Should You Spy On Your Partner?

Wednesday, June 14th

Is it ever okay to spy on your partner? What makes a "good dad?" How can you be more charming? We answer all of these questions and more!


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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com source the sink come on yeah. 43% of wind and it may just find it hard. 43%. No survey was of the women from the on line I shot back. But that's definitely a big that you couldn't accurately my spy supply as I was I was surprised at online spice. Good to get out of the spice up and Belmont I've always wanted. Is it called spice up much yet. How do you knock on every block pass it on you try to stay. Home. And that's fine but they can tell you spying on them when you slowed down and crawl past the start. Peak in the window I can windows. I've never send us guys willing to me that despite sob yeah. Yes it is amazing to me because when I mean you would think spy stuff. You get you through an exact sound energy unit I don't people and Ernie spy stuff that's a good point how much this up damaged product he improve. I'd guess that must move enough against an ad tag in my you know it's like anything you wanna probably Kansai tech surveillance and security. The reads more like home. Stop you know like Cameron is. Who had the they have little like Jack I'm not. How bad they steal my guns and that T useless. Employees and then they'll learn a few I think kill yourself have you gone aren't paid yet LA arts and your handcuffs like your tie as a listening device. Laser in your title. More balk at this ice. Then you EM and yet an audio and. It's fine on people. You don't aspire appealed just cozy up there as well but anyway and not 58%. Of the woman amid the spying that they'd just don't trust your partner. Which everything to be 100%. 21% of guys are a solid don't trust so that the women are very mistrust. Here's what they do. As far spying and they dig through text and what sap message is. 19%. Of given there's enough and called while they were out. Which doesn't seem to prove much I'm guessing that they're just seeing in the land survey B I certain sounds. Like a call menu here like. Randy on the main stage or something like that gives you. Away as the Indy on the main Brandi Brandi all old ruins in the present gonna go to the millions. And get it. Why did it. Anyway and make the mainstay. Yeah. The innocent yeah hurt I'd probably get booed off only immature. I they had got a chance. He does have experience not not think that is probably the only guy here who makes owns a doc I'm in and ended it. A link fistful of dollars Egan did it. Alienated allies in the do you think you might make the naked and get. Out now realize latter ran a poll or some. I'd like I tell you. Britain a couple of ribs a White House but that was the sailors stripping its 'cause I was climbing in racing. As though I must be cleared everybody I was in a moderates that was not taking my clothes off the. That. So anyway I 18%. Epilogue in their partner's social media accounts. 16% of jet at sec GPS history. And 13% to went old school learning through emails. Or whoever so when never spied in the partners 60%. We consider it if they thought the Parti. If I thought he was cheating and that's what I did. Stem surveillance work on my ex husband and I suspected cheating. Yet but before that I always believe that if you dig deep enough as my mom says yes you dig deep enough you'll find a bugger you'll find something that makes you uncomfortable. And then boom the trust is gone the gap now or you could because there's no reason. To look deeper look in that I bother Reich is read something into something that's. That happens on soap operas all the time does I've got nothing I think that. Could be interpreted as not. Bad and to blurring them if you could answer however the idea. I don't think I wasn't there something weird on your phone though that Amy saw was that you in the ended his show to answer. It asks Alice that I did I do think he has. We showed tunes like homo erotic pointers on all these things are popping up I don't know why. Flat no I mean there was something there was something at Brigham and lives. But it is something. Nine hitter he is me yeah. I went there and are right. 00 yeah. Is there a site and murders that moron yeah. So that's sitting on today. And identity and you have to get a it was a bad it was something along that now would include. Really actually let me necklace that I just as making a lot miles of any manager probably give you were like yeah. This July 4 Tea Party to be at peace guy showed Tony seventy. The largest independent state party in Charlotte. You would save. Do you well Wi-Fi they're. Thermostat. Is to watch the fireworks at. Gaze at seven there. Thirtieth or thirty. Thanks high efficiency air conditioning system from the station that always gives you an in the coolest experiences. 