The Science Of Kissing

Thursday, December 14th

Why doesn't Matt like to makeout with his wife? Not only do we debate his weirdness, we also talk about the compliments women love and why people aren't honest on first dates.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. George listening come on there. Tom Brady. Girls there that. It's a before. There is the author podcast to your friends for prisoners. Angry. On a Dick good kissing the science of kissing. The key is to tweak your technique. To fit what your partner lights. It's very subjective some people like gag you know like drooling in wet a lot of looked up and what drooling wetlands it. He's giving examples of a bit I like hazing and Dolly hasn't gone. Some people might be NN. Some of my Gallagher extra spin or some some people might like that I'm really hard tong. Others wanted gentle. Others went to work up to idiots are generally get rougher whatever. So you gotta talk about it. And I I've never talked man like you know designate articulate little. Now. She's okay with. Nauert he'd say something I'm sure and you said did you guys the winning make out anymore it's yeah we don't make as a matter feared he's not in your accusing. Well we will make powder does whenever it's leading at things and asking and like to sit out somewhere mag out. Park bench or something's they are the living room in front of the TV. We're not even near originally didn't close enough or watch a dvd and again you could do claims rose spin overdue or something analysts and you could get closer now. Now we are here to be very comfortable to do. Crawl out there. Let. Him catch that nobody meg Martin just. Lol now now that the leaving as some make out session no real value accused each other Arab you know on the way out the door and a little slow or would at Lincoln now I got bad breath gas. I ought to hold off. And the whether or not that's he's rude or to somehow. I think a. As if they're not expecting it not as expected as it relates to your love life and I was. Advocate that I was on daddy's ECB's website. Yeah and I took me probably to see you what man man's been doing on the edge. And I clicked on it and Revere you were saying that. After eight minutes Amy gets tired of you trying to make love with. Acts. Yeah I did say that yet crying yeah. TV yeah hit its attempt to pour Amy a lot of things here I got she doesn't watch. I think things on the air too vague you know they've backed a. Do you ever Sharon era. I am I images I had and a baby gets out of me trying to dig labs easy timing. It is making it like there's a certain point where everybody says Sharon. It's nice to me that that happens we'll tell you that on TV it was it Matt said it down mostly like. An unarmed they were talking about not ever talk about the story we had the other day about. How guys and gals one at the last two hours whatever five minute 125 minutes so it was a Saturday as ends but I thought that was. They didn't explain that was the first kiss to the end like you did our story I thought it was the actual. I might. Five minutes of that and went went up when. Anyway I think most people would say is this not happen no way issue when it you know what. Maybe they. The room. Man yeah. Now it is kind of look at each other's you know I may have happened mad now independent yeah eighty minutes and it can answer ending in the mood or a lot of candles on it and cancel. You might cancel a. It is. But it. Yeah it's over now I want to make it there and a little Italy in little news. So yet talk about it I. I think I will bring it up. Andrea went democratic and now he's out on and ask her how how commitment how improved thank you think. Yeah I guess you're on the ice yet the actual text. Instead of it and I talked to a good. Idea I don't know when that's. I matches I Ares still denying. That you guys have ever clicked on someone else's teeth on making. Never have and I don't and I'm don't lead with my teeth and I've never kissed anyone who did never been so forceful have you ever had an exceptionally hard time. Imagine. On it in your analysts say in my life. Husband had a very muscular tone that may have been protesting a yet to some eggs and used well when I was younger and you didn't really know how work camera like it. He's just like Toronto public. Push that tongue baggy like just like her. It reminds them show the regular lips. Never even heard of such a thing where they live a cannon. And also to really let you solved and it looked kind of like. But it hurdler something to the candidates are. Turtles have limits how happy I act does imagine it's certainly unless I can't take credit card duck lips at. The bill did it untenable and end the lives like a dot com. I don't like muscular but talents like he's been mildew and at a fraction Martin's lips firm. Now look and other such things firm that shaft and grind her beat up and I never had a good part of the growth of. That didn't quite big kissing resume. At a marvelous. 