Ramona's Christmas Decorations Are A Mess

Tuesday, December 19th

All year Ramona's been trying to keep up with the fancy outside decorations of her neighbors, and now she's making a fool of herself with her attempt at Christmas decorating!

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Today to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there was never look. Or her right even roaring. They're important news department grenade OK we'll be part of it and the holidays the lights and decorations. And about it. Well. In every neighborhood fears. One. Home where they go all out for the holidays. Nightly war than all out my I mean. They get my aunt has a neighbor who has no less than twenty and labels in area are a lot of small yard it's a small yard but the little corner and every age is an inflatable amount I am and that's too much by doesn't look at. My complains about. The light and the sap because she says there's a constant war coming from next door of proof. Apparently that from the from the fans those tiny little fight in the when you have that many fans raising or Amman. It. Frankly she just finds it techie. And if you signed your neighbors decorations techie you just have to grin and bear of course it's not your problem. Yes they aren't counted nets especially since it's only. A month. Week's top try to go to the homeowners' so our guys are dual I hate that praised them parson. Use of the homeowners association and I did it right on monetization you'll see eye socket. Return of even the breaking. You know a regular rules as one that it OP but it is it's just a holiday a and even though your neighbors tacky taste might not match up with your words. You try to look at the body in this from a child's point of your kids probably figured school. Like you're going to Disney World every day. There Yahoo!. That he's not that package and. If you just even a spot in July nasty and joy the only time I can see it bugging you. Is your and one of those neighborhoods. Where the guy here I am he has. This incredible light show at Ole lots and lots of people come to see and they're tying up. The road the lever on the parking spaces parking in front here you know your driveway. I get CB upset and I still don't think is that he don't. Even if either. I could even see it being annoying eve you'd have a house that's doing a light show and you go to bed early and that's all you conceive. Is you know he's like but either way got a second in the imagine living in McCann mill. Now that kind of the government or there and look I don't know people probably do it had to bill. Love Christmas I of people set up their lights for them and some of the lights are set up by the city of what the person moves in and Armando. A Jewish person you don't. Modem again in bill unless you love Christmas is Christmas tell you I know I wanted a Jewish person besides murder and all of the people. Who. I know who. Purchased homes in the the new part of again don't like the new community they've built. They are. You don't try to drive to the new park. Yeah you do yeah I thought yeah you should have been no I think it's more fun to walk is it like its face and was moving in from out of town is it does a realtor. Have are they supposed to disclose that I'm going to have to right now it is illegal animal oddly enough yeah Agassi to suddenly try him out and look at you really get your head around it if you don't know. Basic and degraded about a Kendall Berry's. Derek dates like this is when it starts this is my they ends this is when you turn lights on in this is when you turn your life soft. Really don't you let me leave your house right you can't you can't you can't come home and and our bottom line is if you live anywhere near my caddie bill. The traffic starts speaking up yeah now that's true to your your life right now yeah. Yeah. Christmas bells and tells the Omaha big finger. And they appreciate Christmas but I can't live there and I think you got it judgment and golf tournament happens you ran out your house for the month and leave you go via you had a mentally unity because maybe about moving in the candle. That I saw that. You couldn't he bot I couldn't yes I may. And was soon they either help you bully Rory and mine the day they help with the there's a very generous benefactor who helps me. They put out power bills. And they did it like to ask putter up. Women older person individual families. Put up their own lines and there is there is some McCann bill angels aren't who go according you don't wanna raid the homes of elderly people and troubled homeowners are you have to. Did you tell it's I don't know have you association yeah yeah would you how. They don't want to totally spent. Opinions. And how many ounces. You didn't. Corny. Thirty or have him more than 200 plus plus down through yeah I am against the mountain agribusiness sector defined hundred people to put up and crazy that yes I think that's hard to. No it's that's not hardest part think about it as soon as those lights come on and it gets you every project