Ramona Won The Lotto

Tuesday, July 10th

Ramona tried her luck and won some money...looks like she's gonna retire with all that cash! We also talk about the ways you can help yourself get smarter every day.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was that remote. You are on vacation and it's. Also clear is an amnesty. My life before and yes it's so now like to do when I'm going on vacation we're about to come home. The last thing I do they afford one vacation is vial lottery ticket. And then when. My destination. The last thing I'd do before I come home is by a lot of as the earth theory on this especially before I came in measurement before although it's a thing but I gave him come home rich. Horror. Like beat that person who buys a lottery ticket on highway at a town and next thing you know. I'm the winner of your State's lottery in your face of all of U who bought tickets and here. That is very weird day. Decided to do it when I was getting gas because you are you have those gas pumps. That allowed you to buy a ticket I never I never been an easy anonymous couple I'm in North Carolina and given them in North Carolina but I did even. That would you like to buy a lottery ticket and why you get your ass sure sake you're ready right now. Press the button it gave me a couple of choices is a wonder that the iron hard it prints out your ticket with your numbers on your good again. Usually what I do buy a lottery ticket after some point I'll look at it and I go online to see if I won anything and I don't have. Well it turns out that when you buy a ticket through the gas pump and the money's automatically debit did. If you win. It's automatically credited and they see you so message. So I vacationed there and get your number it does you put your your telephone number in there. Yeah the problem vacation and all of a sudden I get an email. A text message and I'm like. Whole. Leak out. I am rich you're about to quit India. Our regulations. You wanna prize playing in the education lottery powerball. You winds will be deposited. To your card. I don't like all of us that yes. Yeah. Are you gonna see now that's it and now we got to live arm make Asia Latin when maybe I should back and I'm like. My emirates and it. It did. And angry users excitement. Of but I would think Canada and read. Yeah how. All winner. Like. Now. I. Think I am yeah. It's just. Like with rape. And marching. You get a second reading maple or. Go to get a. Some me. That's the mercy goblet 120 dollars cited the pregnant. I didn't know how rich I want world was so I'll experience and and the American psyche degree. Might win. I'd home. And I fat decided check to see just aren't rich guy and how would you not wait I mean average well I I tried. Doing it when I was there in every time I tried to check out back it was a prop ride with Internet yeah I'd I'd find it. I get home and IA check I can't. First when my. And count pops up like that look like I have more money but the and I did spend quite a bit on vacation because. You know I had one citizen who collect at. My winnings were four dollar umbrella. Congratulations. Dad or about Sarah card. So we may say to a message that says you won the powerball. It needs to say you didn't win all of Spain. But we're putting a little son in Europe Canada say the amount. Now Canada. You could say. Or how I didn't think education lottery. The senior now tell me it's more now. Because obviously the testing thing is to get people to do it Morton normally would now that we should be saying. Went four dollars you're roll that over long and then and then you can click on and then congratulations. You can't even afford a combo and of fats loudest. Yeah. Yeah I'm not used to play yeah love and it doesn't it John Edwards did you panic a little I have such a cynic that I am when a nickel. It may sink when you play you automatically. Get a message from them that says they click on this link to view your numbers thanks for playing at the pump but I've never received that congratulations. Now that's big time right there oh or dollar short out a let down to affect. Loves series. Saturday July 28 tickets tumbled brewery it's. The plain white T. Hard stand. And it's 1191. Location. Close and personal life news. Ex plain white t.'s head coach in part stand. Answer and grab a floater would then keep listening to get into a win Saturday July when. Marine is Max Cleveland CDs and ocean park standoff exclusively from Charlotte's best mix one person. The link. Right on Wednesdays we do would you rather have be listens Wednesday we did. Let's see here right. Which you rather have all traffic lights your approach be green or never have to stand in line again. Loan and line. Never stand audience and just wasn't so you you shop all the time yeah I don't see a lot of red lake there's there's one that bugs me. Like crazy in my went home it's at it's a get a green arrow turn on my means into mine you know whatever neighborhood. And why it's like 1130 at night when we have as dumb thing. Make this a flasher for everybody we have a flasher is it just tries