Sheri Lynch Talks with Scott Fitzgerald

Thursday, April 6th


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Suzanne I've not having this getting your math is otherwise we're in allowing you would have had to spit it. We don't here no we don't we. Make sure swallowed. We don't this year from about a series in the studio and I hear because. I want that at least triple the IQ of the people in this in this room so what you're going along way to do that agreement that you habits it's Tuesday. One of the people that I I most respect. In this industry in the radio industry has said and and on numerous occasions that you are the most talented the best. Female broadcaster in the country. That is the most amazingly nice compliment I don't know if it's true or deserve I I think Terry Gross is kind of BA but I will take thank you moderate and measured to be here Saturday and year in and during that traffic report I Albert spit when I was not an excuse and I think a girl at. We we do have some fun and we're very herbs observe and yours in this building Sola I want the future Tate. I'm what is happening with Fox News and bill low rise I was very very surprised that the president states. Went on record is using I think he's a person I know well the first elections this year at a big puddles I think he's a person I know well. And then he said he's a good person and that he shouldn't have settled for thirteen million dollars with these different five accusations. I don't think he shouldn't says I don't think he did anything wrong. At that chemical president. Look that was an extremely distressing statement from the president unites states speaking as a woman speaking his involvement in the workplace I've really. And looking for another kind. Public position. Taken by the president and there elected officials is just below Reilly goes. Look anybody can game. In a position where there falsely accused five times there's so much smoke there. Now I've met Bill O'Reilly and now I can't I can't say for some he was wearing jeans that have been in that decrease that is which weighs in and of itself. Which is at best you're kind of its ninety. Com now you know I didn't have a negative encounter with the man he's not them friendlies guys. But where and when you think he used. By five women and you paid that kind of money to settle I'm sorry that just doesn't seem to me like the actions of an innocent person and a thirteen dollars goes along with attorneys if you decide to go that also the culture at Fox News between Roger Ailes and definitely seems like an environment. On that behavior has spent well tolerated and I get the Bill O'Reilly is a hot property for Fox News he showed generates a significant amount of revenue. And so you know and capitalism the almighty dollar always prevails. But to sit here and pretend that Bill O'Reilly has been the victim of anything other than his own lack of impulse control in his own judgment. As I think disingenuous. And can you believe that his ratings are up. 20%. Since this all started. To me that's bad battling what would you attribute that to me and just tried to rally around him know I don't you know. I don't believe that manner trying to rally around the area I think that it's human nature upon some wanna look at car fire. I think part of the reason that the look the ratings on cable loser op. Here because the top administration as it is yet. For the cable news industry and for the news industry as a whole and late night in late and can't get enough break. So I think that one reason that the ratings or is that people are so engaged. In politics and process this injuries. Is because there's been a lot of talk about. Bill O'Reilly these by accusations that thirteen million dollars spent I think there's curiosity to see also Riley and on the hair. This. I am not saying. That men are rallying to bills flag and if I believe that that would be the most. Devastating and to and tragic piece of meat because I'm in a room full of human right now and looking around this room. I don't think there's a man in this room that is going you go predator. And read them tweeted. I just only about men I don't. 20% ratings although. Hand in hand when that is twenty advertisers and counting. Have since pulled commercials from bill Riley's assessment Specter. What and they have to Wellesley and how loudly the advertisers need to get how many before they before boxes you know we gotta K we can go down this road. It again you know the culture. At that organization. As head of Roger Ailes has permitted in extraordinary. Men who have bad behavior and disputed offering. Here's advertisers have to Ian Kosovo rightly even if they even if they have they are successful. Because most purchasing decisions are made women. You cannot afford doing nearly alien eighties he who controls. You just can't there's advertisers have to off and social media has made we've seen this at the Pepsi is a commercial break. Social media has made it really hard for mistakes to just go away quietly. So advertisers are kind of being forced they're they're being held through the fire. To withdraw from Bill O'Reilly the question for me is not who's pulling their money. Whose money stays right because he attentions. It. For all of us he's social and acts in heat right now Riley Riley the bird yet again and so on and there's score and then burning and use it as a. It as a man in this street when you look at these accusations and what's your true. No BS which. That he's a pig. And I need to make sure that I avert my eyes from looking and blow woman's neck just in case. You're an immediate you never. Liked the way I was. And I talked to the company executives in the early what you want one you want. As like one anything what I want is for you to set at sort of sensitivity training that happening again you'd sighed relief is the the dollar signs. Yanked out of their breaks your very unusual case for them on an unusual person. Like. I'm usually the only woman in the room this is very radios are very male dominated and streets of homicides in mystic industry you can argue that. It is you know. And and I. Issues no one's messed. And no. More. You know some combination of maybe they know I won't be silent about maybe it's the lack of make up here it's the alien thing because. I look like Elliott you were sharp sharp toed shoes just in case but this. This is a very misogynist industry I have not been sexually grass but I have fell. Mean we'll say the eighth. Demeaned immediately give an example that it's if it's not personal or what angered and indeed one finger over the over the course of my career. Routinely. It's some thing that you and successful because. The and there are really on the radio. Hello and it's amazing you've been able to reproduce. One is that you could figure out how that happened and how to do that. It's it's just these statements are so good meat in a way it's meant to be accomplished what I understand you think you're paying me a compliment here. I despair might be tired and right and my entire career. Now. That's just the and that's the reality of working animus optimistic industry and different culture. That looks the other way that kind of that looks the other way to the point where we have a president in the White House. Who is on tape saying yours. You. I India okay. So now you and by the way this is sexual harassment awareness month yet if I mean lets you open up your phones let's argue about how weather time we have from the highest office in the land. Basically given a validating Reese. Ponce to sexual harassment what they're saying to what people are saying is it doesn't matter as long as this person can do the job and I think to a certain extent that's how. Viewers are taking a look at bill O Reilly it was switch gears real quick will be here there's a a town that I'm very familiar with just outside of local Kentucky. That has this opportunity for folks to name. The village idiot. And I think it's a beautiful thing where somebody can actually vote for who's a village idiots and how long do you hold the office until it's until they until they find somebody else I think it's just a matter of months. So who'll would be. From a national standpoint. If from a local standpoint who could we nominate. As the village idiot well it's not Riley because he's only he's Smart he's too Smart doesn't mean that they. Village idiot could just do something dumb. In order to be the village 88 you have to have less now it's I think the ability to use more of war here we go. I don't think whoever I'm clean and malicious and has. Strategy. Get to be even though it matters it cures you and you accuse me to be somewhat clueless. More of a Golden Retriever type of personal Sean Spicer yet. A a a so could never be ST ban and because I own now too Smart no band it's not the ability he would act from a local standpoint. Who would stand out to you as the village idiot would put this question to the listeners I know immediately. That eight of the answers at a ten would be mayor reports via. There's well there's so much outrage toward our local politicians. I would argue that. The village idiot locally is in the Raleigh legislature. I'm just based on the amount of revenue and jobs and perceives that hostile to has cost the state of north. So it would Jews that is. Kind of rate now that I really aren't giving your audience part I'm. All right. All the back next time and I'll talk about. Human. We've yet we would like via into. It's windy today as really bond because this is that they did this stupid they have all the week that I chose to Wear dresses ski well and implement side and I don't that's got that you have to address human abilities to let me just say you're wearing some tattooed. I drop my phone went elk. And I don't have anything on underneath me. We talk gates' speech it was a matter speculative at 1152. Today with the when it's pretty Smart about that. And next bread milk you with ABC we talks and series Sherri thanks so much thank you for and I let me be on yours yours yours it will drop the I quote you.