Rejoice The First Day Of School!

Friday, August 18th

Matt loves his kids, but now he can relax cause school is back in session!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god. You're listening to all deal with. It's hang around here as grandma and we know that docks here and done you can get to that website they have generally got this website currently is. Podcast from but they get the website where the Matt and FaceBook page giving a bagel lights. And check out the stuff that we put up there but if you haven't seen yesterday's podcasts photo. It's of me and my fancy to religion jeans back in the day honey you're put in the work I I was I would want to point out a BC depict that I was. Posing on purpose like Google looks like I'm not easier are the long lost brother of the card ash eons now beyond that that don't look at it. When there's a card and Sheehan deposed on integrating well it's pretty hot I well I won't idea I'm just it's it's awful embarrassing and just goes into eight I think I think banking and I think somewhere I don't know the gamer out last time or not it was gonna keep around mr. Eumig kids someday. Wear down a sort of learned out of first day of school to him as as it was. My job offers serious goalie I would it would save Greece is the seasons he's seven. She's little weeded out by that. And dropping out patty at the middle school to rolling now on the Brando and pretending the likes starting to yell at boys. Oh yeah. Yeah. It is. Human like that dot stop it I enrolled on the windows you just start to freak out like I was gonna say something. Which I consider doing. Yeah but I did consider doing. I look at. As a weird segue from first day of school Tim twenty girls not having sex well but there you go out. Comma found that these are millennial we're done basically it's in their twenties match it's. Adults in their twenties. Found at 60%. Of the respondents reported having sex two or three times a week before they were married. And only 43% said that after they were Mary. So went to 60% knocking it out a couple times a week. Before they got married and and it is a map to get married now down a 43%. Ryan up after marriage. I would wonder is fair like dad's. House some people say that. You know. After the guy gets the girl he stops China romanced her that may be actors. The girl against the guys she's bounced China 6 AM in that the compound or talk to combo he's not given the romances she might imminent they did doesn't say how long after the marriage. That's what Diane I would like to know is like the next week after the marriage as it a year later. An. How well does. I'm not a millennial but and it's and you know my mayor's situation with a little weird because we do go cheated how many times a week. Before she editor's weird yeah. That's that means is that a play out I would think him and figured out that he wanted seven days when he was like oh absolutely no and I'll who has time. Our energies ever thought that America this is shocking. But man more likely report they won more avid then women sixty. Is or December sentinel ideals. Now now. The good news okay. Immediately even if they want more of the people their twenties it one more and it doesn't reflect happiness and satisfaction in anyway. Okay 64% said they were still extremely happy in their marriages. Although that seems like a rather low number of extremely happy marriages and sixty adverse percent but a 64%. Diesel. I think it's. Jury. Extraordinarily happy eat well you're why I'm saying Leanne point 9% or someone that. That's 7484 we're in the ninety percentile. On the gas and it depends what day like there's some dam extremely happy and other as a particularly at the roof maybe not that Clark's. DR cosmos survey also found a twenty year olds found that spouses their spouses. We're just is attractive even more attractive possibly can before the wedding. 6%. Said. That gross. I'm paraphrasing. But 6% said they hammered that attractive to many more marriage would you say things changed after marriage you. I don't know I guess probably not as good together forever they have lived together in dated for a long time so immediate change to the court's time but it wasn't like. I do and then different and now I don't yeah I like. You've got the ring you do it's no one may sided but yeah I just he's a lot now. And walk around flash in. Things like that. But it doesn't ordinary. I just doesn't work out and now. I've got a few times in this building here just to see your response and you got Nana got. