Nobody Wants To Hug Ramona

Tuesday, September 5th

Does she smell? Does she have cooties? Why do the guys refuse to give her a hug? We also got Matt's Odds Facts and more!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to. When I first. On offered people. Do some of these things when they meet others and we have been known to be awkward in social settings. Mistake you're handshake for a hug. Yes boo you are Ramona gets out a way there's someone it was within thirty feeder. Parents though you notoriety in the opposite direction of the war. Bring our began the here cutting mode while the you don't have a choice I mean you force you force hogs on people. Your your hunger this thing I've seen people forced hugs on you guys are you guys are all over you know all alone or we get the. I don't think we need an top leaders do because. Now what we do push her way Clinton is like a slap in my face because you you don't like. You don't like Mossad shorter I. I guess compromise why I didn't get out. Holiday I mean every year but it really is leg and the other day. As well and some of those studio chizik. There. And she opened the Grimes and dot literally leapt to do her aren't the I'm really leapt into our well like. Wow that's good I want that guy like one's well eighteen years in a hug somebody you see every day eight. That's done a law against. This until you can't hug somebody see every day in your house maybe he hugged her. You ponder a leg to. Not him is the only be about yeah. I mean you cannot lay down there a Debian but yet I don't think it's that you under managers second spears anatomy it. I don't know I had a hug him push him away but now buds but seriously you can't hug someone you see every day. Why not deal and a wife every ten I and the exemption is a spouse together loved ones now you hear the ones you should hug you know every day. Didn't you are you an idea that's different. You know admitted you let would resort to every day going through and all the barrels. And whenever I see my friends first thing we do we not have you don't see him every day. I don't you know. This isn't wins. Yeah but only if you don't immediate answer no nobody. Does and nobody. How do you glory year isn't saved thing you punch me DR Doug is gonna pretend like he still doesn't CB and mini they'll handle. Yeah he's they am I log into the I don't know I am getting an old. I didn't that's. For me back and saying there's no way people go to work every single day and Hudson Passaic and Hudson but it is no right. Is there isn't the little guy in places exist. Now they don't just be awkward hug you every morning and to soak co workers something now way. So anyway sounds like it's such a horrible thing I mean I don't think it's ocean exceptionally nasty bindles that aren't done that. I don't think it's socially acceptable to hug somebody see every day appeared you know you're not. Like lava. Is. A you can't if I may know Bob I'll bro hug in two guys the everyday you know and you have to it has been awhile. I don't I Geneva duty BC each other within a week. After week you can do drugs but yet via a waste we took release we. If it's true stories mackerel so basically then when I come back from vacation. I should expect to hug from all of you now that would utility. And weeks' vacation now. At. Your entrance thought now your entrance is awkward to do. You know I'm not gonna get. Us. The moon walk into that roll over like if I walked hand. I walked in you were standing there may be figure but I am sitting down the computer you login not at all we're on the table or something on doing a heck I'll come over near sighted now I don't know because that's awkward and you're going out your way and makes it awkward. But I can I want to party you happen to be standing narrowed now in that I haven't had in my area and it's not. It was his ninth map I think it would happen and assigned it gathering Agassi you know while I walked in the door and you're right there. You were hug immerse and that's gonna curse it. IA. And I just all of its boss I will say this though when you don't really know somebody a woman. You'd definitely don't know which should be handshake hug. Lonely you can't. I don't think he can go hug unless they give you a lot of times just. Know. You burst and sent something about and I didn't go hand down I don't know we noticed it but I went hand out first and then she said I'm a hunter I went hand shake out if you can't. I notice you didn't say how I'm not a Hubner. I would never say yeah and then. And now. Which you haven't approached me with Nogueira said no you as mentioned it's like that. The radical kind of blanket. But no one woman who approaches me and starts to hug in my pushing away. And somehow pull you close it just gets super. Ball court talk about awkward and you can't final behind are now centered. Go limp and except you know the left. And and target it's come down by down. And has really opposite them as a whole lot of lingered too long it's just insist I thought I think that's another thing how long do you stay there. Industry now you've obviously Stacy law. It's and it's it's a mass people it's like when you say Kansas somebody's dirty. Yeah at a pretend he's got to kind of wait you're handing your pants without them noticing. About dirty some people just have