Pay Cut For Your Pet?

Tuesday, March 13th

Would you take a pay cut if it meant you could take your pet to work? Most millennials would!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to our air would that remote. 71%. From millennial headhunters again I hate to admit they can bring their past work with him every day. 41% would take it take kind of 10% or more. That's have laughed now. That's. Eight. I don't think it's fair to other people to bring it and it's as pets could be a cat Ramona could be a bird it could be an amphibian. Can be a rat. But I don't think it's fair to other people to bring your pet to work not everybody is a dog or cat or a fish. We love hearing workplace allows that I think it's awesome because I visited a couple workplaces where. It's dog friendly and I as a dog lover I enjoy being greeted by the work dog in however. Had those same places patty works cat like we did and we were in Virginia Beach today today it yes oh. I think you let the people at that workplace this guy. Well. I had no say in Virginia beat the shadow was just there. That's in its. Advice came to work here and I got the job and they already had a dog thing in place Amanda have a choice winner take it covered that but they suddenly spring army and there's. And I'm very allergic to as Jill Saunders three dogs wander around I'm pissed. Off an affair it in the rat and rabbit and goldfish sneak Alison hey can mean where it is an end where you have to draw the line or did you just say dogs and and somebody sues for cats and the I can't I mean they do have take your dog to work eight. David there's no take your cat to workday morale and better and he let the cat cat's fate while they had cats roaming around. Not allowed to bring your own cat. Well. That we should start taking Edwards dynamic that that he didn't dynamic money opted to Edward down and its citizens and as I get editors catch it from us sell my soul so yeah that's a closer to check this turns into underground the way I was at a bar the other today. One of those which I don't like the pregnant dog bark thing but I've got to hipster thing at tag yet. But if your dog is barking. You've got to take the dog away. This little dog did not like what other dogs were occupied but we were out at. A place that looked on AA Alito trail like a walkway or whatever. It was dog after dog after the music they're gonna be dogs so it's not like dog marks the first time healing well no other don't come on the constantly coming along. And it's a dog's barking that much you've got to leave you got to leave. The owners duet. And it was so annoying and Amy Arizona she restored return I have somewhat of a serious conversation or something I can remember and pay attention but she was getting mad they weren't paying attention but I. I can't. Brood mother over here is dog is barking and you just sit rally as the Obama and an area do underdog was okay. You can eat you know I'm a dead dog bites on your. I don't see. Act and I have some. Somebody because my dog acts like a jerk around other animals. Dogs cats horses. And I've taken him to a couple of events that are dog friendly and it's really embarrassing. But came back and and in fact it was so embarrassing when I went to the quest for considering trying on that. I detect my friend who works here and say we can't stay because my dogs being injured and when I got him to leave to people in my section. Like out thanked god gap but I had some aggressive thing I feel bad enough. If you have the Fuzzy dog of the fussy baby you feel bad. Had he not particularly one does not everyone does and I had driven over an hour to get there are only to think OK I drove over power to get a year. I've been here for fifteen minutes now I have to drive back and. Is it paying it you have the dogleg or there was a per slightly but the one thing I'd do right out of the gate right I get the first part is turnarounds and am so sorry. About. I'm trying to get under control to me a couple minutes of settled out something it doesn't I'll leave something like that. Explain to people around it and that's my and that's regular I had babies then and I took them outside and they were humans. I. Alan. Yeah and you can detect them play and I had particularly leave them all right if you know your dog can handle it might bring your dog out. A solid. Yeah. I I thought that because of the seating bet he would be close to or season he'd be OK but he naive but see Eli and I you'll never take your dog and it doesn't have. That's on tonight and get to go to parades anymore because he doesn't like the course we'll see what are you entirely this dog look like it invented that does. I had a feeling at Doug band through the ropes before it's not Metallica's a dog has been around and and been annoying other places in and I can tell that the I could tell which guy it was her husband and then like which guy was the friend and the friend was obviously uncomfortable and even a husband was a little bit. Low because he was saying you know wanna