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with met her. Right feel like they get comment on our ratings aren't as good we will thank you weren't. Can't. These are mistakes that may make over and over again and women yes it so. Frustrated. And for example. You lie to your woman even knowing that she's going to find out the true. And already knows the truth and she's as the dimension like seriously maybe you're just trying to avoid getting in trouble Islamist mosque makes it worse than. A sick kid all right pretend. Kids' lives and yeah like you know who broke that in kids like I don't know how come on Kia. Yes well. Don't you think women do it too. Reading when I don't lie about something we're gonna find out anyway now you know we're smarter than that yeah O'Donnell come on. Yeah I'm not saying women don't lie they they both Canada say that when we do it's not steal our yeah. I'd pull out of the garage and ripped the sign off on the call are and then. It happened Eric. Please. Don't we could be telling the truth maybe we don't know what happened I think that it you'd think guys lie more. In Gwinnett. And users there's pals are. Really yeah as I mean clubs about dumb stuff. Don not majors not just opens up yet maybe we don't have an outlook we forget you I've very bad memory you know I might say oh I forgot. That tell you I ask. You know. Ran over a tree or something or whatever online about it I've got to tie this up some assets and I think both a personal. Have. Now onto a prostitute yeah Hyderabad a look at behind a dumpster and sorry about that. Yeah my ex husband would lie about just the stuff. Definitely get busted Augusta. Again. If the answer was under none of Google click away any or all of had to do was don't look at. At the cable bill. Now I didn't watch any paper view right and rent a movie I didn't. I. Don't know Aston and I easy pleasant no. And it turns out you did Sunday watch hustlers don't booty hit. Yes. That's blowing and we did this customers ghetto booty to come from. I don't know if you are the only two in the house only do it now all but just take it at that point. And put it on something that's something kids would do in Alaska and in China is a lot of times will LoopNet. I don't think I'd do very I have I do it's not very often and I I think it is sometimes unintentional. I I don't really think I do it that much if any at all I don't do it okay and no I don't do it ranked I I'm certain that I. If I do I think it is unintentional. Like I'm not even aware that I did something. Here's another one and this is a staff. That. America's Funniest Home Videos is made the guys who basically think safety rules. Are for people who don't know more than they do it. Like why do some sort of trick for the Seattle does something that you rules like I'll only use a cat full of lighter fluid for this hour and I don't know. I it's bravery now that's they they think the safety rules are for what's it OK but that's somewhere off the lie I think this is just a thing that guy is yet another thing that they probably. Yeah it's true we we do go. I think this this safety thing that's used in bread. It did in Britain at the end I mean it's part of our DNA. You know our area the day he's he's like jaw we will wasted chances I back in the cave man days we had to go take chances. We have to go play with fire and it's still membrane can help it now takes a crazy chances blacked in don't especially if you are you know under thirty. Yeah our brains aren't quite fully developed minds and awkwardly development and he did some relief to opt out oddities of the stuff. And yet I've bile accounts may not. Battered jailers. In and then there's this last and I'll give you that not being romantic because you think that's for was seized. Now I don't think it's for c.'s I just don't like. I don't think it's the west. I think it's I just doing it I don't do it as much I I should probably because I don't think about it. It's not because I think it's. From blessings although there are some things are from. Well yeah there are some things like you like likes it is not was yet if your yap and her up on FaceBook Wacey. If you are older yet they're walking around calling her your best friend there was no machine guns now that it has take dead now. But they get a bad. Just rule if you have a year like that was if you talk Linear guy yet dude friend in you like a man any day here I am Indiana without my best friend Amy. Then you're just ridiculous you know you're nasty lie your same friend and say my best friend did you know annual my best buddy. How can say to call it buddy here geared to knowing now now. They did you can't do it that that is what's he been everything else you know you gotta do maintenance. But it sticky notes up there a lot of views there a lot view text do you all that stuff that's not see that's just part of the deal. And calling her your best friend is used. Special teams don't say it on FaceBook or tweeters like matter to your buddies. On that debt or don't doesn't keep the secret. It is eager just between you and earn maybe some other women because they'll think it's me. You're listening to all there. This couple just to spite or something and while no one's thinking it is. This comes just you cook it rotated to bets sprouted. Yeah as you know the big winds coming out of whatever. Ideas they say it's OK it. It doesn't matter. Doesn't that matter at all this budgets and some time warmer brighter environment recommend to be just cut the sprouts often paring knife and a good ago. That's like my mom tells me it's OK to eat the cheese because she cut off the moldy cars are. OK to eat the bridge because she cut off the mold Hart. Got half a stock. Cauliflower because she cut off the brown part. It. The mold. And Milt do you. You whom. And OK we can't see with the naked I said already deep inside a now old yet we do is go into round because it didn't seem ready would you dispute ballot like the on top of a sour cream or something scoop up the mold and are you totally not. Look at the equivalent of you got some bad milk you got some chunky now