Signs He's Crushing On You

Tuesday, March 20th

Make sure you're paying attention to the secret clues he might be giving that he likes you! We also talk about white lies that are actually helpful and more on the most important ages in your life.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all their with the remote. May he's sure that you are listening and Maria hour at the bottom of the hours starting at 6:30 in the morning by necessary. Then I sent out 530. Or from that much you know that our podcasts ago. There are. A he might be crushing new. Plan that you might. Our early this look at you my girl guy Earl. It's a good sign these crushing on your weight let. It's in my girls. Out of here like I listen to your boy strains in the it's not really a guy friends not talk to you about stuff that. But I have a girl's about. Right that's cool I can take it. Well you get a hit a. Allow that I know how heated in my life. Girl. So although however. I think doc and I too would be how uneven year. Might be constantly showing you wave a crush on him because it says the conversations you know to have are filled with awkward pauses. Because he's worried about. Will say it is woman that he has the hots. You. If Amy woman comes in contact with. Any of you guys in she took that execute you're crashing she could be wrong because. You're ruling out the guy who's just awkward around other humiliating experience. However there will be revised because you're afraid you're gonna say the wrong thing I am Moreland cradle to be an appropriate doctors just afraid to. Talks although I would say are more likely to root and not have an awkward. Paul eyes even I'm not hitting on them sometimes I I don't I don't like violence filled with a offensive things in whatever. I have awkward pauses as much as I do. Flirts. I had to be for blurred verses awkward pause. So that I can agree with you today were therefore. Even I had a crush and somebody way to reduce as a battle. As a battlers and camp if he only ever talks about as you. They euros Mandela to I would say that but if I be doing that he'd been that these trash talking you. Or are much she loves her hair what are the way. Still talking about it so it could be like pulling a pig tails something when your. And days and do your three out even now I sent you a Christian and our former boss he talked about her a lot. I yet lad now an immediate event ever talks about you I I can see. If he's talking about you like amongst each other he talked a lot I just about you maybe he was out of his way to talk to you that's. Mainly to Tony yeah. You catch him staring at you when he thinks are not luck game. Some news and then Ellen yeah. I wouldn't count that is a thing yeah that could be just scraper like her off and be like huge as weird guy contacting. I got to. I've mentioned many times story the gym Beryl or I just happen to keep looking over and she was sick looking at a time. Attractive Aurora beast airing Imus basin and I'd come to it she was there you go into. Elbowing you Bob by the way I was stays yeah. Does it make you sound like the weirdo either there's just no way to correct. I don't site is that it but you don't even read staring paying them realize. You're staring summit there livery now I you know and now. Rabid. Utopia thing I went to iris. Trying to figure out but it was actually was kindest. But it just trying to figure out what this really is it related to yeah big guys though you were staring. But I but I wasn't hitting better. Because I just look over she probably thought it was beekeeper and doing whoever somewhere lyric couldn't pinpoint it. So I just do the quick turn but every time Ciba did Qwikster and she were quick turn. Like how did you know her half a second after me yes but it just yes I knew where we you know we're from backgrounds to follow yeah. But it does seem like she was like a millisecond after me so I'd look over there also in her head return I'd be there are always multiple places not just the loan as you. But I still not still amazingly entry that no way to find. All right. And selling amid the theater but I just never get there just dot dolls that you like yeah where I don't like Miller from an introduced I was introduced as if I know earnest he knows me. So she could have been the Tennessee. Or she was looking to see if they're Krieger was still at zero better. One woman like as I've done that like inspect right yeah he's still creeped in this woman dated to me that night. Like a friend and a friend I think she imagines same thing it says a just didn't think that was a reaper around blah blah blah. But I was just look at to get better use your ratty hat on whatever. I didn't notice. A bit about it. Should that yeah anyway. Brought about would ever put out to somebody. I like that go rush I've walked over and said lesson XTT out I'm not creep in on him sort of pick up right no your problem. Is that too weird that's better than I wasn't staring I was in outer space. Just staring an outer space. The only way you'd fully describe his behavior around you is bizarre. He mumbled as he hammers. And comes up and we are facts. Us. That version is I. Am a hardy hit a hard work. And yeah. I don't know I think. Are you observed behavior imprinted in the. Article that I but I pressing on someone however here cursing on someone. Here's the caveat be you know that the yam ring the a change yes I get a part off off that's the table. The Lego com more black death tournament. It's Phil yeah so the worst kind of. Defenders exceeding treasured Toys 'R' Us drew Wall Street company whose resilient. For march badness. These wealthy friend Katrina many experts say it can't now. Animals homeless. Voice. I tried to get through this story the other days. A somewhere went sideways. About you know on a dime this talent and residents say it can't die in this town and a I don't know what happened to us on air we just went somewhere