onshore field some like that so you know which he did eventually leaves after my passing of Russert shalt. Yeah removed it caused them barking dog thing it's Jamie was announced have you ever done that gives you. I hate I would you're not allowed to say there I wasn't pat I used to not be passive aggressive at all I would just go up and say something million kids at -- isn't bears at the pool at the movie theater and them but you know I don't know that way I'm not allowed anymore and she does seem like passive aggressive inside as mentally and passive aggressive is just very very eerie image to our. I and then I have to leave because the underdogs a jerk. Are your you neuter our dog's not a dirty hit you know on the handle a little late Gambino and no I can't 'cause I. I'm worried about other apple and how they feel and that's around that's true I do I worry about everybody else to idea and you mentioned and I was thinking like how is that couples that right there and yet yet I try not to be annoying to other people. I try and there was a mouse and join other people make yes they're not being considerate of others I'll get a worrying about other people's feelings are. Alley erred in telling themselves I'm not so self centered. And I had given it anyway. Are you glad he's not in crisis in the I don't know I just didn't HI. And I don't take my cat anywhere. You please stay hole and he plays. Like I human airing try to. I don't bother people and I don't take my little lied to a bigger ones he was cool but if she hadn't hadn't been gold. We're out here anyway that's that my rent for the day Brent. More. I had to withdraw from Fort Mill South Carolina this 11000 dollars for one knows the mind the look. Now it's your turn. You need every weekday from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM to grab your share of twelve KID day from black pastor birthday chip and Charlotte's best. 1079. The lake. Let's talk reality shows to remodel loves them. I don't think I watch a realities I got used to watch survivor. Way back in the dead and watch what was inside that was on thirty some season by heart and it's still killing the ratings mean issued back in on that. Are trying to think if there's any reality show I watch it as he wants and he. Oh watch. Below deck and an act it's about this a crew and their on a processor is now reality show competition no it's not a competition Isidore like. Jersey Shore for people who work on boats in. Kind of like they handle every time I got. Fly every season it's a different crew there's drama on the same people in their hand from I'm sure you pick the show yourself pretty well I'm glad to live my life. I was more layers and more like day out what that was the fishermen thing with the gold digger thing it's not like that this is more of a relationship thing. Yeah I mean it's about them and error on the boat and they have new rich people come on and and it's behind the scenes. OK good I like how repairing relationships in the stretch. I got area. On that is I just felt very little I don't watch that but entities that are and I guessed yet as to Jersey Shore is coming back this ours yet. And the funny thing in the same people basically end I know young woman is being recruited for that. Whether rats emanated like yeah like younger people. So they'll leave like the old wise situation at the start of the young people this is why you do gym in a larger but good guy was argued. It was they maintain they they could not keep be gone like an ashes should have had. Somewhere protect all of it was mailing me. There's been Austin is in really blow off though like now that now all right on a series of all when you may not remember a told you some I wanna marry Harry. Wasn't Foxit when he fourteen where the guy in the lead at a slight resemblance to Prince Harry was very slight. Vary slap white guy would reddish blond hair yes resemblance over and a British tax. Eyes yeah right not a good when I remember the show editing it upped its. But that I do remember the fact the women were believing it. Least they you know at least that's how they've. Edited or wherever. We had a show at a bar slash restaurant. Or at the finale. That's a big their show as if anybody's young we will not remember that apple if I tell you that the premise and you. Watching it you say this is ridiculous how they have a party about the season finale Joe Millionaire. Yeah. And 8000 three's it's been fourteen years I'll. And if you'd told people. Who are were not around or whatever that time. This is a guy who's good looking guy. He's actually construction worker and days lead the women to believe he's in a millionaire's incredibly wealthy yet. And so at the end the pick somebody in the and they say. That I mean he doesn't and it is not would you like. To stay with yeah yeah. And love him or take the money rat I don't remember ever considering like all. I've fallen in love with this thousand air and the bar was packed. That finale yet was Darva Conger. Member that name. He was