Should You Give Up Your Seat?

Tuesday, November 28th

Airlines are willing to pay people to give up their seats on flights, but apparently there's still a lot of people who don't wanna do it...we also talk about relationship etiquette on Facebook and does your bromance involve hugging and kissing? 


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would then Ramona. Thanks as always easy for. Hanging with us on the podcast and share what your friends is getting knocked in June and one wants to make some money well broadly some of us can't be bought the fact that he would beat everybody can be bought a great idea and number. Over Thanksgiving. I heard some serious airline horror stories it wasn't just about. On time flights in getting bombed everything from. Lions. That. Security checks to traffic. Outside the airport just madness. Yes I was only once I find a place to park Cain did to my flights or give to my gay. It's going to take you I had a lot of money to get me to give up IC now. Did to upset my apple carton haven't changed all my planned. I've never I never driving to the airport. Not but even. Burris and opened down not Wilkinson boulevard over Thanksgiving. And the lying. To get to the airport was in saint yeah driver is sitting in that line do that's fine. But I don't park I can sit there and sleet and. We'll do whatever you any did this survey. What would it take you geek you give up your seat on a holiday flight. It's a holiday I holiday flight. I think I came up with that double. A little pricey ticket yet or breast my ticket. Earlier if your seat if you got a two and a video or digging for 500 dollars you he'd say I'm out yeah yeah I'll wait I'm out I'll wait I'll take the next flight right. Yes I mean I don't have a flight. Within 24 hours. Yeah yet but we're not to be the next day to where where does it that we not say when you get that. I'm assuming normal or educating and generally they would ditches on the new flight Tia. Along with the money that I got a legacy never got a flight ever again what you want to present people saying they wouldn't give up their seat. On a holiday flight for any amount of money and the net when he Lamberth you are wrong no million dollars. Win a million dollars okay maybe should cut a couple of a 100000 surveyed topped out at about 5005000. But. My sanity. Is worth a lot of money generally when I'm traveling for the holidays. I've got my mom into no I'm best different. Bad Serpo. We've got wheelchairs. And bags when he is I am travelers. And it will take a remarkable lied to get leak to change. All it looked like it was just you. I understand yes it did you know we're talking holiday travel this is alum Rolen and I'll let's just play the game were you by yourself it is me about myself. Might be a bit more ease any. Personally do you buy grand. I agreed not question. And it also depends on what I'm missing it got to let's say it's your family Christmas. I'm gonna miss the family Christmas dinner yet. And I Santa Claus this year no doubt okay. Greg yeah I don't ask yeah. I can understand if you have the wheelchair you didn't get you have somebody elderly person doesn't want to. Wait a rebounds to your wherever it is is disabled or maybe has issues of waiting involve a block. But a regular person how are they passed not five grit and. I am understanding the family is traveling that would just won. A big that. One it's just start walking and another and yet every year. My two kids are all not seven and twelve I assume get five grand per person. And get twenty grand by. Allstate grinder five and make it go on behalf. Is that hugs and I'm like go say five routed Allison. Leave your wife Amy yes in the did juggle all of that on out there AA area you're seriously and I know you're doing an album art and I am. Which you do. How I'll. Some people 8% say they give up their seat for 500 dollars 3% would do it for 250 no matter what. But 34% say Amanda mom of five granite is what it would take for them to allow themselves to Bebop. When they say that money they might be saying that I wanted to sing the cost of the yet they are still getting a flight. So yeah get a flightless under Alex ideas in my flight. During the rule of thumb a double whatever it. Again. Is you're not going to see your family suppose it's a holiday vacation. And years old you're gonna be spending Christmas in middle. ID. Nine and they would do advice to instill good out with a 24 hours. I gallon 24 and lose more money for hours not do it again and get out with a 24 hours I'll do a five. Yeah it's one less day indication I get five grand about 10 grand am assuming both of us take grand spent. On vacation almost paid your vacation we just opened a day. Yeah do. And I'm not that yeah. So I don't get set up there and a twelve hour wow sounds. Does all the work you pick up the bags didn't vote now you get them already be there. That sounds great. I'll give you know friendly to the Ed good immunity is standing in Selma so I grant well at the airport bar well I really hobbies. I don't buy easily and do it all the arrangements say no kids. I wouldn't even mind going first. If that's what I mean to replant accords we go first idea their bags set up. What you dared twelve hours earlier without you mean I would messer and I dreaded. And do whatever you want it every penny he didn't they get on the bed and I did you go to and I know how I do. Wanna mark pike. 1079 delaying care centers link to kids Windows 7 and I think he's teamed up with him he needed help kids at Christmas this