Ramona's Cat Cafe Statue?

Monday, June 18th

A wax figure of Ed Sheeran was randomly placed in a cat cafe, so it's left us wondering whether we could convince any incarnation of Ramona (human or wax figure) to step foot into such a feline-friendly establishment.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the night doing god you're listening to all there with that remote. Ramon hates cats. And she's particularly fearful of one that's on the map and FaceBook page. Who is careless. Alison describe it and you can't play and me bangs demonic evil looking he's a little missing point years come emigrate into Gasol out. Yeah I sat on my FaceBook page I liked it. Smuggle it into your bedroom and dad accumulate up in the morning that sucker sits next it's. What are they the idea proving yourself are. Very high a couple of. I bring every delegate and a Mike I'm repenting of anything I've ever done anywhere in my life and I'll take a long time. We. So with a catch FAA tech test days on the net place you'd never go I'm in Gary I don't but it sacks of sprayed. There are. Two things you or your gagging because yet certain job it does make me. Sick to my stomach when I think of first of all I'm imagining. Eight Tet. He's a cat cafe got waste you can't candidate it's mainly populated with rescues who ensure our night. You know I trained and queens of feline litter box spring race here earning they can judge Thomas LP. Plus I'm imagining. Cats all over everything I've seen that say they have the walls sets that they can. Literally climb the walls they're on your table. You know around your table and I only I don't know but I'm not a peppering everywhere so there's cat fur flying all over the place but you're not if you're on the I simply can't well. Edge siren. That it lacks the terminator heated haven't made made it wax figure of edge here and and they put an attack tap today. Instead of the madam to sue. Museum in London. He loves cats I guess it's lady dying as cat emporium. Which sounds like or house actually. The end you know he's an whatever is so I was wondering if we there was a wax figure made a view. Would you. Be bothered act that it's in attacked aspect. Yeah Justin you're not in there and practicing I don't wind. Into appeared that I am in favor of the I don't wanna go big bought my image being clawed. My cats and we have shelled silencing climb up all around your god knows. And god no no no I would rather charity or if we're cheer I would rather you put me in a few home. Really an excellent candidates and energy I think it's about an OK how about in a coffin and buried underground just to Breeden. It's a wax figure my right know the damage you with the good. So you know other all of our lives figured funeral I'm not playing at a car if it's not even a thing. Is that I would rather have it be in a petting zoo. I rather have lama's unity heading users yes yeah I you'd rather a lama's liking it I've been cat scratching away right now kind of headings you ask all the members you've. But as you can date the guy at a petting zoo Atlanta didn't bother riddled petting zoo concept bothers you got to wax figures are good enough for a laugh and you a couple of and so your does your depth I you know I I would when you ask the question to. Bit in. If we have a rather have it enemies are our wax figure new museum. Or a tech task today. A person is that you museum and then Manny won me over intact after it. It's cool irony possibly. Hipper and cooler I mean not everybody has a tech FA is typical jet shot. There's no hardly any political gone through that madame tussaud's. Back you really think they're cool people hanging out of the cat get a chance to really get and really I think there are some news as a cat ladies have found a place to have Coughlin must do his alma said his goal. No no no there. I don't buy a guy come on you think that a hipster is going oh wax museum. Needed Ramona believe or not people goes to wax museum a lot of Jewish I got pictures of the proposal with Whoopi Goldberg as. At a Y eight I I don't Mike got his face. But the picture my mom pictured at a pace but the picture of my. Dad with Marilyn Monroe see that's that's what age seven to be doing pictures. I I know secede those pictures yeah orders mean would they defaced it Michael Jackson. I would throw your phony. Yeah I tell you what I look at a picture of me incidental accident would. Oh yeah I mean yeah went into the. I'll wait a minute ahead yet a little often they're so close often they are. Off a lot of play opportunities as Japan's major ghetto lacks museum in Vegas or don't know we did a trip we gave away they wanted to regain weight tickets that they gave mysterious and lacks these you know I would rather walk around in the triple digit heat outside for hours then go to the alleged museum or loss and I pray I'd rather I'd rather explorer a dumpster if you do I wouldn't be as relaxed I was at the dumpster dives and. July 4 no place to be is it sounds. The state party in Charlotte at PDT ballpark. A costly heating cooling and 1079 delays are setting you up with fourteen kids to see the knights take on the Durham bulls. Thermostat if deep passes to watch the fireworks after the and remote. From the station that always gets even in the coolest experiences. 