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Oh Baby! Someone ATE Ramona's Hair

Thursday, October 19th

Yes, the story of someone eating Ramona's hair is as strange (and disturbing) as it sounds. We've also got some hacks to avoid long wait times at the doctor an how to instantly appear more attractive.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening on there would then Ramona being titled as Ramona. And baby iron. That'll let alone his dad. And I come. Yeah it was an eyes situation we were. Having. Client appreciation dinner. At the music factory. And wow one of our bosses was speaking I heard BBC talent like the Beatty clearly. And then looked around and saw that one of our clients had brought along their baby in a. Horrible at oak Iowa QQB. Keeps fired all over after the game dinner was over his racket yes when he eighty. And they let me holidays. About it on my. There is if you wanted to freak out the baby don't. His parents let me hold him and he did that cute baby thing where you just melted molded to my neck sultan. Get my gosh is the best thing to happen at all today. I started. With us some I stand there for like ten minutes is only as baby niece is Muslim my Nan again. I'm just talking in and love and it. And then I feel like something one on mine. It like kind of a no America a thirty minute he began giving it and if so could. All the baby away from me and I saw that. This baby who's six months old has a hand. And mouth full. Oh my here. Our electric down your head yes. And I had no idea. That he actually pulls them now because this is not my real hair and you feel like I really couldn't feel the fact that he was. Seriously dining on my year om nom time yeah I'm just really trying to pull my year out of his loud they get it out of it and but then that would look bad you hand the baby back he's got a mouthful there and Blair. At least a little baby does it could be good for the kid now though I'm encountered discreetly bull mind about Lake Powell I think he. I'm sorry I I think you'll be there. Did you read it again talent. Let me change the baby's diaper but yeah Harry who'd. Been there and with and. And Harry poop is just a bad thing is on a bad luck for anybody done. As you know right and then I am like oh my god he's yeah he's he's eat. Eaten some of my year it appears in some of them I episode mom. She's season look I've phase and Margaret and embarrass him she I don't think it matters at all. Well he gets a hold my here all the time it's just helping me on my heart he's our fourth kid I'm sure he Eaton were semi astrologer. All. We're going to get them here well I work is that there is a really heavy is that isn't it real and yeah. Human there those biodegradable I'm sure now that says insurance tell my good form. They keep this film did. In the hair was heard of are happening is written we were I hate air so much. When you have a hair in your food. Freddie out is because they are usually pretty clean right I mean in general low lose yeah. Now let's say about how about if your height your own home and there's a hair and something. They still are you eating at that point if it's my hair we don't know if somebody again. Levi opened up a package. Knowledge now of some sanity I just got from the starting as hearing it. Ramon has gone back to the storm and allow William and alert came from you cooked and also there's hair in years an ice I'm going to soon it belongs to mom or me and you gonna go for and I'm going to be tonight and you're out net. And indeed it but you will need to hair. Was now. A listener. We were talking about things he's used to picky TV can't find a toothpick or I don't Abbas lost and she uses her hair and it ruined. Well every time I think about it making life a delegate rich Iraq had. Would you rather eat robotic and human hair. Hold on any minute hold on our fingernails. Of the remote about the pro hubs to David talking more in. Any here I. Kinney and announced a I guess I king you either think yeah. Love and right now. In Iraq Iraq's elite and Holland Britain. Hall event in that and cute and Q did boundaries didn't dogs do did have been hunting and yes that important this. 1079 to link to ring in the holidays with high expectations. As we percent to an all time low Christmas it's a right. The deal more on Sunday. Date December 17 and check out all time. Available of 1079 the link dot com by using the ticket. Get faster Lincoln. Listen soon. And for your chance to win. Passes to an all time. Oh Christmas. Your Xbox 46 Charlotte at the Fillmore and Charlottesville. 