year with Santa's link to kids be part of the magic in this season by sponsoring a local child get details now can do when a seven in the link dot com. Rules. Of FaceBook relationship. Etiquette. Didn't have the FaceBook going on and I was in relationship and an hour Mona says. You will not change your relationship status until you are married yet I don't even notified JG that I got me. That's iffy I think I might wait till I actually walked down the aisle right now is sure a preacher and you. An iPad that you press. I ran marriage yup. They do say that it is a mutual decision. A lot of problems can arise in just one person changes. All your friends get an update in real time and so no not a fun way to find out that. Everyone knows. And you haven't Saturday that troops would be wondering like what it's up for that. He's hardly a secret I wouldn't be the aggressor on that I don't think they could be maybe it Diaz Ross are out of the of the aggressors like suddenly you. I'm change your FaceBook status until. Talked to your base changed tires or talked about it or something you have to have. Okay you're the guy who doesn't wanna talk about the status of the relationship. As it exists right but yet you wanna talk about. Your relationship status as it relates to FaceBook yes a OK I like you mean you mean like no that doesn't make sense you have a talk with me. Are we a thing total are we boyfriend and girlfriend though we just Beatty you don't wanna have that talk up until it's time to change the face books that right. That's the same way it's evident not supposed to put on so now FaceBook makes it okay to have the relationship doc why don't. Really back I don't think I would do it necessarily. A much we made me like if she was the aggressor. Isn't about them and staying in relation. As old as the aggressor the one who chooses to go in a relationship first that's the aggressor. And then at that point you don't have much of a choice. Can't be that Joseph you talked about it first night announcing let's in this scenario we didn't. That's why haven't grass all of a sudden you guys have been dating for a while yet she changes her status to in a relationship with Matt Harris and now you're like well. Here comes this aggressor yeah well yeah and and I then I then she's an aggressive but I do I got it now I mean now I'm like OK I'll do it too. But I don't want to be the first one click it you don't want I don't wanna be the first one. I wanted to be aggressive. That's. Yeah Gregg then he adds aggressive like well why did you. Alec and that's aggressiveness that fit into a I can't blame them they world I wanna take you over or hey world wanna kill people aggressive no president of the relationship not aggressive is aggressive because. You know that it's on the card out there burst. You pull the trigger. So who shot first though what she killed. Where your opportunities to hook up with the other women on FaceBook what you re single now because that's the only thing he killed. You you you killed. You killed. You'd just can. You tell me an awkward position. I had died dead I awkward about it and I know and added that now. Hussein it it would be awkward I was the first I would feel awkward being the first one to pull the trigger. And as would be awfully tired. His were using words like a Dresser triggers. Yes it matters to be the first woman he would divide killing large killing village she's. Killing but something Donald. Saturday landing Q well let me first negotiate my legs and if you are not and how well she might be right all I got. So I don't have more yeah. Yeah. You have to have the conversation. You've got to run by exotic. And I don't want to talk about. Sir but they're not gonna do it first. Bite the bullet because it is getting killed and oh yeah. And yet Texas says are about to put. My status is that a relationship. Dominique deep cut just tell you need and it yeah I can stop and or whatever. It. And and I I just don't want to be the first man. Is afraid okay are. Alan you assume much united aggressor let wanna be it's you know daughter relationship aggressor the right a human to be a person to say I love you may be bad. Here's to hope would be a yard. Noted below the basket at a little aggressive. Kill him. Hello just see the possibility of rejection. I mean if she's first then. I have the opportunity you reject Obama first. Relationships are so aggressive. They are aren't at these you don't first. Andy I know remember but I would have chair and a nice event makes her happy and makes your stick around them into work. Yeah. Yeah I didn't really take it. It's nice and steadily. And he. If you change your relationship that is tonight Casey says I don't wanna be a relationship we viewed. Do you now know. Yeah we're seeing you and buy in dinners we're seeing long what do you do with you but remote and it doesn't want it to be said some upper and a good example would be moaning you wouldn't want them status to be change. Take just status this is Tino little what if he's like I'm not changing mine until he puts a ring on. They see now I've got that hole not that this whole conversation. I would just laid off in a relationship thing I would never had this conversation. About how you need a ring just to be a face that elect I don't know congress takes a I don't wanna conversely if I'm a stage like all of tips and it's way too much man see that's what happens if your first daughter Mona is like any government had you noticed but yet it was cold and I'm a donut. Young. You're gonna have my duties do