me let's get these to flash people it's not like is that dangers are can see Kennedy's comments. The lord's. A waste of time last hour. As seniors should be a certain time when they got everything slashing everything all of them like old Landis last. The whole land and all these little you know these. Not even little roads but there and they're safe. I'm all people and if you do go through you should get a ticket maybe that should be. We will flash in the Whitney certain hourly tickets sold sub lights are just suggestions at this point yes pretty much that's how I'd like it. I think everything turns to a stop sign after 11 o'clock at night. That I hated it takes forever so that does not the yellow car and light yes and yes the only have good application for a lying is if you're buying beings. That years and she or if you want like he had some good price but it's standing in mind using an opportunity to weed out what I don't really. It's ridiculous I want no lines and one lines and rule the world like after 11 o'clock. But it's at this I. Wage you rather live into your 200 that look like you're two under the whole time you know you're healthy. Or look like you're 25 all the way to lead diver died 65. Alitalia flies no RT two under at 200 mean if you're 200 of the big. News. Or is it a slow table dad who do I just kick off. There's a little you cannot both of you taken off. Okay Angolan. One of the 200 album I've found that street look your whole life though I am the only 25 am not here to go I don't do. Because I you know user's personal or you know outlived most guys have been really a year at least on our pop and 670. And somebody's going to be intercede when you say you know what I'm would be due under van Gundy is the fifth. It pilot to aggregate I gotta be an alleged DUINB lived 200 years chances are you can accumulate some wealth along yeah yes. Lonely from like up to launder its. I I. Apple did it 115. Yeah would you rather get all of the ladies and yeah. Would you rather your only mode of transportation via donkey are two rafts. And I think I'm going. But they're not as I don't know there is at mobile's is that dog he's used to being written around his right. And mile mile but I mean I don't think they're not raise your trained to be about a mule or donkey talkies even dog he served. That they can big big number there at that like Afghanistan or something never and I am donkey basketball game doggy bath. On games. And some reason it was ruler something I don't know I think going donkey it's not like I can see with the Iraqi noise a long neck I'm not seeing anybody cooler demo and graphs are less taller. And donkeys kick. And I am Montag and he asked to do bidding getting going yeah coolers like having getting you at a Madonna and I'm sorry get decide that and it's gonna lose. A couple of giraffe that's true that is some coolness but then again. Not good for it or after being mode of transportation doc Islamic didn't it didn't really think. If it's eleven I would rather Wear a wedding dress or tuxedo every single day Wear bathing suit every single day wedding dress. That be weird I mean tuxedo is not nearly as bad as wedding dress. That be weird a woman who's wearing a wedding dress every day my only issue is that. I'm hoping that it doesn't have to be white but that's anyway. Off lighter weight why. Would be off like now we know that I'm on the sale Delaware something over the swimsuit. I wouldn't you know I'm no one is speed element to that old time but one piece or they don't like I don't know it if it does over shoulder to let her English. Yeah and I'll give you. Wedding dress and tuxedo. Even know yet we're gonna hurt. We got this look at it and it's kind of covered up things. I guess I gotta go you gotta go to exceed because anti gun innings without. On this and again you don't go anywhere you know you look like a dork if you're going into a low worsen the woman in a wedding dress. If you are an auto and other learning an idea that's what is ahead. Would you rather watch your parents have sex every day for the rest your life Matta no life. They'll let you know you don't get cancer I'll take being handed. About Edwards join and once you stop its. If the no. I mean it's a big man. Bizarrely though the other counties and the public option that Catholic. I was an enemy that Abbas the Clinton. Rolling your mind wander back at times sort of mass card decks corner. VA. Lone match tonight. It never as bad as signs next. I. Should think that the odds but yet because. Here's a thing there's these caterpillars that are. Name and science will listen now me out of each class. Their venomous say humans. What they do have yet to get the enemy you to make you bleed out internally. And it takes over a week. To use. That basket that's overkill. Each and does one mean like vengeful. Caterpillar. There's always seems so. Isn't harmless never looked at the end I'm now an unheard. Deadly killer. It is I. Let alone one that all unheard of event and a static. Which are must be obviously. But I darn animal. That would. Kill you by making you