Rev Up Your Love In The Bedroom

Wednesday, August 1st

Ramona's got humpday tips on how to spice up your love life this summer!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you'll lose they come up there with the remote. He really. I and yeah. And things like. One is to create a secret sex. Sixty stated here X closed the code like you see you know so maybe some around Regis what could be you know fancy deal like something like. You can tuck me in. Let's not code. And I actually pretty. I know oh I'm like birds in bed the bedroom as Mac OSX. Saw. Utah beat him so yeah I just talked and you know rape my bet dollars you on the road. And we go chair and some butter. And I couldn't and ago but not as she can sometimes I do just like a good talk and couldn't. Its own there's not on more or you might Jason like. Somebody has some rumor tonight. Well that's it silently Koppel is an avid just between us language are happier and their relationship. You can even text the codes throughout the day like. Omar and Dieter tuck. And and one minor miracle on they're I don't think code. Is that your code you're married lo and lose one niner deceptive and what may name and it's a it's read his attorney general you know it's your money yeah. Is calling 99 and I'm sending something America and that's what I'm gonna sit there and next yeah. And niner may be internal calendar and I told us that one liners he sees that code. Or maybe it's not the one different. And another way is. The show off your beautiful state. Men when at least eighteen minutes of foreplay not just talking kissing in. Certain aspects they really love a good game afoot seek. Tens of this old guy says she runs a side of a foot up and down his calf and first on the outs and his leg and the inside the. That's like it would tickle us. Yeah not. Mike he below 1 diner and I am hundred. Yeah Mac and an eighteen minute his need to Y 918 minutes do you Roman your foot on the. Let's just part of it for about ten minutes of foreplay OK okay he should throw in the added to the foot flag. That's some point however I've put play effort play underneath the table at a restaurant. Now they do on TV show TV series yet in the end I'm under the united. Which your foot in some guys going underneath the table now has he had young and Latin. That is the underdog is split here route that you obviously he. We don't know me as well as I thought you did well because. You know that's at least at least I'll at least know things have you rub it ugly toe on a man's. Yeah I haven't added a student would you reflect it feels different any other. People had no. Yeah like I'm in all is that happening down there. Isn't some amputate Hannibal. You know. Nevermind shouldn't. And Israel might. Before a pedicure graffiti have been so rough that I have liked. That their scratchy like you me. Ago way I mean like you did gradually. You can write a million rub it skidded about an orbital Sander to have concluded yeah. Ottawa and that the yeah I get mine Rooney did try with somebody and it's my amendment here and honesty feet. A minute that I art. The you're out of that you're at home your skin whenever I spoke in its last policy must write him. At. I never. Kind of thing for you. Then you're listening to all there with mess and Ramona. This New York Mets baseball pitcher amazing picture was put on the disabled can't pitch for ten days. He's pitching it kind of felt stickers on them. In this hand started developing its watches and blisters. Moody our turns out he had a hand foot and mouth disease which. It's highly contagious by the way back and I know people getting kids get it a lot of my neighbors grandkids batted. One man other neighbors here baby got it and I know it's very treatable. But how ever an adult and doesn't sounded. Oh disgusting. Let's not discuss ideas and really images now you have no I'm looking at it right now notice him. Did that just a little bit of a better ones I know all now know that's enough for me. That he virus but. After sacking virus attack. It's not callous sock is cute cows. Yeah it can spread from person to person through direct contact with unwashed hands hand hygiene is everything humans. And I deed is everything from and it also Kim. Be passed a lot and contaminated services. Business to those services contaminated with what. Eighties it looks like the plague the. And if you if you go back and watch a movie where they have lines now. I'm home playing. When you see did the babies are bashing their little baby you and it's under the bottom and. As loud mouth and your team looked terrible law looks like you're dying now you're an adult. The ego that looks like. Adam Levy never read the need to estimate where at like the people would comment. And they would have to rip their clothes and walk to the village yelling unclean unclean app I don't think that was. Not eating payments to receive in this disease. It I feel bad for the kids gravity drop but as an adult once they say you can't commend him are remote because you've got hand for now I'll definitely in home but I. So which you would would have you wet. If any of you coming here with a hand foot mouth disease I am so incredibly it off but let me a man my question is would you want us to say on the or she's out today could use hand foot mouth you don't have to worry about. Telling everybody because he'll be a big sign on my door. Saying we are