1079. Dole a lot of guys think you need to really nice caller impress the ladies. Although I have seen it work but the personally that he huh so women who like cars. But. It's not that demand impresses them there's still impressed by that car. Right east east thought that the whole pack like this the person or once Carroll say yea musical at all but as particle and up. But I bet they had been maybe a little bit that probably not tell you what it does do to get your attention and it and it and it makes people think you wealthy. So. There is an advantage or successful success in the least success here give you grime and an old beat up car people are gonna make dozens snap judgment about right. But it. Does not how life works writes I'd I'd it's it's not him him they care about but. A care about this it's just some expects write your drive and a complete beater when she got a story behind it they candidate. And I. I ain't right I mean you got the alluded at the guys don't pay would primer and you know how apple bumper on he's got a spoiler is it's not a fun. Cavs. They did a couple of guys. Who had like a beater car. And a nice car. Yeah and then I dated another guy whose car was literally twenty years old. And in every situation that card. The beater car and a nice car spoke volumes about them as those between your car it does say a lot about I have to admit. Even though I'm not those are things that I judge by like the guy with two year old guard. I. Part to be admired that you've kept the same car you loved this car or that I collector's car but it is. Well after it really after fifty years any cars are collectors car. I have since I'm never applied as a normal run a collective. This person and people don't wanna collect this car focus it was a classic. It has become a classic yes we got the second one ever made all of that that's the doesn't count as an old beater. Right or some people it does mean at that you know your your. Then I'm people retire your old thunderbird and all signed up and ready to roll but if you got that same thunderbird and it it's not fully restored. Now to completely jab a good story behind it. Your parents ever do this to see a car old car on the road and especially my father and I was kind of in the cards or whatever. Thing like (%expletive) Hammered at Paul Smith had one of those cars. As good as yeah. Some car call hornet my dad talk about those I think they know what then is I now can't say specifically erratic at all. Eighteen. 32 rambler I remember my dad's brother Johnny Smith at one and it's always I got a little bit of it a tale. About who had it yet it whenever and where they win any where they went and adds Eric what do you think they MC hornet I have to lines. If you could talk about my car if you had a hornet I don't warrant it. It was in 1972. AMC Martin nine hatton in 1981. And has cars didn't last like they do now. At any since I didn't ANC morning and it says for sale. It added you don't see classics for sale on auto industries that are class is you tell us that car. And again a hundred dollars or at noon today. And he doesn't it does nothing special no me now what about as solid your Pinto. Or something like that at the ANC may a lot of weird cars. But the hornets the most generic. Of the bites and there's O'Grady and I hear around every 388 elbit idiot that you might look around. You can get one for a thirteen 1595. Dollars on how to traitor and that is a hideous car my nose wasn't as long as that once and he was a little bit later but it was a like a lot of cars and it back Saturday was very. Ugly kind of brown. You know that wanna talk about color I had an 84 Dotson pickup truck had that color as they do do brown. Grab that eradicated all learning. It's more glass and more fun it's yeah that's Ramallah. I'm not over the top I'd let that kinda go unless I get in to a group and a mean begrudge it. Pain he's big vacuum guys don't want it room by you still in love yes but whilst it's changed my life just assess it. Runs the clean air and the even took his toilet seat off on time which discussed that are Mona because Nevada. Because he decided to remove this toilet seat to sanitize it I washing it in his dishwasher. And he told me that I am trying to affecting him as a hyper cleaner to fearing food at his home. It was my steam cleaning phase when I was cleaning everything with steam I went through the phases of vinegar and steam. Voted mango I'm not after your microwave and well they did they do say on screw you this is these are like professionals they are missiles. Who said people to get the Los and he sings and it's on screwing your toilet as far underneath. About every six months then on. The sludge accumulates on the screws and a fitting in at Diana and I find that out especially the screws are little loose lights and then he moves on a little bit yeah it agog. I can't say that I do every six months but I. It wiggles thank you kind of get in Paris I do I do I do regardless of your big day it day in and it'll yea I take it off. I don't think it and I clean underneath that budget clean underneath it yet that I can keep I would do it that Vermont still refute it or Boehner is staggered heels and against the days in Netflix so I. Doug I yield I just don't I think that will work in my particular home on your washing machine as it ringing attack race day. Not all watchers and it is because I mean as much as the lint trap wondered Ryder. But when you drain your waters spin cycle is a place where traps they've done. This one cleaning person was sands of people you're she knows. Never understood whether spin cycle and simple enough water to close at five years turns out this. Washing machine drained tab was filled with crap and there. I got a hold that something that an average person can get it because it sounds like something. I need to call and a professional handle it's like a mile and has now just a little labels sue. To dismantle my wash hair I don't know editor and that is I nor do I thought maybe was just they didn't sound like something I need to go looking for like the. Out clothes or