cutting Jody or something is on another wind very. Darva Conger. We are neighbors is always imposed label way once the marry a millionaire ones to marry a millionaire and a it's a she was trying to win that again. Which did when this be excellent VH one at a couple seasons a scream queens. Which the dual acting and stuff and chopping people up not real people up and then he got at you want and he got to be a big horror movie star this is 2008. And so far season one champ. And then draft powered. At a small pardons all six all around town and his name is. I didn't twice thirteen and ABC they had splash. When I told you guys as a media Louie Anderson in my cat's only thing I remember. And when you Google celebrity diving. We Anderson pops right up on your goal. Why some other weird people unhappy level people open logo that's if you have a chance but the thing literate coached by Greg Owen Janice. They don't Olympic diver low ratings you've got injured somebody couldn't swim I think you mentioned earlier app couldn't finish this is a. And that is. Although it was start I knew some extra seriously aired yet. Period while I mean I was Lillian 400 pounds try to do. It's not about class size I think on high diving it might be mad about you guys a little bit to do it doesn't look. Yeah also bad skating with the stars. Which is like dancing with the stars and celebrity would dance which is. Professional skater. And don't want remembered now as they've actually today yeah from a. How sad is Canadian so we kinda had ahead. Had never been on ice there's a war is a horrible. Well I Bethany Frankel is on that you know her right yeah. All the judges was Dick Button. Who is like 180 years old and Johnny Weir was aimed his dad and a guy do and a button. Button donors and now button button and going back to Louie Anderson on splash. He was 400 pounds trying to do a flip. From the five hour and he slammed by the water relating on his face and checks. Willy had. Nothing to do with the Palin did do that and as editor at the Mets are here's a celebrity is so as sort of a so called celebrities on. Stating with a star Shenyang. I know he's a big red audition is actress and now that it was like crazy memoirs when a cat. One announced it up and down Hollywood boulevard try to get the catwoman at which is crazy actors Vince Neil from Motley Crue. And Bethany Frankel and as some other people I didn't hear a night anyway so it also had a show called boy meets boy. I watched that one. It was like bats are but the twist was. This guy you will is looking to pick out of guys on guys. What happened guys were straight at the guys were gay. But he didn't know. Re keeping a straight guy at the end and trees crushed just. Scroll the guys they were straight and they got picked it one might. It's it's stupid average Joseph. He made out a big guy but hey our camera I'm going all the way. A average Joseph as a bunch of slobs and 05. Who competed for the heart a beautiful while pupil woman. And at the end today he picks one and as chubby guys or whatever and dad been a hot dialogue sound nice and I contagion might want to die and you. I think I got a little. Mr. personality this sounds so crazy 03 on fox Monica Lewinsky is a host. The premises women's surrounded by twenty men a metallic face mask. That's got to be creepy and yet the swine were everybody had the plastic surgery always meant plastic surgery like complete yeah go we're in the palace. He had one as though he contestants on the show we interviewed her out because she was from subway here in the Carolinas that. And I remember the entire time she was in the studio she kept looking at her reflection in the studio window. I mean we're reaching out to the notion that criteria it was complete. Facial reconstruction. Real quick farmer wants a wife spends on the CW 08 bats or type thing but women that you manual labor to win the heart of the country boy oh thank Hoosier daddy fox 05 minute game at a women's attempt to find the real that the Miller beer or hitting chastity could makers think that they were actually that are that. Once he did a federal one of those same thing about. The reality show the bad produce its. Speaking of reality shows that one to seven on a link dot com click on shows from that Ramona check out the bachelor radio games. Who'll be the contestants. In the bachelor was staffed right here at our radio stations and attacked you that. Not comment doc he's one of them separated. He's today has ministered. That's mine and I look at that he's seen at Acadia. More podcasts and either objectives I think I'd want guys want to our boss is one of those guys you Karbala on its. Off there was met her. Good things here's my friends of yours like your friend's wedding season you don't wanna be in somebody's wedding and I do love telling us. Plus hearing about and do new things yet. Babysitting my twenties it's apparently knew and when he eighteen and relevant is the signed it Zheng get pieces are set to guest. C members know a great idea how a player