bleed out internally either in Wasilla Caterpillar's a friendly killer she has a you know the most he's like giving him penciled him. Inning in his conclude in emerging and killing you has that in last week's nicely yeah. Vendors these things called culture bees. Which sounds the volts are staying not a fair. Mecca Turkey volts or something like that little guest is then named buddy I did a Google search but honestly their culture b.s. They eat meat instead of nectar. And stay store the meat in their stomach. Bombing it out for their larvae as honey sort of sense essentially it's meat honey. We broke some key meaty on scene and they don't sell that. Meet Heidi would block doesn't sound right now does it. Me Honey Nut Cheerios meeting yeah him. A neat in a serial that it. Yeah the lightning with wicked nice creamy gravy and the thought of that meat and milk. And yeah. Syria. Is this does mean is there any game fancy meal that's meat and milk. You think there's anything like links I don't I can't think of anything where you know how all. The Internet every time you turn around someone's coming up with a disgusting new. Being to try like baby found a video for those spaghetti O popsicle. Gap that's your thing guys you're a video for. Meet the nut Cheerios yes I mean any Nigeria is what media wanted it I'll make them for you there I ground beat you one. News there at the Jewish trump can't have it. If they're serious about this. Milk mixture of milk can be prohibited according to George Jewish law when somebody later that day was like let's put some beef and milk it like it. I don't want him law. Makes people think we should be this is just disgusting thank you Jewish people I don't ticket. On anything by it. Like Jewish Kosher or anything rampant milk and meat knack for there's 16 website is down a little. But can hear a thing of milk picket. I in the morning at a glass of milk would be vacated it. We tried I mean. You are here. Meat cutting edge Syria but I I don't know what kind of meet how about great. Yeah ground beef or Turkey or I can make you sound with that took some chicken. Haven't really had a reckless. Like the sausage like sausage it sausage crumbles yes positive rumble I got a forty intent renamed for you guys deterrent Rambo sausage crumbled Syria. Mean serious. And bacon. Then mace began I'm not the real this little. Dunham greasy milk. Plus. He can incinerate this a lot of bicycle get a vacant us and I'm writing it down right now a deserted down and and and in my pocket to be lost in grocery list net. I'm more I watch you guys that I am Jewish now I don't know that I didn't. Greenland sharks. Ever heard of them. They can lead to be hundreds of years old they eat polar bears and reindeer. Wow who know the shark April the bears great bear. Bit the oldest living birds very tired of course our look at. So pop the size that they could live to be 500 years. It's American sports are humans are persistent predators is what we hear called. Not stronger smarter faster tougher than any animal out there. But. Compared to other animals. We don't need to sleep style gala we we didn't ambush the mammoth back in the day. Just followed until a drop in the beat of the rock. And then we did further research and after originally read this and it is think. Like even and then like the bushman tribes and stuff they chased down hyenas. Just wait to their petered out. See the humans have less hair so they're able to sweats like in the heat that area animals. Can't run as far and I start panting and whatever today Spielberg. Cats yeah. It doesn't. So you only dog like a dog calamities like dogs like the only other ones are like that's that's why probably return to be our friends. Because they can out run as a he has thinks I am is that partly in a thought on every night at the cricket match. That is a harsh way adaptive picture fruit to the grocery store and falsely. That berries in a month when there are rumors they chased him off yeah regrow lost cliffs and his watch some fallen nine yen island picked up the meat. Yeah splattered on the rocks. That's love to see it you know film events. It's all fairly remote and invest Smart gets harder every. Day. I don't wanna be that much smarts they have yeah. I mean admitted I was smarter. What you admit it would be more aware. As as I am and I really cut down my awareness like the growth of you using too much you say it's not that you don't hear you decided that your only gonna sweat the small stuff right back here about the much larger issues at hand yet yet. I'm Erica books and solid advice of those deaths are sweating the small stuff let the big behind your. I'm crazy. Over thing that is so stupid you should. Even care right right as this that way you use the small stuff only lasts a smaller not a time you don't lose sleep over a small. You know you just kind of like an rant about it it's little idea that you system. Ran about and remember it was a missed a call to misplaced Monday but it wasn't on a Monday and it was something that was arguments. Anyway it was so small you gave her pain. The big