you have to be hole and you're barricaded in your hole you. And two hours the lights go out the next morning when we couldn't make it was our job. Yeah we would never know that we never get home again you have to wait three hours to get a whole this is silly. So Dylan Leon simply don't live there beautiful suing to live life you lived there and you love Christmas but you know I enjoy decorating for Christmas. And I love it when people appreciate my decorations. If I did in the caddie bill in I whine like Christmas display the year you feel like what I won the Olympics or an academy of you wouldn't. I could win it why more than you make your house. You and I don't know. He handled I guess that's just yeah. I. And the three people in your neighborhood that you compete with the UR racked I have five now. And you are nervous wreck about a managing beat them we're gonna begin this morning too it's not Don it's not coming together what is at. It. Just saying that's too right now and oh yeah expect more than wrapped refrigerator box him mechanic. December 08 you only have three weeks tops. And I eat very hard isn't. Our wallets and taking why try this point because. Eight year the very most are going to be I. Playing well. I mean just thirteen days away I would have it up by. My tenth and twelfth and disease from your Christmas Eve Christmas Day here as did an earlier in the year for other neighbors have theirs up. I have a total of two neighbors but not everybody's going on camera you're going on out. And me for okay are they out already in there up yeah just stopped. And given out and UK air care. Look like he does in my head is going to be amazing you don't care what do all of what I would too. Yeah and today's unity navigation and all you can figure today our. All of my patio bar Jerry bock is. Mean I want to give them Wilderotter for the bonds is to keep gambling I think our earlier. I think this only you know why did you can't really imagine because my mom was in the hospital that batch of defense gates and not a popular as the merger merger allow Howard your priorities. Yeah probably mudslides and queasy hell yeah. There are getting pregnant at Michael proper up in the front Yahoo! sign. I'm why remind us that yeah. I'm not that upset that I. Good luck. That's the thing that little award. And Gloria and me wrapped birdies lights. Yeah and honestly and and but you can be every gust to limelight trying to ask a couple of minutes. You're out the latest. It's the most wonderful time of the year with a family in town a chilly here enjoy everywhere bring a Stanley by holiday and I think we can make special memories on the ice plus see any stopping by on Christmas Eve for a special event before he takes to disguise. Deep deep chill the Vanessa and and the link dot com thinks it's really planning terrorist cheaters ancient any copy. Our mistakes. We make as gift givers and how to correct. Do you make these mistakes. And I know I well I I have given some bad gets in the past but that's only because. I didn't. Like there wasn't a list or something there but my parents. Are so hard to buy four. And it's aids and mad I'm I've wanna adage is very difficult to I effort that went into just give him. Tickets to see something because they have tickets to see everything already in our fidelity had tickets for everything yes everything and LA season tickets and never coming up. And they have like season tickets all the theaters down there. It's amazing. And so highly that to my brother okay big is an all out there but you know we got him. I don't have it it's just we about a book he really likes history of our family's really into right. So we bought this blinded ball that your hair story any exposed to go in there and say you know you ask questions your first memory. It and let's say Clinton. I have let things never used and they still Harris strong on the front so I'll. I would I let a little into a it's not telling it like weather isn't it a long time he makes it good good impromptu comments all the time so anyway. I gave you. Nice. Maker yeah that an opening it I think that's when it dawned on you. That I was lactose intolerant you remember at the moment I was open remembered differently like. Although. It is the worst president ever yes I read it and it would've been a bad present even if you aren't lactose intolerant who the hell wants those guys connect they don't work in a sad I was thinking after awhile which you don't use them ever again right. Union yet on when your kid like me and analyze. Men in. The end. Of this season bridge sorry. I don't know but we did love it when they take the snow and she no greed in and I'm not the snow cream we actually make ice cream in his hand crank and saying. I dad would send my brother out there and a hundred below zero and you take turns cranking it blanket for and are yeah. Because I remember doing it with my family. And it would seem like you would be cranking that thing Lauren Allen now it would even allies and if it were the summer and they were triple digits