gets a crying don't blitzing and Jeter for example I'm more than your guest book. Yeah I'm gonna I'm assuming we're talking and he. Big. I want to be a big gang Andre more than just in the nineties and gets this. Writing on here. And guess what and a. I guess I'd like a year bulk that's a good point maybe it is a regular sized yen dollar palace got to like sags and you know that's weird because my size but the bigger Jiang. Yeah I think it's a dollar a bigger commands less likely pull up the giant game and then I am I know up version way Mora collected an app. I don't weigh more the Al you have a life sized didn't react you know bets and we are pinnacle launchers that Dolly's eyes. Waste maybe hung waste is. I don't know how how tough this at all told you're wasting a good look at me. It letting having an 83 feet that sounds good let's go with refute I I it's always always a life size and that's weird is what is actually expecting. That's weird I image you know such thing is is more like a giant sized anger yes something like that but everybody and I don't know rappers like sized. This one says five foot. By five. It's gone we aren't is five feet and I think. Oh not an incident is over my latest update then I guess but the signs into pieces. They are columns. That lucrative with the hair declaration air column I only don't edit it. Him like that you use to style like a ranked. Now am guessing you did it's that. Number once used to style your hair yeah but the ones that are decorative did you used to hold back your hair kinda almost like a clip I got. I angers that here in place I think you're gonna like this it's cheaper to. A single group can. That'll late when it walked down just one wrote a whenever. I think that's cool it's quicker and cheaper and he really into an epic day. A single one of somebody that's something simple like that on big cakes. Big stakes are huge everywhere and it's although I've never heard and mentioned if they get any as anything that they'd take. And apologized I'd love that cup cakes till we keep the cupcakes because. If you don't heated at the wedding it's easy to transport and take it in a very high delicious. Gets some from the wedding. And I don't it around and yeah take it take. Letting. Ted we got personally had cupcakes at little boxes to take your cupcakes. OK maybe they've a box and then I'm a box you can't take food out. Oh yes you can no no no no debate that. And allocated big takes bigoted just because I don't know if that take years I don't think Newton is and I don't think that would won a case that. I like figuring out now is glad fig gauges there isn't it doesn't sound the same as. You know years. Delicious led maim you or chopped later red velvet cake. I told you I think. I didn't know that things you know. Make it right I mean that's one of their things yeah. I didn't know that my neighbor Tony had to turn it brought me a very he has a big tree was its eggs every year he brings went over I was pound and those things member that. All of that came into the largest panic like forty pigs. Guys on got look out. I don't know who knows a thing well everybody else at work did pass pass after it. About wedding keeps. Attaching pale light tapes that backs of their dresses. Then. Superhero metallic takes. Using foil and edible glitter you know thinks. Earlier this tournament at some of that is just not good for had a you're England where I am and what I. Love love love love love love love. Anywhere under the weight and get ready. A pretzel bar. Can't all pretzels various kinds very you know I I'm just gonna go old school regular but I understand that a pretzel with various solid no Sulzer. I'm in dinner menu or whatever and so when it's like any hands at your wedding guests I am now right yeah I mean you might like you know like right. Keep your Robert. And crunchy vegetables are just at the dinner yes skip the dinner give me the pretzel balk. I'm thinking more about us anymore verde gap cocktail party. Type things pretzel. Pretzel I like Robert Bennett a bar the art museum popping up all having not I'd spent years at bars now that's always a lot of times an app menu. Perfect I didn't I think that is a soul an end and a pretzel Bart is something you could pull off at a little party your house yup. So I was telling people and you'll you'll notice that I put on my based based in Qatar burning embodied understand you. Either grow up and Billy visit Philly a lot that outside the stadiums. Dirty guys and gals these guys with shopping carts would sell soft pretzels in paper bags and six for a dollar. And they are scattered all over the street. And it's hard. You know I grew up and it I don't think it's weird thing but telling somebody a guy who's that. Pretzels soft pretzels yes lay near any shopping cart that was obviously still now a local activity at the pretzel factory. That's that would have children are still did note that obviously stolen from their local grocery store out. If I'll I would pretzels. This guy had it ended I mean literally one time I was at a stoplight after that puzzles we saw the guy that there was nobody around to department the pretzels right. Right in here he comes out of the woods did but it's paying its app. Wager your route do the very least. And we are now my idols train nobody got sick and Billy we got stronger yes yeah that was always a thing like gap clothes would be exhaust smoke in that. Wondering where they did go to the bathroom was nowhere around. And he went there was a dollar for like six I thank my dad would say let's wait till after the game like fifty cents. So yeah there's things Russell bars. