Save Money With Kindness

Tuesday, October 31st

Sometimes saving a little money can be as simple as just being nice to those in customer service....


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And you Armani didn't have. Aren't written by him like Carol and it's good to belated eightieth game real money. To save money while skiing. The upgrade. Whether or dogging about a better deal on our your cell phone or even better seats on a plane. These are the best tips to deal. And sometimes it boils down to just being backed kinder. Nicer. Customer. Even when you walk I can this happy. And joyous greeting idea. Low beautiful. We're not say that. I say it all the time and I tell you it has gotten me look because of another people come in light. You know they say I'll tell you about Ayers special whatever they are running on. It's gotten me all kinds of Uganda have organized activities they look has got cancer. You did it today and ours I felt for I was thinking about something else and it and he's saying that to Allen. TO who records or drive time now knows I was thinking about something else I I was so horrified. Because I was are greeted her with freeing up. It beautiful and then when she was doing her job which is checking our microphones. Uses excuses oh. Did I remember to turn you on. Speaking of his microphone and Lula well. You already did Darren I mean not. Plague eyes are exaggerating and sexual harassment and do you not want a new. I'm sick I can't blame. I don't know where I am when I'm doing really pleased are it's about the money saving tips on. I thought it was I was only in Atlanta or am. Was somewhere else like him from a eyeglasses. And an in my wallet so arrogant about it. Though when you can't find your glasses. And you missed laser while yes. It makes you sexually harassed and makes me not think. Oh. Anyway you know did a sport that at Grady Little extra be flexible. If you know they have. A class act in a you volunteered in the room or to wait a little longer. Yeah lord to put it all us a month or two chances are you get a chance that there's been exploring a better deal. Well. Okay yeah because if you are you trying to hammer. They want to hang it mountain. Chances are he'll treat you like to cut customer in need to be fair bring in our judgment involved and don't try to get hookups for everybody else whether it's. Traveling alone. Or just looking out for yourself. Now. Just human greed.