they all my duties and being accountable and and kind words this. No no I don't because they really weird personality but yeah again they did what but none of if I do and I'm stuck this relationship is not going news. They eat but it would've been fine and I didn't. Have status. I'm gonna teach you people rules we love. All clearly. This one out bromide and study apparently thirty people but they said people watch it down a big daddy and. A friend but if you read the article and nobody was doing it because as they just tell you this part but anyway. Men's romances. Included disclosure of personal matters of K sharing secrets from romantic. Partner it's and no one else. Overt expressions of emotions. That we have trust and love willingness to be vulnerable. Hugging and kissing and cuddling and not sexually. The me. That it's a cultural. Beat lowly guys I have ever seen. Kids. Rule not on nine romantically. Italian guys item one mop. I really didn't kiss on the lips I've seen my lips on days. On the cheek and the united that it won't do duty this Mormon your kids in European but yet what am I'm talking about the United States the only. Guys I have ever seen kids are Italian. Like in the movies. Now notice for nobody and I myself grabbing each other's faces like the good that. I was kind of way it happens almost like Darren and hug. Now you go what they had to bring a man in me wants let's. No just the messiah is your money your friends. Used to do like yes on them why did I was on your friend and are just a big dude yes you did. Everybody here did you me and a little blow but I'm not gonna say named Vanessa is named human tissue like on the side of weird. That it just made I'm telling you know yeah hours like at best is none the less time as weird as a fitness so weird nick created man and I'll and hung out verbal and diet and yeah just showing affection and struggling but then it's not my Panama and as a kiss and hug. Let's let's take a kiss yes hugging is an issue you know that I know it's an issue I couldn't even imagine. The hug first are you guys just. Bristle up when I do try to hug you yet but I could not even imagine even though I've done a million times with my friends. Who are female. Even some of my guy friends. I could not imagine hugging you and give you a kiss on the cheek now now and I think you guys about punch me in the face. Some guy on your bunch Uga blow you would be as. You know and government and the nub and all over announced that the is it I don't know until he gets hit upon yeah we definitely would be like now. It really does not follow her lined up I had I would like it and defenses and now I know I mean how once in awhile. With people. Oslo to Sam Adam may noble with guys I don't humanity power women do women hugs I did do well like I wanna meet them and what's the difference between what I mean you give a man and how do you get a woman. More forceful one man and because I like how. Pat on the back or something you know I try to get on the back quickly get baby days I do shoulder thing maybe once you do have varied. Brief awkward yet I don't I don't like or Italy you're truly affectionate come from behind come to mind hug at the end of the year and Lebanon and I'm reminded those. Anger at channel nine who thinks you're the creepy hug kiss their guy. Yet now they do I am. Attorney Atlanta or whatever our consumer security will not let you in channel nine listeners and I acknowledged he got that we knew each other yeah. I. Doesn't look into the desert but yeah he might not a good question yeah Disney's accidental I. I thought we've gathered the kids that saw me. We can't intimate. Look into it and yeah I Holland now. But she kind of peeled off in my. Life he's gonna designer face a bit. All of that. And she's willingness to grant at least two hours of all I got to his review I guess I'm gonna valley news yeah. It was a hug her lead the intimacy was only in my mind and I it was. Isn't that little. I hit a than I was and I hope the Marines Greg saying you don't doesn't agree it was a total. In total last day net to run into her added a bit and some of the bleeding may finally she knew I was. I think that's part of the problem. I don't really. About it just some guy. Obviously it's knowing you can bet man. And a bit different due to hug me browse. I don't have a and it doesn't care as it was an act the right thing they aren't fast and that's been a oh. Yes that sets aside face on side and it proceeds down woman you should send a letter into action and he started. I mean these roads. And you remember when you deal to sell them. Yeah you might have a little. And that is the you know how glad I. Earlier eventful guarding Illinois. There was it was a debt total blow off with a total blow off its own merit to. I got a kitty they. So anyway it these guys say like one of the guys there's great photo of me and Tom on FaceBook idling. We've sleepovers as other guy says and we sleep in the same bed. And the problem that but my friends would go over there bigs it's not a crash wherever you sleep could mean a graduate of that back. Queen bed dairy to un Obama your house had a. Accountant on counts. And certainly not getting it bad review eating and watching TV yeah. I don't. Yeah. That's a pretty good yeah. I'm. Lot of it is the 88 yeah. And like you girls doesn't want to movie in the bed need. And are very good and we go to bed at one. And I've been on TV of licorice. And look pretty easily do I thought yeah. You know nowhere and do a so I've been saying that there's not a