107 now. Still laying there. OK you all rate the podcast please share the podcast please comment up I guess pleased and also there are FaceBook pages Matt Harris. Nor Holloway embedded O'Brien carried out browser Matt on Allison and delaying. And Ariza put up a great video and on on Twitter and FaceBook baby. Lesson most massive coup blowout. You'll ever see including I think a little eating of said through its past and and I mean I don't let it. Studio because I will not watch it. You watch it because yeah we expect it anyway. It would be good fun again reduce stomach golf all learned not to almost vomit turned around and look like Mattel exploded everywhere it adds on his hands in his fingers as you Hal and me at the cute but I think that. And I put. I'm not watching and is Pratt. And then bring it he said don't do I have a strong gag reflex and almost lost about four and a half. In addition the we goes and Larry says. I certainly wouldn't watch this what I hope someone would Becky and in the driveway and pressure washer can. Act act. And you're gonna letter rod like that Edmund Hillary and that's a vomit induce their right. So if you think that the event I am going to watch this video. And friendly bid is the only one around here who will watch a video that you share that you think it's cool that is it. Cole is gonna be some kind of assist. Birds in the debate and I am giant blue port. After you send us them. Video of the baby brilliant man is dad. It's fifty years old and yet it is bad and college and he had an advantage. I bet. That are not looking at bat and our listeners that this new president I had to appreciate the well receives as it clobbered you isn't even the scientists. Trek too much attack cat. These two or bend wondered if she. Thank you might find is interesting edited. A little like 22 pounds a legal matter. Anyway she knows you well she does does. I'm Nancy and I smiling face on her Twitter page face that's our guys anyway. Good dad great data that we're dug them out yet. The dead make sure that his kids are taking care. No matter what right. A great day make sure that he's the one doing it as much as he possibly. Pop it's a bit hot baby. Tries to live this guy who tries to live his normal preached wildlife. As soon as possible. And as accurately as possible. About trying to incorporating it into his life but I got us going out all the time out of practice. The baby on a tree and into the cars on airplanes just about everywhere you now doubled in the ride now yes. He did it I hope now it's ridiculous. Added that is not Megyn good dad and make you day idiot. Because it's good because I want you put yourself through that might put the kids through that if there's an option where you really don't care maybe. Go to Charlotte festivals around bad odds. They had they can. I mean I we're just celebrating the fact that it is the first year because Avery you know lazy that we didn't have tons hey. Like walking Ott is a need these relief anyway sushi. Even at parades last year and we decided that roller around because this was aware third stroll one like him. Small like a slow walker walker so anyway we celebrate the fact that we did not have a dang stroller. Because pushing a stroller through a crowd is a freaking nightmare you're running up and peoples heels. So don't don't try to tell me that makes it good daddy produce after that Bellamy she's just a full. Maybe you. Took hitters it's maybe too doesn't make you need any special Arenas. If you have a way around it duke didn't they're they're they're. Mentally you have no way around it's you gotta do it but the baby doesn't care where they aren't. I gathered a fast bowler at the micro breweries are not enough to drink yeah yeah care. I think it's crazy talk you need some time alone to you know really did like. The vessel attached to you at all times that. I may just take a break every want to hire somebody else Craigslist. In some roses and Soledad it yeah. I don't care about marriage and has always you know taken somewhere Heidi maybe the Medicare. Advantage there they'll they're older they don't okay. Look at anyone and I never remember things like utility like I've ever few treat your kid the way you wanted to be treated and you. Now that's batted nice. Could I add him because as your kid you went just like to eat. Chips all day and watch cartoons. Debt I commute out of what I got a WI ILE as a kid you don't you need structure you don't actually wanna be treated like. Does say a great dad takes everything. Good about. His dad and puts it into his parenting. And a great dead does that but also uses that as a golden opportunity to make up for ever volcanic Ed that's why didn't he want adapt. Okay that's different not treated like I wanna be treated and I wanted to be treated like. Carefree and my guess atlas ignore it was. Now maintenance and it the today didn't do anything bad. OK all right whenever here. Diane okay have moms say and I am great. And here's one more. Even if you're. Partner is breast feed it. You help with the late night meetings. Like you know with her that is ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous wanna you might as well be rested. Well we both gonna sit there retired and what somebody's gotta be rested now do