1079. The link. Rating go to our FaceBook page says things that have been up lately a guy is should stop doing these things now on the matter of FaceBook page. All people do these things when you're alone that is also on the FaceBook page and we'll get to it on. Sex if he's podcast for too long OK. Don't touch these things yes on eight market your body. According to science you should never touched if you wanna stay healthy and and we we we were pretty good. And we knew right you racked up nearly killed him low you the first one he yelled wreck tell them the death. Every orifice every orifice anyway when your body today it'll lose it all there is is it you mentioned that. Both people don't even attacks reveal wasn't on net. No baby hold but this is an attorney the problem with touching your your behind. Not just an excellent way to spread germs even worse they seek a lot legal matter fly and flew back or keep your act. Whatever day we can try do an arbor day don't. Don't believe that you're giving every little bit affect matter I would I felt all the said I'm just. Playing crack up against anybody and everybody. In this in this room. Email at Bob to you can't win when your clean cracked. Again somebody else is incorrect and I don't wanna be apart of allies fear we dragged out. I don't wanna see your clean cracked I don't think you're going track and paying let. Be a good bit the Summers Bob. TV station will cover it yeah. The big day is he really hopping off all of fecal matter you'd think yeah I get all the reporters involved and now that they do it. I bet they wouldn't I would I would challenge people think it's a kitchen and down that I believe might try if it bleeds it leads where it says it now. And it's not every group got the scoop on that went. Carrying around nuts and reviewers and OK you got but that was number alignment and until and repeal laws and knows. Those. Eighth. Wrote ears grow up. Mayor ears is on me now are all right mouse thinks there. We errors that mouth of faith yet. At the battle that we got tomorrow and years to more and we as he isn't the same year. Ear belly the belly button yes which seated with the promise and the governor button. Well big result it your your belly button has a delicate eco everybody. Everything do you think about how important your belly button was when he referred don't do that that's. And really in a. Thanks out to be people care fingers inside your anything. Dot I know someone who believes that that feels like they're drowning. They put a finger in their belly button. We hear that before now. The thing to hear. Your belly button remains dirty even after you shower. Not that dirty mean yes people acknowledge bonds all the time they don't and you also suggested there's a delicate ecosystem in their. That when you touch your belly button your journey fingers met man they are these clubs it can lead to serious infection. How whenever I've never heard anybody it is inspected one a when I was a candy stripe are told years ago there was a woman with a and the indictment. And her room. Was the worst. Thing I have ever smelled allow life as obese probably obese and nobody cleaned it okay yet ran his job as tuna salad ahead. Yeah and it disappeared there Powell attempt on the hill I do it was. Did he got in her belly is more than just our ally and but there's. I think I said there was somebody took you to mean the belly button except like drowning here's an article says touching your belly button makes you feel like ftp and explains the science. That it into the bathroom and now should yes now you don't think these are ms. started just to keep people from cuts in their mind that was the disease it makes you feel like you're drowning. From the inside out. That's when you have counts. Anyway why do you miss was fingernails. In under the yen fingernails and even your toenails. They're an incredible amount of dirt and bacteria even if you're a diligent hand wash like I am am kidding get all the germs and that's why. Medical professionals Wear gloves. How am people who absent mindedly picked it aired nails the air unwittingly. Loosening and release being all kinds of grime and bacteria on their hand rate they spread that other service obviously mixing you know we're all dead. Hash tag zombie. She says a hundred but so I put the finger at her belly by and she gets a we are uncontrolled feeling your privates. See the reason is the tissue helps informing them flatter wall on the adults correctly in the prostrate. That's it and there's also an article how to get some best earlier pilot to turn me off trying to put your finger in my heart attack Iraq that that's an automatic turnoff another group credited to turn on for use. That's an automatic time talking will never be in my mind it now now. Another thing on und I'm I'm very concerned about my delicate ecosystem and a now maybe you do even though my belly buttons new estimate Google that's WB where and how do we get someone to show me their belly sit. That's an article I'd feel bad for the RR IT guy who passed it. Clean your computer from time to time that stuff you search does it it's all for the show all for the show that we are belly button that celebrity Rob Lowe I think. About it. All messed up on Jack. New Google yourself grossed right. We are the rubble I was done staying low John shameless and