know that no good and you decide you don't just go scooped chunks out just fine how can you say. It Alexei is good and I did the same putter off before it's good. Is it okay to your dog lick your legs after you put lotion on now. Notes that way and they can't be good for the dog they say a run of the mail sent to moisturizer all upset the puppy honey. But wait a minute. My dog is a sensitive stuff odds and his that will attest to that found race on but what it does do is. If you let on late yesterday lake every time to smell lotion and. And demanded a lotion monkey on their back yes yes I had a neighbor. His neighbor would always be out walking his Pug. And while he would stay in their top enemy hub would just be calling added lift in his let me like barely think it's gone yeah. And it was distracting and think why he really likes licking your legs again you know he likes assault or some thing. And I mean this thought it would go to the idea I've had stopped. I just held my line item from that what if he makes other people like that everybody's so into the dog licking. Let's bring your intuit thank you pick up your trading and get a lick other people do you worry about like I love my dog jumping. I you know I'm a dog I would my dog jump right to impeach him not to jump up its tiny when you know but not to. Yeah you gotta teach it things that you could not a good developers rank and sudden furniture don't want her honor whatever you so they collect and legs. You can't just have your dog Willy Nilly and legs yeah it's like you know. Amy might like she lit her legs she doesn't want not color or anybody else to get her leg I don't think she wants him allegedly did you meet most of her leg parts. Our most of her legs. The you'd like some garlic in your cap for something no if you let you know your ankle and I don't like feet and Anna now you know I'd like that and let you know if you're that guy who's in two. Like feet licking her some pain. What would you Wear my mind goes is like. Howl many of their feet have you looked at where your mouth we were big and be ready the only other place that's been no thanks how. But how much does well now a little and go to little knob on your ankle he likes to bite on the not a. Out and not funny little placed that's a bad placed by the way I I say sir you're indiscriminate. With the way you use your mouth I thought it is in and therefore your mouth can't be used on me and good days senator that is a bad place for mosquito byters. Little ankle bone right there in barrier elbow. OK and I heard a big red at some elbows like the worst place okay. They're just got you where I where the mosquito you haven't noticed that now. Is that located where you're sweaty clothes after the gym. Where are you going. They say it's not by the way. Why Byron breeds all kinds of germs. So get those clothes off as fast as you can doesn't know. There is a week lows around town late maybe a little sweat that much. And plus I don't I'm seeing people who their workout gear at the grocery store in south you have but I mean just running gets the maybe that is let them. I'm not trickling. Am I arguing dripping in my big and tested team that is not dripping sweat so you just a little bit funky. Yeah even that enough along now but I have yet my kids always do that walking and yeah. They run the other room. I see you exercised bad as his body and don't know I don't say no you down tackles pat and if that's your kids your response yeah you don't need to get people love. TV and our wall martyr. I think they may not restore just like Pavlov thought I think they just make it up one time it is like and what time you stunk it now they think seeing all the time yes. Went at any time at white Pete sells. They immediately. Mock mock her breath and I think it's just a thing as one budget bad breath and as she doesn't Everett receipts also is hooked up. Yeah I think it is a scholar at the. It's all there was. There are a lot of things few who. Yes whereby you get as a gift when you have a baby and a lot of them are flat out lies extremist particle believed from mommy issues. End. On the list or some I did. I did not. Do baby shoes. I mean I think someone Davis baby Hughes found it it's it's it's even hard put mandala I would stake it about ABCs because remember when parents used to think. That the perfect baby shoes were key to a baby's feet developing properly as the babies were those. Hard choose gad yeah Perez LeBron Zemin hang them from the air. Yeah a few years and years ago yeah I think had like a metal brace conflict of but for awhile. Yeah well some metal brace like some sort of like you. Blue flu or pigeons oh I don't know I think is put it down there to be cool kids. It was all the rage I can bear so yeah tiny. My brother I don't want Imus had what was your brother icu remembering it but you wouldn't remember having no I mean because a picture. Not because of real memory I don't have any memory that I believe I saw a picture once let me NN. A steal things steel rod between my two feet. I'll. They mainly do that for children need correction I must say it's a correction. But now yeah. Maybe they don't do you still learning religion are unique I don't are just a fashion statement they are adorable. But what's cheaper in either computer or the baby's socks that look like