Ramona's Officially An Old Lady

Wednesday, August 22nd

It's 2018...why is Ramona trying to get traveler's cheques?!? We also talk about the signs that you might be attracted to the wrong people.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to our there was that remote knowledge. Per it's plus if you its voice that we'll give them an old now. To man. This is what I god and into the me. That I might is right understanding app that I would buy travelers checks or my friend's birthday because. She's taking. A trip of a lifetime. To pair. Night but I know she's got a page turner bird day. Fifteen so for her fiftieth I give her fifty dollars there are checks. And except. At the travelers is tanking and tell her code hole. Me down in the same blaze. That I hear when I take my mom to the bank he had these are used about something they like old list your little old army of god damn we have been sold traveler's checks at the bay seen and the year. I act out. FaceBook friends Bernadette says. Oh it's only been about twenty years since we stop using travelers. I thought it hasn't been forever. Twenty years that's pretty much forever so I didn't. That's forever and my teller calls over a teller who looks like she's young enough to be my child. And says all who actually. Do you know where this nice lady can Neitzel rally these days is what. Traveler's checks. But all they could go to look like the triple ace Suri into Estonia. League. Think this was a pain no I just want to you know another kind person at the bank says if your call hard has it she. Yeah that really. Is. Yeah. Why did he do it Alcoa. Would. It yet. The poor person has to go to find some bank in France that'll take it. It takes travelers. She's only thinking clearly you have an idea. Lies twenty years ago. Was it that credit card debit cards all that stuff here parading to materialize attached didn't have a Debbie are you have a travel I checked made from the bank to view. And then you go to londoners somewhere. And kind of bank and they attaching it to be boxing after fifty bucks around. On and here I just Google it says years ago many businesses accepted traveler sex and they are it is tax. It's not true these days. Are taken travelers sect to a store and you'll probably get a puzzled look. This is that there acceptance is declining. Vowing to newer more convenient options like credit and debit cards. Worse many banks will be an accent then. I if you take traveler sex and a trip don't plan using miss currency and the. Well thank them. Around his person tried to explain to beat that. Think if you have a debit card to relying. A card like American Express like American expresses. That's due trend yet but yet you. I aimed down hole. What debit card I don't know I and a look at the I didn't know what was I. I understand it hit me it was like a little bit sick I tell put up but Chris I'm Aqua had. It well. Well lawyers I was in high school but it wouldn't trial yet six we're still around anybody can. Our younger has never even known travelers Gerald. So. Alternative to travelers checks that they got here oh credit cards and debit card and yes they were in the car east. Yeah I have debit cards are not quite credit card how did you go to a place where there's no way to incomes I don't know where that is. They say maybe I can be useful. And do you find a bank that only use it at all of them and there's no debit card machines. RA TM machines there is no bank in that area either legal technicality that I found out. Think it's an immediate AAA Estonia's like eligible member. When you get to AAA basically. Sell you a debt. I don't think product. I'd AAA travelers card but basically it's yes AARP has the same thing may Doan who traveled and they don't even know Vietnam. Old man it's just art and warm woman he really did that to you why and I don't think about the possibility she's got the walk around fighter. In the middle of France. And yeah. I know when I'm retired don't go to the bank. You givers and monopoly money and say yeah you go does that make birdie or maybe you know about a beaver pelts. I don't exchange or its threat to its cause there was met Ramona you're tracking on people's movement but when you have. I'm not to do right now wow review the way you would say it. Her husband was the greatest it was the right person. Know on the wrong people. And you wanna get all the government following you think and you we give out wrong pars here we get the Brooklyn politics these. Debate on helping you know you're not. Let's see here's some reasons they say one measure portraying yourself and dating site or app or whatever or in person even as someone you're not. Just try to fit in with crap and but if you're trying to. You know grab a certain partner. Should probably be yourself dot yeah then because it if you're not that it it'll it'll come out. About change it up my profile to make it more being. Really more of pun testing. Hush it put on a ponds and yeah. You do because I think there might as well I paid as well MM profile I talk about the momentum of the the other which I do. And mug Penn Stater blank. Honestly. What's more me. Is shopping and planning. Did that I into a bargain shopping yet that's weighed down yet because also you guys aren't into it won't know what I tried to put stuff. Big guys look like right Panthers bride Panthers Wednesday and they shot. Anything could leave a guy I guess the real. Knuckle at a whatever might lead you to believe that your spending money they write a money offers right leg I like purses and things just yes. And and I do like nice vs yes I I don't have a Louis U or Gucci with a throw liking it but that they might see as a what's on the day. As either amid a realized gold digger like period serial list fit shopping how are you know spending money I don't and yet. So they can't lead