you wanna say that baby starts crimes if alluded to in the morning. But you know I don't get out. Because they're pressed me to get up and you get up right and sees you sit there you keep her company Tillis use at this time you hear stories about your day now marvel at how yeah. Ever heard. And then they shot to burp the baby. You let her past the video what are you and you are on that baby that's ridiculous I'd rather be. One of us fresh and I will get up with a baby early in the morning letters sleep band. Red and both of us be exhausted the next day I mean c'mon. To be big she wants to get up and do it all pay her boobs she's the one I don't know what it have been raving bigot does segment. Bloodletting. And all they can't opponent and go oh really. Yeah. I think it is. Aim and I mean it is possible one another that bedridden and a little while they're still on the roads not to go. Who as. Sister green and didn't buy in my mind. Of your parenting experience at its courtroom yeah I had a baby. Okay here it just didn't. Yeah. Him drag him and promised. Yeah if it but it Ahmad my mom I'm I'm I'm in my didn't. Breast feed very long so. I was up in and meeting with Abbas and there's been enough but if you're listening to all there. So there's this new car that is told everybody lies that new desk when he and I can tell us about who we really are as. They did this guy's theory is that there's the surveys. Depend on what people tell you he's dealt. Reporting service. Because you often people off an answer what they think the answer should be. Did you ever cheater whatever it is they might not answer truly it's known as social desire Billy bias they just answer. They think they should dance. OK so instead this guy searches as the Internet staying in the does the Google searches and all this sort of thing and he hunts for. Questions and obsessions. That people share with their computers. But not so I share with people I think if you're gonna you gonna type in something. Am really interested in but might not ever tell anybody. You rent to sit in that you don't mean yeah you get you what you might select porn is basically what might have serious form but your computers or otherwise. And I kind of thing RA WB I it's it's compression and I know I would have meant an idea. So. What is the top Google complaint by women about their boyfriend's. Day he won't text me back B he won't talk to me and CD won't have Saxony. You guessed it was. One textured back right that's when you guessed galaxy. He wanna Saxony I. Does it makes cents. Why did you. Always hear about the Indian the booty and it's ready saying that may be this is that there's twice as many complaints. I quote my book on that sex meeting quote my girl wanna have sex. The myth that men want that isn't we're gonna do is look for boarded that. While the Mitt commend him on sex more than women is not true according Emmitt comes across the data and striking way. Google's very honest here's a good thing for you a lot of debates they also maybe he. Is he conscious but yet even though whom homes or group do bound to learn and do. You know back ethic and so it might not necessarily mean public this one. What are women's search most about man's big goes. Hey you know how to make it last long okay way he's not had one B how to make him have won quicker or see how to make him last longer go quicker. Last longer guys to two dual it's all about lasting longer. Or how to make it bigger. But. Women do searches about. Delayed. As much as premature in that worry about a lasting too long or ending too early to do both of now a bid to both yet to. Haven't sex too long is a concern. Basically but I mean women. Which he would not necessarily thinking any premature all the way of heavy never talk now I know my woman but that in no issues like every woman who has hit the dollar. I got that it was his error does so when you there is talking and seniors out of. Oh are not alone. Larry that's when you're winning and that that's true I mean two days and I. I there's a point where it is right in Baghdad it. You know on poll want to odd to wives worry about mostly Google my husband bipolar my husband is gay or my husband is cheating. Seeing you get eating eating in answers is he day. Now and I guess maybe. Actor's ego rules YZ that having sex at meanings I Z yeah. Yeah very could be a correlation maybe its highest the surge levels are highest in Mississippi Tennessee and South Carolina. That is that's I know app. And he says statistically it's unlikely because only one or 2% gay men are in the closet. So it's more like the east where about being by poll. Because. The odds in the bipolar what tyrant and yet he's probably Google that and find out. OK all right I've never since he was idle or you should usually Google and find out is now an ounce okay what are thing. Issues are okay. And there's some other interesting it. Things in here and in India the top way to complete the search for my husband wants dot dot dot. Is for me to breastfeed him. I'm going on and India. Yeah app and creep me here's something sweet you creeping. Yeah