BBC you know Adam died about. Act kind of asked stuffed animals. That's. Q yeah AA have but. It I put them in a crib that kids that age baby don't care about stuffed animal is a big one. Great lover murdered little stuffed animal and. Stop and loves it does look on it Bobby yes. But it's I would call a stuffed animal more than like a rabbit and on a blanket. It's just. And authentic. It sounds like cream beer when you say I'm an ounce. Bradley ahead on a blanket for well I think I think we lost the blood off cars has spent directly on the maybe you think any ugly giant sized lines too many here a little tiny line and yet however I don't know they can't suck on it then Garrett of I don't even know who does this designer sheets. Who the heck is doing that I India that. Aggregate impact p.s in blowouts there's an element then. Wipes warmer I saw this soccer but that was not. That stupid. Aids it's it's a heater temperature your body your butt can handle a temperature of a wet white and had to be warmed up. Mean just try to alleys not that was very and then even if it's cold relive. I don't have a voice I don't have to DPP TP. That's a little shield like a little co owner whatever I'll let yourself an anti but he is so he when you're Jason diaper just EM PLO aria. And I earned this guy says they don't work very well to shoot the cone off. Probably be impede I want to allow me to. What. The butterfly and pretty boys you know brother pretty high. I guess I can crank it down the. Yeah all and. I really bragging about your dream right now right now and I don't go to anybody event is being lead out to. Not that really I'm just talking no tournament that is the and now all you war. Are and how it's amusing were it not something to a friend about your peace to green yeah we were discussing how to sometimes UN narratives. You know super soaker and other times like. It's got no force whatsoever how was it seeing soon is so much. Yeah they just thought. Women and. Check out an underdog and only then and I did not feeling that this doesn't know no mine's pretty consistent yeah that. Has a history and look at my team out there has to interim and I'm like you and I like. The weakest least remembered. Let's again let's send it to your doctor how. A sudden people talk about you dribbled. No no no it is most all right so you don't need a treatment is that. Triple a hair out of the I mean it's always like that it just happens and I'm. This is. No I don't. Changing table I had won all the time. They just say Al immediate attack are changing pad their waist high Dresser and and you've got. Attributed to handle and you got. On a high chair. Never had a writes that well maybe a dead. Than you do with a first and second what do instead of a dispute debating air one of those tax on put on the table. I think the first somebody I don't. Chairman Avian a sec oh yes through scraps. Its use of stock character while the diaper genie. Is this this little laundry ish type thing where it's it's can be because it's sitting right next to that maybe you toss in there. But then it's a race to see. Who will let it get really heavy and smelly little bit like for the husband all of saw such a great so they'll victimized I can smell that smell right this stated Douglas Miller who is much. As as. Couldn't wait any marketing holed out that's thanks to. But today just to you could just folded up and dig it up the trash after monitors somebody bombing that. You put is like a duck or something and and you put it in water. And it'll turn red or something it's too hot it's a silly but your aunt and. Yeah I mean it seems like the easiest thing to do this these gadgets while they sound good by the time you. He that you're. Aimed at supposed to keep fed. Now the white swore arm and then you put. Little Berber document sodomy bows let me do all that she couldn't. I had a baby changed babe and. I will tell you the first time we had to wash herb Dave Addis and we had to look it up on the Internet. We were in no it's doing. I'm a law she has idol and so like scary it in the water like do we just put him in the sinker senate tournament bathtub what do we wash and so what would you do. We'll look at a large short are we ever laugh or we we Dylan and Google's Alan take a man. That's OK if it's legal element that it can I did you just suggest you Google changing. Yeah okay may be pacifier wipes. Just stick him in your mouth to clean them off now that's oh can we do a story I was yeah about how it's better forum it is better for some. Immunity build up loners pittance that. Now. Or 71. A baby food maker I don't know some Lander whatever system stupid thing formula mixer and the stated. And baby care timer. I don't know app percent and dedicated I don't know what that is he is Carol and I'm active. Anyway I don't mean to -- net for the and there you feel like you knew exactly exactly so do you if you're listening to Hossa there with that and Ramona but he says it. Are you feel that way it's viewing areas yeah it's like now. That does not like we deserve suburbs but you know what can just be the words mean the words. What he means they say is I usually went yard in view over. Women like to hash things out. That you see is true it's not about any liking to hash things out we want a resolution. That while we got a flight instinct