Raise Your Kids To Respect Money

Monday, August 14th

If you want your kids to be smart with their money as adults, you've gotta teach them early! Ramona has some ways to point your kids in the right direction.


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Who is are raising their. The next generation of bargain hunters if you wanna raise a kid who respects money here to think you need to do. First of all stop loaning your kid money. They have to understand that every time they want money. They don't go out borrow it from somebody right you gotta earn money gap easier said than done sometimes they're jail and bail money. Should've been and if they do borrow money from you whether it's to buy a snack or ice cream makes them pay it back and which requires you to keep track of every time you go to the dollar store or the grocery store and they want something. And as they can. You make sure they pay you back. Force your kids to prioritize their purchases. So that they know that everything they want they're not gonna get wind they want it your best and our best and also encourage your kids to look for deals they want a high in snacks. Verse is the store brand. Now they need to look for the deals whether it's on Amazon's. Find any coupons find in the store we you can get the best price for a dollar you'd love to be it to a tutor of that all my guy thought he did your children if you teach me I don't know if it could not be like that Andrea draft then and it they don't get an allowance still put the kids on a budget. For ice cream for pizza for all the extras that they want to that they know there's just not in endless supply of cash for every little thing that they. Agree about my kids and every wasted report that's not the one thing I actually gives me hope is that they're being raised by a very cheap man. That's true I am very cheap manner that is true and I do teachers the the restore broad band have been he has storm. But brands it was hard to say and raised by a miserly and I say no a lot. But it doesn't always does sometimes it's overruled.