I kinda pretty creepy and I'm not doing that as the top surged thing my husband wants. You can be millions of dogs love romance I a lot of men are curious about the tapes really curious now. I never curious and now but Jerry. Yeah. And that. And I look at the baby. And nursing the baby bottle. The baby bottle don't go there I like to be one good thing and on call this is this a good thing okay we got rained out library and I thought I. When the guy is in the US. Search for. Uh oh about their lover's breast. But when guys asked about the woman's breast. They don't ask Google about plastic surgery or something like him so whatever they're more likely to type I love my girlfriend's groups. There's something sweet. Why are you willing then yeah that's what happened. And how. Hello I have. No doubt that yeah yeah. I'm gonna Google can. At that yeah. How many of them happens is that why should not remember I don't know I don't know when I do I love my girlfriend. Whereas I don't know it'd moves by the way yes yes it now I'm hundreds of posit a Europe talk about that I guess it was about a buck. Element girlfriend at least the forums. I'm addicted to my girlfriend's breasts and a half. Love my girlfriends booze is that okay. And settle this and out of touch my girlfriend's groups for the first time. I could smell it. It's not a it's not my girlfriend through today have to be good the last thing yeah. Net the clintons not as sweet as I said. Oh and and we can't help but look a little bit too greatly out even more about I think. My long. Thank you very much I don't how did you account to notify the missing things are low you can't say on the radio you were listening to offer here with Matt remarks. My arms and hands on everywhere in the room here at the top awards but now. I had given my best shot and I didn't let me try you know I like I'm actually talked. So if you want features that I. That's a lie as you know it says charm comes from a combination of self confidence. Okay that's how social graces. Outlook and apathy can crank some of that up would he do not act that amazed at emotional intelligence. Anyway rule in the end no budget and you've got a lot of that. Felt confident that you've taken a pretty good your plight and socially adept. I'm polite dimensional polite socially and am very awkward now you're not it's funny because I was. Freaking out about the Bob award yesterday. Yet and. Believe it or not we do people who are who are listening right no it's on radio I told lots of people before about that there it's like are you kidding me you talked to you know. Thousands and thousands of people every day but yet. You're worried about going to a party years and lately it's true. So anyway worried about the bottle. And somebody said. All your fine you've done this hundreds of time out before. Which only since my anxiety to an. Because the normal person thinks. I got this moot crazy person thinks. Well obviously I've done it hundreds of times the force essentially to me. When time and did you know also the player you're you're you're bars hi did you vendors hundreds Jabbar tired you'll be funny. And I. But then a funny thing is not funny is when we are done our thing you know my buddies there it is. Wife and Amy we got done doing her thing and like I honestly do you really do a good job at that. And we also probably like. And I did that against upsets and things like who. One of diamonds drag bracelet or whatever I didn't do I don't yet know and does that and he's making crap out of the president nothing I didn't do any thing. Wow that's that was a really good hosting job and I said. I read from a paper this. As we recruit them zing it is in there once in Ohio and I would it was nothing that people liked it well enough as Ayers it was a comedy though he has yeah Aegean I don't know why couldn't just go like a thank you. At a yes I'll take so on the charm the pants off people okay here radio be interesting. Where attractive and interest in clothing I always and that. I think we both went to it and we both said attractive quote okay interesting now minus interest yours was interesting it's interesting jewelry on and when not to him to comment on your jewelry. That's the whole point where it yes yes yes because I had my two Corey range from diamonds Iraq positive dimes ranked person. And it's like I'm glad you took the damage. People don't your time sir and all right Dana I know I guess we look at it's supposed to be something that reflects who you are. That may be. You like to travel see you era. Surge scar for Todd and I think I here's something to be interesting was. The necklace which had a behind an elephant on it and I duke let elephants. But not a single person than anything about how well texted you during wowing them with your personality but yet as they say like gas. They were sure would like gardening implements on a personal now. Now. There anyway I like my nephews mom who for every month of the year ice issue must belong to some. T shirt of the month club or really what sort of the month. Because I don't care feeds. She's got her