as John statements. Our rob Johnston and I'm staying in there's a lot of rain and rumours certain area. And I know that in that's your independent and mentally to get this belly buttons that you know every day in the balance it's more glass and more fun it's. Yeah what's that. Like isn't it with duke and things painter integral agent that could be paying I am just against spread the word. About the podcast. And comment and greet us readers is very important and fast yet. Would you like to be instantly. Irresistibly. More attractive. I don't know if you go much higher up and I am right now. Dominate the world nine attractiveness but you don't see what I could. That's it I mean only realizing those are deeper than your looks and a half we thank the lord that every day and then. It does go fared well. I don't know how much some beetle has to go waive further than. Some people who says go a little for it we mean. A lot rule cannot be good way to being. A little bit bitchy could be a look few layers of an attractiveness to plow your way through. And some other people just. That attracts us us. Not so you don't have to dig as deep. Or someone whose top find attractive. Yeah yeah he does it makes it already I tell you only got a leg just a little little patsy you know how much ugly to get through to get to that. Maybe they're all attractive why are you digging. Reached under to get along with them when more than just the Iraqi units more than locks which you pretty much still wanna keep it on the surface you don't wanna. You wanna dig just a little bit. Whenever it's an unattractive person he really just are digging to get down to whatever this the soul or hard it. Now. Okay now I'll take you whatever you were digging for proof. This is how you can be instantly be more attractive. And it's something that you actually did earlier this week yes you should try somebody with something on you don't tell something good as a pro is now. You get bad news from somebody beautiful bouquet of flowers. Nabbed him. Many. Be on site and those. That's how that's gonna do like I think right. Right that you need to make up for. Is that a militant I don't know where it's not a thank you for any thing it's not a gift because it's their birthday or anniversary yes it's I. I was thinking of you I I gaga got a. I'm on men or you know their favorite candy as you leave their favorite candy on their desk when you did the other day. You brought in the hot coffee out of it. Reaching right we have arrived at the station you actually an out purchase coffee for baby and me. Anyone here. And so we just had a cup UN and attracted to make you would've fell met instantly rejected Wright's. I give to whistling Hayden and he found means and land inside guys are handing it off. You didn't hesitate to give it away like Albanian and here are going to do one game pseudo many tour. The Dugas let me mab romantic partner for the moment was nice restaurants I with a copy and point out from my home Mimi was visible to do it and had to give up on certain. A thousand gay. I Colin Oscar. He went into one of our bosses that they've really been a good suck up moves and. As we do to opposite way get him out. But here's the big problem is some people announced that it did do some things like. I'm going to do flowers or I'm going to him. Your favorite candy now doing just give us apprised as more memorable and more impact full ground to do something. The bullet I think that's true that's true there's jump maintain these very easily scared. The corner riser that's not a surprise for the bad I scared if it if I'll okay which you'd be surprised. We're talking something good good like gap here it makes you wet your pants don't. Yeah I think you're right about that the unplanned flowers. Is better than giving him a birthday or Valentine's. Numbers yeah yeah it has got to be silent and let you know they like not just flowers as for the sake of flowers. It's as he got some special for them I'm not of flowers person and my wife hates flower I don't. Like receiving. I don't I mean I'm. Maybe it's it sounds very snooty that I don't really like receiving. Bouquets of flowers I'm like wiping their physical to get home if I give them your word he had a pour out 2000 didn't have over your car. All you basically. Watch him rot on your countertop with kind of depressing part of things out why do and I've got some job. Long day at work and she logs editors then the flowers there she's just so yeah law that. Especially and especially when you talk about transport jet transport armory there right even under the houses talent. And I think and they smelled good in the kids amount. I put it behind my here in doing dance. As art around the issues incidental to get up and ideally ticket revenue. Another thing that you can do. Bet mad man this is for Nikki dance. Now. It's speak your mind. Saying no when you really don't want to. I respect people who speak their minds more so than