I don't know. Probably me battling. Senselessly. Are trying to explain something. So I like there's a remote Norwegian town you're not allowed to die there. Long year yen long you're being. On European. The morning is wrong that you're it sounds the same since 1950 give died there. By as I've Susan well they would be. Here's the deal when they feel your your polls giving light delegates and Alice yeah get a ship you out wow that's a horrible place anyway. Around the clock darkness and a winner. Polar bears Royce car ready chip. There's 2000 people for some reason that there. Like you need to go there to die well yeah steers its backwards he mainland Norway and the North Pole. I am horrible like those Norwegian doorways and and marginalized I guide I am at a loss. Those flights but what Scandinavia what is that is that you re jitters what's let's what zone many residents there's a an executive and something was good men out there you know I get all confused. Anyway. It's this place and it's just horrible what happened wise. It's so cold air that. The bodies aren't decomposing. It is so cold little time they resumed courses in 1998. From the 1918. Flu pandemic. And it was lie. Deadly viruses and the deep they've had the flu from 98 was still alive. In there. Isn't that ray's. That sounds like a horror movie that. Yet it is it's a harm were moving the date of a body and I got it came bubonic plague body it's really going next place well I don't know who had that bad idea maybe because they realize that. There was laying down their dormant. And a vampire comes to life. The so anyways mostly coal miners there whatever. They made it illegal for anyone to be buried in the local graveyard. And while cremation learns are allowed to be very there. What they're they're not most people are doing that they take the terminally ill. And flying to another place and and last days there but if you get a bad cough. Should get off the island we need is it that you seem about to be to expire. We'll send you away. Pregnant women they try to get out of there too. Yeah. On the town has so far north as they darken the winner for four months. At a time was zero difference between night and day for three of those months. The thousand polar bears on the island this series grapple it and he would be held a live there. Which you know. At least admitted only you dyed hair like go someplace nice to write the kind of dye your final moments been a place where there's. Sunshine every game I don't know what Norway like you can die of natural causes or should be eaten by a polar Bayern delete. Medium money opiates money. Boston lease costs and expenses wherever I'm gonna live over it and he's amid a button seasons and throw out there you know I saw a movie out distinctly hear about it but it is pandering. And horizon nothing of this except for shirts it's called brawl REW on Netflix is a foreign film. Which is based on classy but what happens is this woman is a vegetarian it's their first taste of meat decides likes the humans. It's fantastic ending well. Found out all some watches hockey puck. Ahead reminded that from our players somewhere in a movie I don't know but it's it's great it's fantastic I got passport through a little bit to get the big guy who gets like. Many rank her daughter sister has a two. On the Atlantic. It's strange. Not notice in the end there's the and it's amazing. The end is amazing you would never watch it a million years would you now well not a government just. I should just sounds don't really like. What'd you do to get Netflix well you know what happened if I have some big holding gives Netflix. It's that move now that sounds like every bad lifetime movie I have ever described do you. At lifetime had he believed. He blood watch like done on you believe people today now OK and if something like a lifetime movie though saying Q and you have to watch rawhide dug it up. And when deepened really tribute to the battles are Netflix and found it. I mean that's that but it. Doc likes art comes to tell you dot watch raw about it when he comes you're. And then there's this thing court Romania we never vampires are. He's average act in a man's claim he is in fact alive. Actor's wife registered his dad is 63 years old left remaining American Turkey 1992. As lies that reverend forever. Though he's declared him dead money sixteen she says let's call on debt. So with a guy goes who recognizes alive. And after the courts on he appealed to light so is that the spinal. He's officially dead although he's alive. On near ten I'm on a contingencies. Just. He's as I know in town because I am listed debt and again do anything in Tyre today jacked. All for a guy like they don't hear from you you are dead to me. Yeah dead to me. Weird study got to Germany. Mothers with three kids. Have an average of four fewer teeth and moms with just two children. Found that moms and at third sound that bring to have the same gender. At four missing teeth the mothers of three whose first two children different genders have a boy girl boy. Yep two girls and a boy off yes but it didn't affect the guy. I'm saying. He's too busy appropriate pressure teacher's pet him. Breast feeding currently our ego. On the the set last week in nineteen year old Derrick Korea took a taxi. At Fifth Third Bank in Evansville Indiana told the driver weight from the parking lot. While inside the bank and the teller a note demanding cash and walk down with a bunch of money he then got back in the same taxi returned home. After looking at surveillance video police identified free and then arrest him his house the only for the robbery. But also get this through that's a drug paraphernalia. Yeah believe it. Mr. reports all the money taken during a robbery was recovered police say except when he box. Fourteen for the cab fare in six dollar tip he hit it took a guy. And and. Me round trip were. I might have been a little low on the hat