Secrets Of A Well-Dressed Man

Wednesday, March 14th

If you're fashion challenged, Ramona's here to help! We've also got tips on how all of you millennials out there can be more successful.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening thought there was that remote. Remember. Talk just about people losing and I'm sure. And quick adapter. Dan because it never uttered jeopardy game Saturday urged he's done good in the dapper Don in Canada and. So no I. This hasn't. Yeah in an attack. I'm vapid nonsense like Kirkland Stephon limited Pepperdine I think was Gotti John Gotti. Yes that's it that's at Pepperdine men mob guy. Your moms are mama monster. That that I didn't just make temple dynamite but there is a dapper Don yeah I'm got a Daniel day in Day-Lewis Harlem. Daniel day best known as dapper man. I think it's a guy. I anyway. Saying you shouldn't tonight I didn't damper Dana you have different I'm not there is not a good guy. Die it is and it. About a dollar and you may never done that after you can't have a murder. And the palm maybe put your hair followed. This with a video so that. Sort of that. I. And your basics. These should do wardrobe basics for a well dressed man you need a plane teacher no writing on preferably why. Rattle white knights bothered me slain teacher I'd I don't think I've added that. White and I don't think I could well I don't I got playing teachers but the now light. Yeah I'm playing decent it'll be even have thought that they aren't on the plane DC even as Dane Knight didn't. That's why Miller Lite I am a small the next account. As long lean with the fastest if he starts now not being sorted and I don't yuppies and mark. Lives at an event at the I do DB under speaking to a good. Do you have dark slim fitting jeans up. Got an email and every black bragged his dark like dark repair that we all do it in plain gray sweatshirt. Or learn. Ago putting crew neck sweater. Niagara that's letters. Switzer I dance I am against matters quit sweaters. Which went about its letters to and a half years ago probably. Actually what happened to answer and employ sweaters are just not. Time once I realized clothes are supposed to be like tight tighter fitting in the big baggy things now they they would kind of rich. Not become too sweaters are out. It took me like a year to actually from lag and act I did not like yeah yeah. But it does sound that every I didn't and then there was an awakening in the NY. And meet their. Matters is. Not my friend and slid as we talk to demand say they are and I had to get rid of sweater on and I didn't even ask these hot guy like Rodham Mac. Is that they may and letters to make him thinner now old nano is I don't like him more faded now you also need an. Oxford shirt blue hours of futures sink collar buttoned down but address Oxford I pressured. We're talking about an Oxford shirt which is class. I don't and look at Colin. Because other shirts I get off from the collar voters say if you look at the man stress shared. Over the years the collars changed I have one they are sometimes the collar is very pointy sometimes a little more round is sometimes it's thinner. But in Oxford shirt collar is the same at that button down collar. It's that night and I and a thick fabric. I know I've probably have won it's it's classic I don't I don't I don't pay attention. Now a well dressed man also has a watch not just no way a fitness watch we're not talking about spending Rolex money. Now tag our money but. Me nice basic watch is a good access to showing off because a man should have at least one. Accessory now. I don't at a got to watch. Now and go with a bracelet on a stop not how I want to armor deck lists now now. A nice pair of sudden the last thing I I've done that before ours. And a nice art baseball I hate us starting about one as your favorite team why we're talking about a nice plane based think. And a nice during my cap I thought. Now I got to convince me of seeing some made of leather but I guess. I'm a good old news boy hats metadata I. I've been of course I'm not doing I'm scar from completely against knows. And I and I wanna punch people debate. To short sleeves and a scar on who wears this guard says he's all I care. Nor does it is is a dumb ass and that says okay so you'll see in the Madison resident. Rock in a scarf and a giant pool does look. Understanding. He. Quite easily with an overcoat he's not wearing and I hope we going a short sleeve. Aniston and a and it and that's what I'm talk about the short sleeves scarf guy and our digital got. Yeah rocks just got to know we attitude it is name is Nathan only known him to you what they did yesterday it has I didn't. But I'm just saying have you ever it's not cold or you're not wearing it you'll earn an overcoat. Maybe I'll give ya I devious arsons the boss but it's. If you are wearing just a shirt or short sleeves something like that then stop it were you doing. You're paying attention to your being a well dressed Matt. This should also be. And investment piece look at houses say that there's no way anybody in this room was getting way you can't just add a bracelet as a guy suddenly out of nowhere I don't pass it Palin. I think we would be cola. What can embrace there remains like yeah oh god yes that's exactly me. All you can't buy. You know and you know damn well you be making the economy on the air. So yeah. Yeah. The higher you are. Lying that's passion for words you or the higher compliment you are alive now nice you are a lot Tyler. We did block his man burners. Okay that was declared that you don't pay a remodel on a bit IE SU I know I would I would I would. I'm glad you could. Excited to be at necklace I. We'll be able