Ramona Creeped On Dan Marino

Thursday, November 16th

Ramona spent her time at the Panthers game creepin' on an NFL legend...was she able to get a picture with him??


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening to talk there with the remote. Right before we get if you the business and through. Horry. It about a wedding I should. Tell people that Ramona is incredibly awkward around celebrities. Yeah. There anybody who's ever heard is Joseph knows that I mean I've done my share of foot and mouth there's things like that bind accidentally kissing a local TV anchor. Okay that was all Greg and I are now out man accounting errors let I. Wind either a couple of well you don't wanna be an easy keep your distance is that the thing. To his stocking and it felt great Dan Marino did you Helms so harsh you might remember of raced into Earth's protective. You face jockeying ice day China hit close to him about getting close to him. Jack that's so what I. Definition invited by my friends at sprint and T sprint that's nice is hanging in the air so for the Pippen's game on Monday night. It was three and I ran into our receptionist husband. Within the next week over and he came over to the sprint to say hi to my friend Nene needs and he goes by the way. In another suite. Right next to ours. Is didn't. Relate. Our top 100. Athletes when you and and I'll sign your freaking out. A think he has odd maintained his hot tennis over the year. He's always an eyes go to write a list of your team radar system yeah that's right didn't receive. Always good crowds and is. Hot would also cool. Yeah I mean yes there's no question. I just that I used got the giggles over Dan Marino as a rising it's gonna put it I'm not. I'm more into NFL players. Then NFL teams. Caddie piano. Right when you like you Panthers though I like my grandmother's well let's face it I love me some Camden and elk and. As ugly as an candidate anyway. As it always says. Oh. Our recession is husband says what Conover. End. You can. Sedin. And this part that you're invited over now. Well I got normal human being you go out and meet them. They just invited you over now I really got to do is go with them and say demery announce. Lowry had that negative pressure yeah I fringe and I give big Eagles like oh. Who. And I but you don't over now and why. What is the word they just asked you are usually invited by the guy you know. My cell phone I was gonna say and do something stupid. And leave or really bad impression of. I know how did and would never call you again and yeah. Stands for us to do something with Dan Marino professionally. Like him to remember me. Don't quit don't quote stalker. Who said or did something stupid when his be happy that I live here. A lot of myself. If I don't have all the Panthers team this isn't alone. Happened team in that locker room time. When I went to locker room and British island yeah Charlie. And security and that Barry he had bit all of us everyone around. Learning on linebacker Thomas Davis pictures up of the matter FaceBook page and IAA. Done that since you weren't I have there is merit a wedding in. Luke legally he it and ran well that's True Religion from the peak leaf thing about it is trying to gigs at antagonism that is flat a that's right yeah nothing creepy about that. Not a great me. So yeah. Because that. Never run in and not do it and being girl supposedly had an opportunity later this season you simply didn't really let women. Isn't that the creep you any more or one which isn't great. This exhibit again Monaghan picture and finally can we do have a sense that they're doing that court's October on. A minute. Don't none out by news from you because he gets weird every time our. Senior vice president walks into the room and says Sally may not play celebrity you know. Kim you. Heard it and all Koreans out people do what did you support. Going into the sweet and Dan Marino. Was even within limitation he got into this week next is suite where gamer you know was. And then we pretended like we were doing a video of our cell just. But actually got Dan Marino in the background. And then beside you and I'm not sure it was Dan Marino was saying. This guy went on an arena. Like a little dot on these tiny tiny league in my. Dealings the what are these. What is he going to do and he knows your theory and it. Yeah. It bothered to Jonathan Stewart Thomas Davis and deeply guerrillas we are all you guys weird to me again and I and this. The tall the postal. And the time to do is talk about EU debt and your stocking way he's now. Well they're gonna that was going to be worse because you know some of the failure just podcasts about this weirdo and try to that your date given twenty yards away yeah. Mile and up the security to mention how many of an attack him on this thing that means there would surprise me he did. But I wanted to know that it would hurt my feelings have you and I'm on. 1079 Philly and Atlantic records have combined to bring you. Hello Curtis. And you know arrives early with this president on Sunday December 17 as an all time low and special guest secondhand serenade spread. Holiday cheer at the Fillmore. Get your tickets while they lasted all Ticketmaster outlets. You listened to 179 delaying your exclusive source for ticket city streets and VIP experiences. It's an all time low Christmas from Atlantic records fox 46 Charlotte there's still more in Charlotte's best knicks' 107 now. No link. This wouldn't we one of the reasons are possible reason Ramona would never want to be apparent as when every have to deal with it. Oh yeah