something or maybe it's if you take the back off of the wash here. Maybe it's attracts some I don't know. But I find I can't find any thing called a washing machine drained app and there's a drain trap. Which is a pipe maybe they dispels the stellar on. They could be there is that there's like a little pipe. That a good view like there's a hose that connects to the drain pipe and then the pipe goes down and there's like a little you pipe are Ursula you could get trapped in there ever claimed it no item I didn't even really realize that I mean he's identity dispel ride here. Bet it is stuck out here there's old trapped. Yes I wondered where your drain where your hose that drain off now you wanted to do or don't little old you better believe. That Natalie that. And at sea. And edited vacuum your mattress is apparently a thing. The big time cleaning people say should do who need it doesn't sound like a bad idea have to stand. Yeah it does it's wrapped in plastic it's got. They say take all that stuff often and I want to laugh at it and there. Sure if you ask some outrageous. I'm happy to let me to me it is Google's and you wrote about anyway. These things are things that use went on to try right now I know I've got my whole evening planned. Let's emails we have here. Albany cleats on the multiple touch mobile I'm today. Light switches door knobs things like that and pretty regular. Line light switches in the door knobs are when say do it every time I'm. Saying I am probably hit those lights it is into and I was instantly anytime lendu the bay sports. A database or on a regular editorial there are about wants alone really swimmer. If you have a fan over rerouted. They're filters there that need replacing just cleaning and very tight at. Six after about six to twelve months or turn north fire hazard because that they're grace. If you put your hand onto a flat underside every year extractor but it feels greasy. Clean debt bleak once in awhile it says actually is a leap forward. Redundancy I agree on it island I had. You know. I don't often agree with Matt but when you say where the bodies I have to ask you how many house fires have resulted from Plano has been grease fires and houses I don't know. That I started this start. Mean either way it's. That sounds it's very yeah and they did away just to be going to have on your fixtures sixers sixers says. Here's a look at the were all article also the take down the shower curtain completely washes. Alia I'd replace your liner well please do that the apple black mold. Gold cup it's a killer and a half. Replace it this I never thought this like you can get him a dollar the other sheet does replace but you can also throw them. In the watcher yes but I never thought this one. Washing or drying rack. That unity if you watch it is trying to predict yes oh yes I had never thought of yeah I don't and times that yes men. Yeah talk about washers I here's the so called journey to happen wanted to make sure that they didn't. And I I don't know whatever. Vacuuming your mattress ammonium more. When you change your sheets you should vacuum that B. Sickened psyched out whatever dead steaming crap made there way down there. Old. But below that stated she. There might be another removable cover they have to watched him. And. But it. Does some people forget about the twelve Russian toilet brush holder. That's a Stew of food particles well. You decision has put a little monocle or accident about a Maria Washington and you know I'm bucket and the bucket and it's artist soaking stuff it's plug and you did you write a book is my bleached bucket people don't watch sir washed or Kennelly yeah. Maine is the blade they can't upper. There's eighties idea that it is but it there's. Odyssey. Doors and window frames people forget about that. Gross laps which are garbage disposal laps. Black mold and there's in both sides. Dishwasher filters. Never thought about that tool and you know I have a dishwasher filter and but. I will say I know of it's tragic dishwasher filters story aren't. And because. Friend of the family could it. I had put a bunch of recycling stuff in the dishwasher. Like jars and stuff yeah and the labels. Claw clogged rain clog the drain an act and gone dump the filter out there you go and then next thing you know. She turns her dishwasher on at night before she goes to bed now she comes down to it kitchen filled with water. Lips. Balls. Breaks firearm and senator. These and has to called 911. Okay well. Was earning need to really put your recycling in the dishwasher. And just saying professed that but yes clean up clean your brain I never got our retail my friend never been I've cleaned down there but not as deep as this filter is yeah I've never gone and it's neither. And these business it's. Actually filters and traps. That the active. Trash cans to to trashed it. Oh yeah that's that's. That's on every time he has every time you take the trash are not average I elected Dallas and every time acting up like yeah. Time. The fork and knife and spoon repository. I never heard the caller the response that in my life. But I don't clean it all the time but when it's low rates batters they watched it in its limits no grounds. And and we've already stated. That being he mixes it up a bit lol one time the knives are in the first row sometimes. Third row like my life on our toes and I can't stand it. It's it's too much to think about. You wanted to name labs and I couldn't tell you Ira I know exactly. How. My eight spoons knives and forks are laid out in my eight war. And if someone makes him mop not gonna think about where is your risk. Probably not but let's yes. Clean freaks him. You're listening to on there with