Nose Hair Of Steel

Tuesday, October 10th

Not only are we obsessed with this new trend of "nose hair extensions," we give you ways to make people trust you and workplace rules you can tell your boss are outdated!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Your lip sync up on fairway then remote. I think there's a name in golf party here. Nostrils are scheduled. Let's go there people. We have an up and RF kind of FaceBook page pictures. It's very very bush. It was not just like wanna hair it's it's a very very bushy. They spiders in my ear nose yeah and a you know you have the square eagle growls. The glitter tears. But now the nostril hair extensions. And his degree and user with the handle at. Grant underscored Jen and rich and posted two pictures false eyelashes co world around their nostrils. It's gone viral. Andrew and written about it in a war. And the the the big question is why we really don't know now but I die. Somebody was board needs something to get detention but you know if it isn't there or something like Elway that's who trained. You're not buying and now it's not a trend it could be. When I first came up with a good dying idea the news how was that good because I got out if it it looks weird. Jim would you try it judges on the news just trying to come up. And that the model on how melanoma because first of all eyelash glue. Using that on the inside your nose is gonna probably pullout from your natural. Nose hairs. And that I needed that's painful should also a very disgusting place to put something because of the bacteria that you're introducing with your fingers. I don't Louise and the lashes just stopped he her pushy just honored bush and and I know. We don't just do it for the show. Should. We have we have Arnold doing it via on the I hear yes and nobody would ever believe that that is something that would actually try I'm very kindly don't under that I hope no one would ever believe that. Salmonella try I'm diligent did you very paranoid you know about. No one for the show and their parent and while I don't I don't think animal you know it's a girl out. Of a girl think it'll Wear make up there. Browns signed their first boy is I'm too worried about nose hairs are begins to be we've creep me out I always carry. Little scissors in my car. Case it's a thing and I have some strip lashes at the house I would be willing to sacrifice they would hurt a year no matter at all. I mean I don't really I mean I'm very I got really did you get him in there but a figure was struggled a big guy to guide there's no way. I know my I I know you. My body joke and it your fingers in his nose now how do I. Apply it with you can't know you gotta put in your records and I know does that make part of the no that's not a good. How it's about time. Our video. My friend Joseph Ferraro is very Italian very hairy so he's got nose hairs. Up first like a big nostrils you pipe and a quarter. Like in there and it. No massively you don't say now that's huge now so any you can't see is nose hairs that he reaches inside and pulls went down. Ghost like his bottom lip. And sites deal like rebar or something it's it's it's it's it's it's it's free book that number it's very steep and it's very like a mentally. And it's it's it's not hairline at all now saying not here like it all and it is like a piece of metal. One of our FaceBook friends when the has heard you talk about your friend GO and he is amazing nose here. And dash also heard me talking about not dating anymore is that I was with you about that dating anymore. Until I heard Matt talking about a spring Joseph with the nosy and then he has to his bottom lip. Police tell me he's single and available has not. It's not how jealous happily married. By and I'm sure you put a ring on it before he unfurled the ring with Enron and everybody knew about it for years. Are damned good video and senate and the great party trick that is a great party time you know what I don't wanna see you with natural extensions but I would like I've known your friend Joseph for years the I have never seen him unfurl his. Hair he did indeed extends down to. You say bottom lip it extends down to his top lip yeah I will be shot. Definitely we topped Latvia to work on it to get it to the bottom. But it's been done. It's indeed I would watch that video but to be fair you can't see them until he reaches in against. Big hurdle for. I don't know that people think erratic walking around. You know the nostril hair. Regions it's as high up in there yeah big coincidence a lot of get a blow out it was a heads as yes a more Republicans just. At 1079. 