Ramona On The Dating Prowl (Again)

Friday, July 13th

Ramona's looking for love, but of course her bad luck means she's not finding any keepers.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Jordan was they got on there would then remoteness. And Ramona through the single woman in the room. But it's still wanted to be good the Mona Holloway FaceBook and doing. Yeah the bank behavior woman of color it's very interesting because then on I shared with you were not that I actually. Decided I was going to investigate the heat again as. A but now I'm scared away ago. Because I hate. Re activated it actually paid for a dating I can't yes and the first guy who contacts me is lay days is Ramona is flat out here on this side are you scrub and in this hour I do say you used to have that message and he says you know by his. He doesn't really care about going out would be but he sure would like to have lunch with. Men being Andean dot look at. What that's a start and human. Error. About going out with me though you'd just wanna have lines. With Matt being Indians I don't know what's gonna turn dude how about I don't know arguably mad be Indian guy he's not allowed youth. You have agree heated shy not helping is shut hi you're not paying. It's amazing well I'm gonna help you here. Whether it's a coffee shop or. Restaurant or whatever it is that Bart you need to get in his sight line. Course got to make it's all battle subtle position. But he was sup port easier to see you he's a clear path to get to you. Is awaited that we don't be spontaneous. Even you can Saturn up so you don't want to be there it's about boot for instance it would get girls and makes. Are you are. Assess the idea your health and need to be accessible for the rest deal all right we could subtly. You know the ones who are you know married her off the market and earned less attractive U Mittal model the Booth and get on the end. You know when my friends I am the lessons. A caller hi whenever I call whether. Landslide most of my life holding their purse is now while they dance first of all there's two ends and sipping drinks that you guys think him sniffing them. But they didn't buy one they cut us now immediately smelled so you you yes that's your that's burst. In this site. I would recommend getting that on your mind again and Nightline. When people leave the manager. I'll bet is just disgusting. Was a disgusting that they leave. You have eight table or whatever it is I was within their big Fella yeah. Pat The Bat litigated news beat that got us you. And they come out there they're gonna see you too daddy mean it's a different and it's. Coffee shop percent of her coffee shop you need to be. Where they now they call your name or whatever you ever get a coffee makes your coffee out that's renewed debate if I thought he unity. To any. Of my other guy for a and I said you know what I'm thinking about. Go when now. And I'm gonna position myself neared the men's room to none that I a year they would tell me that that was the most gained tactic move you're not standing ever heard and I like the. They get their sideline at the coffee place you are where the guy mixes the drinks and gets as it was coffee right there. Agree Terry Young he caught turns right a. Eight. That'd that's that's it if I ever decide to be shows Yankee and a hanging out. Outside the men's room you are not I hope that there's some type of relationship intervention that happens but I'm not saying you're hanging outside a Mans alms and when it acts as the manager and they can see you you're in the sight line to be three tables down whatever. So they come out like. And Heidi. Stop me about that man and around. The banana. Not stop getting so line and then they're wiping their hands all the other wash them probably it's because they're they're trying to drive of their pants and opinions are derived. There there are involved don't answer your dry and get a drying it I'm just saying it in the site by the key is again the sideline mass of what one of the best ways. Thanks drew and I to another way and everything to do is ask him questions. You stand next to the guy. In Manhattan now no no not a bathroom that I am not it doesn't know you talk to people in line it. Grocery store didn't Wal-Mart and whatnot it's the same. In your mind of the call you whatever. Asked what he thinks would be good recommendation. You know I'm thinking about the cost or the coffee what do you recommend loan now now now you do like the have you had whatever it's a unicorn. Having had a car molecular Tucci. Whoever it is. Are you ever had and in the course they have. Danish is sandwiches and what not to in the line at Wal-Mart or whatever you say did you see there are 30% off women's lingerie. Something like that I'm helping you here. I'm getting recommendations. At wal era and then now are gonna dusters. Do you know I don't know what dvds in a bootleg dvd you have for sale. Go put their regular and soup. I had a difference then and that and that and big what is asked him for eggs a favor. Like you watch my jacket while ago to the ladies room rent it subtly signal to Amanda you trust them. As strange as sounds trust turns a man on and starts conversation with get back. So I agree without. It in you to be you know whatever you hold members. And I did something like that. So it's more glass and more fun it's also put that remote high put something on. Space but the other week. That's there when I'm watching a movie and I see actors they recognize the need to crap my iPhone look a mop. He captured the movie toy find out what they know them from annoys my wife she yells at least it off the phone. But he does the same. Cool cool and the beginning less annoying just because you someone else who's annoying as well I don't think it counts on as query being on the side. When you are now looking something up. It's not because you're your mind is still half play on this movie I got it on all are not yet not checking someone's FaceBook of not having a conversation with somebody and the found not texting. And and I and. I won't do it. For a long length of time it's pretty quick to get to where you need to get but so I think it should be legal. For the and encourage all I guess to me it's hard to even imagine. Wondering. Who that act of are you saw a guy from before and concentrating enough to continue with a show. It is it is is beyond I don't know what we did back in the day I can't even imagine. You're so deal always stop the movie we know