claim me I don't either way you got to Erie can immediately go over the hands sanitized there but can't wait and turned their back a funny thing yeah. I was in a prayer circle recently. It I have this whole. I was coughing all through the meeting. So then afterwards. You know we're gonna prayer circle and I've felt so bad because you know how I am about germs escorted. I said hey I have some hands in advertiser and quickly got out of my purse and I would sit like spray his hand you that I was already headed to the bathroom. That's why even homeless and get a cold. Because you wanna know did you lays out I gotta say I got a cold and whenever you sit in the government had a prayer circle doesn't matter and a lot of prayers are you. And I. 95%. Of the time you might say I have cold. You know that you blew your nose or whatever and you say oh I have a call now like that's okay. You know the diesel protect me chuckling that. You can't do not hold our hand on om and Abdur Bible study you cannot say AA am Ali rising and again that you can't and ninety every once and I'm a little grab you gentlemen suddenly elbows but most of the time people can see and hear you with me and and as soon in Menlo whatever is diesel take gimmicky. And then yeah it though a I think you just say no. Absolutely not backed off Jesus rate that's a pretty good. And that's why don't get it by Demetrius or Mac app more tournaments. The bright lights the roar of the crowd this. So we'd end of summer smell of the ballpark. How about killer showed go. 7301230. Or 32 and Al. It's enters new CD I don't get in the wind your way onto the field. 079 hello. Canadian doctor here do would love to have and you join us on FaceBook the man my FaceBook page are individuals matter areas from Holloway branded to have Brian carried out browser. Various things up there sometimes that. Explain. Like who we are. Because I'm a stop on my page would probably never put your page. Something like that absolutely certain things I did put one thing on my page that I got from your page and I regretted it wasn't the Wayne you had that. Land mass of firing its gas. Yet and I put it on my page and then every time I look at my own page just like I'm doing now I think judging your edge. Yeah and in that I had to scratch and patrolled isn't quite that do that to myself. Why haven't learned by now that it puts an artist paged. It's not fit for your own yesterday as a bad bad science maybe it is amazing how this fire ants and it was continues in London and rivers started. Posting pictures of the your feet and hands after a fiery and I did I didn't do not horrible that's. Great I gotta check that out when they. This whole thing I found out recently was too that when fire ants catcher. It's not one that Baigent. The first and gets on there and like gay guys has yet dispersant and then all the other man's climb on nobody bytes of their settled and likes it a dinner. And then one guy goes. B and L light at the same time it is and etiquette this fight and yes that's exactly right. That is a true story they let its a payload actually but. They he we Iran only defied it what they want to do our Greg Davis IAG. Sure they have their part of the great ecosystem. I never gotten bitten by fire and. I have is tar trying. You have yeah is elect a swarm of these first two beasts now I don't. Is calling up locally and and I expected a bunch of us and they crawled inside my secret outside a Mandalay to attack me. Well the good news is they didn't buy two wanted to time on the same time home was awesome. Suspect that you know you fire ants. So on the east that there's a new term not to learn not to. Mills. Yeah forget about those terms I think there's still. Average out. There is a new term. And it's WH. I. It stands for women who are hot intelligent. And in there Pratt and we'll get that les. President you. I dislike it it sounds very powerful I know he policy that's something that probably women. Name themselves and it's not cougar is just about an older woman who. And a mills is all about being a mom begged guys wanna have sex with kids on rates both terms and just says well the woman who is funny and Smart and sexy. I bonds and it's not a term until it's one of the categories and porn site. Some other stuff. Until then it's your criteria. My criteria that's what it take it invalidated charity guy now I I think he could I until they have yet web videos footage of wit video as a whole different thing. Mike yeah. You'd probably look at you can treat look at cougar melt but she. Good luck finding that one so it's not really a thing yet the show a couple of. Wouldn't believe that this is an architect just like dead god took off all of those things were put a temporary take Tilson never took off. But dad bonded again you tried to be do what you say he was it was a big deal. The Bill Burton you're tell you wanted to be adult but he gadget letters made that I didn't get my letters mixed up I forgot. Yeah I did. I don't remember what it was that it was not right I know that our salaries doubled bid for seven. The man yeah I could be. I could be a Milton the first letter was Maine and and how yeah. Like after I don't think we're it's gonna take off and it means that Bob was a very short. Time frame right I mean we did was only aged a dead by I'll