probably an over. Over hands sanitized. I'm sure you can and why bother washing hands nuns. I laughed at me because I know how he used to have some German issues and acknowledge that I embrace them however I don't get sick a lot. Now that's and I would like to believe that a lot of it has to do with my hand hygiene. That which you wanna believe you believe yourself you know I I put on can I ask you guys I saw was lock them by the bathrooms. Here at the intercom pavilions and there was a wrinkled up paper towel on the floor outside of the bathroom at right outside the dealer yeah there was one of those things Graham I'm thinking the person opened it will today. You know use the paper to not open and then tossed that on the floor kind of thing or something so last you guys if you would pick it out. I think the general consensus which would pick ever outside the bathroom. Well Betty no greater god to pick out again about your on the bubble. Ball inside the bathroom there's no in house. They pick it up inside. Bathroom and before I go do my business and then washed my hands afterwards and as a pick up an attack Al unit did Aaron and stay away from it I leave. Bathroom trashed the professional mound I don't like the fact that. People just awesome though there's usually trashed in right footed in the dance now yeah I think people just generally Willy Nilly tosses them right they toss it and it falls on the floor they clearly see it fall on the floor don't know him and they don't do any good to pick up your own yes for sure yeah most definitely pick up your own so on FaceBook Lisa said never would she do it. You he said she would take find a new paper now or something and I pick it up or when watcher and Lynn says and you don't freedom or what I did get up and he's is ever Tommy and ray says no we're not picking up not in this day and age also never pushed a garbage down a public rest him you never know what's in that garbage could be used needles. Come on man I'm I'm pushing down the garbage is like full I guess and then what god and he'll be in enact. Heavy and too little too far I bring it out over and make it on on necessary a year Baghdad. At a paper towel how dirty can it beat its. Chances are the person who use that paper towel wash their hands rights right before they use said Taylor now clean water on it right it's not toilet paper were talking about that it offered story. I say UT should be bathroom monitors. Well I. I'm just saying that that we over think this. Everything to me who just picking toilet paper you can't even imagine running at a terrific no it's a mean if you don't know the show she's very. Varying Aaron I think. Mini mini mini mini mini mini mini. Reserve model apple argued never got to the point where he had used Kleenex or paper ballot in my god now I know my guy now. This happens is savage and I understand. You know food stamps don't pay for toilet paper that I hear my god people in some desperate situations. But there are a lot of things that I would give up to make sure I have a toilet paper. I haven't do you have the you don't have any in the and regarded mattered to me downstairs and yet think him Kleenex airs on. Abdullah and then. When it ever happened to me I Ed I seriously don't have to worry about that time well. Are definitely roles either right next by next to the toilet or roles with a mildly cities modeling one toilet paper is a vital. Resource that many people take for granted and now people in Taiwan are realizing just how important it is major cities across the small island nation are experienced shortages at the stop. Which comes folded in packs instead of on rolls. It's a little pack. I imagine I think I match in my head like you know Kleenex late staying up but something like that. Stores are struggling to keep importing council necessity in stock. Their ties reports it's happened because of it. New shared on Friday that toilet paper price it would increase up to 30%. Soon. Rising prices the poll on the global market. Some forest fires in Canada and some problems in Brazil mobile lob so perhaps the cost to a different wire in Taiwan. So now on they don't present paper for the bat number elsewhere embrace during that to buy it up by as much as they can. Bachelor remote it would. Oh yeah and yet they're I would be. Like the care line is in a snowstorm buy milk and bread but I would be stuck in that I would have viewed. I would say mom. You we are you a five minute drive separately we are going to stock up on toilet paper if you knew there might be that as weekend in our cars that. Why and what did he knew was gonna raise by 30%. Not this they disappear but the prices in Europe thirty percentage still doing it now both cars. This particular topic apple I'd have to pack rat. More. Well it's always nice to hear an hour of nonstop music 1079 the link wake up be any big time with the whole new nonstop cat. And every weekday from 6 AM until 6 PM we get into win. Every hour every hour. And texted in a meeting. Seven to 88 WiMax. Beyond new nonstop cash it's music to your ears exclusively from