someone who always agrees with their request or entities. Pretty idle and you say no and others people see how really you are. Do you have priorities and you can be honest about your feelings. Well then I guess and I do that are sometimes a you don't have a problems and now a lot to do that. Now all of time. I guess it's into you. I don't think it that much harm I miss you read their client dinner last night I'm not act I got to know if I did and how I did no good reason better. It's kind of a million. It's a tragedy and try to hear your ads that everybody that plays out attractive I was 'cause I said now. While actually kind of where miss does OK okay. It's all fair we met from. Author and provide fast it is can be done without. Oh we appreciate your sharing. Easy ways to avoid long wait times the doctors. We are gonna have a problem with the one I just know about our. Anxiousness and securities whatever and personal pick the first deployment today that's pretty obvious yeah. There's those dividend airline flight here. Anything that is not time schedule now leads the first ever close the I guess your paperwork in advance. You get an email familiar home or whatever. Have done that before and then left them at home adopt I've done yes bad. That would eliminate some of the anxiety for me because they give me a holes that you fill out for my mom or me. A lot of times I'm not done by the time they call my name in them all flustered my usual is happening and moms is up. If you haven't done that aren't they had done that one. I've done that went for. I have to ask for a there have been a couple of places that that is the all unscented Syria I area yet to ask a true be it I don't like to ask for any well then you went like this one. They say to avoid the long wait time call before your appointment and see your doctors running late. Now it's your. I can't imagine that because. You. Urges bugging them right at eight under getting annoyed yes nominee and a pain in the butt patient would do I and while I don't feel that. Dares anyone so vindictive that my doctors and that they that they would hold it against me when I get there I'm idea I don't. I I wanna be a good patient. Everybody wanted and it has pleased not dread becoming a writer just like. To see me but I don't usually if you down another notch and they put somebody had you down but some in your butter something that wasn't scheduled what. If I do read it himself. The. I would have drive there would a lot of trouble doing that and they also say and if you show and Sears you know a little bit of weight. As a receptionist. I go on a quick errand or go get some snacks. All that say. How long is Aron get into neat yeah I mean you say I well I'm assuming you go. How much time to have it may say Lauren about twenty minutes behind and you say well argument about dashed out. I'm requesting nine Deb good might be faster than right yeah and year you go to the back in line or you miss your thing I even asked how long it's going to be. Until I've sat there'll yeah. By satire at times I've said there's a long bit. I wondered if they forgot about sit out that's really tick in the like dad that was food though that your coordinate that lady and a guy. I was here before Danny and I. Goran I think he can do forget about it. Us yet now in the news they relate again too to let alone go up and say you know on when a runner up Purdue an Arby's inevitably is no day we're here for something different you and I think right there and I here for appointment reduced here for blood work and Larry how you ask your iPod. Up here how that person go vs what I and and you just have to assume. That there are no late that everybody's coming up to him that I would come under construction. There. Internet phone yeah the doctor is on time no the doctors letting me yet and then somebody in the program. Parents and now oh now they didn't it that's like summit just gonna. Clog the system even more yes yes and high maintenance that I just like you I know they're not going to get bit vindictive but I have a feeling I just. Like they're gonna slide somebody like the 2 o'clock appointment ahead of me just I listed just battle she didn't teach you. Emergency room and avoid a long waits avoid coming in on a Monday. Well if you've got to a nailing your eyeball you might now be able to do that. I found actually. Beat me. Monday's a really good loan taken mom to the doctor because a lot of people don't like Monday doctors' appointments but this is emergency. I'll ER. Yes it is nothing yet. Is it urgently and yet instead emergency room for you and I it does but so many other people it doesn't. Big people are unaware of urging cares. I don't wherever he cares. Yes yes I have eight I even know might local urging care yes I know the best hours to go and you can even now. It'll look up online to see how long the wait is for your urging care little a side note I was listening to something and this one help doctored