say it rational buyer. Whenever so whipped up at some venues the death of the hills and the ride I'll quit because whip you can say a woman to her face. Usually don't call some milk to their face. And I you know I mean you don't go dormant serum air melt may be on the women behind it is a complements drew an extra grimy kinda guy. Well I've grimy understated you think you are a male it's Matt act. One a 79 ruling dot com guys and don't do. I liked him for a lot of break married again ally that I think a good 150 you're okay. We're not it's all there was. Back live jazz and share. No comment panhandle that's not a good thank you thank you. Tom is known as little braver hair as well you know that that she might be freedom that we that we don't know. About being afraid they hair it's about whining fair. Hair and hair three addresses that's too much. You seated with back you know those shops like 101000 villages the only. Deal with craftsman. Around the world tune. Get a fair price for any brilliant stuff coffee in beer crash tests now welfare now it's all about hair regulation because. Here is not regulated. And you can buy all kinds of extensions and if you're buying human hair extensions. You pay a heck of a lot more than you do for synthetic now do you know like they say this is. Like some heated it answered yeah it's generally the fact that we'll average tide until we left that Indian Ramey. India has Indian investigator hairy. Goes for a premium not quite sure why. You don't know I don't know I don't know I don't know when you go to diabetes applies dork is like this is out to present Indian rim. Find out why it's officially Indian manatee get on this to. I had to Gerri here's an art course rack we don't do you know we don't know anybody who doesn't end there since I was wanting to but they say most say real Indian there. Does it ever say other kinds of hair on end it's always Indian. It they all label that label let ended you re pay a premium price for. Yeah but there's no current regulation in the heritage in industry or might not be Indian pair. It's turns out that sometimes. In any given hair care story might be Brazilian Peruvian Indonesian Malaysian. And so European hair. Get in there. We don't even know that's less quality though right we just know that this labeled wrong. I'm you know I'm guessing the Indians started the thing. And then they just said that sounds good name targeted because you generally find that most of. The I know and in a lot of dead. Black neighborhoods I'll just be honest. Air are Asians who own their beauty supply stores. Right but I'm saying like and it is out where so how did all they cared being become about the reason it's it's because they have. The healthiest here based on diet. Thickness tinsel strained shying smoothness. They have more follicles. And I'll marketed so they've got the dentist Indian lady so long and a you nearly you know you mention it. Not that I know a lot of Indian guys in half an Indian dude spent I don't remember ever seeing a ball Indian guy. This is only. A while ago I might have been covering up I thought maybe just did that as. Things down as they like just just to get start like he really wasn't like losing hair he's just like you as a vehicle get some attention. And listen this. I mean that you started this isn't the diss to the minute that knows he might have been the Michael this is Michael Jordan and the Indians a competitive and that the culture with a guy anyway since hairy is not regulated there are people. Calling upon and the government to start regulating it because not only are not getting Indian here sometimes you're not even getting in here and took out an excellent in my. Here is turning up in has its engines all over the place. And why are disgusting. They're rare bit yeah. And don't near so let's say when they get when I dug in with a good amount. He wants to know they clean out Elvis thank you probably Cisco they've probably taken from the if you're about somebody they know I got that Indian army and actually you have Billy goat. Mike. And that's from the goat here criminal ago beer repeal or maybe I. Not I think that game but you know it's like Denny one and oh yeah I'm guessing if you're. They're going to money by selling your hair it's kind of like my friends and colleagues who made money by selling their plaza united a good place financially. I'd probably not. Meanwhile you don't want to know through the regulation. That. You know some Portuguese engage in you know jump in an Al Lee is anywhere that can carry out. Of their pain or where I mean so no. Is somebody getting here Jack for my eggs did you I mean you know lack I assume the debt pay for migrants rather a hassle. Resonated at their pay for. Self so yeah I think it's not a hassle. Houses stealing your GD yeah I've bought lighted this by now I don't know I have I've never heard this story. He's good documentary. Whereas there come from paying Anglo spare hair care is running a petition and nobody gave I have the million signatures they. So they can compelling heritage industry. To sign up to a system of regulation as. I just like getting like that piece of me when it comes supplements and things like guy you never know which again. Airs kind of the same thing. Our clothes that are you know I'm not gone or knock