fourth lies she's got out some gardening a network got. You know as a all odds and they announced that data and much staying two nights giving big at Christmas thing I do agree though that. Wearing something interesting. Especially our statistic but especially for women gives a reason for a guy to talk to them. It was good for the woman well guess is one great 4 July T shirt yes this as well red white and I. Oh well like to hear you know. Thousands and ended in the early age you kinds of thing you'd likely ago men at work of a woman as. And honestly if it's anti matters not it's too but you know felt a Dora or something. I don't know. People can talk about a long line of Pitt's hot as. I'm just telling you. Women out there where something unique way. But Dora and something that is Danica how we're from two cats they Wear my day when I'm going where I had. Had indicated tomorrow as you should sell out and I'll let you know I got to tell you it opens adore her. For the guy that talked the woman I'm telling ya wanna attract a guy were something like that something it's theory obviously. As a conversation starter okay I think our rank and maybe even now and then but it works for guys that last is still women are. Less likely to die conference conversation starter we knew there. Mom I made I remember your pocket watch means that as a college that was bad. I did have. Appears that I remember you're heading so I title. Doesn't. I remember UND year at different colored sneakers phase yes there were two different test Taylor's did you reject out that was good art like conversation. I did the fishing Laura has a necklace for a little while that learns and. An opinion and I unity and I may pick epic. I smell like fish. The good that that didn't have a fancy real needs did it did you know your illness it's BC real mess yet now okay. We Google. All it didn't drag queens are already is yes and has a page your theory into your your various seven. Oh thank you like you like you. A could fool people. I mean yeah woman and it's all because the fishy part. Yeah the cat got an idea currency. And some minutes on inspectors and interest and yeah it does a good building and that's a given. Hi mark my guess is that's it's all fair. OK LC and the employees. Here have done this just goes to Vietnam. Elite daily questions to bunch them. We should ask your dad. When you're twice should have asked. Yeah that 120 CNET and I can pretty much today I don't think I asked anything I'm not I you know and I don't remember asking him for advice on much of anything. When I was a key area I don't even know many Diana houses but. Luckily I went to him for life advice aerial I don't know. Why it has abused and advice. Can you remember any advice at all that your dad gave you. Now I mean it just. And and this behavioral anomaly that. He spoke to you in parables about a neighbor kids he did he would do things like you know component school and say tells story at the dinner table. This I was this kid today when it's high on acid need Todd is about the window you know some so I was like is anti drug test a lesson to. I have a feeling never happened but he just predict you know do stuff like that all this kid was driving down the street ran over a kid the other day board which kids. Dogs limit percent to two point. That's gonna hot that Democrats it is life. I'm betting anguish is an honest look at the stuff like that didn't think it tells stories like matter whatever. That was a preacher is or he gave advice all the time. The news not really. Now I mean he taught is how to like live lake and I AJ 11 o'clock maybe it. Along with everybody else with my Dan I always learned from watching his example. Yes with no I was more of visual like. He always helped clean around the house he always tells my mom cooking and so I learned that that tiger's post news Reno and. Teachers. Lady. I mean you know picked it up yeah it wasn't specific get like never had to sit downs you know original site choose just the well you and you Miller asked him for advice on. Money your women are job and it probably should have may be money list and not women. May be. Now definitely not gonna talk now about. And I told my son went in the relays and no wind and relaxed or anything like snow globe nod hello and I know that I never did it I don't. TV isn't gonna they're dead bird by Sony's. Ain't I I hope your ads don't comes Roman sick so they're bad and. You know that only happens in TV yeah so much is happening and you look like bill does doubles matches and I don't gotta get myself that he might have never wants immunity. At the heat of that that I know of so. It's only to go up like that these questions Frentzen you know you're twenties and it went my dad said what's a 401K Abbott had never. Ask specific about owning an I mean that's. There's these were tested at how to I know I've been to abide make the best career choice. I alliger Dan answer that right. I mean I I think that lists your man up panel or fix a flat tire. I never lasted just happened and you just showed me death. What's our best family recipe dad