mess and Ramona hop band. And every day. They thirty get a news not from Hammond here's one from. Past week or so that we enjoy so much we're gonna share it yet. Tony five year old guy named Justin Stanford went into a grocery store in Youngstown Florida. On Thursday morning with a hammer and started threatening the Clark. The cops came into the store but Justin held them off by swinging the hammer round in a circular motion. Two things stayed like that until law of the police officers managed to sneak up behind Justin and it tells him. With McCain in a bush is an extra browned sugar make being very specific its lending and what kind of these guys that. Why does sound like. The plot of what those. Cop drama these. Yeah. Yeah exactly when 99 or some Lang then time and from Will Ferrell and yeah. Smash him and it. Now account through two canes have the means a just and the second one hitting him in the heated. And stunning him just long enough for the other police officers to swarm and take him down not your rate that is great to later. Extra brown sugar cotton and. Yeah pat I and and bandy has come with a perfect headline that he has not seen any if you watch the footage is going around it should be roll that beautiful bean footage trial. Come on people how do you watch the commercials you actually do you know you do the talking Golden Retriever journal note duke v.s and and mention that the Busch's baked bean factory. On your way to Dolly wood is an amazing stop and hello my final thought on fact I've tail gated in the bush is big beings aren't actually. Yeah your partner is about to make. I didn't. Think that was pretty cool I got the tours written and we hung around the park well. Like your parents now we run away to a fishing trip in tennis only you and Brad knowledge actually stopped because one of the guys had some business there with the bushes they being people call inherently kind of hung out and got to see the factory little but it was soak it in good all right cool I'm telling the public. But I thought ardently even to the public you gotta be a VIP to get and so there are here area IAEA yet added but he's there you won't find anywhere else. You really hesitate to go through the factory that a lot of shooting going on there. I see guys attitudes like that that make you cannot see anything. I think maybe aggregate but YouTube and type in big greens and rejuvenated. Duke led. I do is Google Busch's baked bean factory delicious is not great delicious and very. They not run this is an advertising campaign calling now that. It is so the footage is a commercial. And the like the dog sitting there watching. The edited and I have changed their advertising now they've got kind of the hipster guy they do with duke. He's like got tat it's now going to be your knees like ill. Not sit. On the rails these and khakis and the button absurd anymore now what is known as more more eat more you. Two for someone tell you I'm not remembering it it means means the more you. They're good for your heart already them the more you far gets trapped morally fart the Mehdi feels lead to means every real test the yeah yeah you get back to that that criminals that tattooed on his tax. Something that. By the way say if you are planning a vacation to the smoky mountains make sure you put. The Busch's baked bean factory on your list of things to do today centering your appetite. Be prepared to buy souvenirs third graders travels through time as you followed could be. Travel through time. It's many millions of music that I'm not gone uses these ago. Blacksmith or something I mean this is Europe he whipped maker this is not traveled through time to still make. Beans right 2000 year and I Gideon yeah I definitely. See the history of how the date being was made public. And well anyway I still I have every dumbest RI I'd I'd I dream a threat to someone said that Pope. I don't fantasize about every time is that it's gonna have to pick up a ten. And weapon at somebody's head oh wow well lately Liotta and have a chance to do it but I could run cars log out and hammers I'd take him. Yeah but. Not close enough about running data Amherst who heard it. Servant gaming and get an assignment team the idea is to stop it not gone away. About trying to save pity anybody intimacy the only song. As yeah. In my yeah I'm trying to create new I'm trying to around the Stiller. A gag to get him on saint unless he's faced this school in some sort of numb subsidies on and low numbers and let them take guide down again and amp. You're in the day of the week it's as he's running what kind of Cunningham could have had to put him outlander. Paula and her hair and well that regularly anger and then and and how far right is the been throwing. He was probably about two or it's five feet away my feet yeah are we should do this. All right who didn't you away. And debate me on the web. Like this idea somebody's going around hammering from as he began would be used sling around and mail and dot Bain the and I will throw in the big did you hit on how to use a robot understood that her Republican where I can I Wear equipment. You to Wear a helmet on men's and canceling a hammer on hope it's a little bigger bag and it happened. Isn't you know you affirmed and yet the grocery store and buy and doesn't the game aren't they means to unite these are no helmet. I don't know about these massive home he would be this. Now the face mask and that's patting that a guy wears a dog's back from. And the navy had a good gonna get into an apartment dog pack it up and play good today got. Thank you really good job. He's handled on an evening I absolutely guys. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.