lot. Think you've got to have a sleepover. Immigrant costly reverse the ball I'd call it didn't you don't you can buy it if there's a lot of silly. Yeah you could invite. Our boss he's nobody yeah NN manhandled and met do you always done. And you guys did not have a a big sleep over room area. No no no nab dot Sutton UIAA. And sleep in the same Powell's announcement the same bed but I don't he's in about duck. He slept in Miami house apartment. In sleep in my bedroom and not that it has. About bet bet she woke up but he didn't have his name it. Right right is and how that he doesn't hurt us now. There's problems you today. I act. Like and there's anticipates that it it's on the Oprah in the. It's more laughs and more fun it's very quick that. Our son. Golden rules of faced this relationship and a state media talks about some of the guys that's good or. But it is the big question here last night. Ask first before friend being a close friends axis weeks. I think don't ask just don't do it yeah don't do it language you unless they're having an exercise. And a little good. Yes. I mean the maybe there's some exceptions I can't think about not my head bad death in his looks like your turn to lose then yeah all the data and that could hurt ceiling of one of their like from Guam and you're about to take a trip to Guam and they need to talk to respond to my guide for low. Going to my mom is the only kid absent again because there aren't a lot of good travel guides to blunt oh. Man. And I don't blame something. I would say. It's OK to look for your friends. Friends repeatedly might wanna meet state or friend. That is they say it's not okay to skip the middleman on the introduction. Yeah I'm okay but since. If I'm. Troll and on docs based update. Which I might buy at him yeah I'm chicken out the various softball teams he's. Not somebody. Who. Appears to be quite handsome. And I see that dad has ten and sit handsome man I need to say hey doc. May I friend the handsome guy on your softball team now. I want to ask. Judy you probably know I agree currently. Need permission to an affirmation but they say view. I guess you don't duck and going to friend a friend of viewers that basically get freaked out when anyone they don't know tries to friend. The data and the people who yet for it trying to sell you something stock economic or whatever and Debbie mindful of French coach I think your Mott. Like our spotter yeah Q is this person sees some people are very privately with dear FaceBook we now end. Also. But that's you know every one in their network they know. Personally its family used very collect it was a Vermont hollowing out of nowhere it. I've had that we can't she say like they just straight up today noticed your picture on. Docs team picture of the softball team what you what happens yeah minus name or eighth friends let's say a friend able. Let's say share something from IPH war. Tagged me a comment. It's you just naturally in all land so then I start commenting on the post and I might reply to a friend of Ayers. I gotcha I gotcha I got CIA and then backgrounds like. Hello this Ramona purse and say I want to do you and then a leg of this column made big Beloit. To my instant messages can. I am not. We didn't use a Mac I am speaking of you running as an error message the basement is Armando Allen you know and they start. Spending goes to your wife. Now go ahead and the start it although the odds messages that I give it a mistake this is where your husband I would love it has resulted in this enemy out Lovett. Yeah you can answer those. Someone asked and answered the and those. Posting a ton of pictures videos and comments regarding a recent failed relationship is a bad idea. Real life line phone a friend that's just an audience uses descent person. The jets on the pictures. I do paying. In fact he's listening new for the breakup. I go and ask him I'm loud you can't do rear window I'm like this and the lies of your boyfriend has broken out idiot I'm blaming new yes yes it how do you off. Is the galaxy even have a how prevalent than it ever see are made of words like awesome music to it in the pictures of them holding hands. That goes beyond that he's behind any thing. Do remember the general Webb is not a therapy session and shouldn't be used for severely impaired judgment. Only two occasions when you tell someone yet huge crush on him in high school. Bestselling memoir or a situation where you think the guy might sleep. Within the next fifteen minutes. In the next yeah. We'll open qualities and another thing the next brilliant. I drums and the points I guess they're saying the point is don't. Posted at its. You know your bearded like that you have a crush and a guy for instance it was a high school. Injured if you're if you're just not trying to do you try to do it. Then in due. That's all they have fifty an amendment thought starts now. That you might change your mind in fifteen minutes. Thought I am obligated do it but I Jane and I because you're like empty and apparently doing it the barely barely barely a wide open window you're. Iron curtain at the time in the crack wears off and this isn't your don't know yeah. It did so you have that. They say fifteen minutes. And down below attract guys. That play an example on cracked with a third place but yes that's why I'm letting our crack print and know how you play it again all right mark Bennett. This man and Ramona and the links bringing another great artist and we are seeing levels I. Grammar April 7 that the. Same league grammar as he brings