never has had salinity map won a pair take a day. They hated. What's your favorite memory from when you were my age. You know. That's a nice Father's Day each question to ask and I couldn't imagine anybody asking in their twenty's because they tell me yet we're little's ice. Low self evolved and advice but he tells memories all the time so don't get specific details and ask yeah isn't. What was your first job like I've never asked he just tells you a year through the course of time. What you wish your done before having kids. Asked Max Mary you know I'd I'd just never went and asked that we hear about his regrets his. I would ever ask him that now as president I don't lose their error and yeah like you inherited is Lindsay or G healing I'm Malone who caused him not able to do any of that skills and items I was born writer when he was like 21 point 2% and I'm like yeah right around the time when your. I'm a hole under that you care you. Dreams I squash the killers and I'm gonna I was part of the yet and it's agent like Jack did you teach me how to do your favorite hobby should. In your money easily relate he had already tribe. Might add with add theater. Yeah I'd be act teeing in the dissing me he didn't yes well not really push it. I think likely was a big wrestler an audition. That I. I kind of forced the addition upon him. And I just started kind of singing the songs you talk about needed it Tom numbers Bernard to I started singing and he's a Toronto woman or something like that. I'm sorry got a girl played apart a little. Like Tom thumb yes it has now. That's an open minded direct your yes yes yes she's flats it's. If I I did one play in my life. And use the grass and I never wrestled. So I didn't do his I think he'd either rebelled in reports of upon your something. The rest yeah that at an Avian like the Europe that it beasts the the wrestling organization but. Make educated taught me all kinds of things and begged and we should Mamie wrestle. It doesn't knowledge now that something tolerance. Wrestle. And the Demi got me. But it did me. Did you ever did you ever asked not to like and I know he just learned. He hit almost kind of forced it on me as so many fake stuff around the aisles I always had to help him whether I won again not. And so I just learned that way I don't. I learned about that you know I learned about that he does say it again Demi gagged a Grammy an adjustable and some. I going to garage looked around for a few minutes tobacco invited many years down there it's right. You did did you. Don't this isn't all the wrong you do and it's like as our guy that's important let's go win and that can. We've heard today and that's our hour. I tell every job or are dough can also get the socket renters and I come back I don't wanna socket wrenches the. Yeah well that yeah. It's. Not enough time to absorb the two time went into complete and yeah. And I need to know them and I can't just. Yeah right and bring it yeah. Know what's going on had three people. I don't. Yeah. Basra just an I had used that I wasn't going to. I'm focused on I don't think it was kind of funny till now dvi determining how to be a good person I do know is that you know and covenants are we can't. I'm a little kiss me either aren't taught me anything abundant but I think it. Yeah I mean look yeah I didn't do any better. And Tony knew I'd grown to be all right so. They get hammered. The adults. Signatories is let's ask you daddy proud of me I can ever spit out those words I particularly like the minute I'm glad that could never say that no gonna do tomorrow now we're not doing it. When I knew the cause that's my dad tells me that yes he tells me that he's put on my dad puts that on FaceBook yet. Has so I don't know I don't know I told him one time and a few years ago when I don't know why ER. Yeah my cynical lot doom and breakfast. I say you know we're gonna do tomorrow do immediately should we pick up a. I don't duties on the Obama back on them on you Democrat like that and aren't you proud of any. Yeah yeah. That. At that and say now. I love my loves being mind you love me we're probably it's another candidate how about. We call your dads know a loan and you would tell them why you're so proud of them. Not about getting brazen when you're yeah and so on comfortable. We're gonna call down the maverick and pony show an email them while they're proud of I knows why. I. Guess. Right and he managed since the Israeli cliche from fathers' day and a wanted to do and it is. And I think I've done I'd go big go long and proud of him I'm proud of you for making all sacrifice. Is you didn't ideologues that night and pay the bills and raise me I did say is something about a memo wedding. On 1011120. Yeah because I don't on this. Boylan. A and let's everything and my dad's right. My brother I get together he can get a word in edgewise and he doesn't really get as much information position and how we like spending a penny to thank I emulated him Bob's. And gratitude. Thanks for listening to all fairway left remote and check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.