2000 dollar fortune or time each day getting into winning every weekday at 9 AM 11 AM and 1 PM and 3 PM when we give you that she. Yes ball four times every day Monday to Friday so please feel well at all and still gimmicky. From Hendrick automotive group in Charlotte's best and. Seven. Until late cruel and unusual. Company rules to abolish before the end of the year buried. Forbes says giver of the policy requires employees bring in doctors' notes when they are sick. That is crazy. Because not everybody runs that doctor an idiotic call the samples of the flu or whatever brain. I that would be weird to force them to bring when it I think you've got sick days. Use some of what we are sick days you should have to bring in. After you've got you're sick days are right really the only times I have ever seen this even though there are some companies and force across the broadly. But the only times I have ever seen used. Of fixed absences president to get on gap right. They're OK with the doctors saying about this mystery ailments. Right and and the kids in school have to bring wanted to get. Some market and not against them but it doesn't a record as an excellent that's permanent record yeah permanent record mark. Denied colleagues because they weary day did bring in a signal there's nothing. Yeah it does very a tough out there. Not that matters most people don't. Forced. Employees do lose their airline miles I'm delighted keep those. Known people have done it. Were the company it would Emmys airline model. On. Get rid of any dress code policy is spells out exactly which garments employees can there and not Wear to work. It's insult indigo your to go into an employee's closets there's. Managers. Pap and the leadership at the pot idea. Conversation can't policy away Addison well conversely people do need guidelines. Yeah yeah yeah I mean you can do. And I am ahead. A couple of side conversations. With. Some young lad who needed. A little guidance because what they want to work was very inappropriate and I knew that there were. People saying things about them. That weren't here okay. Yeah but you know but that again as you can't policy we that's a conversation how how would you. Right that and a policy. Because we cover. I mean you can you can say somebody has to Wear. Business to have been made just I think when somebody like that needs guidance where they need a poly gently policy weigh out everything. True but I think guidelines and any guidelines don't necessarily have to be specific. But. Again if if and across town it's. Are not appropriate perhaps you do need to say crop tops are not a pro how he got a list everything that's anybody just probably say professional and the two biggest offenders. I have ever worked with where guy. Who wore the same dirty clothes here every day until they got its belly and disgusting. Well that does he can't really policy your way out anybody including Asians and stuff he did to policy after that. Where newsletter every day and I'd rule yeah I think you've got like ties to make a high one. Now I Wear ties certain prayers on how bad but it generally you can say where this but that is me people are going to Wear correctly or whatever. I think you know they avail is sometimes yet he is can't send added mass email says. And don't show your belly years on the item in the new going to be like you. Well I believe Davis you shouldn't even if people show on the belly at work ethic that I probably didn't I'd believe aside he went and yeah. Women. Idea unless well working for a debate watch company right yeah they should not be showing it you think we have one. I know we do. Really yes as it up to our managers alike Entercom. And bunkers and somewhere. I believe its own line come out and tell me. Asked for forgiveness later. Nom I'm looking around and I'm like yeah. Am I'm bitten hands fifth look at Iran amateur radio personality to really want from us on you when you look up jobs and careers. It's another yeah when we have to Wear on Adori atomic is gonna happen. On the. Yeah go away when had a lot. Right man where he's got to Bobby did be get. O'Bannon and reviewed to listen to read it I don't really La La La La. And I know. Hey it's odd that the policy requires employees bring a funeral that Otis art. That's pretty tough. Abolish the policy allows salaried employees. Don't get paid overtime the work until all hours a night at work on the weekend for free but then penalize them from walking in ten minutes like. That's great I don't even let me get me started on that I wish I you know I anyone's message. Manager. Hell whatever medium and it doesn't destitute but I know a lot about it did you hear a lot of. But watching you enforce it would be hard time athlete that we all kind of lawsuit as them and. That is a possibility against our people this can handle it. Isn't intimidated then there is not politically correct things. Also there was that Ramona oh. Had hit big cats are literally. Climbing golf ball are you going. Are you recording is renowned. You know there is promoting just that clicked on now on us and and we are is the face it's the latter Mona FaceBook page and she just freaked out because bandied. There is a new cat cafe opening up in November in no dock it and there's a little video preview then I put up on the manner motive FaceBook page and it's freaking