to me now you wouldn't net a choker let him do things and I hit a lot of the High Court and sue. But you should have won its history. I do when wearing zero accessory Wright were cool. And about a belt yeah. So that was in the accessory department. And her husband and I really like that and I glasses. Glasses on my sunglasses and prescribe regular regular glasses now that's an assessment yeah heirs of think it's hard for a guy to suddenly add things. And yet the ride over those hard times and something. Your brother adds things all the time in five to one whenever I see your brother he's rockets have a little different like I see is what you have to have a your brother newest are saying in a photo credit score. I would think it would knock them help them down missed tackles. I'm serious. Leg then SSI and impractical certain people. Can do it. You rock invest only in his wedding but asked at 100. And there's certain guys that can do things but at the band in the eye and now are not on every. Something. Now you market aunts and any event as a kid and tell you Nolan while letting Bailey has been nice to memo having been an telling you this. Guys. Like your regular normal average Joseph guys. And they add something let's say had neck let's say brace. You gotta ride to some hard times to make that regular thing that people are gonna beat you browbeat you down you probably got six months to a year and beatings before that you can be you can. They let go yeah find something else you guys. Each a bracelet know little and see how you received where you go and I promise you. It will lead horror that they are and would be awful bites are aware of the door every day out of goods good six months review again. And hockey and a Fedora man a quake had a cat that's good six months to. Especially in a captain on cremated torn apart and outside LA to where it yet but if you Wear it and so I don't know off what. Do you think should be up the highest quality your white shirt. And kind of your wallet. Injured dress I got a great one of the best wallets and as seen heard on TV. Took a hit. And I don't know the highest quality in sin be on a first name basis with. He is. Barber an area. But as I it's I it's mine here. Offers. You're saying a bald guy gave it to be an emotional all the time. Yes now that it beauty before and I did it did whenever clips great sports there it was. I didn't have a person. I didn't didn't have bumpers. They've got I don't think if you ever have a person now back in there now Cochran is Ebbers but do you have a person or do you see a difference on a regular. He's like he's he's he's here and I'm a person in an impersonation of fashionable is very fast new look these days. So no no I know her name but. I was going to regular Erica plays. I'm no number I mean I don't other notable black neighbors don't know where the virus that was it's just. As we owed republics of black barber shops I saw the movie it's the other than. I don't know I went people barber shops I don't sequel. The tingle went 200 guys yeah. I don't know I've not seen a barbershop but is it Barbara there are some I thought yeah. Blame either hard to find. You you're kidding right not know. But re arguing it's a large volatile lot of them are upscale barber shops and how cash and there is now I Suu Kyi saying goes there and they'll be here. I grooming salon recently column a barbershop but it's now partnership is a barber shop around there too fancy be hard real time he barbecue I don't orders chairs like the blood circles around the do you think it now for the most part. The only guys who go to barber shops are black ice. Yeah and emotionally at barber shops mostly app I got high ends greeting card there's a barbershop. Right in Concord mills the barber shop in Westfield eat at home barber shops. There's there's a bar in West Asia as well whenever I go to all the bar shot is packed and it's not just black guys every movie I. We're seeing is not older white guys I would say it's a white guys thirty united. Let's surprise but every movie ever seen it dear mob guys or black guys that Barbara Santa okay. I'm pretty sure I'm. That maybe you should stop watching movies and actually go play better and I had. Any nerves me. They have got American and I know our job one ensued this. Yeah and media. Act act and. This game now and again I think you know Edmonton barbershop. That. I think you may be right particularly because barber shops like the really high and again there are high and they're also the legacy of barber shops popping up in malls. I even knew how many total enemies at the new thing no match. Up probably as new as nail salon. Council. At exactly. Exactly. At point me. Well whenever I'm in him. And the UK and the pac Pacman that Mars. While it's always nice to hear an hour of nonstop music L 1079. The whole new nonstop cat. And every weekday from 6 AM until 6 PM and getting in to win. Eat at 7288. WiMax. Have you all news nonstop cash it's music to your ears exclusively from blood test. Prevention and Charlotte's best mix. I go links how to set the stage for a romantic evening with no money at all. We did you don't have to do aim. I extraordinary. Rise to create a sensual. Evening at home. Just walked down when mastered off. And that analogy do today but he called it anyways she's a and you collapse. Low. Does not today in my house that really it's all of that at. Yeah I'm on now now. Dead not strolling around his title IDs and blacks are now I don't Wear tidy ways where boxer breeze by the way but it did commanded we don't need bats in the today in. Addison added no. The guy I was close it was it was does that ring a compliment and got that was a close