Save Money With Your Holiday Decor

Monday, November 27th

Tis the season to prepare your house for Christmas...Ramona has some tips on how to save money while doing so!

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Your money saving tips are driven by. Italy Carolinas and into related data savor every news money. Now I eat your look to save money over the holiday season and you wanna do. The lights. Dubbed right lights let me telling it and it ink costs you upwards of fifteen dollars a month just to turn on your Christmas light sport eight to 12 hours in the evening. Unless you make the switch to the LED lights. Which means instead of paying fifteen dollars a month or more work you can be paying three dollars a month or less. Depending upon how many light to string and for how long you burned through one month might say twelve now. Right should. It and let the Arizona got a lot of. I don't ladylike wait a minute that's also based on someone earning one strain and 100 lights. I and I'll ladies and if you have multiple if you have bill's old school big giant ball man and largest room wasting money tonight. Because. I just a couple of strands of LED lights. We'll pay for themselves in one month that is Mary's not senator. Also give it. Just saying even by going to the LED like. Now I know right now I am doing it. They don't burn as hot and they save you a lot of money if you're looking to save money on the decor. Of course united do right now in the department stores. But I've yet to craft stores is JoAnne your hobby lobby on that your Michael's. Those places already have the Christmas discounted. Anywhere from thirty to 60% on ready 'cause the crafty people we started a long time ago on current and don't forget that three purpose seeing. Christmas. Whether you're going to the assistance league or goodwill. Or even habitat those places have a other people's holiday decor that they she edit. Which is a ready for you to give it new that is that a good point it's all brought the guy like Carolinas Georgia related data save real.