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to offer air with Matt Ramona. There's a mess that's calling us all back and that messes that quite simple we think that everybody as a that you're now. Therefore puts pressure and you might say figured it out to be like it's an earnings keep. Social media it. Be. A good day eating he acts with anything anything your terrible last. Has or you want to hurt you wonder you at least a and I really anything your terrible at now that's the thing that. You'd have insecurity about gas jets every night you think about it but you're terrible about it. Well I do you think your bad parent you think other parents haven't all figured out yeah well sometimes I think on average. Not that look this is a but there are a lot of people a lot of people averages bat right Miami. Is just didn't want and that it's not okay to be average. I Al. And I as best I can get. And in studies say that because. While you're talking one of our FaceBook friends Melanie. Coming in on a video dot posted on our FaceBook page about me in my mom. If you Ramona is awesome I hope I can care for my mom when the time comes even half as well as remote. And alert I say that about. All of my caregiver friends because it looks like kill. And I always feel like. All we just take it hour by Ed I'd today it is better to do it is better so I'm always beating myself up about it. It always looks like other people are doing a better job it always. Tom yes and I'm designing doing it out as I go along but it's like other people have it nailed some other. People I don't think that I'm in the bottom 30% or something Baghdad there's always somebody at its like your Dejan. Joyce east they're always act I've told somebody is like they didn't want it. Always Matt mostly no matter what toys to be somebody lifted more weights has a better body that you. It he can't stop you from doing something because there's someone better. But just the way the world works to be dual battery you're not repeated number one. So who caught up you win by about yeah figure that bad not to say a minimum wage stem. Some dispelling this myth that I Tony smaller. And doesn't spelling America's going to be some. Better at it again. There is little bit project the so I disagree that never has figured out on out everybody because there are people have figured out certain things. You know today there's some people who. Like on social media make you think they've got to figure yeah it was a full they're really struggling. Yeah a lot you seder social media experts not you don't basement as they struggle there's people like you are crazy yeah. And you talk to other parents and you know Emil occasionally say you know the attitude jobs you know Laura I'm you know and we Bartel saturn's on miss manners something that you know. Or she when she works so you miss an event or something like that like. Joe Schmo when Lucy Murray either go to everything that happens labels pictures and all the time and then I say they're not reapply Lehman opening schedule what does this affect. So. They he quotes Ricky Gervais you know the comic British comic. The best advice he says I ever received is no one knows what they're doing either. I would change that to most people don't know what they're doing you not know. Ed depending on the field I mean Oprah Bill Gates. Zuckerberg they figured. I have a lot figured out. And got to be some things she's. Other some things yes but I'm saying and business wise or computer lies there. Whatever I think Mark Zuckerberg or b.s those Amazon guy Dickinson crap figured out. Yeah you know right blow gates. Hasn't baste it and finish at when he was working in his garage got things together. So you know depending on the subject of the things some people that while life in general noticed it. Now that's something never figure out not after it and try. We don't know meaning a lie to myself why try. To and it Isaac Daniel listeners over aren't asked not far out audible book. I would probably account sports everything doesn't want to get iPad thinks he just once it's about being so crazy. Well and that's a whole another act you know I've been handled and an Oprah wrote anything about that and if you just geez I should write something just stopped being crazy. Our cape deplorable painfully OK stick there. Or maybe does that prevent it and they show. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.