1079 they'll link cares. Send this link to kids it's the most wonderful time of the year and we need your help to spread that one year we teamed up with CNET TV for CNN willing to kids help local children and families this season by sponsoring a child's Christmas join SF promise not on Providence and virtual village on December 16 in nineteen to drop off your gift and enjoy special activities for the whole family get details on the drop off parties and how you can help them 107 and the link dot com. Did you would rate the podcast leads and follow us and like us on FaceBook. Maybe not here to and went to one of these things people aren't honest about on dates but should be and that was your health history went that whole thing allies went. Your thoughts about marriage and kids. But again. This getting a general idea how the person you're dating these major life events meant to give away the early on it compatible. How early on. View I gagged it. I think of Polly's care guy most guys a little bit instead everything's on still a lot of lemon to a lot of women today yes yes. But in general. It's. Women who. Would be the ones who are on some sort of baby's schedule. Or wanted to have babies. And guys they had generalities so they might want to know. Because early on they don't wanna. Get into it at their end game is etiquette. Troop surge and generally speaking. I know the only ones it's gonna be that disagreements over whether or not to bringing it into the world I know at least two couples and the parting ways as that tears at a red at a game made in Nigeria and that's your majors not first day eat well I can't hourly. When you decide you wanna become exclusive. Before year taken those steps to be. Booed up yeah do you you got to find out day now just work well yet. I am as my game is marriage. And we're mean marriage also includes tilt. And that guy's gonna go I asked all right got that mr. texts. It's that he's not gonna love it or not or is gonna impregnate you got really many in both occasions. Where. The couple broke up over kids. They both stated early on that they were ages hidden kids and then somebody changed and I. Policy. That's what I'm saying is you've you know it's good to hear I guess but it everybody yeah. Balls to some point whether it's war against. And like two years you're not really sure where tempers in stand and guess right to get out a way I remember how mad you were when I said you're leaning towards kids. I told Amy I was not gonna get married or have kids. And my job was my number one priority. And that worked out harming young guys listen but at least I was honest. And I. More yeah I know I'm yeah. Admit that look like right now no lie I was honest at that moment and honest at that moment and then when I called you out it was a good when you. When you adopted that little Lennie Briscoe dog then at all. Old well. Now I didn't really Madonna. Gas right before the guys you work. Analysts angry lately it's been a slow. I was anger has the formula to a T adopt a pet together. And sandy area diving attempt now. And I got saddle of them fourteen year old cat. That doesn't count mountain hood doesn't yeah. Up again because I just brown now I could be your FaceBook praise that wasn't married. Who ordered this scenario is Halloween costume. Wasn't even that made sure he had a Disney's the Lion King got and I goods cheap. Or. As for the show. So a guy who would saddle. And it sounds battle and again and what did you have for in light which forum like you can't believe. Tibia which are at Disney. And that's good and she. Exit again Danny yeah and edited Disney preview. Daddy's little. ERM. He's our I. Attack acts on you need to be honest about whether you're dating anyone else. I just have to Istanbul. But did you all are it is the hottest. In the it and something exclusive. Unity honest about the game plan the moment and again McKinley first eight can't be Thursday oh. I and ask you your dating solo cents that's late to have a third date there did lack like we decided that's the sex date does I think he's aura might got a date. And then. The home and you won't even. They're very hot. How are. Health history yet. Now what we want Obama throwing their be dating any now now you know went down and that's later do you want to key aides think that's. And then we're gonna round that was next on how tired are now his target marriage and kids. Goes way down at that is not the third day. At bats third month. You see third date you add sex. And this health thing is out of in the air to get JAM clean I'm clean and clean and we don't and I'd I'd arrests and assume that'll wow or whatever it is. Or you know that's when you break it all that. Maybe not maybe add a good. On your age do. That's true that's if you're dating in your thirties either your forties it might be a little different twenties here in your twenties. Right if you save your dating now just think OK I take a back 83 is sex and and everything else discussed on that 456. Yeah assistant. Know what I think gonna stay single a plus plus why. These