Ramona's Cryin' At The Movies

Tuesday, March 20th

You can't take Ramona to the movies without her crying over something! Find out which movie had her all up in her feels...


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I went to see the movie I can only imagine. Yesterday. And I took my mom. Initially. I had invited what I call a buffer for. When I go to see him move the that I think could possibly be a tear Jerker. And I'm bringing my mom. I try to bring a person to sit between us because you know my mom does not suffered tears well. She hate. Hates. Hates when people cry around here. It doesn't matter. She's watch you on TV just closet championship duty of your crying and on any of your cry and queasy has no sympathy for you she's angry and this is a dad like it got them. Yes his faith based. Based on the biggest. Selling Christian song of all time on I can only imagine. So my a buffer friend backed out so it was only mom. And what we got to the theater initially. At a time we wanted to see the sold out. So we bought tickets for the next yelling and even getting they're. There was no room for a buffer seat. A body. I wanna go to this and there are places that just get it right just didn't care so either mom had to sit by. Like shoulder to shoulder with a stranger or I did so I wound up sitting shoulder to shoulder with a stranger and mom was right next to me. I made it through. Three quarters of the movie just kind of dabbing. Dad dad ads rise but when we got to. The actual song. At the movies about. I could dad no more all the debate and how old dead. More I tried to hold it in the louder in my sobbing and got. Got to the point where my mom is going. How the person in this next I have no idea because I was so overcome was sobbing woman next to me now she's going it's OK honey it's okay it's okay. She's bumbling super harper is it's. Yeah. I. I. I. Get there I was sobbing filled out. Then I used to tissues from the woman next. And thanked her after the movie. And then my mom who isn't the most mobile person seems to Oxford you will be she's very slow takes very tiny steps. She was actually trying to run ahead of me to the good. Idea because she was embarrassed that I was sobbing so loud she felt that people could honey I enjoy the movie audits you add via. And this morning she was still talking about it.