quarantined. And also a threat to. Patient zero. Who gave it to an argument or water right down note on the door at hand foot mouth people tell her that her I don't want anybody else stick to gadget second ball. I want to get to the bottom of it. Pool was and you never did I do not really that all hang out with these you'll never find very sincere I find pan. I had pick I have found my patient zero because I think this Thabeet EST. You don't know of that exit doors always have zero before the zero long asked to go back trailing the first I have children. All got quietly get office here does its blotches and blisters on his hands. Generally for kids. The Bakken week or something. And it got from grand kids he added that that the pitcher got the hours after hosting a recent youth baseball cap. I'm not sure that I don't want my trainer does the set hasn't been. The blisters on it and yeah I mean he'd you have to just sounds terrible thing. The story that there was and I were player George Brett back in the day in the eighties World Series and a big question whether it was gonna play or not it camera. McCaffery talked about a hemorrhoids and there was another player remembered had an anal fissures. I'm fine of those. You'll take there was ever an unhappy day any day those are normal cinematic budget and combine over the counter greens are some of those hot enough. But it is a bit asleep right I mean you're gonna have announced to the public yeah you gotta go hammer literally beneficiary. Ramona. Well perhaps make him Reuter over Easter assertions that does it it's. In fact I would take ping guy over hand but no I'll my because I am I eight the scourge is there's gotta be pictures. Feel austerity. Mean you're doing this this commit those who don't know Vermont has a long history of meeting think guy. Like it's Eagles the scourge Antwon Burton biggest ease fears that there. You're gonna put hand foot mouth disease above think I now. I think is just as the worst of the pictures because pictures are making me it's all over our. And ought to how highly contagious it is and I you know people who had it make you at least recently yes all over Africa. Getting the T scourges but now the new scourge might be an infant now that I think guys they've gotten beat it out finally. Why did these and infant Matthew Hecht replace your make up Nancy that's what it's the pink I don't know did you touch Jamaica when you're. And opened. Angers. It's more laughs and more fun it's all yeah that's where. Well I gave you are flirting for the first time and help you out top of the person ever flirted which probably app went towards session coming up soon. This machine that Vermont college based put it right there fellas. When a foot section. Its existing know the other piece and Percy get the lap that texting style you know some people are heavy techsters bam bam bam bam bam. Some people like long tax undeclared you know whatever and it get a taste on a pace. I tell you might mean issue wins. And now that I'm trying to do them matched dot com thing and keeping my two back in the dating world. I don't know win a text conversation is over. Well like I read it an accident like this this is there's no question years and it's good point you know there's. If they don't like you know right. You know up where wrap up this conversation many legged plan to take it by gotta go down later though so I think there's no question here. Good morning good morning. As they all day it's fine how's yours after awhile it's like how yeah. It should be. Kelly like it says C on Tuesday at 9 o'clock and he sounds good that's the end. But it it sell like you're not making definite plans are having some sort of conversation. Base annual lapping it I think anytime you hit the button where pops up like. Consol exclamation point we really you know what I'm doctor revenue of finger on the picture on it that's a zone. That's as it goes out and maybe doesn't happen on on android you have talked about any. Hold your finger on the picture like attacks you pick your sick. You don't then you hold your finger on a picture of the conversation that old yet at least when I was dating the text messaging never stopped it was like an open Indian commerce nation. You press on attaining to give it a thumbs up for hop I've never done that like that I've held that up I'm I'm 200 of them that says it's over man. Never done now. Hat and when it give you have a good group for going with the person. And year you know it never really does scum it's not like a conversation means it's almost like pause he's got to figure out when applaud just got to figure out the rhythm of the back and forth again doesn't events are going on you know good morning. You say that more needs. And they say 01 of all I leave me. Never say just good morning continues right now as a big mistake right there all day. There there picking up he is there okay. A all of them things yeah this is horrible but aren't you cannot say just good morning are now. Yeah that's is that that is guy like I was something more than that. Hey good morning and now are you item you have that big thing to Marty you watch what such a show last night later. Morning hope you know we're still launch whatever had a great time last night and a good deed done not just get more. Are handed him the strangest green married that anything's a dragon went to bed I don't know it's not to get this