are good. Whether this is this I don't know why it says here people are honest about these things wanna miss your hobbies or interest. As you you let people hide the fact that they'd like. Disney costs blank they like to tell them this took the terrorists there is that the games of throws the probably hide that you know whether you dress up and has characters or something yeah. A person were dating one judge you on but you don't lead with that. On the run third date we got our eye on modular roads like I'm a little bit let him get to know you know the your normal somewhat yes. And then just bring your weirdness solemn gap and then you know like a cat go to scifi convention to dress up like vampires have you had a shot. Also a person's weird to yeah if you both weird one and yeah with it yeah Cleveland. Yeah that we're shopping Kasten and what you might a met them on cots place site or some yeah. But you don't need to put on your health years ago. Predates X. Or year. Renaissance skier or whatever. You know we ease into it I really like as zombie movies are innocent. And like dress and not that it's. OK for the fifth. It's just it's much like to carry out given a shot and it's like. It's something you renters and I know vampires rapidly get zombie. I'm not into that number Gionta dressing and then I'm sorry he got immediate break and I'll be honest with you I'd be a little embarrassed to tell my friends that. I needed just like a zombie on the weekends off. That league. Frankenstein is through history that I would have client on. The mainland zombie walk. Out there. Now mind you act little guy Harry. It doesn't do any other than golf to watch football. Only thing anybody to resign you know we rule lays ain't gonna watch football those are kind of cool things could. They're not only me lately to glee girls. Not cool. Like cool yeah you really tell you leg. And hanging out at ease. On the golf course accomplish in a cup. Appreciate brand new only playing golf on Saturday I'm going to have legged throughout town read you real hobby Brandon had been taken on new zombie walk program Peyton. Out of a zombie Jessica's on. My golf seeing things how low your kids safe on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramona is hard to say that in order to know all the news room and guilt and guilty. The lines that show one time or is it still gets me up in the morning and I'm signing on court. The Greg motivate her for me do some things that I don't feel like doing well. Your raised a lot of times to think is saying no is rude or insulting. But the Astor. Must say it out to bid to negative words and no we and it's so for people who are ever conscious social protocol. The your Nazis boasted not declined because you figurehead Richards. Mr. hospice declined because you ruffle feathers. Amazed to be angry at. Yeah you're going to be an app test. Now paid viewers on caring here selfish and that's social circuit there's not true but it bank to look at things mixed up in here. The guild and the of fear of being being dumped. Yeah there's aid there's little bit of pharma when there. You know if you're missing out and it guilt. Yeah and then an undated feared never being invited again right. Which is fueled by my file my home area yet he never be invited. Again thank Allah Allah the last time they'll think to me right Lou and it's sometimes it listeners and I can I don't know. People ask you a couple of times then. He doesn't work for one reason or another an image is just. But I've heard people. And an office setting complain not now or pay attention. That. About people. Meg not asking them to lunch today. And I I would know first back to David past couple times but then they just didn't go in then after awhile you like I've. Right revealed deep raspy somebody's turning you down all the time. As a coworker who I really liked and I kept asking her want to wanted to launch she kept saying. Rights have been eventually stop asking. That's been over and actually that's why don't like to be blunt alone and read. I don't blame it on to the president doesn't feel badly idea but that's one of the things. That's that's why you don't say no sometimes afraid to an aggregate debt like arts are right thank you ask it be if I ask you let's say hey let's do lunch bet. And use it I'll get back to you or you never give me a Dade and learned early on that let's do lunch sometimes in the south means. Good to see you hope at some point in the future irony to you again it doesn't actually mean let's do lunch I don't know if my heart has someone to do lunch bet by saying hey let's go to lunch. And your you don't pull out your phone to give me a date I'm never asking you again. Through this may amount and time. That you think I'm just being now. You know like back got to go and immunities whenever when they had the hey let's do looks like the wall streeters and stuff in but. You can adapt to go more than once I have to go more than. You can't just go wants. You telling me you keep asking somebody Al. Yes