throw up I figured that's why. Guide decided that I would not be imam all group that he news that. Vomit. And whoop. Where nothing's that I couldn't overcome and pass it over to them I come I could never did just couldn't do that no. So this woman on FaceBook. And Jessica Brooks who it's hard because you've heard shares is harrowing tale of following her nose. And try to locate the source of an awful smell her two year old bedroom. She postage you spent nearly an hour with you for the source of the smell material bettered only discovered she had done a coup on the windowsill. Behind the curtains. This is my life has managed when exclamation. Even so imagine me. It's such an odor that you gonna search for has been that bad and that's again it's the features. Into him. So you post that then somebody posted. I just found a draw draw full of PE NN any blame the dog up and I. All. Initial pictures it's like. Like it's got a bunch of B solid first I thought. Andy he's living the low but it a lot of not a guy or out of it and not some kid in her different mind cool lord are gonna see it above. Was telling me the story sold out which is gonna gag if you could see it this jury how she was. At one point training her son when he was little she had heard from another mom that you train a little boy to. You can send it to pee in the potty ending up by putting some Cheerios in the bowl right. They hit the Cheerios yeah yeah. When I want to grow you didn't glue to our mind quickly Hartnett says. Ian in the toilet again. Tell me didn't going to pay entry and pianist serial botched it begin. You'd piece of you left him unattended at the table. He peed in his cereal bowl. A. That's funny that's NASDAQ where they all get off my gag where that money it costs. It's hard bad shape so I started seeming to support mom I'm sure I. Was asked. So these so we're not exactly sure what the other people said but she has here Jesus added Nancy writes things like just to confirm this is human too. To your little girl to not animal to banks that kind lady message medium army social services will get involved if I have cat who won my window. I'm even got to tack. Users upset that might actually be attacked I might get hurt. Attitude just to clarify. I don't encourage my apparel child to climb on windowsill is just decide to get up there to get toys during nap time please donate. Talking of let's see what else is the average I have to respond to get a team clarifying. I'll take disgusting vile parent comments although I did shared on the I'm mom easy mom page as a parent aged the people missing the point but disappointed in the people that stalked my profile is that I shouldn't posted it because. I am not owners or something it's not a patients through our cats who are my 2.2. Mile. Up. And it worked very hard in my job looking after people as well as government region of the prisoners. And as I always Jim pace of with the utmost respect care and confidentiality. And I actually have been entertaining them when my true story it was not a patients to its. And that at no time another person comedies is a no time which you arrest for calling out the window. Nor is wrong with the people does. Enjoyed the comedy it is now some people can't. Menzies Alston my hand trust me she doesn't feel embarrassed humiliated or mentally scarred by the bush she's too. Doesn't have a FaceBook and FaceBook account I can't guarantee I won't hold her against her later in life. It's just I think I just asked me on the date. I. Oh not a guy who has two out of a day because of that post cannot be trusted and cannot be trusted and only now. And it's time to get up field remain technically. And he got a little girl who bruise on the windows and I'm glad. I like you are now shelved its. Soledad and again a lovely person and like my house is covered bleep are words not mine. I got guarantee my house does not have any two and honey other rooms and I know love and visit to really likes to share. And I apologize report little girl is apparently never gonna get a job as employers Google to in the window sill post as references. And that it's amazing isn't it that people after is that just enjoying it as a good little. Gross story. You know just let it lay there and I'm looking for a reason judge parents yeah that's odds true. We did osment sticky things are fanning kids' rooms went out and I'm pretty sure it was a pumpkin yeah that they found in late January for Halloween. There are going to be able hours and I am playing your kids are a well I'm sorry I wasn't looking for up. Under the it's off there. Thanks Phil ladies for listening and people like that it's scary explore that be great. Those who don't know big he's huge Disney guy at one point it was only place you've ever gone on vacation. Still around thirty he got married now about thirty times. And that neighbor at least. At least intact so I mentioned John Mack as the article today. This week. About Disney bounding. The deaths address uptrend creative fans are obsessed wit. It is not Haas play to those who don't know cost play in when you go full cost him about anything whatever would be. Star Trek character zombie whatever. And although I. I don't like the first sentence in his article he says cost playing has made its way into the mainstream. And I am now. Mean there's more people and many it rat I'm and I know. Q people. I probably 102 people worried yes I am not that in the article is very misleading and that sent spot when I say mainstream. I mean more mainstream people. Ever heard of it. Yes that it attacked that it got