Ramona's Yard Sale Hell

Tuesday, May 15th

Ramona's yard sale went as bad as you'd expect!

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I didn't even know your having yards and what are we don't know what else in the world knew either. No there were probably the ten people all day. I don't know I had all there all week long I was. Dragging stuff out I would have to do it all on Friday uniter Saturday morning and Friday after work since all of my stuff was already in the rides. I went over to a friend's house and loaded up a bunch of her stuff to put out a ticker. So I get up early early Saturday morning about 6 AM their yards it was supposed to started eight answered dragging stuff out. I'm back is killing me. By the time the yard sales charts which is 8 I am now too tired to tagging thing. I heard yes surely I am just worn. Out message you know what. I did what I all I actually hate for people to do which is just make me an offer I hate little garage I yards you don't like I and we sat. I figured you know what I really take anything. I really will take anything. So it's 8 o'clock. By 9 o'clock there have been two people and I'll be a couple more. Trickling in I go over across the street and see my neighbor has amazing things. Amazing man so why would you even want to come across the street to see my yard sale. Where did you get people. They got more people than I did. And and everything that I hate about a yard sales is what I ones. It's what I it. I didn't have things tag and then if you are yards sailor sometimes you'll see that there's a yard sale and lead to a slow roll by and just looking at the stuff eyeball in the deceive it's worth getting out of their car. So many times people did to slow roll past my house and I had not been stopped link finally IN fifty feet away from my house. Additional digital I don't jump in. Yeah well my free stuff. Her stuff all sold within the first hour OK so then now I'm left with my junk which is junk you're than anybody junk because doing. People came I was at just give me just give me anything he if they could offer anything they would pick summing up and not and is it. Now averaging want that is how much he willing to give me a quarter. You could. Reports crap on people. Saw inside the a rod. Yeah there and it's it's your order is almost knew the yards still supposed to be over a one last time Finley comes. And I'm like just you know hey here's a grill it's never been out of the box he won it. Now when you really never. And it. It's. Nice to me don't suppose there's guys like a zombie apocalypse and and you and you don't have really just like I'm trying to sell I'm. I'm doing the hard sell to take a botched government you know does said Mona from amendment and a half act. Yeah I am gonna end I have jumped bit. No one wants him. I have under the electable jump and attack a bright he didn't turn me away goodwill.