black pest prevention and Charlotte's. Exploits it and I. Delaying Q have. I don't answer this but nobody here has sixteenth and was last at one. Adam before but I caramel last time and 100 what was it about it Tommy are you you know I thought about that. Classes. And things happening like has a well known have you had an ever with a stranger your dream. I. I got I mean it was like a faceless there's a fake papers usually I can't tell who it yes yes I know space nightmare. Are you see there skoler something's Ers it's a bit that they don't appear to be anyone that there's no thrill. Face it like it's been burned off and just skull there that if AA it is yeah yeah but it did that's the most common of all animal. That sounds legs and then needs to be analyzed this the most common of also extreme sex with a stranger but I guess they don't mention baseless. Get on the face I guess is more like you really don't you now listen there is no it's not a there's no face is discernible like I. Like famous and now because I like it and I finally found a woman had my dreams you don't even have a face I really don't remember I mean look I can't talk I just know that I had it and I know it was going on but I don't. I have the whole story line. And a wake up you and make a lot of sense there's no Fey and again I'm in my head but I think new faces spotlight there and it. It's more like. He drew a face it kept it blank. There's no bones. That. And I just a race only if it's an I mean analogous at all it's just like a blurry like fully alert as is kind of like somebody who's on eyewitness in a blur out their face. Click serial killer dream just a crack a you wonder sometimes that dream is actually glimpse your soul mate they say. I it is not. Yeah unknown faceless man or Woman in Red all saying yes and. Yeah. The pretty fluid. Those that holds significance. Fortitude to an expert on and I I still don't understand I get to be one of those. The mystery lover in your dreams the embodiment. Of all the qualities. You associate with that gender. So in a you know whatever it is you've likened women or men that's with that person represents. So. Edited and it meant as a bunch other crappy and now you're tender try to be tendered his fifth. While the partner's cheating on you thank IE I've known. Women at a pat it haven't had. Know many men at least have told me about a pregnant women tell me about cheating during. Fourteen their man cheated on the yes. They got the women in my life that told me that before the aging he cheated yet. And I bad women tell me at their husbands in front of them I mean like I woke up a somatic Hamburg. You know he'd. And I have a friend told me. About a cheating gene that was so real that it made her suspect him. Now. Good news is they rarely indicate bigger roommate is getting pleasure elsewhere. It's good that you suggested something rather than some wine is taking time attention that you feel user. And sometimes. You began doing a third wheel in your relationship yeah maybe it's they say work golfer fancy football get in the way. In fairness it's become marketing golf maybe there's a good folks. And so offered it. Give opera cut back and something army is in a big fan out. And then bam there's extremes will stop all of us up. It's ridiculous this whole thing that I. I'm gonna read anymore it is ridiculous people wouldn't be Hamel and they don't mean anything. I'm with you they just don't mean you're talking loudly to figure out how to get that how to make him act. Hula you can research that in his spare time gap. Sex with a far away from work insects I'll make a quick sex with a coworker. Pretty commonplace today. It's someone you're not for other unanimous excellence and it's someone you're not that you're taking whatever they're a good quality is that's Richard. Sex without acts. People's content dream about their first loves you have what later and and it gains about it next. Your first love her just next general adjacent next general when I'd tell us who we didn't know thank you. There's. I'm selling candy thanks to your weird comments about my love life Ramona Holloway case for the. Because there's some guy from locks him Borg. So I think it's a great. I'm mad because he's like yeah you know I heard that you wanted to get a dime I think and I is insane and then I didn't answer these vague you might as well I'm pretty mean you're not going to answer me think what entry program. That's rude red degree used. Why all the what is wrong with him and what part is wrong when it. What does he say. Luxembourg is that a lot of sexy people Luxembourg and is very small area he only has so many choices. And every great place to visit and a half at Yankee whatever their army and international man this picture right now is picture there. Look at where I am for need to earlier. I. Would do yeah. Me if I was not going to communicate with hammer. Let's would you like yeah it's. So I had befriended him that's would you want a relationship the right guy wants to communicate and I don't want a guy who can mitigate these hurts a little