tip and one other quick note here. The you may have have seen at the jets sonic pickle juice slashes I was just reading about that. Mon I do love pickle juice you you would drink tickled is like. Mean we knew you might like to but would you actually drink it like if Steve would you ordered some whereby it or anything like that. I have had pickle juice in bloody Mary's I had an analyst who had pickle juice to. Like flavor vegetables and I was cooking. But you're not drinking budget straight up a shot a pickle juice yet now like your left you take them all the pickles on your hundred images now but I I save it to use our staff salad. And it's so rigid that and for a pickle Hughes. And then thought of a pickle and but it's also something that I don't think I would like sweet. The pickles you don't while vitamin a typical juices week. What if it says it could use slushy it just means it's whatever flavor over rice. I'm assuming it's. I'm assuming assaulting a way you discover they do say. It's a sweet and hanging. The bright Brian compensates but he over savory yes it's February bouncing hasn't had some name. And again anything else I do love sweet pickles. You get an objective. And that I'm not at. Amounts and. All there with Matt in Ramona there're thirty pages that are taking your pain gone through some. What we haven't done and are there some of these things like. The strongest bones against his bones. Is is what date. He served breaking your eighteen. Okay oh good then and bone mass plateaus for limited to men Pozen and you advocate very brittle very very special bridal look don't arm wrestle. The women. Peak of maturity. Is what age. I'm going to go so when he won thirty. Right way they are welcome to 100 maturity. We want we know there's so much faster than men I. Marcum as if it's thirty and you said 32 for women that pick a majority must be safety for guys now. 43. Okay hundred years he still older eleven years later. Wow wait on an odd first year at tech hat. As pretty crazy and it. Sexual peak for men. Eighteen yet women. 3535. So we're still my maturity yet. Repeating Herbert Perry immature kid who were still on the show I even know what would that thing yet. The average Nobel Prize winner one did make the first discovery until how old Renee. I'm gonna look moved 3540. So that they're saying that maybe that is your full creative potential. Authority that past. This system. It'd men and women report large levels of satisfaction with the lives and early twenties. They dip in the middle aged guys on and name it's a low point around what. But the lowest in and what is that the peak again after get to your one. 5050s. Or low point yet that you like about screw this. They're putting get through that starts going up again and what dates. 5569. And then you know eco flatten out again but then year injury you can make it 82 you like. Yea at are the ultimate peak after the twenties. Eight and could you just given up I guess that it's not the hosts the bar so low. I'm on an eighty year like I've made it this far I die tomorrow when my worried about. The rest of the auto dealer not let things you're happy I just think it's. Because otherwise I mean. People aren't that helped lead 82. I mean and not admitting LB think you very much are. And their regular eighteen year old you would think but I think that it's must be accepting. Is part of how really say yes. I worry about death and where did that I worry about death all the damn time until you're eighty Julia. Why else would you be so damn happy math where your kids Saturday so Eddie to the your probably your kids and grandkids are bug in this new idea. They're probably out of the picture you're leaving you alone your husband died. Now there's so you're just. Bank you know the only guys that. McDonnell listen. I've met others happy. That's that's what I've come up with your family are happy that I 82 yet. There yeah that's cranky on sappy but. I think they're very happy they're very social and they battle doesn't fall far from the ads featuring a nice you're cranky yeah what did I didn't say that they would that people aren't happy. As you peek at 69. So they're happy and then you kind of level off whatever and maybe a little bit but candidate to here at the peak of the peak. So something happens and you like 69 brown you're still happy to get your seventies like about it six and has very happy that inning in your seventies and you're like very. Guy out of it I mean when he had dates you're like. Gonna die whenever they get on. This is my theory wow theory of gangs if there's nobody else is signing into your theory is free they know should depressing. Depressing. And great to think that like I think I feared death and stuff like that not a domestic gambling habit but I fear it. And I will security animal owners they get older Hitler that's good to know that about the mega they'd do a really. Orange or. It's not gonna calm I think my theory that race any day now I know family members are probably expecting anything out yet. You just I put in the corner of the celebrations going on at a party add on yes Embraer are substances. That's where its responsibilities. Children know just simply did sit in the corner where the party add on occupying that. Imus. It's more laughs and more fun it's dare put that. So I thought about it flat tax advantage tonight that relationship experts say it's our please help. For example. Aides say it's kind of pool. Detailed yours Sig others that he didn't like them on your first date you can find him attractive. That you thought it would never work but. To say I knew you would the line right off the bat that's an okay why hide itself but here's what I'm thinking is. That truth comes out early. I mean they. Being in the sure ride is quickly done quickly you say. Within a few dates or within their first as you occupancy Hazmat anecdote about bam hyper vigilant in that it. You you have made the