Sarah's Candy Proposal

Tuesday, March 20th

Listener Sarah shares the heartwarming proposal she received when her man popped the question with a Ring Pop!

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We have weddings on the breeder on your lately not just because between us we've clocked eight or nine no. Bob's daughter. Is engaged alleys engaged ruined my bonus starter meg he's getting married in October which can be your free no it. We've been asking people to DM lesson and leave messages are app with their awesome proposal stories and here comes Sarah with her. Proposal and one year all of us are welcome to the show they Sarah. I get the reigning Atlantic. Glad to talk to use it tell us about this what was it. I'm glad that an end of the dollars that he could take any with a ring popped. 01 of those big can't do things. Very but yes but it's been buried three and we have eight for almost twelve years. But he is to keep tactics and kind yeah yeah we. We grant college. And the parent trying to get he actually actually to marry him three times. Genetic widgets signing an avid Sox could. But it got me asking me we have only been dating for about four months and he'd hit the open he just knew right away that he wanted to get married need to do that dual. And he had black sport that there injured hand and sounds different coming after you were actually over the phone. And I had killed handbags. I wasn't ready right then that I loved him I wasn't ready to it. Actually I can't let him credit though he didn't shoot me like he waited and about five months later he came back home. And it can be gotten to meet you realize that I didn't want to live my life without him bills when he came back. Guess that's life that's contrary let it let with the when he came that you don't need a tax for a couple of days. And I and I call them back I was ready. And he was so excited and he didn't wanna give me chances seem to my mind that he just like Anthony act any rate that in there. And I think yet. And we calculate that at Cabell gathering later. Ninety we were in college like iPad so we can't catch a penny draft together between that give us. And Aaron we have gone to visit his family in West Virginia and Ollie Ricky charity to build this beautiful I called hackers scary I don't know she's. Record of course I'm. Yeah it's gorgeous it's so pretty they picked me up to that looked out you know we're looking down on national and on the Potomac rivers that big. It's an historic site I just sought an aerial America last week go ahead. Yes I got third vehicle traffic backed apple haven't even forget about the whole engagement I need to get that and Wendy vehicles there and pop out of the pocket he asked me this time. Gonna try to say can I just say that that would have gone one. Way or the other there's no in between yeah did it for the right for the right gal who loved him. And they were both broke and so in this case I think it was a sweet thing to do literally IG to him and I bet that after he asked she'd marry him slip that ring pop when your finger. I bet you have that ring pop and like a shadow box studio its treasure. Yeah well yeah. I could see that one come and not ever want sentimental don't know what I was going to say I stayed through it right and then when they have a big lead. You give you not want the kid is like three years something you give them the ring. At the beginning to proposal was sweets she also played I had no money she was probably under head. You know and I was perfectly good ring I gave I gave a ring to someone and I had my lunch eaten so you know yeah these things hands and what are. I'll when he when he pulled the ring talk about what what words that he used asking to be his rights and. You just add that I mean again that's being warmer climate Mary had her and I just that yeah. Suppose to be and you still have the little plastic part of. I have a classic but really isn't scary it was like favorite candy like Kenya. And I am. Hey you know eight. Many Indies and brings his bonding time and he didn't you have nothing to apologize yeah that's right that's yeah.