outside you're happy and you were like com when I screamed so bad but it's a lot we only did when there was snow on the ground now he's the snow to pack the thing. And tonight again with the device in my that don't and I don't know Donovan got to learn why they go look inside the ice cream of the loom a snowstorm. I can make it if I the only time he can make it better ice back to the not a big bags of ice and you know they are gathered aria and they could afford it or something but it takes now in your packet and there's an ice cream machine couldn't afford. Ice. Was fine back then water but the was not aren't even outside of Philadelphia. The snow is also known as. They don't yet but nationally he owes no really it was only. Nowadays these what sees things that snow is bad for it but anyway so we my brother not his crank that soccer my doubt decaf in the warm house every once Arnold don't lose its. We're freeze our asses off do you here's the good and what is your concern for two hours you're gonna have about. A quorum. Have a screaming at yours was different I don't know. Old school nerd is out of my Antalya Ayers was automatic and this is old school man all right remember it's not the thought that counts. Gift givers are really get into it and it is prized game of the really special give date search. I'm blinded but a bunch of stores and over the perfect thing to that so the person again it is going to be. And be so surprised. But. That doesn't jibe what appealed people really want to gift recipients. Just one receiving gift that he actually like that they've. Actually thought about and they would make them happy and it's on some sort of wish list or you know what they love so there's a disconnect between the goals of a gift giver. And a gift receiver and because strain and disappointment. When gift opening time arrives. So save yourself stratus. Go through someone's Amazon wish list of whatever that does not make your bag gift giver. And and temper your expectations. Have how happy the person will be like out of the box thinking and doesn't mean it and be like yeah. I have no matter regularly at though and I see that person in clinics as exciting as that thought it would be Catholic and Nolan and I'm glad and they elect. Wow how could there as well and he did. It. Now that for it's like an end I wanna say this is like 300 dollar car that I found for like five. Yeah and you've probably all like has to kill you we can't tell somebody that yeah Google+ also the person's thing he's got me at 300 dollar to encode a general likes it or. The event do I never thought about it Summitt likes it I think they do actually addicted to the Lifesavers well don't feel like I remember Adam Iraq. Then every year and the realize and I do really that lasted a year before my brother got him for all the kids. They rely on as this agreement they they've brought back the retro look like Saber but you don't know life isn't blogs. No and no that was it'll in my day they came and rolls not look they weren't all in the roles within the book in like binder I I don't know being. Well together over you know you have the build a Lebanese at all there always in my sock it to analyze makes it doesn't really see other seemingly phillips' face in the stock yeah camp on now also and don't think that more is always better doesn't need more money is spent their bots could be great gift as they spent four iron out. Research suggests that that. Just because they're more expensive doesn't make them better. And I finally learned when it comes to kids. Because. Sometimes. I'll be buying forward. Kids in the same family. And the white kid wants something from dollar tree and you know I mean yeah they want something ridiculously simple. And then the other kid wants something that's kind of expensive. The kids. Are just looking to see that they got they asked for. I feel like I needed to buy the dollar tree can several things to make up for the fact that I spent a dollar on their gift and I spend fifty dollars on their brother's I. I just talked with somebody today about this and we. It's almost like you have. Listen you're younger one your sister's gonna get on just to see a lot of press writers are really. He says you're getting and I don't really ever. Exact guys they wanna finger rolling and I'm getting yearling for like five bucks you get like a bunch of stuff and that so we got him a heads up that they're not. I never paid attention. Amy said their Stanley always pay attention to kids really like I I got the public is rob would you handle my family government is mine mine mine never paid attention and my answer is still pay attention I remember my brother. I remember my brother got ketchup and I got Shipley RT pizza. I was happy I think quite well. You didn't win it again and I'm on I'm and this can include listen and support gives us. But you can't it is a favorite ball cap and this employer he beats at orange we are. Stop plucked from the Prince Harry if. And they were sat out. Receivers sitting out under the tree advantages