off but. Like an outlet stores aren't the real thing. Mean I am old goat hair I haven't all goat hair the price just fill in some of the spots well sometimes they do tell you that this is eight. Routine based product well there you go. I am now that's a gimme my goat. His face cash app. Rama number bears. Arum plans right now talking synthetics so it's not even at all on has a little code. I I'd rather go fake thing though no way. All and all these years you've been doing Indiana and it was don't anyway. I have to go back to that time when you spit in somebody's human I don't know how it doesn't bother him it's the same thing if you weren't goat hair you don't know what it looks good who cares. Now yes on them behind them. That is Ernie animal Larry and by the way I've never signed on to your hole if you spit in somebody's who did male no it. No harm no foul play I do believe there is harm and it just. The validly one of this and finally spark casket and is it real low. It's all there was meant remote yeah that's what boys and girls and extended version of matches I bags. I don't know his semi AM. Version of the song it's all cranked out. You will trumpet behind it or something. But you candidate like. I can I start we just I just wanna get this out a way I told you want but can't sabotage and thinking about it. Dust era Robert Pattinson from the twilight movies gas and other things. He lived in the Oakwood apartments where they house aspiring Hollywood actors and he lived when Dustin diamond AKA screeched. Who saved by the bell. And sound likes them corruption waiting to happen. Imagine defense. That I know why so has now the history of Robert patents then read twilight. But that does sound like a predatory situation. Who's funny thing happens crews don't trust him. Because that movie ad very. Did some them boo boo yeah. The movie where he did something with a lot of the cover that was as he didn't go. But. They he's is that really miss it. Robert Pattinson said and Dustin screech was the first person introduced via hot pockets. Not a hot pockets and I know you love pardons though and it didn't streets and out or go watch it. On to say by the bells and think about his love Republicans. I didn't mean that yeah. Are you watch a movie would loop the now he's gonna draw mustaches on somebody with a hot pot belly. Awesome I love pocket as he has done so disturbing I wish I had the photo Meehan screech I met him one time backstage. Do business so I sat there he adds segue you. Did it waned from his greed is Google movie I was. It was actually on August 10 year. This action was street to what you guys did to get this is a late. Late saved by the bell the music teacher at the time or something. On the college do you dollar sum yeah professor every I don't know if I just don't know. When you back to school student teacher lenders literally because I was tad extreme and as a short lived soap opera called sunset beach and thank. And they shared back today Garang. I got to meet space. And he was very kind of tough to a are all wondering what he's really line I hear I you listed equities Isaiah Victor I don't know aren't. Kryptonite. Was invented by the people behind the Superman radio show in 1943. Seuss Superman could just grown in pain for a few episodes. And the voice actor who played him could finally take a vacation. It's pretty amazing that is at an amazing I came out like a guy and day out. The first 911 call 1968. And it's surprisingly in Haley dale Alabama the United States senator used it you would think it would have been in a big city right. 91 the 91 thing in Alabama Hurst it's for and what do you think the first cell phone came out. I'm going to go bad and may he met 92. 1982. 84. And 1984. Which which it wicket cordless phones came out in the 1980s a saint Basil but it's weird first cell phone cost four grand. We one point 75 pounds I've thrown seven weighs four point seven ounces. And Blackberry added full web browsing capabilities it was really the first Smartphone. To right here. As hard to remember 86. No 2004. If test could then Smartphones over a dumb phones for the first time in 2013. Only been four years wow is that crazy it is all right there you go this is even more crazy. The naked mole rat. By far the longest living wrote in an immune to cancer. Practically impervious to most types of pain and just very few signs of aging during its life yes the naked mole rat. Three guys don't cut amazing gitmo already know shows up in your odds banks weighed too often I tell you why. The since intentional though doc sends me naked mole rat packs. He has. Isn't true story. He sends you naked mole rat fax says a lot about your relationship without a bit it does it's it's hard though for me to continue afternoon screech line and Superman one you know can't designate him already is easy on changes. Did I just give you a boot thing at the end. Ideal boss decides what cup. The C. 60% of men and 54% men prefer a C. 30% of women and 35% meant go deet. And 85% the ladies ST Capps love it. 72% of becomes law that people are generally happy with the booties. And so much. Major movie happy advocate my kids off there with Matt from. Monus today there's a man nervous place. Right. I just about. That's when you win an IDs. You've heard the American girls off Australia