thing no good morning. No good not as him I and I. I struggle. I struggle but yeah it's just and you don't answer I mean I I I don't even say good bye when I'm talking on the phone and throw the person I'm texting where does that lane it's so it's a workplace she's just feeling hand and feeling I'm feeling operative guy and he's got a feeling among the things. That are happening and why he should make it clear. And just say at or we didn't guess it to you went off their computer when you go from. Yes you know plenty of age or OK cupid and you finally give someone your number. And you're taxiing. In RA at a good time. I did too. Good morning. And name just telling you guys out there are no good morning. I mean most I'll give you an add on it like it is a good night but that justice and the conversation about that every part of a conversation not just out of nowhere good night yeah. You know I know they existed did that's a wrap something up. Nothing going on your life to not have many thing there's no matter what your own. Yeah. And I gotta have something to say I'm not just as a good morning. Next morning yet and I got back jumpers just that yeah I would and you are out and unless there was a check check and say good morning. If you violate their Nagin bending matter anyway. Definitely doesn't get it on. The lady who. Are these text that you couldn't that also there with Matt in Ramona. Colorado had the Mac and Ramona FaceBook page of this is and when you get your pocket to meet your already subscribe all kinds of crazy cool videos up there daily put up a band the mr. Meehan Ramon as mom on the the bed together Hoosier imagines. And worst person call themselves a millennia old. Relation backs are brilliant ideal ideal relationship expert. They just zero in on a millennia. That's his job and earn one. Because you haven't figured out how to do it and they did anyone can be won because he is revealed this expert has. Figured out. That. Connecting. And staying connected. Boils down to three words. That ballad eight you and your love not that he's made him feel. Lake you're important in the other person died. And it comes from the movie avatar. And and I am and here has no idea of them being any idea. Lives by these words there so yeah I heard. We. Believe our car and I had. Her. It's. What I see you. Let's is that is the thing that the nominee the blue people say. She sent it to move marine who had no legs. And attack and it's it's see it's yeah I don't know I don't know I don't know where I remembered it from her obviously made an impact and bear island city and we are in years. It but that made an impact on you why the man this relationship expert says it's incredibly powerful. Well you're supposed to arrest I face going home Edmonton and tell your wives. CE you know I think I think of is when you say icu is made the joke where they the answers IC EP. Spell I cup yet. That's right classic if I had never heard that GOP never smelled talent that was the classic on the school bus and a when you went 57. 90 the old it's like you labor going to hand it was say Heidi earnings. A now I know I mean I think he's got. And he and I mean that's what I say to maker know that I lover Allen's do you want I he's tied cap. And if you're an animal handlers that I was a relationship bags are millennial as the eases things that it would let them and ask your live dispel my cup decision as to events in icu at noon in wars but is your marriage on meet the many you don't hear icu you don't think it icu. Every time. No I've never I series C. Never heard that. It's not against somebody likes the air into a creme is there a hole in the night I see who you thought. The it. I was in the navy as. It. A world all. No. For you'd say you didn't nights we only see him being who I know I sent back my I usually I am gonna ask you. Yeah. They. And there's no fan of all suddenly unveil in his. Saw it to others about the but the when is about the ladies in the principal. Homeland and then my friends rather naked ladies and there's a hole in the wall and the ball is against the Vietnam blood we know there are hundreds and always. Or did so on or ahead someone say I usually if I've heard ICP. You know this song I don't know that the song well. Down. That's classic tomorrow minutes when the French for singer and when the World Cup is at the. It's hollow political I'll learn them. OK so anyway it would at least as I see why am I saying I see you back to that. Because is very powerful it makes a person feel validated. It makes a first and then feel loved. Does since knee he doesn't it sound that you're sneaking I ended. Expert says it helps to keep you from growing apart because. Our looks change the way we feel about ourselves. Changes over the years. So if you have a partner who still saying after a year or two or ten of marriage. I see you then they're saying. I still appreciate you. Where they say can't Steve is doing cataract. That hurt their feelings. Vietnam was a nice though he has two anymore just how much I feel you are you okay would net and I got to be here. I get a good target to touch your face and would like to add it all. Out Ametek clay ahead after like Lionel Richie. Got my fingers billion dollars. And I don't know what you're talking about. I'm going to Lionel Richie clay has amassed a boost your. As he would you. This. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.