dropped a model and never wrapping gifts if anybody's been rattled and my parents and everything was on rat they might go to that helped. We get one gift it was rap from them and does not just be willing really to Austin to victory in the full bottler is packets it was exciting because it was one of the big big bottle on the all that is still well. Author and remote database every little man's Chris this time sex corner didn't have been the heart of government. I'm just going crazy. And besides there's a village improved. Where people settle the previous years grudges fight this fight. And it's clean slate. You know that it's over after that age I mean I mean obviously you'd have to have man on man woman on woman. Yeah that is. Disturbing me. All yearlong you'd take a list of people you wanna fight in the league and these year these guys fight. And if he can't remember what you're upset about it and you know I grievances as memory CNET and maybe just one punch at one point two or three minute rant around. It's at least Jerry goes story seasonal Christmas Eve tradition had died out the past century for these dogs Gary who stories when you think about it Saturdays or screws that scary. Smith told that story now and it's estimated that deal is here during this those visiting U yet and the song like Christmas Irving Berlin bestselling single in the history over a hundred million copies sold. A large part of Sweden's population watches Donald Duck cartoons every Christmas Eve since 1960. I started that mattered against Roland in its winds throngs of small countries he just fell one span an autonomous then statistically if you've. Whenever and others and all the stands now I would say Donald Duck cartoon Christmas Eve down. I don't like those old finally not a knock out you have early key I don't like any guy based you know business speak. Doesn't do that pulled together man but some pants on her shirt earlier and on many of the perpetually open at Denny's restaurant from bill without locks. That agreement from Lama. And Christmas in 1988 they decided we're gonna shut down a Christmas and then like holy crap and locks. You would have figured that when you nearly all of most popular Christmas songs when a wonderland just not rusty do a white Christmas written by Jewish people. Yeah. Because mr. openers and and something. Japanese people traditionally at KFC. Christmas dinner. Forty years ago KFC campaign like this is the thing for Christmas the person who ever came up with a campaign leave the club with some sort of tradition for a holiday that's. Gold as the eBay gal like the elf on the shelf yeah. On KFC is so popular in Japan customers must place the Christmas order two months in advance. Cops. It was bad to stand in line and hang big hand around Easter Nazi media that. December 25 originally a pagan celebration. You probably knew that we don't know. When Jesus was born and certainly what in December pretty sure of mistletoe kissing originated with fertility rites. And that anybody standing me that signaling that they are sexually available and would like to believe that yeah. It's a little low a lot of affiliate and kids I added breeds on Santa clause originated in newspaper ad. For toys and give books in mid nineteenth century. Christmas is only recently a family holiday. It was originally celebrated as an adult former trick or treat. The tree was blues in the threatened tricked bodily armor destruction of property. And don't go to dornin hitting giving electorate you've been attacked and effects because that was an America is a are we wish you Merry Christmas. That's always a resort a threat. The ever popular song the sun wild and ripped really by crowds are rowdy lower class servants demanding boos from their masters I thought well let's keep that's why they say we won't know until we get some other big bill. Well you know I never heard the mother believes that bat that one. Was a threat man that was a threaten. The Christmas do you tree is a manufactured tradition. I'd embedded edition as part of a social movement bubble up. You reform Christmas away from the traditional rock as a raucous trinket treasures get bruised up drunk Dutton. So some of these U rich he snooty people elect and then. Will make it three part of this and people won't drink. So cruises not celebrate with a scratch its. The movie cinemas that Christmas Carol showed a man reform mine is thirty. Celebrates in the lower class employees you know yeah. Scrooge and said in the book ages. Is middle class nephew he takes him in off and goes nephew's house gas at the cracked it yet. The treasure big Turkey I'm not coming out here it's important I am asked to Wear for him could it that the Christmas as a day off. A recent innovation as late as 1850. Was not a legal holiday in new England's distort robe and business and groping all that stuff and so I went to school. This is 1850 yet out of here. There's your Christmas learned both thank you I feel learned well tells people your Christmas they are amazed and those facts and stats such