about twice. Wanna ask you glad that much but right but yes you've got to go twice. Go twice just think even on the other foot would you like the person to give up after once. God don't twice. Mean if you asked somebody. And SPD don't answer something has I'll get back Diaz get back to me a fire away again. Andrea asked slice back at a good twice they might have forgotten about it yeah I would I would forget about it. Definitely forget about it and the time you're asking am I being a rush or something. Yet though. I've asked people for once and didn't follow through just like to remember as a cook at and that's my vote to. So. Saying yes to everyone else and ignoring your own needs a recipe for doing overwhelmed and unhappy. Your day you work yes are you remember the year as five years ago was 2007 was a year now my house I'm still not and it didn't last on it. It lasted. About a month but my eight yields and as you win and strong but my guilt. Ate away at least so much that I just had to let you better. Not really been hurt and you have a slightly I'm way better. Just. Answer that you're saying no to. I I think that there'd be allowed him to go by the one pastoral. Yeah. Nasty ones like 2009 that yeah. The bill quite directed to listen. As Amanda know Alitalia editors of a couple of years and now and then and your outlook for the rescue like he. So do you when you imitations pile up. Don't need to get pushed to the back burner do you feel that this is you and then you. Might want to relax what I found was that I filled up my social calendar with so many things that I felt I should do. When. Some of my friends would ask me do things. I wasn't available yet as my calendar was booked through September but it was only in your it is December the previous year. Yeah calendars book for the whole night shears. Too much yes and narrowness of building at CNET. Think too much yes it look way too much is all witnessed there yet to answer my chest. We interviewed you I just subs and are now on how well when you say Russell types. Optic and the table well enough up which he means is no hurry agent if it and an idea and I got a lot of high. I did stress the work on something worse I would know. Yeah I'm gonna have to. On and then it says you know you know you could get so anxiety release insomnia and headaches and apply it where some political on a block on and remember that. You're yes thank you more profoundly than refusing the host is probably not worried about should not be an inning and up on their late. But it it's a small party right now. They're not happy right now. And it is likely that the party and it's a small party you know and it's a big event they announced it has been a ligament you know getting married her. Something like that they'll remember Britney is a and we'll that there wedding now years later. But in the immediate their like kept a tight. I indeed that's one plus percent of paperwork. With the mourners say no matter. That you really why it is there it is. Finally on the fortitude out with a look good as I can you give a firm polite no. Pain. Straight forward and don't over explain. As and it sounds like your you know you're all pretty down and you're lying in all that sort of thing. I don't care how many times someone says no it was a complete slogans. I still feel mood very current news is you'll you know would you like to block the block. Until now down another up same just say no no this article no I would not I don't know and then he does it more than that. But he said this and maybe entrees like when he gagged against someone nap. Koppers yet the guy in the room and the guilty guy over claims that apple is the seemed to offers shoppers he needs got you in there and dad you know liner over explains the guilty person over explains right in that truth had a thing. I think guests on a date and these are stalking world class in a grisly stuff yeah primary told you I've heard it used her calling in an attorney. So don't tell that newspapers I'd guilty gonna win I'm never murdered may still lurk. Matt Harris is I think is a suspect we know all your murdering client in Ireland and no I'm lawyering up and know I'll lie detector test there you go. All I'm getting out there right now so they don't say I'll look at these very suspiciously got an attorney and he's not the lie detector that's why put it out there and now. I won't look guilty to iTunes and app for years all of. Premeditated and our little. I. Didn't you there was a murder yeah yeah all right I'll try and that's. You. You're going to deal when you're accuse America. Stable they you should be considered a suspect when there is a murder I am also one senior eat any money in your neighbor online. Job or don't hold your fans. I've seen too many falsely accused people my day so I do do it a minute you can bring up the fingerprints but anyway now. They this pied yeah. Everyone who goes up. Senate and all my friends and Sam and I got. Let me illness did so. Lick his. Detectives and every you don't go