so you stop paying attention no I do both living. I can do both. And the nagging injuries multitasking. Superpower. But I have to stop any knowledge you endure. Knowledge that. Really doesn't mean a lot to me as just an detracting from me enjoy this because I am enjoying this particular actor in this particular role. You're distracted by the fact that you don't him from a different role now. You're distracted figuring out where you know him from and then you're gonna take me out of my movie experience so that I join you in you. You've over thought that manages that you don't think you know not to look at me. And it had I'm gonna help eventually. There's probably what's happened is it says it's decent something and you said. She's resentment but you continued on just let the Fargo apple could I have not let that dog house minority and on who might think. Glenn I do it or my wife does that we both get this sense of satisfaction. It's very satisfying you know all yeah man that's right. And I don't waste time thinking about an hour away so the first few minutes the movie happened right. Right now was that guy in and then shall say someone we can you both enjoy seeing driving right I enjoyed knowing bats yet so everyone's happy. Except for probably not they're still annoyed with us when we look at it often. Social service people on FaceBook commented Aron says my husband exactly. Then has no idea what's happening to me yes to tell me about all of them to you and I do say that want to look at it oh she's from. The Brady Bunch whoever it is he and others like was it really thinking about it I need. Michael tell yet casino like 70% of the time she's like yeah. But some never completely wrong okay rear house was out of his exotic. Says she doesn't all the time Ria. That is not her last name and it's it's this is a listener. She wants to figure out herself she waited out I'm like I'm not. April says her husband's legacy. So she she escape yes people would do. C'mon man. You are you're just that back. That he just likes to ride it out to think about it. I 3 in the morning she's a 2:43 in the morning it comes over and she calls of people he was watching a movie with the don't know what's. And speed that's. That's more me like when I realized that column now I know. Then I wanna text the people who I was with the the times say OK remember that guy in the movie why couldn't this summer right. Our. Actually you like when he but you're at it even more so than him he won't get her. Oh my gosh that's the guy who played in Hindi me. And I am a mother and knowing cares. There are there it's like 2 in the morning your remember it they've all moved on and and movies over right right right next thing and and animated movies that's abatement. And getting the voice waves yeah my wife got great year for it does seem to get big anybody out of Iraq that it. We know when to the racers that when the first used to be never knew who lots. Right when they Indiana natives resents her voice actors yet yeah personal avarice were listening to all there was Ramona. This could lead to divorce lady sort but it stop it there's some things one thing is you talked to friends. About what you think your husband did to you. You don't you just do you do when your town the friends are complaining right as it's okay complain about how you were wrong. What you perceived problem with the diet. And and and and that for. You did in this conversation in which Lisa man bashing which kind of cements whatever issue it was in your head. And your conditioning if you what's happening you might be different from that person but yet we're the these symphony of people complaining. It sticks you know becomes a more of a negative thing if the men would like us to not get together and complain about and it's a woman who wrote this but she said. A long as you limited to. Like a trust of one person. Okay or that one person therapist or something like that. She's is when you get it is the group staying. Everybody wiring as women different is different. And so you start getting in this thing and just this tornado of negativity. That makes a look at your husband differently. I would hope I start given in the side and a I'm well I I hear it's so whenever you hear any complain about math and I hear mayor complain about Bane be hung in next thing you know. I'm given their race and meet the side out. Right right or the negative stigma or the negative that you had about that guy. It's it's mellow guy and back side yes but. I am all for it. Because I believe I come out a winner then you do have to act that are all the underground plan planning because someone says. Your dream has that happened you opt. And drink and that's that indicate it but I have beat out a few guys on occasion. Did you go to occasional time. Guy yeah everyone I walked out of Mississippi has put up for cigarettes and their a game all Rabin who got him a couple of felons. Pete I do all three yes employee that he's done. Employed I'm gonna cars aren't up on you this weird ones the makes it might lead to divorce you think that talking about these proms with your husband is the answer. Well all. Women and sometimes think that talking Gaza as a way to make and see how they're behavior affects the woman but it behavior doesn't change when you first bring it out. When wanna talk more longer Lauder and he got through to him but. She says men it bugged by that does it feel it's nagging. And they don't understand it. Then saying over and over again doesn't make him understand it it's under is become the woman it appears to be manipulative. Will not include her as a result air as they haven't changed after particular conversation. You've got to learn. More skills how to talk when men and spend more fun time together. So I. I can this the way I take that. If you're saying is in the govern over its might not be clicking and the guys that is every the same exact same thing then it becomes. It does not clicking here he didn't care. But it could not collecting. There is that there's women and we don't understand things sometimes. There are only earlier ready to walk out or you just look at him negatives Suzuki. So you've got to rephrase it. Or are you like to tell on the have a motions or something. You can't if you can just like watching it and WR eat a better man and no emotions did you tell her act. That's well now it's fun anger I have fun anger. Then an anger and have fun anger it's like two different kinds. England's gone anger you know