an act there's a Babel no mean take as many I don't. Half class family and I I get that. And I doubt you I have to pretended. While long obviously aren't forever. People have part and it states like mine are things that make you are date person to start dating. And they say they like a certain kind of music I'm land where a singer or they like a movie or TV show. I think you could take that Anna that's not a major lie it's not really who you are but you can I mean if it's a whole genre. And you like all reality show. I pretended I like jazz for a minute and and so. You know it was date this guy who can't think oh we've got to hear this you bet you that finally make you know what I can likes of I can sing along is now back. Not advertise it like pop music a lot I like R&B. I liked hip hop. Yeah yeah I expected I think that before if not for a woman just be cool play Diana went five to collect smoked cigars and listen jazz. And you know Amy Amy you divide on meant that few moments you're gone and I would aim the lights. Worked in Scott cigar bar where they had jazz so I go in there hybrid you know I really thought I would not like in cigar. It was a thing everybody like cigar. I. I did I call. Finally we got good ratings in the blossoming as Douglas who bought a cigar bar now and honest I didn't vote for it now OK I don't but I I need to do the things that it was a half so I I tried to play along. And I know there's lots of guys out there listening you love cigars as a buddies let's guards but I I think it was a long take maybe. Three months of taking yeah yeah but it was only cigar. We and a couples got so but I did protect and there was jazz planks I thought to be like hip and cool in huge democratic stocks thing. Yes I'm David. How to attack. You also could be finding the wrong person because. Looking for the perfect match. You're dating somebody but you constantly looking over the person's shoulder like this if we got up well there usually tiny bit better that still needs like for somebody just. It matter. You can't get satisfied on on the one even of the might be very small thing on sometimes you do it the wrong people to build a fantasy about the other person for even me. Over thinker. Head in the clouds romantic. The date right away. If you're that kind of persons they don't timed it well I didn't think about how wonderful they are in the bars really high and then you meet on. And not this thing that you set up. Review hands on kinda nice if the way I look at it because I I can over think these things like look at a guy like you know he's his chiseled guide a link what is while being out of work out yeah. Did they all that idea that all they lock and then maybe there's some valid to me and saying well she's out of my week. Dollar's gonna happen. Editors alive or reasoning if if they weren't just getting kicked right left they would be all and see. Who cares that they don't. What happens to worsen happens that they figure it battled got wobbly right you're not going to go out early tell me is not only that all not just go for what it was. But I know yes self respect and I know get a rejection and move on any given a shot I've seen. A mismatch. I'll put a mismatch and what I would. Consider the number like eight Dayton five or something I know you when your number you can always doing it you got you in trouble. Yeah you went to Jamaica and got to admit that was a big difference it was very young and I would say that was like that eight. And a pot. More or like at 94 OK there's a big number it was a big I think in new. He was he was removed a sweet guy great guy but it looks like on. It's the kind of match abuse generally see in Hollywood. It is the planet are you have like. This sitcom I showed up in real life yeah real life where you see someone like bobcat goal weight with the super brawl got here it rich or you worry or it's like Seth Rogen. And he's got like it's a Victoria's Secret model yes. Who's up Rogen is not I. I'm now I noticed that there was kind of like that. Let's say I'm. I'd some people say that's when I was the paper's editor but not catching up. Subsistence. And I think you Amy are equally now she's she's. A good time. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. If your ground beef turns brown should to put it down. You grounding in its red use any day now it's in the parades. At a couple days Terna brownie food changes color it is definitely for me. Time to letting know. No color is based on exposure oxygen. Nothing do with safety. Take net worth forty few tests. That is the US web site hospital FDA website okay. Color changes normal for any fresh product if you told us to your wife hey honey let's go ahead eat that. Ground beef yeah that would from paint around you think Amy some board. Now now probably know I know my daughter definitely would not be up to depend on the date. My win them over if it's like a day before it's nap probably not the plight Witten but out for some it's just as you. Are it's just. There's a pro us. Saved is it comes to leaders say. Better safe than sorry. That's why waste years four dollars because you're better safe did not know USDA senate seat it. As a surprise a protein meat called Mario glow been responsible for holding on to opt in any map animals dead. The protein still holds an oxygen. And then the protein has a bright red color. And that's where you still looking for but want to gets a little. Oxygen it's gonna change colors it's bad apples can turn brown they're exposed to air. They're not this bad. I don't know an apples let me turn Grammy there but I don't like we have gotten into that turns brown butter unless we like your ground beef planetary you can use like god I remember amount usually borrow. Brown bananas for like an amber. Yeah Apple's still want to Everett's cup in the meat company apple got in