a morning you're listening to all there. All right Ramon has told us what she wants for Christmas. Let's explain again amenities. You can't get just as did not tell you what I wanna do business okay well. I burst Turkish. Plus we're not sure what face to put on its yeah. And it. That's that's there or gets dumped. May be. Lucia mar more or something so I didn't lose amendment are explain what I'm talking about. It's the hottest sex Sawyer the holiday season. It is a sex toy that you can have the read the printed. When your boyfriend's face the current best. Now I thought it was just a regular toy away with the the person's face on it like an elongated like you know you. Used take silly buddy and put it on a comic book on and they need to take the picture the face and stretch it out that's kind of you only three. But I but now I find it's a little tiny body when I face and the body has a giant thing coming out and the company is called wobbling Willie. It being attacked I mean. Lot of toys that I have three deep rooted heads on again. Now I think that's everybody and every toy is the same body. Game and international all purple but the face. It oral purple is hard to resist silicone good and I've seen various space is. On top of wobbling Willie in various bases I mean it is surely you examples like there's one guy who appears to be Asian his picture in the news speak. How he looks and then there's. Dark haired white guy and a blonde white guy they make. The sizes different according to stereotype I do not know. I'm not investigate a class act act to be included in their FAQ 60 yeah is good date and can you. Don't they are you even though the hottest we did that. What it looks just like the picture means I like this is our. Pretty darn good not a body just the base they are under I think usable as a toy because they're under present silicone they reusable. If you re signed they come in a variety of colors beanie nudges purple polo there. Purple lawyer choices I'm not gonna as the running you people purple leader probably from leaders about seventy bucks. Blue or more. Lou. I don't think I knew I had to do is send in the photo did you take its wobbling what Lee does the rest now want to take it seriously. I asked to be a gag gift. Because there's an. Thankful that. But no seriously I don't think that I mean. Take my in my little space in my little miniature body and start going down payments on your little one. Nobody has a problem really is Donald Fine. Little's and there are yeah a lot of little except for and I think there's not a little. If if I had a friend who was getting married and there was a bachelorette party. I would totally boxed Cindy and a picture of her. Husband to be have what are these made her but I think. But it would be wildly clearly would be like moving Matt. I'm not going to mean Venus actually you know many here pop and Andy and I know that there is a dot gallant. I. Think very big area yet if you are really in the yourself I guess the idea that too. Yeah. You know I don't floor with the elements and it's on there it's. I don't like I had on the gets. I mean just because I also don't want to spend 78 hours but I also start to get what are your isn't worth every dollar out and model of problem really is better than Maine. How are Bobble and matter moving matter whatever it is you color this. Willie that's. Age tell as I did W it legally yeah. The money's what is she uses and has some face recognition again in the thinks he's this that. It like it is being and it's but there's also part of a list on how I don't know. What he up your holiday ears America do and holidays there. That was the thing is about holiday one of the things on their. Yeah because it's the hottest love toys of the season with the EUR and some love then there are some other ideas like if you're in a new relationship. Invite him over turn down the heat. Get a little chilly N. And you want him honored and act. Ship but first of all I look all lowering the number or visit a duke the first visit says were doing. It got there he dies it dies the birds and says does not mean maybe not so cool vacation to your home but there's a lot to be a lot. Going on in May not you may not finish. But and it could be a lot to try to sell this element is like in outlook basic duties community involved. So I guess that's it's it's it's it there's no question Al yeah. League over the person's house for the first time. There's a reason on top of this letter only know its way under the sway. Even the organs like this cleaners on an arena sized. As yeah. Jim let's not going to let you already snuggling up and turned out to eat my aides already turned down any and. Net sit you by mistletoe that's it sounds cheesy it is but it gives you achieve the opportunity. To go win for kids. Mistletoe with a boob on. No. They have those who thought. It's hard going to the holiday party and there is music by all means dance. Even if dancing is that you're seeing dancing is one of the sexiest things you can do and most swimming complain. That