Ramona Chats With LeAnn Rimes

Tuesday, January 23rd

LeAnn Rimes joined Ramona here on The Link to talk about her upcoming Charlotte show, the new music she's working on and more!


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This is never gonna show a 107 finally Charlotte's a bad mix. Should do thing T you know what. Little while and all illegal and raw means I am. Art is so good to talk cute. Did you millionaire but we talked I yeah I refresh myself on some leak in history. Are payable early. It's amazing to see that you're just 35 years old you started so young. Yet. I. And I couldn't have been ignorant and pop mine out there it is great is meeting agreed to me is accurate. I have literally lived here last. Month that. What would you have an end up duke it. Celibate you in the game. You add up and it. I wanna up it is. I don't I think one really great thing about starting early on is that at Idaho elects. With them pentagon for the event that. Had great success as of now on my way. Can bring about I want to do reclaim our and that you know it's not it. Not inferior I can't predict it let me at the beginning like it I am happy I am a cougar be made. Liane I know you probably remember coming up on Star Search it was. Bad day for those of you don't remember it was. American Idol the voice of it today. Or now when you look at these kids now who are appearing on these reality shows what advice would you have for him because some of them. Are distant young as you work. Yeah I think I would RRR. One record I expect. A crowd. I got other. It lands are. I got up like fat it or not it that you think that the shows now suspect you know what money at it like a it would record duke I think I'll beat Italy. You know you would be showed and they haven't. He can have a built in. Millions or billions open people you know that are that are not here right Eric. It is the main thing that they have. On being able to come to step in the theory van. But you know it's. I think it's good for them I think beyond like that error it tickling epic election bid them you know it it it really security expert and it's sure that you you know what techniques and our peanuts is that the but I bird but you know I was all of that lack another. It's a lot of order. Oh it definitely is a lot of Wear big momma is a lot of work to. Our career. And are. In now that you have. Experienced. The mom likes to. Is this something that you would want for your kids would you want to in the business. You know can't pick. Up and eat well and I hate it everybody pat and Mike I don't. You know wait. Really sick and I can't connect aspect obviously are trying to parent and and apparently they can expect that the older back. Economic path I am. You know we take a crack it and not cut off and eat. I think basically locked in the world you know when I was in a really good how are up and down. And president where where you want to. What is it important thing as bank in the end. They don't want that eloquent perhaps after impact and Canada. I am now looking back you know and then what language under an independent. You know from that point is an important. And now looking back in your career you've conquered. Country charts the pop charts in timber Christian. Youth act it. You've got four books under your belt to novels. Two children's books but I will say it seems like. You've been showing a lot more love to the UK when it comes to music and you have their people right here in the united. I have noticed in. A lot of Olympic event and I am I would expect aqueduct is that and I had a banner that. Says. Quiet at. Well a couple bad end. And like it do you embrace. That that they are so hurt and because of our panel. I am. What are burning car wreck it just kind of started writing for a couple of bunker and an entry ever tried it but you're gonna come out. But hopefully they'll be. It's very clear. Mark in more traditional country pop dance pop. Got an advance on people are able Carol for a label or electric and everybody back. Now I liked I liked it and I could put out that elk. Hill you know can peel back and I'll probably. You know great story isn't very Mario. How would I can count on it apparently at. I think the Clean Air Act well you know we go and when I Italy and Libya and then expecting something completely different because. You know prepping them kinda open panel as being more air I'd ask lately I'm seeing what I'm writing when I am leading. Now I am I haven't. Had a very very faint and that is scary that it has been very crap that but I am really cool to see it appeared to create something out of that there really. And and you've got such incredible voice you can do so much with that you consider treatment in. And yeah and gamble yet at a I think it's. To me at. Great epic about a greatly. Greatly and about making people. I think people places them and so am IPO I bet they don't use Wikipedia you know I'm not. My. I carry them on right now and how I wanted to. Aren't coming out and leader caught my constantly from the place. What we're really excited you're going to be on stage here in sharp early January 31. What can your fans expect to see in the year. And we beat Connecticut carry Alec in between Pakistan and as error Karl. And hit an early ink. You expect that the results are correct my carpenter. Because people pretty black. Everything up for five. And I love Atlanta act in the audience everybody basically I think living rooms. You know what are my active group of corporate group all and that apartment. Clapper if I have a feeling we have like a hole at the outback. We deal. And it kind of end as a kind of cool from the and we haven't yet that aspect definitely. The optimal. After about like what I. Well we check the other cities you didn't pick a lot of cities we're just excited that Charlotte. Is on your short list. Need to kill you I thought I. Think when you elect acted you then. Can't get it at. Leann Rimes January 31 night theater right here in Charlotte. Tickets available right now won a 79 the link that comes the end thank you so much Eric Eckhart.