we can't help ourselves. Every week they say we don't fully understand but I added maybe understanding you understand we don't wanna go on and on and on you who don't care generally don't. The resolution resolution and you know what if we came to somehow a red function. May be a month from now or six months from now we're not having the same discussion may be you know why because we actually came to resolute now. I don't know we've probably hitting just now argument because you fell. I get you wanna be an we got a resolution but you just kept talking. That's usually how works we have a resolution. And then there's a continuation. Wait there's a life friends or did you mean having a resolution and then. And just shutting down the discussion now there there's a different elegant and an as I gave her a meeting at work. It's ready to be done it's all over we got a settlement someone says. I did at one time you attack. I thought why not a fine. And I apologize I did apologize he did it well as you're right you're right we did that resolution and you've blurted one thing you know we had. Listen another twenty minutes as somebody. You are horrible. The let's say a thing you also shouldn't rehashed mean today it now know doesn't say that. What he says you feel undervalued ask for a raise and what you hear is your browser so simple just fix it. And about. We really mis works bobbing on the out. We want to have the problem solver but I know we should learn by now because. Sometimes I don't want to Kennesaw I now I'd that would do an outright and want to listen or does not condescending and our allies were just trying to help. You know I had but I I think I've gotten that it's it's hard though because sometimes you want to and it's not just women are just either solve everybody's problems or. Push him away back there you. So it matter what it is Avaya Baghdad in trying to solve my problems and yes you have to bring up your problems a you know maybe this is what it is sometimes I don't want and be solved is a bitch for a minute. What he says on yeah frighten him that means were you girls say is I couldn't be less interest. They act out what that means days. Lou I grinning at me watching TV now what that means and you know that means you'd rather be watching TV means that admitted right right. Maynard meager store is going to slow. Literally means there's your putts along with it to the punch line. Or to the point. The Big Easy and it meandered down me edited down painting you appeared tired I got the picture I get it let's get to the let's get to the meat of the substance. What he says says I can say about us which here here's my jobs in jeopardy and even bother to tell you. That is sometimes happens work well I mean I know I mean I tell I think you know everyday for. About two years after contract it or not some completely different. Sometimes guys will they had been just him and it worry you. So don't take his forgetting to do you have a job situation troopers. Sometimes guys don't wanna. Tell us here's the weaknesses in their fears. I tell all the years on what he says is this not a big deal. Which you see here is how trivial. When he measles dwell about it and a lot of us like an you know you're saying women want more reassurance. Exactly they. A lot to ask for yet every thousand. The last thing you want to do is when you're out to dinner on Sunday night -- are about to end on our mayor co workers testing in Melbourne Thursday. Yeah rapids and. So that's something we bring a list of things that if trivial. We don't care about to us what you really wanna know what's on my heart possible right it's not a big deal. Two year it out to them a big you know you're now you're not a big deal to you cannot play attention now or you poop blew it. Today announced snow that is not that. The things that are bothering me I need to includes a T I need group food supply or that I am upset. I care about that smarmy email as I do I do about it like and that bothers me. And you put me in my place and that emirates really not a big deal might your right so. Emergency reminded that adds that it. So really yes wolf thank you for that. A term ideology not a big deal you realize you man explained that again yeah. And I mean I don't tell and reminder that is not a big deal a death as humans don't time. They realize it's a good idea. What he says his. I'm so in the mood and what you hear something about sex. I guess they are in mania I I don't know why they're making that day I think. They say it's a stump beat. Just because. They're trying to coddle. Doesn't mean they're going yet as long term contract enemies that's existed at the wrong on balance I'm so in the mood does stamping aspects of it. And when you doesn't mean you bring that up at a weird time I am in the middle of life worried about what happened networking and implement and take a pay you to think about and now. What's going on with me doesn't matter who when you're likely linger and hang the end. I you are not so turned on. Like that. There paranoid or whatever. And had a good line now. I love it here out of your mind could cause I'm like yeah the problem you can't close the district will be yes yes yes. Right saying that a great idea. Thanks for listening to our fairways that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.