and close the old clothes. Unless there on the gloves at Cleveland Nicolaus and they aren't and Al contacts so what do we do that's costs not a. Did you anything special for dinner no matter what your serving. Just turn off the lights and light some candles and eat by Campbell lighten. Candles give instant mood lighting button and take. Your piece sticks serve pizza. Two US special little. Deputy kids that are. Sometimes even entire family eat by candle light had something different. I know they enjoy it a little too much had to do it again. A candles the. Regular playing yeah 56 had a little digs in a play with fire we don't have that yet. Let's fire somebody on your electric bill I don't pay with players fired it to yourself on east idea. No known. This thing back in my and in that warning played it Clark told that's why you wetting the bed then got in order athlete that's exactly it was fired up. Yes it appears on a deadly Niles are. Okay kidding right. Not you just make that a aren't making up all CT in the Alley get warts. Lol okay you came back to rather cheap. Romantic things that don't get awards. Didn't meet your partner at the doorway towel. And let him know you've already drawn their back. Men. Drawn a bass sounds weird to commitment anyway under I would rather have the candle at dinner we did you first of all. You don't know I got to know your your room and I'm not sure Amy's a big fan of that. Abating envisions a candidate and and I think it's all scam to get this the stink off people before you on gotten due to Venice film out about a scam but under governor Linda yeah hi you're clean. The office anymore you don't be stinky yeah that are not get down Iraq you have to have a pressured upload it by don't usually haven't trashed. Minimize allow organ all day gap you don't usually and it for a lot of times you don't getting out of dodge souring immediately before he has that not so fresh feeling when he lost a little. I. Like taking that I do I think the close tonight as your wife met you at the door with a towel and said honey I have already got your bass are. I'd be upset as Marty had won them morning. And yeah. Yeah. Yeah I probably hungry. And all that's true don't don't. Does your battle I want food writer Alan and I wanted greet me with them a plate of bacon and that's something different. It is good a bat I don't know I I've I wouldn't want that. We're short. And same candles a teaser dinnertime. Give this Damon. Mood setting light in the bathroom during a bath or even at that time. There glow of candles beats the glow of Europe I had or cell phone aren't any night of the week. Boo. Isn't that a little bit of good it is good the religion dinners cell alone we wanna have sex. That's that says I yeah I mean at out of sleaze there's there's times I don't air attacks in all of the old I'm like I'm past. You know talking our mama the (%expletive) yeah probably care legs heirloom that I had nothing nothing nothing in the path back. Apps that has not been but I. That is dom you know what this team down there again hi Jean. And not be in Vegas is an object bound but your phone away that's where we came back to him now residing. Edited but just in this time instances that you tricked demanding an inkling. This is gonna say no like Jesse and it really in the mood for bath. And I'm nice making it effort to Terry TV time in tooth noble com. Grab your softness blanket and join your high on the couch to watch your favorite show or movie. Well I didn't join on account of just that way or the other end. All goal. She wouldn't want that have to crank the air out now. I've gone over it's not a urged that you have to mean it though if you're gonna give him a personal space and that. I don't watch TV here I didn't face mother iTunes and I'll go back in the day or every need app that one info on your arm to sleep and harness on thank god we don't pretend like you know. Touch it all you watching dean he now think now. We're the only topic that night your head on her lab or or vice now no no way on the others addict outs. And the other side where depleted Almonte is a long enough that I couldn't read certain. I I'd. Adds it's no touching unless we've moved to the bedroom to watch TV OK he had been with for embed you can touch me but maybe Cutler hit blood but if where it's huge gambler in the TV room watching TV you know this silly issues. I mean both of us wanna watch it out dole an impromptu pretend we've likes honest and let them. That our love is involved a house doesn't like judging. It's up to you were staying Banja panel took about a mile right welcome hungry up your I'm far not far apart on the captaincy and handed out yet throughout. That's so that that that's it for the sixth off there we met her. Millennial going to be successful listen up. Maybe this is forever I don't know. I think some decline ever successfully don't keep your phone on you all day long. Testimonials are not reachable all hours of the day actually blocking out time in the days to respond text messages and emails to rest at time. To redeem their power to stay focused on the task at hand. I think that's a tough one. Because are some places you are working. And I know maybe it's unfair or whatever but you are expected. By the boss. To be there. I I mean I'm not saying that's a good way to manager that's not a good boss or whatever but they're hard I've I've heard from people that. You know it's an expectation. But there's also nothing wrong with putting some boundaries around there isn't and win people can contact. Got a game get abusive to caddies. Why can't I if that's what you know that's on management works. Yeah just got to deal until you find another