secured scholarly books at all tyrants suvs and back in the ninety's they had this book. It was pretty much. A puberty Bible for girls it was to caring keeping the view. The girls learn. About everything from tie with a month to wearing a broad. Tear their hair while now again it. Twenty years later they realize they let the boys. How whiz. An American girl book for boys is called guy stuff. The body book no no dude once again an American girl book about voiced it doesn't say American girl. It just says guys stuffed the body book for boys are there but it's under that umbrella but used just don't know. Legged as they are putting it out and down on the covering a lot of stories out there but also the Internet by about. We have we don't want our children to always get their information from you are you sit there Wyndham. Acted as I wouldn't want my son to look up you know what's happening to my body. Will answer. Because you never know gap we are parental controls or whatever anyway I yes OK what what it what is it in there why you. Bringing its it is pretty awesome because there are some things in this book. Especially when it comes to basic facts about caring for your skin. And yeah clean clean my private parts that some guys need. Our refresher course it is there some guys who were well beyond the age of between who is expected to receive this. Now come on man it universe launch queen and what tech count like twelve by eight to twelve and gas but. And end the minute the Milli and got out of there is a million what's happening in my body there between 812. There's a lot of confusing stuff happening. Yeah we have booked for Addison and issue me. The way we're read it together a Munich together but it got there they just aren't laughing at raunchy then let's get this thing. If you imagine. Kind of gone read in my settle on a pet that. On the sound bite me you type in without in my body tonight we. Let me turn around at some women's magazine or web site for dunes has a list of things that guy needs to do to get a woman. And what's the one thing you always complain about that's on the top of the list hygiene. Why do you think maybe you go back to base. X now. Now because first of all the parent. Who is concerned. And not to buy the book already has an open dialogue has already said take it and shower Ted. Now that people whose apps sticky kid. They are even aware of it because they published in two and their house stinks and they're not saying take a shower. Anybody I know what kids it's yet boil especially as junior preached at to shower already early young with their kids about kids to take an hour. I read a book it kids don't wanna listen to their parents sometimes and I are readable and Larry in books authority. You go through the class in school and habits in that class they donated via EU rub. I think this. Allows parents to have a dialogue. I mean is there on the book but I'm saying it's not gonna help the guy who's 25 and stakes. Yeah it's because ultimately putting hate me so you're saying is if I young woman is dating and she needs said. 27 year old Wie is questionable hygiene. She changes either decide to liking it. Yeah or not because I'm never going to wash is behind me on a mine in my book but to keep thinking about it did go right to the crime. I mean there's other things that I got you and give for a second day that's a look I'm. Let's go unnoticed and and a guy who stinks while any hit beat well I am living you know near to me yet rightward. I'm telling you guessed those books are good for a lot of other things that are happening in your body but the shower one. Pastor Ben discussed. Before we get to the book online okay your PP. A survey in the studio. When did your father or mother discuss hygiene that you. I don't remember but I noted they would say take a shower we sit at a symbolic and a thundershower. As I don't think we ever had a discussion on just new to wash. Or they would DO they would tell yet. You know ally and I can say from what my kids are my a sister's kids or boys that you always said last let me take a shower to shower. Take a shower to shower to do its part the rapids watts and you hear about kids you know he read about it in all the stuff how did take to take showers and bass which means people are telling them to. Or they wouldn't know that in one tip. So lol water imminent. When you hear like the stereotype and it's a true thing about. People are kids who don't like taking mass or shout you know those stories and while we wait no they didn't like come. And we weren't telling him take. So they're Koran they know about an outcast kids followed bouncing ball a lot to contact so I'm just saying. The person there's nothing on getting a book about the other things that avenue your body. But it you're like denying and haven't discussed with your kid anything about showering. Then you're already you're just. Just a messed up and camp mr. camp and rob anyone have any. Possible hope I would say like Ford. But everything but it didn't understand it before it gets talked about showering and bathing but the kids abused. And we just messed up. Compared to those air hopefully I mean unless your some sort of religious thing about doubt you're tough. We'll hear about capital to. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.