papers and where is saying that he's trying to get the word out to people. At ease urgent care physician or less expensive than emergency rooms and emergency rooms are tied up by somebody with the flu or something. So vote again on top of that can add yes I was talked to a woman who was very annoyed because. She was referred for a video appointment. Video point where like online yeah online that. Didn't even get a chance to see a face of economic. That is because you are that is great. Gonna be what it is you of them high bar and you say do you have big guy yes I do. Then they say I love it low the drugstore for my god and that is perfect I'm going so angry look like that's the most amazing thing never producing a doctor. It is not the first person move on to the next century people she and her vital not only your house. Did you have a dividends and she is set and NATO get you go to the office just get my idols take it yeah but why. Does all of that. Is awesome beak first ball if you go to doctor your programmes that people then takes that out to do in the journal fully meet says. If I'm here. For our. A problem with my ankle yet I don't wanna be sit next of Slowey nick Fluor give big leg profitable long. Yeah I'm with you so don't go on and on Monday emergency room get a less severe medical history medications and that and then that. Have a good relationship with the primary care physician because. As they say even better together ER you go to the primary care. Or had a good relationship. Which your primary care nurse and a session. He's the son Stephen is clueless on the floor the hellish. A piece he's in a monster. Spooky is there. It's time to bring out the cops do show the world years. Gary's Q4 legged friend. Here is still recovering from refrain now and he didn't win a 100. Dollar gift card for you don't wait missions and on TV news when he scored at midnight in the media that went 79 Milli. I mean. Friends of you listen at 330 year used to banning giving us news nuts and diners weren't in the week. A faintly went to a corn maze and West Jordan, Utah on Monday night and the parents. Lost track of those three year old son. And when they get the news and there than regular game and amazed and I'm gonna have a guy that well and I give it. We're not discover until the next day where everything is part of our yet again yes. Somehow I didn't realize until the next morning when they called the police told them our son might still be in that gore makes it that. They know. You sometimes he gets somebody else is supposed to take the kid right like it's a grandma's bust drug can. And I think that was kind of the situation here accounts say the parents showed up it. Police station with ten other children follow it lord chances are one of the tin was supposed to keep lie on junior. Maybe maybe a while and then it's hard to keep track and David Macaulay Culkin made low long 12 and three out of it. And it had ten kids in a normal man yes yes but it was busy dollar relative. Fortunately someone else found a kid on Monday night they didn't McCain did know enough to say where's his Dresser his name or anything's a gift. Even on you know it don't you didn't know where every man he didn't know it's all about it's zone. Right it's rare Tenet and current status to all my I. Yeah wound up in Child Protective Services who is no charges have been filed but the police are investigating how it possibly. Took the parents. That walls and all the police and realizing it was ms. Well listen and hear is Bob distant possibility they do you think the largest acute they get home and regular right to bed. They'll never go to bed you don't even look in the bedroom would you talk a little old would you tell a good night's story a young person. There are plenty well if you're ever had a bad is Tom yeah. And you know they had no idea I don't see any marred to have our hands on amusing Marmol is on track kids are lost every time I lose and it. Mean I'm not he now not informed me. I don't remember them aren't that aren't present to me if you remember that fighting load one time. Amy and her family. Where they can road trip out of order something Myrtle Beach problem with anyway they. It was too. Vehicles and have been the parade or whatever there's in the and then con going here we're not going caravan and there was a premium on ball. So both cars left the rest area. Thinking that the other had a Graham. And I don't know it's. I don't how far they were down the road eventually they had to turn around a comeback in. She's in her wheelchair on the corner and. Those Holland and go to the bathroom okay yeah I mean rest area rest home hairy back its guy Dick of the and and and other news it is really it is at I gaga is energy stock in a ranch. Firefighters and doctors worked for two hours to move a rants from a Chinese man Venus and I can only imagine kinky thing he did get that stuck there. You are you can imagine that he said I can