Ramona's Awkward Crush

Thursday, January 11th

Awkward doesn't even begin to explain this encounter Ramona had with a coworker...

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Have gotten awkward. At work for a lot of people. Ever since hash tag be too. A lot of guys called now there are many guys who say. I don't know what to say I don't know what to do I'm afraid to complement a co worker. There's a particular relationship. Bet for me has been offered from the very beginning and through thanks to Matt Harris and Kerry got browser can verify this because. He was here and witness the moment you made it awkward is not true. He was there but it is dot misinterpreted docked. Please back me up Matt Harrison made it awkward the minute Matt realize that this co worker of ours who is a white man. Dates black went. And doc was here the day this sky filled in for bandy on the phone. And you made some ridiculous comment about how they finally Ramona can get lucky now. Yes yes but I was briefed on to ease that it did happen yes I was referring to be like even like. Together. But anyway thank you your blood made this comment. Right after he said well yeah my ex wife. Is black and they promoted him. He'd read an. Agency it gives her court. Every awkward dot in dot combat me I'm not exaggerating in the least so. Time to time this co worker wanders into dispute. After Matt banned here gone and the only people here. Our dock in me any shares his stories about. Dating various black women and and his adventures in black women dating with me and I gave him. My perspective as a black. Asked me. I. And why would he how I've got respect okay continued further I don't think you dated a lot of black women it's. Yeah I'm I'm not an ideal and I considered I had a though. Any way you weird. About you know something and ET. Makes it come into me and he does well you Ramona and he put his arm around me because. Sorry. I I didn't I didn't need it I didn't mean to judge Q is it okay to judge you light. OK now. You are now apparently he I don't I don't I didn't either diet and Clinton. If you could judge well it that way to me. It. Is not a night and so now awkward takes to a number level. The company's. Classic odd hugged. Aside. So now since he's look where awkward might well. He located touch me everywhere. I like getting drawn pictures that we're so gated touch remote network where it. Don't. Forget why can't I learned how to go out and history it.