weird to you oh please he just knows you're available and he thinks you're hot. Number I violence only. I'll go out on them okay you go out and. I'm like indictment is extremely cute that's the best when yet dreaming about it Luxembourg Ian. Is that the colts this Luxembourg and took offense T. It's off there was that monopolies. Take a second and you break the pop test respond to bars. Very had publicizing this is not there at 330 years example. Arizona native Michelle Meyers woke up two years ago sounding like she'd just come back from a very long vacation. The 45 year old has never been to London but after falling asleep on her couch taking a nap for a headache. She awoke with what sounded like a British accent yeah. What Myers experienced is called a ring it's a rare illness called foreign accent syndrome a disorder typically materializes after a neurological trauma such Jesus stroke court traumatic brain injury. It's unclear what caused her symptoms so she didn't have severe and is lighter note and ask you just had a headache she took a nap. You know any of us can do that no one knows why Myers says this wasn't the first time she'd awoken with a different accident. Throughout her life she's tipper really spoken Australian Irish. And a Norwegian. Type acts well. Those only lasted two weeks this one for two years she's been speaking with a British accent. Wondered does she sound legit to some wine you're who's from England or did she sound like someone who's vacant. A people's are I like Mary Poppins this driver Larry pop that you think Julie Andrews had a good British accent. And. Because I know woman who has a legit British accent. And to me it's funny when she tried to knock him carry. Yeah was first brought not try I mean what the heck I'd give equal to be married her. Why the others like a drop I care about her attic there's a Sussex but he called that. Mysterious. Or what they call it international artists a beat ticks and actions and I. What an investor is the limit access to be very cool this is it would help us out. That's a that's a bonus it is the presidency yeah so you just want Amy did. Speech you would annex I'm not not a fake accent and I don't winner at the academy good access it's got to be really good if she could learn a really well about. This this woman apparently it's very good so it became home and somebody from the Netherlands greeted you. About David seamer but the Neville back and coal. We're due for our show. One of us a lot of violence sexy accent people would think we look at midnight and well that's they would look now at all said I woke up. With the southern accent southern got to come up with some good dad and me like it's going to be yards on an area exotic Steward. Something cool not southern narrowly got that a thousand out of that doesn't really count. As we let that's an exit for me. About it doesn't have no idea what counts and did you make an emphatic you know you gotta be a different country and yet it has to make it would. Eric has Wii and country yeah you asked me as somebody is an accent you're not around very often yeah it's easy to pick up an accent. Maybe talking to the right group of people or whatever yeah so it's got to be something that's not on and then. USA. We're Rico and Guam. A US territory if you let her dialect. I so along those lines this guy California Duncan rob. He used to Belfast frequently. I've. He saw his girlfriend's favorite men and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Planning to play there on the tenth he snapped up a pair concert. Tickets and playing tickets and flew to Ireland and then the pair were shocked to learn a day had tickets to see death. Red hot chili pipers. Who bill themselves the most famous bagpipe band on the planet. Who don't any bad pain and hard there to be the most famous. We Sherry didn't do his own harvest this SE how do you not. You read the concert signed first ball and you say well. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming and you get the tickets you don't read either one of those angle so clueless not hyper. There's apparently is too. Ease at the ER and I. On hand. Why. Can't I do not looking at a glance just assume Ryan Mack there's multiple times you're gonna you don't. Look at my ticket again just peel and in my pocket or mail we're here. You're here. Big inside out there they did find out. Three days before yeah. Does he can do Jackson instead of Michael Jackson want to analog man and a three days before if so is he blocked the and you go to the Belfast also. I don't they had knob it will probably never really hear about the red actually piper is not traveling. I knew there was even a bagpipe. Band added. Well of Ireland there's a good chance I see I got Heidi I got a hold and spent like a pub there on the S and around here I've only seen the exact. Yeah well around like they do or some like that but in Ireland and it's fairly they play modern music. Sometimes yeah. On the comers eighties covers the mile violating all kinds of stuff and manned by an album. Tom he told ABC seven. The his