only allowed to see you can only here is what you say is elegantly and scenarios yeah I'm I got me. That's just horrifying and had to be one of those rights is right and has the circular and Democrats it was like. You got the day you got the regular wrenching got a crescent wrenching on the sirens go socket wrench out around plumbers ranch an artery did you get stuck plumbers driving. We can't every time I did ardea streets and I do not to maybe it's a little rusty kingdom and done now. When. Doctors ask the guy how exactly ranch ended up on it. He refused to provide any detail. You're you know got a good for this guy M just thank you very much like some assistance in the removal. And fortunately for the man doctors found the large amount of swelling was making impossible for them to remove the tool. So. Doctors caught up firefighters and together the pros use an angle grinder solar ranch off the Mans series. I hated it and then he didn't sound company like us all little ball. I guess our little home run he's going to cut alpha had a padlock before where did you get the deadline other. Kind of like well I was a mile zone swords you know I lost the key Florida in the lower right. A sentence was gonna and actually video you find it now I don't. You may not be surprised to learn. Not the first firefighter penis rescue started about a giant this year it. Is meant cells as the other one was already the last yellow the wreckage. Last June. Guy in China found himself and an almost identical situation but his was stuck in the small ranch that the small. For seventeen hours. A day using angles on dentist came in and used a dental Israel. I heard of goalies adult oh yeah. An eight minute to embarrass him by toys than there was a guy and I remember this story don't have intimate guide China cute guy. Two magnets. Crowd. Yeah all this knowledge about where and on the actual things Cleveland on shelves behind him at 30. I don't know where he its he doesn't remember back in the I think it was 87. And his opponent when that guy and shot at one thing is that airlines. Story was about a kid did all the corn maze is a businessman a gag and the the itinerary you know and I. Any history you can't get a million al-Qaeda and our guy all Regina. You don't know I know a guy in the I'm gonna say went down in Pennsylvania. You I didn't know him well but I knew resistor well mad series and many of these sort. Anybody know the husband all what is things stock because. Small town news no no it's not about small time write a book it's about the fact that he's an idiot. No Deborah birdied any of it wasn't doing with a range we do we with a thing that's acceptable. But it was. At a just got twisted. Human. Though. Mike Allen lives is agreeing so and a mega read you're a round of sorts the one ring to rule alone so he gets its stock. And at worst and Perseus is called my friend his sister and she comes out and eight. His sister who Aussie and I'll tell you couldn't stop it is probably Norma my sister. That he he. All what does anybody do you write this I know this is gonna sound weird but I need your help. He didn't live there in this town at the time in New York I don't know he knew anybody there. The calls assist and you know I log down the local fast food place and didn't tell law Lauren Collins. And Greece for your bat I need appropriate numbers at gumbo and kids don't lose visiting our sisters as I don't have any idea edited at noon is getting bigger and bigger. Is dead at the bottom part Mary's and she calls is her husband. He comes over and they're trying to figure something out they can't take it out they finally got down to a kitchen with a pal governments imam I've got this issue of yeah. Tourism and well no he's just getting your brother Andre a lot and I may not mean I meet him and so the. Mother my oh my god can look at it let's call your father. I'll go to the family of bad. I'm here as a dad comes home. The second part of children. And the other part of on the got stuck so anyway he. And is daggers elements and so he takes him down the basement where there's like yes and basically to shower for when you when you're cleaning out whatever. And say puts them on a stolen he takes out a ad Jewelers Saul. Is imminent and land the land around and did that's very delicate. When you're cutting air but he had to kind of office is stunt that's the story. The airline need to show our. Employees are afraid of a bloody him up bloody good audio announced some things. And they just can't get a message. A hotel yeah overall yeah. It hasn't become like them but in the bathroom yeah I know. We saw the lion the that family. What a weird thing and never even thought about it being good but he went down the basement if you can. Stool in the case something goes wrong I think all we hear that I can plus nobody finds them very much. It does get LB Tyler serial killer I'd putt didn't I didn't. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.