diving to depths of lake Norman. All right so anyway I hear some things you can say through two richt did decline. Thank you so much needed check my calendar to paktia. And then you'd sent on man I'm Jan. You know like I want. At a check out and ads in the U I easy yeah these smaller. People don't have a calendar like right in their purse or pocket when you you wanna hang out hard copy hang up town during the best excuse ember. People are among the volunteers on your soul and what a bomb I'm talking about their own like asking you and passing out a back. Some things work yeah if you are now I have you found not when someone's asked me to pick. Its own conveniently it was an instinct I just rude brutal little accident at a this to say that about it sounds like it's gonna be a wonderful party. But imports and Abbott already committed other plants knows it doesn't matter what the plans are you not to explain it to be anything animus ratchet down whenever. Oh I liked playing jammed the club in the evening when I told that senate coming to my dinner party by just elements here John doe doesn't yeah I feel it now he don't say that parts and don't over explain. Okay you just get a stretch not young guy this sale was dead. I'm not an add on to explain her confidence and tackling problems these responses are say you know. I think I mean I would love to be there but I. Yeah. And hopefully we'll run in almost intimate affair that nobody won't seek an imminently even wish I could have wish they could but it's it's not possible for. You attend. Now possible for you that that's that's a little bit much and attend no want to attend. Because the word ten. Let's he's possible it has only bought cancel your other planes again in my party down Alec ballot and like them but just I am already busy Saturday night. That's good as him that's good. But this homestead again three months from now I'd I'd admit it edited it still feels like you're lion does it always feels like alliance calling in sick for work you always feel a lion unity and act. How about I can't get a sign on this man. Oh too bad for me and a miss all the fun. Old movies you bad for me in at least. The army. Use ma and has to. Hum tells a blast. Well. Me I gave me didn't oversell you cook. Usually they mean to I didn't believe it really soccer and go to that have to go Obama. But it is a guy go pedal Lama I'm really bad America. I'm young contributed to his kids off there was. As always we would like to share and comment embraced the black cats that might be M may involve us. Our eyes. Compliments for the ladies yeah these are compliments that women can't resist. And if you. Are looking to get closer to what we. Better than any pickup line ever. Gave. Add that I and it all started some thing that I have never heard from a guy who wanted to date me. And that is your huh Larry yeah. Past. It's just come out that off. But guys like to think that there are funny. I and they really try to be funny. And I have told. Some some. Guys had just to get my sense of humor and which I understand is kinda twisted in very corny. Mean and candy we ought to be however. I try to tell jokes and be funny but heaven forbid they tell you that your funny. It's a weird thing to note that it does say to anybody your funny. That. But he's just a weird is that I just I tell you all know. It's a funny. Well I'll tell you funny but in Israel but they're funny your your comedian but they are funny not funny and having a conversation guys crack me up from backers say your bunny. Last. And the the words and it's just so. We usually originally described it as people don't tell you you're funny. Not out not one ever told you a funny unless there or not they're not referring to the radio. Bonding some dozen of them in the radio and we're just talking and I'm cracking them that took. Never get funding that is that a lot you know there's saying it does mean. An outlets are unique. I need everything you are the ones that needed women. And. Not a usual it's better than a pickup line. Because there are okay there is a myth that women are not funny right and I think some people here that women aren't necessarily supposed to be funny but. I will tell you that most of my friends are freaking. Idiot but I guarantee you they don't. Hear hear it a lot that they are funny I take pride in being funny. I think it'll here dub because no one hears it but. I think is not because women but it's a good point two men to stand it when one here. I don't have to hear them what I hear a woman describe a guy I think he's yes he's funny he's this he's that you'd. Sold out here man saying come on now I probably. I'll give you an example. Quite mystery really there yet yeah she's buying. When you hear I heritage. I leave here and likely to say weird she's hot. She's a great model and you get rock I the problem is but use all those saying I receive my wife it's funny he cracks me why I thought it was my actually up. I think he would describe your. I think they went out especially based on