her cats are roaming the. Are literally not literally climbing the ball Waltz. Is that it is not music packet that they serve food. And drained I was that I guess I cannot dude I think it's mostly during X liking come in and a lot like take your beer while that pan. Are climbing at Duff freaking. Qualls. Oh god and recovered well and also a dog once you yeah I don't know the right next to each other attribute drop zone attack. Program record by literally it's cat. Huge hit a technical with a now we'll be able to respect his nights and doing mock units I'm sorry. I did can't hang out with his cat the cat cats and now audited pick subjects now lets his lot. It is the learn other cats as it has it has that's a nation does admittance. Regular people stop and and but I see you what do you do for a bit. Like for showed it. Now not especially not after it how could I sit there Conley when there is a cat climbing the wall. About lining the wall to get and you know they're going to be. All on the counter tops the tables. God. The UN do in Jasper now you know and in and frankly it's not just because. It's my nightmare but also I would be so stressed out that it would be. Horrible for the cats as well it like I don't like it I don't like cats at all but I wouldn't want to stress them out and stress my house screaming. A lot and crying would probably be a problem should be like every hour they turn up all the light you steal the green eyes stare yeah. Tammy. Cafe it's opening up and no doubt they have coffee wine beer and cats they planned to keep the cat that human re a 0121. That wind gets paid by the hour she had to make reservations or you can ahead of time. And about ten to fifteen adaptable cats will be roaming around. I don't Madonna can and that's colonel Peron or bring your dad and Claire all. One I don't know why she wouldn't have to be least that is anyway so there is there's that all right so on you probably. Most people probably trust this more than they trust new girlfriend. I'm talking about the computer. When you go to computer Amazon whatever. People just throw out their name address card number all that stuff. Very quickly. People will dish out personal details to a nameless faceless computer. Into a person who they actually haven't found that. They say an average Americans it takes about twenty seconds to figure out an email on their in boxes and boxes that's right probably people get. Yeah it's a rush him a boost catfish didn't. And they get it to win or anywhere. I'm going to gig instead mallet and ending the thing that gets in there than there you have spot they get fish that's well facing withering enemy or the thing that ruins computers at that pirates probably a virus. Wiki was cool with that missing let's start with losing the start all right he got bomb Lockett who ran the offense had to act and our computers. Especially the rest obligated lot of so and that's why people probably get drug is only takes Tony second they're open and yet 28 seconds to you. And foreign looks say come upon my personal info to. 31 seconds to decide whether the website is Satan upper credit card so with a under a minute they're given out income and ambient. But what comes to potential partners. People need to go on an average at two and a half dates before their eggs get to note the full first name. Not full verse eight the full name for the full effort and I'm just are we're. I don't yeah branded part of you Miller. There isn't a three days yeah rob a letter every day yeah I thought about it. I think it's we barely series I go my arm cannon and then a and then ams in the year since this is a didn't and in. If there are there days usually don't line and the lengths and so. U I I find that weird but as a dating online version you made sense that may be because of that people don't know the full. Why. And and Andrea vipers red dynamite that's. Still don't know a person's name until you start communicating with them and then your dues. You know if online and going and as you know Mindy exe Pampers something. Not sure who thought that I don't compatriot and sexy. High video we talk in Craigslist I'm dock with silent and so. That was nickname at a dating site but it. Greetings I'm that would get replied well yeah this. I don't do it I did you not Pittman and I don't talk. He also happening in smokes and believe that yeah. So anyway I. Did it could be fit and it lets. Us know again this ever pals are right there. I don't like about so. Anyway so you think it's not a bit and document it didn't gain. We're not in February the rest this podcast. Is. You know I'm telling you that. So they get the you don't tell your lasting Holloway. Well. Aren't they telling my whole. First thing. That's valuable first and you really aren't going to aren't I'll go with Mona. Will go in Mona yeah that seems more intimate. The more intimate because like. I wouldn't think people that immediately just met you or no you wouldn't like Mona what it took me a lot of