thing I'd be like I that was don's Stosur Venus. You're not my relationship. It is weighing me down let's say go test act. On so they tell you read this read that read everything. We don't it doesn't necessarily make smarter and Obey the real hot and Downey's. So it is that they just exist you know. Quote sourced and and and as a matter of fact. I I realize. But I recalls rob so here in part on that and again and his yeah I I am honest with people. When I say something I'm like. Okay. I'm not sure how much is going to be true bottom guarantee some of it is and then I go on about mine weird story. That in that sense so I you know. Perry and Matt I don't try to pretend I know. I am I you know I as wind. And it started it is OK I definitely think that if we did today you'll always. Kind of been the guy who believed he was right and a rabbit item that I was right then. Now decided. Again not me yeah I mean I I just thought I would try. Well I mean I don't try to take it. Because much but this before I wasn't faking it I was just unaware. That I really wasn't. Giving a hundred every back what. Correct in this story right anomaly and open to. Look at me I don't because I've read enough about memory and things like that. I realize that memories bad for everyone and everybody has as we do not yet not just me. I think I I may or may have told his story part of this is truth. That this is. You're really illustrating your. Laughs yeah well I mean come on as this story genius Mike Danny just be accurate now is lieutenant I'm anyway now we're gonna support this is. But most of the things that most of this is trip I can't parts are easy to him to raise okay. So it's a 2001 September 11 2001 bad day. A week so something like that afterwards they they talk to people said were were you. On September 11 and isn't a short time. It within a month advance and they wrote down wrote it down with Baylor but they went back a year later than two years here but it was even like. And empress or three years of the first time they did and they did and so confused and out it's not they've done September 11 23 years later when it went back to door of people that denied the that was there handwriting. That's Al Shura or they thought they were on September 11. They even. There was 80%. Of the people were wrong about where they were or what it. So since I've seen these studies are no memory. I do these kind of things is that could be due freaks me after I do the main tots. Okay. That is pretty and nice center is there and since September 11 happened. People thought they knew where they work and maybe they didn't they are probably there. Down and then they knew even then even recognize own hand right. Right and may be this is it true no it is not as true. Not warm. Now I just don't of the timeframe of how long after September 11. But I know these are reading involved and it wasn't right it was within a month I think it was two weeks after not. OK and I know that white black and brown is that why you know you know those white blood right. They were right and get program. So the bottom line is even without a commitment and you probably won't remember this congress and you know but I wanted to just. And it doesn't count either I think we just dug about. Now if this is what I know. The people's memories suck and it's not just me that's what I know OK okay now that's the core of it yes that's that's the court if I were way I I did and added the take away. OK I've I garrison is seeing some list up on it and focusing on just deceive on the on with a bad memory I have a feeling if I was an Gerri I wouldn't convict anybody is like at a I don't believe at her at. Eyewitness. The there is however believe that memory that ended chances of you remembering the memories that their small also patents mummers you know. That the details of the memory thing might get easy but the one line that member people's memories sox' bats in a yeah and check. Out parts like dollar and yeah all the details all around. Could be hazy eventually. And I believe they will say to build up some due to a September 11 because operated albeit that shark on the stand in the twentieth anniversary of September 11 I'll be like. This is as where they were like you and I don't know that it. You have no idea. You just believe they know that any you know get more adamant I'll be more adamant that you don't know businesses summer like north and now. Lance accusing his. Eakins. A and she just remember you and you're right. So there's a whole new movement aren't. Ara then nobody remembers I resent eleven wasn't ill is orchestrated by a government that it would says he'll remember where you work yes OK forget all the facts are there. Like giving Wikipedia or Google or whatever what appetite for you can Google where was I. So therefore. I'm not gonna believe you when you tell me. Are going to just keep visitors and getting them. It bounced off the next major disaster unfolded newspaper you. What clock and a picture of everybody really I think. And my thought is a yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.