the job. If they say oh she's a radio. Got to show it's fun. Yeah I think they added value is abundantly you in a game anywhere else and I agree with you guys to pick up a lady or just compliment lady it's good to say you're you're malaria Hillary. It cracked me I agree you've got a great sense of humour yeah so when he got a chart any of those things guests that are related to the county department. Mutual long way yes yeah I agree agree agree. I did Annan. And a man like that. Here's another what course what we're talking about what I can happen and I made about limit. I'm how mega man and helping. Get that I'm always get it to comedy love. You don't need to get a dimension. And where and dagger had. That's enough to party. And here's another wet because I know a lot of guys. Like to be the advice giver being considered himself to be the guru of whatever. To say to your woman. Bet you learned so much from her now I I. Out that's nice again you know that's really interest me you're well over Ed Aggie in eight any of those things that. Compliment that's gonna burn Dolly cornered her in stress. I've never done it. It's seldom done those words as she's Smart and I'm proud ever pilots suffered nursing I'll let out your your in I accounts tell meet. That. Now you're ever since Amy. Graduated from nursing school you know she's giving you up less about information about health issues that you didn't understand before right. I know she's Smart and but you say wow I always learn so much about medicine you Amy added I don't worded that way. Geared I'm telling you it's it under rated compliment him. Whether she's book Smart or street Smart whether she is likely mean that Sheehan knowledgeable. When it comes to politics. Or religion or spirituality but whatever it is. Compliment her taste in books movies music whatever it is if your line. Well. Basically complementing her says I trust your taste and you probably back at the time and it figures. Our I don't say I don't use the bird well read or heard well Ed I had but it does look like a normal person doesn't say that. An estimated eighty years I don't ever ever say you will read. That's like ninety and it. People don't read any the good buddies are very well podcast did just. You that your well podcast. No I you know a lot about that well at not as well read on mad about well it you know that you said the noises and funny. But you sit on the air and marine hose was audible Columbus are. Listener. Posted your funnyman. Like I said you're guilty and that by remote it's it has to. And one final thing when it comes to compliments forget about the compliments about something that she's wearing. Or any body part rare now regulation dude you are merely nice. But if you wanna. Hit a really big problem and going. Stay away from the sexual lives or again okay yeah yeah yeah of course I thought the delay go to collar bone or something go forth with. I is he asked lit to the eyes is to overdose she can be and another one went on the bubble teams jets go on and here. Yet given definitely eyes teeth hair and I Kaiser overdone. If she is good I she's heard a thousand I'm furious on different leaders that I've heard many times and another one to throw in there because there are a lot of girls. Who are into the nails and spent a lot of time and money make it'll look good. You complement those nails and it's you've got beautiful nails gritty problem in her hands. All we reviewed like guy. Like my weird thing about like back and neck collarbone and some that. Once again those now like as a serial killer kinda sounds great conversation starter like you column. I've always heard they use like you can talk about the clothes and accessories like Alan your earrings. Your issues. But not like going you can end but what we're trying to take you above basic. Why nobody on the same would that be more interesting in your hair because they say. Everybody's like that ongoing the well may my I have noticed your earrings. But let's look at myself yeah you'd use saying I have good taste but he's about inner. Great hitter you're condoning my beauty in amounts sexual Clinton if they were on the bow if you in this last one. Compliment her on what she does for a living. You're good at what you do. I just match I don't even know. Is that early on unaudited when you do and you do something bad eggs they keep saying I doubt it doesn't go well your accountant. I went out to get keep your job I don't know edited maybe she figured out the bill this -- you know they didn't depict should be some jobs and on the other guy that. And out there are doctors and killed twelve people that day they don't know. We wouldn't doubt that I think we that would make it is it time. It a Levy that. It's more glass in more fun it's very quick that. Earlier today. Lastings. VP the liquid next. Actually it's more mentally yeah. That inspired you now I did not yes yeah it's. In England they're doing it. It's dangerous to me Elian be freezing your genitals that sub zero temperatures. But yeah