where Gupta a. A nickname people ran immediately yeah. I know a little bit hit. I don't yeah Lieberman had a big enough women that. Would be in yeah. Yes and yeah it adopt the first day I don't know what would pick every day idea. Eating I think I don't go late short name ran out of the gate I Hampshire and you dream big and moved until I. The anti. I. Don't know how it all of the lagoons. That. There are some other people. A drug that is one person trying to figure it but they. Oh I don't but anyway they've everybody calls or this nickname. But it was a group that was all right I'm answering that I don't feel like I can use that nickname. Because they've already established a friendship where they collar that. Don't I don't into booster her body nickname. No. So let my say her real name is. Melissa. Right and everybody in the group calls are towed yes you can't goalie I don't feel I can fire off tell you can't. Don't you agree yet yet to wait until your until she says on Ito's. Or there's a toes situation that you have likely however she got this nickname yeah. You have to witness her doing whatever it is always at the rule yeah. Because you grimy Kansas walked in right I mean it just feels forced or. Rightly it. Yeah I think here there are your on the something now on to something. So I guess for you but they all but I I it's like a nickname like that and I practiced. Rolled into that they can you familiar yet that's why I was wonder about Mona I think it's too familiar. It's good I would think it's more familiar than remoteness or your start off with dike. You know it did not. What is really wrong way bet it's I longer call myself Mona. And you'll automatically go to Ramona it's like if bill and he introduced himself as Mike. And all the sudden I start calling him Michael. Okay all right I gotcha I gotcha I gotcha the valujet across mile Belmont. Right to drive myself but like. And I did not come as Mona yes I got a good I introduced myself as a rubber loan they and you feel like you need to work you way up yet what an ounce after all the side am I wet mold my game yeah yeah you know this. I sex marriage status and my brother alone for all this was. We're not in grasping UConn again whatever Ali was one guy like game of the group who is going and it's in early but he anti pants. Eternity by hand the. Seriously. Tenth according to you all you have to work his way up to dead. Yeah and when you just made me realize. The error of my ways that the use you don't know what's your revelation now like you said what you Mona you can't jump the Ramona. And if you're remote you can't jump to Mona whatever you're introduced as you stay with you can't Paterson track letters. That's not what I said like you've heard this is motor of the guy can't start calling you Ramona because that is an AP two and I don't think he should. It. I understand that logic. Like he did Jared nominee we worry so to have dates for the name. Four dates where the home address. I've but yeah that's about right I'd probably give that up right. Six and a half dates for four talks salary that's seems to earth. Man. Going to think yeah. The commitment before we talk about all there with Matt in Ramona. Friends of please raise any content on the peace. I just as well that is a mark thanks for ages and blown up more solid management Bryant turn out there you're there on the people you gunmen dressed him or. And they sometimes you just blow buyer co worker in the day I you don't nearly a one unanswered is what David and his. Legal or heard. Who you say. Hey Dylan goes I'm fine and I hope you are too and he keeps it moving of huge amount of viewers you never asked me how I'm doing he's five no regard to like. Not an ass because I don't want a year year and I believe I've done that. I'm done have you where you are the co worker yeah I definitely thought about now we're at but I do do that once in awhile because at least a little feedback. I'll let you now nice. During the interview. Laughs but here's what they say he should say it to be your friends co workers whatever. Well you're looking dot dot dot com and an appearance. Say I a look at happy. You look and so I had. Look at sick you're looking tired. Here's my problem with that your brutal honesty is rude. Yeah all it takes for. Any given person in our office. To think that I am sick and were tired is for me to not have. I like. If I don't have an eyeliner on the end it's like. Wolf how are you look at little tired and then they can't hurt her not tired. And I just don't have on. The same highlight I had on yesterday to thank for bringing me down. It's always well intentioned but yeah the person who's feeling sicker down or whatever you're reminded of it and feels Logan. And it doesn't usually not. Then he looked tired earlier as I read it now not all the time hello Andy. He's not the only one yeah a lot of Babel is building big gun near death at that time. They are at the last mile Thomas yeah yeah. And argue. And