references show anyway. As an early Valentine's Day excursion and enjoyed it well she can't say no I'm not going to meet with the she could yet again seek a very good as. I'll tell you right now. Me would go but only for a couple of minutes I don't necessarily. Enjoy the. Bag pipes as a concert instrument idols sing through an entire show might well now we're originally set I show up and say hey let's go check it out. Ego you sit through a couple of minutes and then you go get somebody. Low brow I don't know I you know I'm originally SA I would never wanna sit back and I. I haven't any sanity is in modern maybe there's there are some that are out there their singing like a man on Mars and get some. Telephone call the best thing I thought acts my mom you know you have a cool I give your dating someone New Year's Day eating and you do that and the birds however it's funny. That's the thing if she turns announces no I'm not going to Belfast no log on to C pipers. That's says something about her right you gotta be cool and roll with it. All it but I I don't have you seen the surging gone line and that made of him as a business. But that decent looks cool. That Italy piper now invited chili peppers says now that Burkle but are urged man yeah. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with Matt Ramon. Together and our FaceBook page. And while that's. Like to follow and based agency and servings of Ramona. And also popular. A pigeon hole and food he. Which you value. Your your argument toddler and it goes near the tentative first of all you have to know how I feel about pigeons. I feel dead they are the flying rats. I've been nation's urban area people they aren't. Disgusting. Birds. They're not like friendly little cardinal rule lord blue jays these are flying. Rat they're getting a bad rap whenever. And so. I have a problem with this mom. And her toddler. Feeding them OK I have brought I have the same problem. People feeding inner city pigeons as I do people beating. The seagulls everybody sees that Asians and it. Op at stopping these seagulls birds in this average creature I don't know that's happy yes yes yes he is at. Since. When have you heard about pigeon tax. You started because I had an incident in Philadelphia many years ago. But I don't gratify. My problem putting the minute this video begins with this mother smiling as she's helping her kid. Feed these birds which don't need feeding. But then next thing you know. The toddler Al savages this image like. The toddler savage. Who got in. A big deal that. You should be happy. I was part took sorted and pigeons and is there and smile and Al yeah it's now let's throw and after the athletes at the average human beings on the plane other goods and there's our our gangster little people they yeah. But this one is like if he ever gets a lot of power could lead to do that. And view all the Buick ended. Who benefited Matthew release you you're definitely do Panetta because I think we're going straight to urging cared a bit. ER I bought all kinds of ten way you can really go to doctor Matt I understand the I I didn't understand years ago I with. Struggling with infertility wondering why god did not give me kids and I see videos like this and I get a got his anchor or you couldn't handle it. I equally and the Lleyton. Those are reduced latency by should go or not this little signs of sickness updates on where how to deal with a irritated. Courier it was terrible Ballard's. If you're irritated by your part so irritated and he's giving you irritable bowel and now colonel Myles nothing and that's not an arm they say. You probably won't wanna try this but it works. Just imagine your partner. As a small time. But lol lol how small in a hurry only five. I'm not here's a match like you are ire is putting out pedaling around them looking idol. Instead of looking and then being in the all laid because. He hasn't finished his honey do list there's a simple addition is he's just laying on the couch. Don't look at him and look at me look at him as that guy who's just loitering but he put women put on and younger you know imagine him at age five. A kindergarten is here. Isn't he adorable. Now and Smart. If say if if if I am Smart for kindergarten or yeah. Save an enemy of the kindergartners on that back channels and won't be easy to forget how appealing your spouse is when you're looking at him through a prism. Of all the stuff he has done. How he smells after he comes into it like jail or brilliant SE may. Never get five year old's idea that. You think all the way just you know safety and do this every time I mess up on and so I am in mid kindergarten years. I. And the bag and a ball. We'll class picture leading kindergarten when the voting behind it into line facility behind them what we immediately again. And I'm gripping towards it now. Determined offered Burnett. Next for him make idiotic I didn't like what do you know what she's a little bit of now. You know early because vital. Let's backfield as a if this guy in his life up there. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.