like I'm hiding out and there's no I am doing it my naughty bits freezing now is it uncomfortable when they get cold. I mean I don't know that's yeah yeah when you had that string gasoline while not the shrinkage is the problem but like if you're getting into a pool. It's cold cold cold in the end when you get past we'd get right to the the stuff that's from the cold really it's. I feel like a bat so that's a tough spot to get past. Which give pass aggregate ago and while I didn't need to know if I do is figure out tiptoe in there that that had big step we're gonna go over it. Tough one man. As tough. Anyway when you getting above wait that's weird. That can't edit and yet well you don't even have the same kind of nodded at guest. I'm guessing I don't know operates its negative 256. Degrees Fahrenheit liquid nitrogen vapor. Well. The sudden drop and he trigger your temperature is sectors makes your brain tell your blood vessels to undergo vast so constriction. Quick broad fro and endorphins go I whenever it gets better mean it struggles not. Constriction. A quicker blood flow I mean maybe at the natural high I guess I don't know. Rights and that's a that's a natural high I don't understand why would be and that's it that says it as fast. Bassett constriction. But a quicker blood flow doesn't mean and I think it's all budget crap anyway also the speech you don't understand what's happening yeah. I'll get enough I forget it would be everywhere and it was a great end of the skin. Continues do feel the freeze after awhile and then the brain repair injured tissue would make it a tighter in youthful and. All that stuff if I lined up. Let's say five got. Yet back 2030405060. And all we could see was. The junk you'd love that when no eyewitnesses you'll ansari junk is not an attractive. Rag that agreement. But could you tell the difference between the young junk and the older young. I think if you had this procedure you'd be like whoa. Jungle looks too many again yes act college on an ally. I'd I think I could tell between. I mean I couldn't delicate ten year difference but I think I could tell like at twenty year old and a fifty Euro. Could. If you wanna get anybody to volunteer I mean I would think I could I be TV Google you've probably find it. And I grueling. Mile and. How many laptop now what does a twenty year old one looked like and then type in it was a pit deal what did you have a look at the same guy OK what no you wouldn't. Would it will you you're lining him up you're not looking at the same guy in order a bitch there's of of Sumter and about time lapse photography of some guys. There's only yeah. I'm laps likable really took a picture every day for forty years or some. There is probably some pervert somewhere who did it but on the outlook in that I was under like do you like I'm sure you look at the mirror is now back I got to run. I was about the save you look in the mirror yes and you say oh wow my here's a little drier than it used to be where it's a little general Mike. Eyebrows are a little bit thicker you can recognize the difference is between. Man oh man of now and that man of 25 certain that I learned things so can not getting in details. Can you went detail he noticed a difference is in your body like. If you dig deep this procedure you'd be led all. Now I have. Not the way they describe it. There's some other things that would need rework. A bar I. I and instead of just adds. Like did you mid term or idea. The pillars you want a full on faceless there's a certain thing yes yes that I don't want talk. I think Virginia tonight you 1000 unity meant to be lifted and not separated. Count on anymore. I'm also beauty mail about it. Now that I'm I'm I'm a melanoma is a good time monster biography is some guys aging stuff and I don't. And I immediately to the human resources and you argue that we don't. You live in a that. To your mom. He single young shall know the different World Cup when she talks about that I Oscar as you heard some of her theories about. I mailed Tina Allen do you read between the white. Black and gay like let's get straight lenses he's talk about it or dinner tonight. 1079 they'll link chairs with since his link to kids who went down Ozzie click here as we get together which surrounding these. Social workers and teachers and nine children the area that it's specials about Christmas like dad this person. Certainly had a little experience in your coworkers your family can you help out seven year old Johns. He likes Legos in action figures and these are blasters like a lot of places age. He lives in a family of three ways and their grandmother is raising them in. I'm very unstable environments finger so you can help it all we ask you to do is to go to one of civic mindedly dot com and type in the keyword Santa. And then we will be out there is no link I'm not on Providence. In Indian I won't be bird still Milledge and I'm both places Saturday. Thanks for listening to our fair with the remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.