Put The Phone Down!

Tuesday, May 15th


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Over there we go walking the dog in the park and I go to this park. And it's got pad is in the wounds but it also has like a paved area. Where kids skin roller skater walker rider bike or whatever and not some walking on the pig part up the hill. We have the dog and it's just a suspended me and some kids at one kid is in the side of the O bill belittle paved dirty says. San vice or long borders coming. No way. I went really well you might if I just keep walking it's pretty wide and these kids come flying by and and and and it's fun. A sudden this kid comes up behind me when ice he's not really kitty this guy looked about I don't know 20/20. Two years old right. Can never seem like a full grown adult pits on a bike that looks like it's too small. And they choose it just because they wanna write a small boy you know it's just it's not like. A big bike like cruiser something it's just a smaller. Blake and and this is a guy on one of those bikes. And so he's probably I 589. Your 510. And he now is writing his smaller bike up a hill. He's going up the hill and I'm hearing him behind me and he's grunting and he's grunting and go on myself up pepper in oh. Stop that big hill should be that difficult to let take on Andy goes by me he's grunting I notice he's holding the handle bar with one hand. As he looks at his phone. With the other he's out on a beautiful day sunshine. And no humidity. He's going up that he. Good what are your Italian T Avril fans and pitch up the hill are army Libya's public defender JD have ear buds and or headphones on I didn't notice that no. Vicki was that may be was changing what he was listening to you know he was looking at the phone. I think one were flipping through it. A wonderful how public a fitness app on and he was trying to see whether or not he was gonna die before he got to the top of the hill. I'd you know my guess would be no that's not the case. My guess is that he's following one of his friends. And and one of his friends is at a pizza place or something you had to know honey just put it in your pocket to a ball cans as we so much easier for you. To get killed because you don't have the same balance. When you're when you got the phone I mean that is amazing that you were that addicted that riding a bike up by hill. You have to go one hand it. I would like to I have found detection I would like to be cured. But it's it's I'm. Not his simplest just not having a phone no I know like that's not an option Newton but some of my dad filmed behaviors. I. If I really want it to quit. Or change I probably could I know that I should protest not knowing that you said it's not the same thing is wanting to mean is that not like the biggest. Oil sands leases. Made a lot of areas these so many area and yes nobody in your honest. Don't really. And tip I know apple is one of our great American. Companies are he'd apple. Because they tricked me they keep. Popping up would you like to go to iTunes not now which I like to install the new updates not now not now not now not now and set in once more well. I screw up and I did over the weekend. I hit installed now oh you did the update in your mad at yourself. Well first bullet you can't do anything for awhile while they do the update and then I know what's coming on everything is gonna be changed. The font is changed. The notes are changed all the things that I use in the photo change plus. It automatically installed the privacy code which I don't like to use. So I now have to use the four numbers every time I go on to want me to disabled I disabled I committee's April it's it's driving me out of my mind I forgot the four numbers of course he did you remember them now I can I fix it if you all right we rhetoric I've been told that our. I did she tell me here I get told that they are now I get told that here.