his good parts Port Charlotte. When your Dick is now ahead 1079 to link dot com. Let's see kids show should grow up knowing these things that we know you kids knew it growing up future it's you guys in new and hung up. Humors the most essential ingredient to being a well balanced human being. He can't laugh at you see yourself you mrs. Allen's oil light. I agree but I don't know I specifics I Nolan grizzlies that was yeah it yet I don't know if I've ever talked. A deadly had never had a conversation my galleries as you know humor is very important now Gurney thing like that. Or makes funny yourself. I've never. I I might lap I just learned to. Byrd is pure survival. Right fun of myself I I've told my kid before. You know a good job making funny yourself. Like to do something like trip over something in below Lou whatever enemy like get a bet that's good immediately felt better be able again. Until or to make by herself well yeah I am giving a lesson and as an editor in new comedy yet death. I mean this is obviously the way I'm treating mommy by always hugging her and telling our love you. Now leaves us alone learn by exam just to let him watch yet. Calling continue into a year trying too hard anyone who does not treats you like the absolute treasure you are shouldn't be in your life oh. A you call your child a treasure yadda that she's done. That's a beautiful on demand key role lives are but once again too weird. Let's do the talking about something that used to be instilling in your child is not about the words that Tuesday. It's about showing that you value yourself yet you still should say you know make sure that a guy treats you're gonna date. You better be treated right that's for this is okay just yes the word this is what a guy does they ask. Be courteous unless your courtesy is not returned an app on. It doesn't need that I had the united be a good as. V in different until hostility greets you. Then and only then should be hostile return and perhaps not even then when it's time to strike though destroy. Take no crap from anyone ul. Yeah I just throw home planet diagonal. Hi yeah well now that's not right you allow donated just likes. Wow it is that there are still ahead a group that I was right destroy hooking visceral and I got let things go oh man Irish. And I do like it did tips from time. No take no crap from anyone I can give. Give you that although sometimes you gotta take crap from a boxers and yes dad I it's about taking crap as I isn't just agree or crap yeah. Man is in a sandwich former hoagie roll in the united you know kind of crap duties are. Stop and smell the roses whatever. Develop a lot for literature poetry world our word play and language. She you'll learn you'll find more life. Three pages of book then re out on reality TV to say you're reading is important read and learn to read a little it's not it's good or is not regionals not happen it's gonna matter is on I'm on your them like reading my seven year old does need some beavers are generating any kind of the state and poetry. It was for some poetry and her kids. Let no one wants colors in poetry and it it is about. Open your child appreciate and it there's not a beautiful art you have to be an adult and no poetry you do have to read below to read. But you know want to give alms and the last time you read a poem or did something with. Poem I see a poll might. Yeah I read minds it was a couple of days ago written by George Clooney. George Clooney wrote Apollo one. It's very yeah I really solid history George Clooney voluntary yes. I'm glad he's got to stop I gonna say like a I don't know some pain. Long follow it or something and know what nor. Does it can't be Apollo it. Just don't want instead because he's already hot in which they got from the facts of life is in the tunnel and at whenever it's coming right at forum at these world famous doctor on ER and still do that poetry thing today you're a poet. Your feet show it as long fellows ever do that wants. You to school. Classic bag and then let it and well isn't poetry schools kids. Poetry school liked you hey coach Julien somewhere rolling his eyes I I I am poetry and not the Renaissance man that he is that's probably true. I'm saying Pryor had someone write it. Now and that put his name to it or something he wouldn't you know published its you know what else might tell my kids don't put up inspirational posters. Unreal talent not do that unless of those things millionaire magazine I'll tell you not mean I guess there'll I'd like not an alum. Let's no other people's problems that they need you. Don't the Democrats when they have no intention joining me about the no and could be your being used and walk away from those people who use you let's. And that's a good one it's obviously hard for you figure out can take life experience I yes the key part in the same problem. Eight net jobs not looking for another job in anything you know you're enabling mad and Ramona wanna set and I don't like Charlotte's best to Mexico right now when it take us and it's like kits. Yes Dennis the link to kids allows you and all of us can make a child's Christmas wish country and right now we want your help with two year old little eat. Who loves clothes and blocks he's a fan of my little pony and all will be. Fears an older sibling he keeps your holiness your father passed away and he really could hear him. So if you can actually see it test for an elite these go to 179 the link that's common type in the keywords and. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.