we see my anger here makes everybody laughed. Yeah yeah that's my plan to anger anger it's. Anger from the bankers. Association. And a backpack yeah. And we'll finally. Widely divorcing you believe that your happiness depends on your husband changing. Lou carries does increase when your husband changed for the better but that change originates with view. Not a person that women who focus on becoming the first they wanna be any happier down the route of the best you. If you think I I'll be happy if only my partner does this here's set yourself up for some frustration and waiting a long time. And that kind of thing in your heart long time. And that you know and that is not just I would say that translates almost every relationship in your life. Rains. Bosses whatever. You can't rely totally on them to make you happy because you can't guarantee that they're doing the you can do is figure out how to accept that are moronic. Incompetent stupid behavior. And Medicare as a comparison. It's also. Owed money do you remember. The road side yeah yeah yeah we talked about this up the other day on the air I don't even know how I don't know how he got stuck tees. For those who are unfamiliar to not really matter we get to the point but they were off of an interstate. They were only I don't believe anybody went to them who lived near than they were. Travel. They post I base of the got gas there was little travel restaurant all right LT intersect. An interstate and you could see and I were all over the damn place Ole. But we stumbled upon her band he stumbled upon. The fact that stuck tees is famous for there what economy. Law pecan logs and divinity candy. We we'd did not know that we've we've missed that all the time apparently. But. Believe as my father in law who my wife says it always let's aspire SE let's find Stuckey got to find such east. And then only best and never on on our radar for a stop that's. That's what I'm maze so he's just kind of happened now mostly in the midwest as a nation. Well we are in the minority all of us yes because unstuck he's dot com. There's a guest book where people can go and post there great memories and not so great memories that of stopping at Stuckey. Men and you buy psyches teacher there by the way do and become log rolls and all this sort of thing but. Beatty when it does against book I don't know why and found some great. Great memories great limit diesel wrote in this spot how old do you think the people are there went into the stuck tees guest book and commented on this I'm surprised they know how to see imminent yeah yeah I am surprised the is that now how to use the Internet the people. They tell that operates its its. It's a pages that he has it is digital waxing poetic gas amazing Newsom Stuckey saying there's a couple of sad memories in their two. Julie writes every summer we did a road trip from Colorado to Georgia to visit my grandparents. My job was to look out the window with respect he's on. My mom loved the pecan rolls and divinity king indeed my sisters and I love buying a board game to play on the road. I'll always wanted to eat at the grill for their nanny nine cent breakfast but we had a scheduled to keep some. Oh well thanks for being such a wonderful memory for me Stuckey is. I have got to pay the nanny had some missed the cut and take out the gate. And get it but. My step dad was like that you didn't like he'd drop you off that wind. Door. You went to the bathroom and you came all the other door was knows that being but it is not enough to find. It. Could hold the exit. And I went off on news that he's just. Look de Niro when my brother and I were growing up our parents would take a road trip from Washington State to Kentucky. We could not wait to see is Stuckey sign in my parents would always stop and we get to pick out one souvenirs home. It's where I bought my first barrel among its. I could act act and act back in automated. Teller didn't heads as. Maria Elena. The okay. Google don't not a barrel Montes is not never heard a barrel of monkeys. Matter and the heat who grew up with video games. Had no idea what a barrel of monkeys well I had an Omega six or any of those this group really cheap game but I'm hearing. A man you are getting barrel of monkeys okay. She added that she did know they were still around then it's on her bucket list to visit one next summer at. So she's excited about at there's got to Lidstrom Engler's populace that pass Dave wrote. I really miss snuck keys being around my parts it was a very favorite place of mine when I was a kid especially traveling when my parents. And hole I love the magic tricks and gag gifts they sold off quotation marks I was the prankster the fan link. Obama and dog new word to my favorite. I always got my sister with the chewing gum. Forget it's not keys pecan rolls around they were the best thing keys not Keith. Please don't come on man if you're the son and yeah. Three times. A it went on. Time. Honoring the place you look and you took the time to go there you've got to make money dot boot from an. The son of god that'd be more about Spencer's soreness in these. And I got two more real quick Susan writes my grandparents Allen Maggie Butler who lived in Eastman Georgia. My grandmother Maggie had a sister who I believe married to bill Stuckey. I remember going to go into the Stuckey can indeed play as a young girl can't read this and you knew bill please call me. No phone number. No contact information. Citizen. Achieve believes there. Grandmother sister may have married bill. And it's got to tour Stuckey can be plan as a young girl I. Hole in the stocky family cholera and say this isn't in Sudan and yeah I got and this the final one is from Susan H. Stuckey streets are cherished childhood memories from my brother miso when I found out recently he was planning to have bearing Patrick surgery. I ordered a huge supply pecan logs for him to enjoy before he started his weight loss of. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. I methods I'm glad I did it brought back many loving memories of the time gone by famous hit it. Breaking bank bringing back the road signs that he's when they're affordable prices friendly service and unbeatable quality of the my brother sir did you enjoy that so I. I thought. On blogs and these things we do this debate for letting him have them one last time. By the way mr. measles in your inbox without hands if you sign up. I'm Susan Cooke. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.