mainstream is like it was caused. You people are coming to work as Xena the warrior princes. Yeah a little bit later references lizard named Lucy Lawless and a unless you're die hard Disney and you may not have heard of Disney bounding which band he has heard of it's a subtler more fashion forward way prepares to show their love for does state. I'm Doug adults here yeah. They don't do it cost him. They dress of stylish everyday -- it's known as is the now. Closed Disney bounds when you wearing it is pounding. And I inspired by care. That's because there's a rule against anyone over fourteen. Wearing an actual costing within the park. Right. Of trade little girls get to dress up like princesses but big girls. It yet another edit it it it's actually should be a rule that lonely people wonderful girls are reporting can call themselves princesses. I'd be okay we active sync out of legal hide you can't add that I I wouldn't be Goodwin is. Let's see I can say with I diagnosed bumper stickers they're fourteen it can't drive get to know princess bumper stickers or shirts. Or at home page 114. I'm I'm I have object to. So bad apple tax. You never Wear one. I wouldn't Wear like a princess teacher here any seeing but down. I have considered to any bargain princess bumper sticker no you would all know why would I have couldn't. It's there how do it Dorgan and hours. Hours of behind and that's a mocking you don't. Colors. And even downright you can make fun of me. Yes at a news Salam bargain printed this and how. It can be bought. The authority like a dollar. Line. Of geek Cal's a bumper stickers. For every princess and manage them you can imagine like here's one I saw today that was a panel princess I used girl whose end is bode. We're a sticker. At a discount I. Sang like so yoga princess coffee princess Thai princess statement that I was there. Bart I'll print and get a good boy so. Prison as the naked but it doesn't yet I exactly well maybe it does. So anyway this fashion blogger. Who runs the Tumblr Disney balance site that uses close to recreate the outfit your favorite Disney characters that being costing me. So you go to a mall or wherever school and not every night at her success as. It's a subtle. One week did you put together contemporary outfits. And it went from like a hundred followers to a hundred thousands of dollars. And you can't get on national TV talking about this. She says a big misconceptions it likely you know is that he Disney bound is not a cost him. Eric Close and styles. And yeah that'll. So every woman where big clunky pumps. And an A line skirt is Disney bounding as many announcers that you know you Wear yellow yearly Delaware white gloves. Well okay there yet she should be mock that too and stadium just an usher at my certificate instead of using actual props in character wigs. These accessories like jewelry and purses instead of a sword. You may be doing necklace with a sword charm. God you know that I am on the bubble of whether that's worse then. Just full cost like should I felt that. I'm gonna first evolves some of it is so subtle that only you know what you're doing that makes we then you're trying too hard to get attention at that point. However I got to give these people a break because any given sports fan is not mocked for wearing his. Panthers. Sweat shirt or hat. Or are now wearing that Jersey on game day as if he or she is gonna be called off the big engine into the game so I give the Disney Channel a break for their Disney balancing. All right me and dirty mean and how you express your family your business and we're not gonna make fun of sports people sports people shouldn't make and other people. We are lap. Boiling some people wearing jerseys so really I'm a married like jerseys at the ball game in that belief here you're wearing one right now. I am. Women have a lot more leeway and a guy. Yeah I read they ideas sporting kind of aghast don't look today it's cool I noticed that. Now I know whatever I see somebody wearing a call them out. This woman says a white whereas I go out with my -- boyfriend and we do lady in the train. And as he says is more clear when we're together people can. Pick up on. Why because they're eating the same strain that's beginning. I don't know man. Yeah I I understand which are saying failure fan of football team you might Wear that your something it says children some like the mascot that okay right there you go. You're just wearing little and and and you will be fine for you Wear a Disney shirt and a nineteen medals on it OK you are funny thing. The first Panthers game of the season that went to I did dresses or her own guy ahead. I had the ears they can exhale. Now nom knot oh no one knew your defending but yeah. I. Exit the Mets and yeah. Wow I could you do rebounder is that it's gonna get corner you can see the article fighter on the map takes its reality reveal what your schedule all off there who. As always thank you for grinding do I asked did you do I kids are being registered. I don't screwing up. Timing timing I mean. Gold role ask for a kiss which he's as relaxed as possible. But wait you're not you're outside of the restaurant or don't do it yen in front of people and illness at that table Macon now you'd this year there's a long silence as he walked her moment of silence. They say that means you might be expecting. It's a good time or she does is when I talked bite. Don't do don't be too gimmicky. And give us some sort of like rose the red silences beach. The gimmicky. Cripple another the Mickey give getting to be gimmicky got a column color yeah first