their partner doesn't fans. When they grow that they don't have anybody to dance wind so they just wait for a lion dance if you are a guy who pulls her out into the dance floor UN. I'd be seen only as a matter in and not dancers has been making clear eighth floor that yeah I guess not to dance. As forza Denham. But you know Betsy Thompson says he used it SA GM financing breaks out in our holiday party quick sat is the guy that's ruled can get all of us Trimble ladies even unmarried ladies everywhere Gloria. Yeah just doesn't know how to seal the deal yet I'm a little easier I'll be like being not. Healthier now divert yak key. And I'll just start that whispered MB Italian lines and if you whispering in docs C years. It's not gonna help securities on its. Off air that Ramona. And separate freezer it's bad news that and here is the standalone on her a couple very redneck Christmas in West Virginia and 21 year old in Huntington west Virginian increased station tried to burn down a strip club around 3:30 in the morning on Wednesday does he quote wanted to stopped again his baby off the the polls and oh maybe I'll finally off the pole. His girlfriends amid a stripper there for about six months. And apparently he wanted her to quit but she refused so we showed up in the middle of the night after the club closed down. And started a fire near the front door. Then like a total dummy he stood across the street he wants to earn acts. According to the police report someone who happen to be passing by the strip club called 911 and he yelled at him to my. Under oh yeah southbound I act. That is why doesn't it yeah yeah. That's an. But some below the minimum and and you name is normal in West Virginia mining and wins Virginia. As if that weren't stereotypical enough cops ended up arresting him hanging down a Wal-Mart parking lot street gap that but he said he is. Not just simply sit back and start and a target. Now now no mandates. No one was hurt in the fire only caused minimal damage. The owner of the strip club. Said he was worried that the guy might come back and tried again if he makes bail so he's firing McKay let's just in case. The plan worked at doesn't. In the day affair turner ride like this. Just her club boyfriend like. He thought that was his woman because he was there every night. Peter minority and private damn navy but it still. Yes and you have a crazy issue servers Tim outside of the club. It would not be repaired to its current. See because if you have boyfriend or husband news I generic eat it expired but maybe there's. Right make and if I disclosure accident nut job Ali landed since she is an off the pole you know on the other polls is not my as a result it. Didn't think about pandora mold down again lip I don't I don't invent fire retardant polls. Yeah oh I haven't met that met by another idea today fired a hard ball and I ask is very good. In times like this for fire houses and strip clubs did I ever heard about it yeah I know under state and had a knee pain that. The fire fired an old school fire Rouse Eagles really now what do you think you'd think these. So poll. Say they are not around I'm just bit. Mollen ideas and nobody else to give loans if not did you know okay this is the west side note. Branded food is a Patton editor and it is part of the permanent he's a big. And is certain relative says. Any apparent act at this idea. And I really wanna work its and that. He says the stripper polls. I wanna put out put an aside it connects sports disinfect. Look at anything it thinks it'll it'll clean up after each person. He's like okay ID. Who is multi billion dollar companies and your room. And I your cleansing is triple the wrath. Prospectus pretty good idea all right speaking of pot head ideas on Wednesday the marijuana focus website can I missed. Notice that Wal-Mart was selling at 250. Dollar Christmas tree with pot like leaves on its web site. This like jam with the pot leaf Christmas tree will light up the room and put your mind in the right head space for holiday here every chronic 600 trying to pretend no not noticeably. Want again the pot leaf Christmas tree will light up the room and put your mind in the right head space for some holiday cheer how does that get through. I don't know IA and the could be a private seller on the web staff that your you'll riddler relaxing giggle at the marijuana leaves and decorated as she pleased this alternative Christmas tree is perfect for personal top shelf life at home. Or is a medical dispensary decoration. It really isn't happy holidays these babies are typically smoke it it's just like a fun little pot right now. Though you know things bring in those saying and using now the guys try to burn them strip club. I would love that he would. I just went on Wal-Mart site necessity device called or I 95 to throw your own speed speed and they say it's novelty. And try it and how. Glad to see the Apache attack on seeing what other people ordered the plant holder it doesn't seem to go with weeks. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.