if you want to diligent but should never tired a trolley and you're not tired. Could sit Isaiah. And it calls on. Frozen blood that something a Turkey a vial of blood. Wrote on anybody resonance that wow that's contagious here and look at this they wanna split. We're exposed to build. A deeper conversation in a spark a conversation about the weekend. He looked tired series wasn't lost it's crazy region and looked sad eyes to the body and died this weekend or whatever I thought. And you will and Oslo that. I must say it can trust you I understand which is sane if you disagree. And I appreciate your opinion. I'm double that supports their perspective and may beacon chance you're not gonna do transition Europe. You're never gonna. Let me yeah. There you guys are determined. If they don't agree with you to give them the statistics. And all of the Internet back up I began to change your climate change man. I've I've given up on humanity mess that they did this half everybody was drawing room don't Soviet did you beat out the data. Yeah yeah okay so the fact that I'm AJ men have you let me do it alleging is facing. Not the same as I understand we have coming from I understood your when he V at least he's not trying to change people's minds anymore just calling a student. Behind her back out there and and but he still wasting time and time to convince I'm not doing a lot arguing anymore there's a point you know at some people are down. And you know less apt. I don't judge to do some about your dumb as but I came when they say you're suppose on it changed me. I am and replace it basically can transition he would you know I respect that but nannies are telling him. Packs it just yeah. It. You can also say in my opinion. When you're about to share that dissenting opinion as a transition. They say they're dumb thing I'll in my opinion. Yeah pass there's a thing like that and then it really makes a trust. If I thought pregnancy lie. I'm avoids saying actually. And something like that in your opinion. I don't from a background like in like that it. In your opinion Natalie it's event. Yeah that's a music in Europe and why I guess you'd say like your opinion and every year. Person is a murderer or something like that. You know it in your opinion which is where you'll be Smart ass so I might say in your opinion everybody that you stupid yes unless they agree that yes. All right and I don't feel good about. I don't know that I trust announced that. Sorry about the traffic. The study found the participants quicker to trust people are starting conversation. By upon rising for something they weren't responsible for. So you you you you have to you you know when your balances. Do whatever I'd be late Sunday something that wasn't your fault. I'm sitting there and I'm sorry I'm late Sam sorry about the traffic yeah. Or you know. Because then you can I get a pilot traffic but you can identify with immediately when every gonna apologize I always apologize for everything you it is not my fault the gap that otherwise to write the upon well there's a human being save taxpayers are actually it's if you if you just say you're sorry didn't work as well as blaming. Somebody something else so details of this. I'm sorry I am surrounded by stupid people it's not my fault. Don't say our I mean do say when your may make you can trust you I know which are going through. I don't think that that's right. I mean because sometimes you don't know what they're gonna now acting deputy tens of people who are just sympathetic empathetic greater chance of building. Lester but are you I think because I don't know which for an. They're old world demy you know died and on I don't get that sign of people are. And coming up with the yeah yeah I feel their offense that's a lot of people. Do you know now kind of curious how I happened I mean you might that idea back to you you're the only link that's. I know he's been rebuilt and make a point okay how about everybody I I know. You know got her son and again here. You know everyone you. I don't I zero. I unless you actually went through the thing that they went through. Then it's and it's a huge billboards and every one we know we're giving everyone you know her beat you say I say I guess Ian yet today. Used for us to say to get gain trust I think you know my friend. Then somehow you can come together it's always weird to some some people make a real reach. I'm from Philadelphia area really I don't Bill Smith. Under Bill Smith. And just because I know your friend doesn't mean I'll like your friend that's good morning. Well that's a band a sign you mix had a Baghdad think Israel's New Jersey must needed surgery hanging out bill. Yeah it could backfire. Let's just say you know Bill Smith I'm a little on the bubble on that guy what do you think in the end than they say they're on the ball we assist discuss how much of a jerk he. And that was my fault makes people trust you. The big mistakes they would tell your ability. Accepting it. It makes people attracted to you because your imperfect do you edit I can you give me a hand. When Jimmy you messed up asking for someone's else's help makes you even more trustworthy. I'll ask you for help is a good thing. Good apt to do yes. RO IC. Hell yeah now no I'm not really no I'm not. I work you are a work I am not in real home now and unreal Alice's father in law when he comes in yes yeah he's a mean year you know yeah but my boss bigger Aaron Aaron Miller's dot com and hit my neighbors I haven't asked turning things. The neighboring states in the there anymore. And my final do you think you might get away from me and we you suggest that you may. