Ramona's Toothache

Thursday, January 18th

Desperate times call for desperate measures...hear what silly thing Ramona did while calling a dentist's office!

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What's wrong with the mouth I have a toothache it's actually started around Christmas and minutes stopped earning his wife put off. Getting treatment. But in over the weekend. It just went. Racy. The pain as of Sunday afternoon and Sunday evening was so intense. I was in your tears that so I was mostly up all night. And then Monday. I was desperate to see a dentist. So our pain and I reached out to a dentist friend I know and although she's. All. Away in like Salisbury. Review his wife about it drivers on the line 85. During drive time me it was more than an hour more than an hour it was more than it. But I also reached out to. A former neighbor of mine. Because I used to live down the street from two dentists who lived side by side. And I've seen them over the years here and there are still very friendly and the families. So I thought all I have to do is get to them surely. 1 I am and we'll slide the end worked so I called the office and I explained my problem. And I said. I need an appointment AN CP wistful when the first available appointment wise. And because I was in such pain I decided I was going to pull the Ramona hollowing car. And I don't want to try and as if there is. A Ramona hollowing apparently there's not there's no remote Halloween cards that you mentioned you're trying to moderate and I'm used it yet so I'm. Amount of time I said I'm Ramona Holloway. Yet. Okay and then as it and I shouldn't. As it can you ask one of the dentists to call me I know them. And know the bear you know they want to be my neighbors. And I everybody's going. I said yeah I lived on the street for demand and then I start dropping information that I know are right now and seeing the bodies and I'm getting the same. Here's every day and you know the dentist generally don't call patients coming in we'll evaluate you this is their procedure. And as I'm talking I realize. I am probably the millionth person who's as I know that right so I said hey man. I realize you've probably heard this before people say it all the time it's just the other day after a poster called instead orders. Knows the doctors from church and when I asked the doctors and now I think that guy went to my church one time. This I swear to you I radio. I want Iranians. I am moderator and you look like you. I'm. Yeah and that doctors spend a lot of money on the radio. Time. I didn't adding I.