job cause. Lackey because I was just talk into a body mind about buddy if he is who's the CEO of a rake. A rather. Large corporation. And he has given up his Smartphone. And gone back to an old school flip phone. Because he is so successful he can afford to pay. Assist that's that's an area but he found that he is less successful as a leader. And he can't do the things that he does best when he's constantly getting text messages. And emails. And all of this stuff so. The people who need to contact him have. The phone number of this flip phone. And the as other people managing the other stuff okay that most people can't perhaps most people cannot have that but. Most people can and least set some good boundaries around and and I started doing it like their life. I'm I don't answer text messages before certain time or after our management's not like that we don't know but I I. Remember a boss of ours we can't act and who gave me a big speech I was them out to take about a weekend had vacation and before I left he gave meet this big speech about how you can do radioed a vacuum. And I would be my best if I went out. And left myself though and I didn't answer any emails or text messages just went out live my life that got some great stories to bring back heat. Made me promise that Warren left the building. That I would not yeah. Any work right. And then I was on my way home and I got a text message from him saying he needed to hear back from me ASAP profession and act and act like is this test yes. Don't and I'll just as what time do you answer right now. Yes. I I definitely shattered off for the most part want to go home. And I don't know look at says social media and we can I ask you. I'd ever done this well on the hawks. Milan Il's all right so don't give your Ferrari today. You I don't agree to more than one spontaneous event per week if even that. You're you're conscious about how you spend your time and again be a successful when you are adding I guess. Invites you out got to weigh the pros and cons what was I going to do vs what. This thing is and rarely do this successfully shipped their original plant what are pops up in the moan the original plans were there for a reason. My original plans are sometimes watch. Low it's hard outweigh that it is hard you've got to read better come to Reagan to get bail outs. The light up on yep I've already kind of house to get out my issues and Barbara off gas Iain yeah me back out of the house is pretty much impostor it is tough ones and down. It is. McEnroe there but Aaron. It is well we are. All the animal ideals so it's not like Pamela you know a lot of my people hang out with kids all or whenever. But when your millennial media twenties early thirty's you've got a lot of probably single people or hitless people who are constantly analysis ground gets 100 and glamour of a lot so it's much more tempting. Then I mean yeah of Virginia yet BSE could really get screwed up on our you don't chase which sounds successful you follow which are good act. While. That's almost makes a successful when it as a result of Damascus saying no even when lucrative opportunities present themselves they say now. It doesn't align with what they know they are best that. Wherever they want ago. I'm model unsuccessful ideals tendencies which sounds like the fastest road success. So. They get the original things it is so maybe they do. A different job because it pays more but the top end. Isn't as high note of sand. And you know and you'd you are getting paid thirty grand. But if you work your way up you're gonna get a million. But he did have a job or to drop in your fifty. He jumped in at fifty but the top level is 95. Which you got hungry for that the money didn't think launcher. That's what I'm saying. And yeah and now you're to fielding a really don't dig. He's just tasted wanna grant. There's not here and your hard to get back at entry level. On the job he really liked. Our expense all night good tool hype usually don't. And posters and ads a foot acting like a got randomized pilot. And he would like to switch to another airline but he starts there's going to be an entry level. So he's got to stay in a position with a company doesn't really like lose seniority yes right right to get an entry at the rate they art. Successful millennia holes they don't worry about the destination. As much they do the process whenever. I mean yeah you vanity. Process is great and all that but. Get your media and you can put up the fire and distract buyers. The position if you meet yet. And I items. If you don't hang around people that are positive influences successfully meals. The successful morning Els are reflection anybody acts as a reflection of five people they spend the most time around. They give up by at least in those time round it not a positive influence you got to dump one pipes or move yet. Hey guys yeah. Three in Bosnia and in shock and I didn't say anything it's that he's no Angel although the other day he had several words from me. He did yeah there are positive negative murdered did Darren baker I was so stunned I am not quite sure isn't talked about it and act. I don't know not extend ducks are producer doesn't say Hillary is in radio and has a he said. Softball season is about to start. Follow up with inquiry I was stuck I guess I was suntan. So I. I am a positive person. They're trying to positive in any nicer I and -- positive wall actually being means. These are more pop a little better a better he better it is to be terrible yeah yeah it sound as negative and a man. And he's only get scared the judge Chester. It's more laughs and more fun it's. Yeah what's that clothes okay everybody kids eat on thanks