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that remark that I find it. Understand. My notes I repeat it and I don't know academy members in the. I don't TV and a golden shower timing yeah. I'll stop it Emmanuel all figured out some points. Anyway. I. Yeah. As usual with this sharing your regular senate Ron unplug it. Let's get to him out of control Ramona is but I think. Hot to. Me and nobody at the what it called it something else want. To all figured out someday I'll hilarious now on the anyway. These are the things not to eat before I had. Yes. These are things that she should never do ball consumed with the Ford Mickey 08 means. Add number one analysts actually is something that I consume multiple times per day. And that is gone. Gum is bad for you gone he is the U brawl and things did you news. Before another key because they say can leave you lack. Very windy only really are you very windy maybe it's a single. A and I can be ago in the dictionary yeah. Less than that may be a reason why I am still single and win Venus is not one of them all maybe a guy sees you chewing gum all the time and he assumed that only tonight there is a tutor there's a janitor could. And a notified Dennis recommend to download tutors. Never that is the room and I've never before about gun merely saying you know appeared. Chewing gum and you're swallowing air meg can lead to gassed me and I am publisher why not. And they get a gun and along down the same lines. Cheese. Now you're lactose intolerant favorite of yours yeah that's who would you like season Levy below you yeah if you are cheating your media all over for. A. That thing that I like. In fact I can't we cheese on it. Isn't totally. A here now aren't you brought artsy broccoli is a tutor I think we're seeing a pattern we are. Yes she's like is she is that'd be good to really GM did solid visual way to go way. Promoted to the way the we Garcia got little show it on your every single thing. Yeah the next thing on the list is red meat. Let it digest of system as a works so hard. Then you're left feeling lethargic in tired and you're not going to give your partner your best effort. And appear lethargic and tired they'll avoid red meat then. A color me would you like the 2000. Really a cock up. Forget can you say this one for H enough. I. I'm proud of myself and my chickens again and again like finally meet the other white meat or negotiating in the equipment and finishing well at the according the other white meat now don't eat at. And to have. Also on the list is alcohol. Yeah acting yes. Similar to might make you feel a little braver. May be a little less tested. Especially for men yes your best leading to Abbott could be very poor performance aria from a lob guilty old and they also switch to any measurable difference thinking caused when problem that never heard the old shrivel up some vegetables do you drink too much troubles. How disappears for a minute that should be on the same noted drinking and of or you get the whiskey one where you just can't stop Alcan did talent but I'm heard of them and I'm real risky when you can't stop immediately edu. This it never you never get there in your gym always like. Yeah. And she is tired after filing them. Stop its things that it. Now if ever there was eating now I'm well of your video. I also have never heard of the shrivel up either stunned Lola certainly OK we'll just out anyway Nicole's swimming pools that give me not struggling but not unable to do. You know. Oh and here's one candies and avoid yet oh Marty's. Earnings are due role. That's why he's getting the parties and they're. Aliens and you have things the new let heritage. Mileage which college black red. Both because that Ellington I got I don't look Irish Kurdish yes personal how many people like ignorant adultery liquors and now. It lowers the sex drive of both men and women courage licorice. England journal of medicine. Says oh it was their and advertise. And Catherine. Remarkably Stan Smith it's great addition every day on the program. And of course money all day every day this week 9/11 to one and every week. And we also behavior accused. Find our office podcast is definitely dot com. ITunes it was the players to answer and we thank you look you know party our. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.