look at the you're the clippers or are you willing endless card is obviously doing magic trick yeah nobody makes it gimmicky or Timmy you I think they say don't say too much like don't give out. This is something heavily weighted Wheeler always waited yeah you're at a rate well in that moment on my lives in basic. Added 89 what you gonna kiss you goodbye. And love it's better than men I have a test. I love that. Because it shows he's a true gentleman to ask for kids yet but when you. Ask for a kiss it also give makes things a little awkward. Yeah ABM I am telling you when you're asking you are so close the face. Of that. Is so close to the finger in her personal space. And much better the personal space is good chance yet he entered the personal space Lolita or have you jump ball up in the personal I can't advisor talking years start to wander on and and maybe it will provide adult they said or to know. To know what's in your own with dale. Viewers know little about the Belle counties up and she's wearing a dress and a did you nobody asleep in the belly button in grammar trip and I love what he's an emergency consummate coach and coat. Or close. And they let that you know. It's Salmonella and I in the studio she's very deserves it. Do you are up against along the interior note here using Herrick a totally zone collar people are lapel it would average puller towards you. It's like not aggressive again. I certainly am I'm not mistaken I'm buying chrome you're not ready to do it aggressively use calculate the foreigners and let. Taylor handled. I don't use that magically. It is usually eat a fishing term what is it you're used to describe a situation where. The prey is fighting to get away I don't know my bombers bounce and up and down. Abilities that I. I don't sing I actually don't lard because is way. Have youth I use it used I don't know close. Ups and on that no she desertion in particular about their event the first kids. The first kids and you are reaching for my belt buckle up pull me yeah I'm telling right now nobody drawback in not. No you churn up your hands in the waist and thought man has done and he'll drop back and now Islam. I'm gonna go. Just Larry I'm getting a mind him getting divide. It's test the. You could let that cat lady lets my development arm. They want someway down down and I knew you region its dividends Andrew's very vague. New do you read this. I know I cannot this. The DD DD. Test the waters first let's say you wanna go for just mid day and he's going greats is flirting touch you all that stuff. Instead of phrasing has a question right away say something like. It looks so beautiful tonight I keep thinking about kissing you. Every time you put that meet your. I think yeah yeah. That dude yeah. You're the way you eat a hamburger and hanging on alone makes me wanting keep them. Maybe better that this is the best smooth and sexiest approach. The thing doesn't even say that she does she laughed that off there's even an ownership interest or are. Laughing it off and laughing at you not doing Howard two different than what she does like really well maybe you should. Oh yeah. I hear in this day and you are wet and and I have to tell you that. That one is perfect for you. And the goofy woman who likes you know or be sexy man and I said it not set yeah not sexy is goofy. But can I kid her response. As given by you is who he is well also you two belong together and I think it's a very good election. Don't you remember it and use. On don't ask as your line June. We can just and my daughter would that be like reeling her in one. No because villiers Beirut lately and the minute she starts even resist you or Baghdad. That's different and that's when your line using on this. Again back to face and give us a line out even urea. Go to Anaheim that any enterprise it at the tip line just your asking it it's an ambush not romantic. I'm dies happens on TV like that went on a sexual tension lenient. You know our artillery or I I've never. And and maybe I'm in the minority here but I have never experienced that they were all of a sudden you're mad at each other or you're just talking. And then next thing you know you're kissing furious yeah you gotta go in slow you get on you use TV kissing India. For the early on guessing you're honest broker. Yeah you get it under and I don't love it since you don't know why the sudden forward the last. GE U says you know. Make it as human make the sexual tension you know build up a little bit. Maybe be say yours and Jesus or don't even get at a chair for a few seconds I'm waiting wanted to keys you can nine and very few second process a dive right into the air. Awkward let's. I don't think it just he's he's been there. Now. They say then you take it says here take a no in stride. You pulled the trigger Jesus no sixer head gently deflect the conversation. Oh yeah there's like Wheeler ran. She tells you know then drop and immediately don't act surprised like. Really well let's do a great day yeah. And don't ask why a case because I've picked the wrong restaurant I got Brett slice it tonight. And don't try to change your mind. Are drag it back and those EU. Walk it off rub some dirt on it walking off. Just been rejected deal. Worst case scenario and this is she's in salt. Herb replies with no bleeping way am I get a tissue. So that does arise you have to do with the I didn't mean to insult to ma'am I'm sorry. And luckily. Gundy. Didn't know that that's your lesson murder and walk away where you want the day. Against your candidate says if the former U girlfriend yeah Don I'm going