declaration. Before you realize oh personalized. Not a look and like do you you don't even think about line because you think the story is good so you did your David you know what I mean you. I don't know what you mean going to be about line because I think just a human Lovett magna twenty years later I'd like to start saying. Renewed the one that I revealed way early on that. I didn't like I was the one according to older I guess you'd. You know I mean the league tournament login right. But you were hit it I mean how often they let you with a 121 years later I would just say yes. Yeah yeah yeah I don't say to be blurred the line you probably admit it right away so he isn't so funny listen this out guys we've only met we ended down. Things got ugly. When he started you know date not a could never throw wind I thought it. I'll get another guy not the ugly part but you mean you view it's it's it makes part of the funny stories and I first met him my body was Derek. That that's a normal thing to say because it sounds cute cute story dramatic comedy things. I've seen and she did that thought he was a garrison to exert why did you go out with a million well because he was having a bad day he had shingles. That doesn't get better at. I don't. Yeah it didn't look at Notre Dame. And I know low achievement but it was a battle. I was saying the people the story is cute when it is. Like a weird dad beginning. It's kind of sit there and used to it and let and I thought he was taking and no word that was mayor he doric. Out of my league. Yeah that cute but we did important where you set your fifth yeah. And I'm at an angle and the single event that I wouldn't touch you need to tell us. It was unlike. Does it wasn't my tie EP. The project and win I really angles and you know the job. On act soon single. Read him a chance next thing you know Milan's. Obama ethanol plants aren't you. Cannot even close that the big. Easily bet say found on our dime not because you're gonna go back and area journey. Employed single guy I would rather hear that story that I knew love at first sight. Okay good free and definitely a okay all right anyway went out while we lined out on the regular line. I think the goal line had a rough somebody lost a job some. He's sick. Things aren't going your way and you tell your partner. It's going to be fine everything I'd be okay yeah I even if you don't believe it when you're in the middle a rough time sometimes you need your your partners say. It's gonna be okay right. It's a little Biden help them along that I mean that opinion be apart and just other people anyone tell me it's okay that's three times and what I have to say. And you might. Look at this and say this is the reason why Ramona singled this is the reason why her marriage broke up I got to the one I had that with him losing jobs. We name is kind of like dude it's if you're small tear a reality you have a certain. Behavior certain things is happening to you whatever our job is it about worked you see the other people so vitally because you're a jerk. Because they have I'm trying to show you there are real quiet right. Right there I am yet. As bad mistake that you keep losing these jobs right right you know it. But that umpires honestly if they hit right rough patch. Act you shouldn't say it's your fault. I'm kidding I'm sure don't have a more open discussion later but win the moon is fresh she gap thanks for that if you can't let you know well if you've got a bad attitude here at home solid and I don't know that there are you want to tell you settled. You just do at least come. Not that I don't know when this is due to his and he is. Well that says you know I'd solid learned this this and having some. A they pick a jacket work. And I elected to agents. And my guys die I'd say they'll be no problem I am a dream squash her. But I raise people from the depths of hell. I don't think your way up I'll bring you down. Way down I'll bring you up. Okay that's the just don't want people to feel that my big. Very like my what are my there is a when I'm not gonna ever gets you he was gonna make you a positive for resuming renewed. He's gonna try to bring everybody around me in the neutral site and no doubt I can everybody make god he's an academy a neutral and acted again in the you are you tend to be a very contrary caddie gas. Contrary so ifs if. I say I don't think about grade me. Not so great. Just yeah I was talking about our relationship was one of the new people here at the off days. I don't you order a dog meant to our. And I don't argue and I. Got it and I did I do that it is true I was and I am running I look at it I don't risk your life it's very true. Yeah. I have a problem with the word mentor would have the detail. That I did and that is that regularly. Yeah but yeah our dollar now. Yeah god can analyze it you know coach collier supplement to let the the run against the body advise mab illegal mentoring and having a that person go down the head down and quick help quick. That notion decide. Which are doing just you'd just choosing the wrong people like that. Wendy wants you picture. It's liquid and well listen to be an answer for Obama. Is about when you said to. Future well now that you're working with a I don't. Yeah man killer did you say it's pretty close to that I. Mentor is really really good she's got a great personality she's got a great and hello my well another remote working and I think he probably got alma and I said don't be an hour. Colin resolve that. Well I just think about your match making it took. Our authority and New Zealand and another. Coach I visit them. Imagine making millions Hillary. Talk. I went out of the human interaction. Anybody throw line. Yeah yeah he had it at. Expanding. Yeah I feel kind of bad about myself up and you think president you are definitely a person I was adopted. I would come and give it. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.