the banana. It take its labor problems may be on. Although the apple. Says settlement counter. Via apple isn't even in the refrigerated section at degree she's door for an eight. Has special rules. For recent undated I'm on this puzzles are about don't you as your says that now the date but the day Robert Brown but not to date yet it's a go or not. Like it's a bad bad I think he admitted it took a turn for the worse of oh early access to sell by date even sell. And that the big thing is to smell it. If it smells bad that's the big thing you're and then and then cook it at a 160 degrees and you're getting. Then it did do it I left. And do it I left a thing of ground beef one of those typical me moments. I didn't put in the outside freezer memories and his later on like the work bench. And friend came to visit the united Beers and it's like oh my god there's a giant huge thing of maggots. A yeah couldn't talk. For now. And there had to be a thousand maggots on that they don't. Nods picked up through the trash bag. What do you what do you what are you at all I did you don't read you. Not Joker or the raw meat. Pick most of them on the ground brutal or what are you re reportedly. Didn't have any flu are you earning big. What your house could not pull out I know you're out and you call for help yes I did. Yes I did they just called me for a follow I had him back out just to make sure our. Deal we know warm and you know the source of the maggots. Did you go to from trash and a welder has figured out there that is in the trash can you're gonna go now. Now you get professional help you've got children Pau. Don't just throw it out and that same day walk around the corner and I'd let my. Plants if your bank and credit. Is I don't your spam if you are losing our sins and their pet Maggie. Of a TU I didn't. Is known about it and for I I want professional help I want someone to take care of it in his brain on the ground rule. Not like. Yeah. Yeah now I got distracted. To skiing and hit. But you said it was out the trash in the maggots. All area. Life is bring him down. You right now they're mad at some are hiding in your garage and got into a investigation a fly it really kind of got him two years ago two years ago I thank. Problem let's bring you that of course it but even if you saw it was just around the meat. If they just around a million or just the big blob. As opposed to like on the door on the way that it's just an an event staging it. Yeah and then again easy. Just yell at us now America and it's all fair with maximum. You had talked about the study and I solitude and I yeah I agree with it. You put an extra work and may be for nothing no point what's the point what is the point why do you say that well. Because you feel like when you're doing the call at work intensity. The effort. In a certain period of time out they describe. So you're working hard. And and erratic to get stress and fatigue in your evacuated job okay that's a lot right. But the thing that wasn't everybody was a career outcome nuclear prospects job security recognition. I didn't get any better as you are working overtime in a lot of hours. I but given this a lot of thought. Because. Over the course of my career I have put in a lot of Mac. And oftentimes. I got discouraged because it felt like I was working harder. Ban them people who were gaining. More promotion in news and more recognition. Like really put Natick. However. I also realized. That some of those people who I didn't think we're working as hard as I was on the job. Where socializing better. Yeah and try and working better that's good point and others. Were dragging. More than they were working. But yeah. Valid point here I am like cool the bosh should see this I'm doing is something that point meanwhile this dude over year has done one little tiny thing. And his bragged about it all month price. Again and what better yet you know what I did. You know how great I am you know what I did meanwhile I'm constantly doing waiting for someone to notice because I'm not brag about. Gas or. Yes if you're if you're working hard and spending extra hour Damane Duckett may not be noticed why are you know I you know this is the grindstone. Well all the employees scene and that is a good point and I've I've but I have to I've seen people. Do a similar to our morning Aaron whatever but he would stay a long time after yet but he just hanging out yeah when do an agent and then compile on his organ or whatever. I'm sure anybody listen his job wherever. And I don't play people is today. Whatever industry they're in or what you know hourly debate apple of people complaining. Had to learn rely and the other resorts and place because she was. He was app and on the owner ray knew in the hazard and I carried app with people and working too hard is actually more harmful. Then working longer hours. So if you work longer hours that's better than working really intense. Or shorter. That policy makers were a lot about long hours overtime. But work intensity. Matta effort per year at a time might be the real problem is you're really intense. Like. That's a six hours. Or you're like am. For eight hours they say that's better to be taken breaks you better like eight quality the quality quality work I you don't get that you don't get the burn out as much. But either way. They say employers should give. Employees as much freedom as possible. Stop when they want where they want to that accept. Closed my eyes are very cool things I would imagine that. Don valley yeah. I'm pick on. Doing things like that when her during the day after need to be do you work and yeah you know obviously repeat it you've always. You did did you get to it I think most places are gonna say Alyeska. Is good until. The man mark FaceBook page like in volatile. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.