gonna iron. And Iraq yeah. All right and you know you love and horses and read body language language even they don't know west. Yeah more likely to approach people displaying submissive posture. You like elected me it's a little strangers that. He looks submissive and you've been. Tax act. They're a 196. Countries in the world. Who I shall let you guess that which you guessed when any six I don't know I know you think there's more or less. As well I don't know where to start hey I was gonna say it like 200 but virtually none of them that purple on the national flag. So at some of that bond. Back in the day that was the incredibly wealthy people. They're gonna give Italy beat I do fancy. And what the cost effective. Price yet possess purples that's. I remember that in its troops green poop happens when your food doesn't stay inside of your digested track long enough. Lol yeah I've been there and we audit their. But for the first time it happens it Indy summit what the hell. Check green Pope. Now just fell into world don't worry about it you're not chilling enough you gotta have the talk but your kids about marine boot before they get green oval wonder what happened. Speaking of which Imus on the side tracked off an idol as well I. You know it now speaking out which could imagine. Your parents I mean they have to be saints it why raising. A little. Met may and with his little anxiety easing court did they need the right how mom and dad here is that happened after I met you. Oh. That cut and I still say to this day might I buy sister which I don't know she was like seven raise some see it. Still stuck inner an activist from the dinner now that they deny it I saw anyway I. To. Soulful like I swear to god my brother backs me up but parents and don't remember. I'm anti I'm blocking out she's. A failure or prayer which brings us to this. What what's this star Kristen Bell. Lou is the voice of bells or am I am on on Nam and frozen and it she's at this a good place on NBC and it Dax shepherd he was on. The contact very average Joseph the tail show. And she talked about how she got. Pay more switcher but basically yeah Ramona can't stand the thought she says she speaks she got from a kid yeah being secured broad increase. You you don't even like talking about the fact that Kristen Bell said she was going to the sewage solar worm. I learn my worm like a pretty not a wide opening to read a magazine. And I know near again that you know attitude in the end I saw the article. And I said it SIA. And I have to tell you I say god thank you. Because there are times and I was. Questioning. Why I was in Amman. And then I read stories like that I'm like okay god you knew that there was just certain things Ramon I couldn't handle. The day remotest home remotest kid comes home from preschool would what amounts. Yeah I am I going to York. I. Look at it is not easy you couldn't handle it and you don't get it learned. That you know I've I've picked about I don't I saw what are they up. I got my eye on Monday yeah mark I do little yeah. Did. Yeah. But yeah. Exactly. I don't know I need to know the ending is sad to sell put pet hospital they understand have a crazy dog owner. They get mean I would not but I don't I. Because he we have been in says agent and and shouldn't do go to the my arm. I didn't know. But you don't know that that. Get myself back together mentally and mentally. Shot like into the day off your dog had a it is Google and find out that you think I didn't you're probably right on so. Anyway she got we decides he thinks he got to get it from like under your fingernails as the. Yeah under your fingernails kids get it because it gets on her pains on the put their hands and amount and and it works its way through your intestines the year. But area. And and. At some sort of call we have from a listener. We were talking about weird. Either weird ailments or weird family remedies. And this guy called and about his mean law. And how his sister had pinned worms and he remembered his name not taken a flashlight. I in the bin weren't a and then I'm gonna put a piece of tape over his sister. I have a shift over over the heinous. Right which is what you're supposed to do any Google and I elected not to what you what you need to attract today's a a crazy Milos saying number transparent like Scott stimulus got state or something and then you cover up the whole area in the new. Take the worms in or whatever to the doctor and he's exactly and I try to catch and yes the a lot and done that and I knew it had. For a bit and kind of browned on that I'll hold today any accuse me of having not accused she thought might have. Traded accusations of. Okay. I sympathize since he was itching a little too deep breath that I and while. Does your butt hole is that after a few days you'd like you gotta get that segment. You know. And and earning a decent. I urge you know there are a couple of home outlined in I'm now on knowing that you you don't ETA is a good guy and you think your comment then take some time in the Dixon accident the loads and never worker whatever you're up. It. A bit insane. It's another article but illusion. I lose some sort of thing like I don't know what are your home run really run by a contract and you have to. So yeah. I do than those in the bass and Abraham. You guys we'll. How long I beat a commercial for whatever it is you know if you and I had everything. I don't know what it eventually turned out to be I'll I'll talk to him. Your wife and put them at market. I did in my own taste yeah I don't apply to their beloved I think. I'm so anyway if that's Wednesday night they got married me. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.