to be giving your idea anyway only your car yeah. Good day to pick up there yeah it's. Off there with Matt from. India's new signs of debris there needs and 6 o'clock hour he's got a bonus points now. The 38 year old landing chance Monday and stolen 2017 Dodge Challenger from a rental car. Parking lot at Nashville international airport yesterday. Our last week. He and his girlfriend at 38 year old woman named Kristi Caldwell jumped in the car and took off. Because the Dodge Challenger was so fast they were able outrun the police in a police chase. Blue man and you can't ask for us Jason that faster over year rise up and it seems some. Dodge Challenger police cars. Yeah I don't like control hasn't. Definitely. It's right around the time when his girlfriend Christie called 911 from inside the car to try and turn her boyfriend ending in a reward. A dollar mail in the right thing to do alone know what she needs the money. Let's do this conversation I assume I mean OK he's drive themselves and you know that's definitely one of those arguments and you have a couple where that. Yet pull over and shippers you can walk. Yeah I did you pull over during the chains aren't you gonna get caught if you might explain it's got NA AA had just got to drop her off yeah. Resume the chase and I just I just can't have is in the Miller Lite on are you not blowing as mrs. Tuttle is a bit like I did it a live audio understand. On time may be new. The dispatcher told a woman there wasn't any reward money out for this guy a because he had just committed to. On. They are still in pursuit now she is she wouldn't give him up without the money so they got away. The cops investigated they found chance and arrested him. Andy and yesterday they arrested Christie for attempting to harbor a fugitive who's trying to hide him. I cheating get the money she's like I'm as well hi do you. He was an audit. They turn Anderson catalyst with the organs and Harry yes. That's that's just messed up I need you got to play Aaron got to break sell it to a tell me I don't know. Legal life of crime behind. Not for you live and you are lady I bet they won't admit they won't. Many back together apparently obviously she is very clueless. So growth for admission he had a major sign that you are not cut out to be. Bonnie to his clock but he took her back. She's calling nine lines like it is whispering into the phone edited it down in May be on another call eight then another call the Bluetooth thing in all of his buddies famous music. Gimme an element. And Jack only Japanese police are looking into an attempted murder of an elderly. Bedridden woman. Who there investigation. Ultimately led to an unlikely suspect which was a straight cat. It's good that didn't you know now and then killer is attempted terror attacks and attempted didn't succeed. Police its launch the attempted murder investigation ever seen the wounds some of them relatively severe. Her daughter found her face covered in blood. Yeah. Illustrated magazine its debt and gosh I mean the thought a big mall today by Ferrell I need to give you nightmares I can take it. The woman was 82 years old investigators found no sign of people entering or leaving the house that the time. Suspected. Murdered and good that's what is good histories and you italics of but it case why Hackett but yeah about it. Is then they realize that the woman's wounds looked like cat scratches. So police turned their attention to the score stray cats loitering around her house and found traces. What may be human blood under one of the calls of those stray cat. Navy may EB. It and framed could have been them unless bush really commit violence coral but refrained. Then a stray cats he's getting all of my way. Don't know maybe waited after the fact. And it's got some underneath squalls at key was trying to save her way. And now I'm sorry he's got blown honestly find what you think. Is human blood. In the claws of a feral cat you must. Give that cat off the street see immediate other. They refrain you'll gonna have proof now and then I'm sorry cats don't get to Miranda rights or anything they do is I'm sorry gotta go and if every can't. Didn't had blood on their closet at some point in their life they're not big on this that's man it's okay they scratch. Democrats favor a match with that now all you can get Rihanna can't talk. Wrote I'm headed and. Ray is not how it's done that all the fitness. Owner how many times they've been scratched and bled for them at. It happens all the time I'd bet that it's going to be afraid of I I think we get rid of the through Freddy dean aren't. Nick Tucker and at least question. Yet the cantor and we'll let you know we'll implement its epidemic the cat in question wasn't the daughter. Frightened to catch you know what that's very puzzled don't know that's a little one. The daughter trying to knock off the moms refiners Tony humane in the house another designer Erica she called. Aside a breaking and entering machine at an open doorway and then all I found this way and picked up a cat used its falls to the manager. To see if she's taken out they insurance acting. As if they bring in somebody cat with a blood under his claws. Didn't even care. Soon likely lead to see eye to leave here. Yeah you wanted to be there but again I could be and now at least you don't need your face they're acting like I. And it's hard for her act. He's listening to this whole story and I'm about half the time being monitored and again. Thanks for listening to all fairways met remote and check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.