Signs He's A Gentleman

Wednesday, July 11th

Is there really a way to tell if a good is actually a good guy and not just faking it? We also talk about why should stop saying "I'm sorry" so much!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there with the remote and here's a guy. I think about it. Gentlemen partisan moment. The woman finds guys he raised. Homeland attack. Through jet. Paul one of the things caves and then this is pretty good I guess for both. Male or female. Then have a career. A hobby a family of close friends and at favor way to have a stake prepared the jets and the IUP got to go a career. That's pretty good odd though you know maybe he's hasn't figured out yet. Depending on the age I guess on that one but in general. That clear. If he's. Over thirty he'd shoot I have an idea of either what he wants to do. And she'd be making an effort to do that thing right. Or at least know what it is he can you name he's got to go make a living in Jamaica yesterday good living and I hobby. I'm not important and so it's like I stated. Your hop the watch TV hobby watching TV and playing fantasy football I see those are stupid hobby but there are hot as they are house if you really enjoyed. Your fantasy football your your fake. Finally I put your owner is not your commissioner. Kids it's your thing but it's your passion and a bass. Important TV that's how stupid I think. But at least they have something else in our life a basement prank and I and close friends. And family whatever and I post frankly it's. It just laid on out there I am engine before I am the face of dysfunctional dating age are just people are not and I yet you don't try hard I pretty much damage you'd find her Mount Holly basement and I can tell you. That my ex husband. Had no close friend now that's a sign he had no hobby. And he had no Corey is given no one that's gonna like him out CNN. Have a woman like him like you're you're Japanese. On its he's hygienic. Always analyst of these lists news I think we all sign on plants was hygienic now given that clean nails lose the sometimes. Work in the Arnott again and amp I know what to do that I just read it to you did I'm getting third every dinner. Guys if you're working in the yard you're not. Using gloves a word or you reckon on your car stump India what to do before you start working. You take your hand you scratch your bar soap. Now you hold onto things. These things are already at every. Lou early in my hand wraps a dry bar of soap and it'll launch up your nails clogs up your fingernails. With so. The dirt can't get under there and what I get a clean your hands on how do you. Cleaning life. I minding your name on the handlebars so but hey there yeah I when we are on I used to pay we had like you know what you do and stuff we use but. And it landed at -- it's didn't but day they focus they want to do what clean your nails trimmed your nose hairs I'm very. Mean very much on top of that but they don't this one doesn't want to go to a nail salon she thinks that that is. I guess too girly or something she thinks that the man's man wouldn't go there. I. Think pretty highly I think a guy. Who goes to a meals line. In some circles does space a little ridicule you had. Opposed to it. I mean I admit I I do get my eyebrows done. I think it's better than me trying to hack. Act Adam well definitely let them do well the broad days yes yes it was great great time period in Baghdad now. I hear a lot of athletes do it to toast all banged up into and so. There's another lonely in that. The only ahead if the alternative in use Manning like what looks like claws are feeder hands gap on all four. I will tell you though. I don't. I would feel very. I would feel like I have to go out of my neighborhood area did diners on that. I'll handle it. You don't want to ask it in the cheered on your nails done against a neighbor lady I don't know live and I. I I maybe am I'm still double standard. Try to be guys guys staying in they have these salons coming out now that. And it's now but we're guys can go and get their nails done it to a man's place right lets the worst place at ago is that other man. I don't mind elderly and other Mac could be as. Round women I don't know line with women. You just don't wire run into any women you know right right is I don't know I'm a weirdo I guess I got I. I was talking to. Some about a series yeah yeah isn't nailed down and the last time he went to get a manicure. He was like really surprised because the woman who was giving her nails annexed them. Was. Trying to pick him up at 90. In session I can edit it's great pleased to pick up checks and man yeah I think he wasn't in the market for a chick but he forgot how do you does that happen. Well that Betty you gotta go high and then. On things happen and Wal-Mart that's the last place you know that got so many people would see me at that be crazy plays out why don't lie down cup I think didn't. Yes I am Wal-Mart real played like you to get it done. People I think get more balance I know I know what do people do we all think that they're thinking more about us but I did. I go in there anyway and get my I'm over that I've done enough but the petty did you her eyebrows done boredom are you to the Eagles on. They never may now it high and it is difficult. Places strip mall. Do we know where millionaire orgy no way out of your neighbor down arts and whenever I haven't ever I don't like in I don't know I've never seen anyone can go to a good time early. When it first opened up a then you go to all the mob after a car all but the room that they put me in a do it the other is a table or whatever on the tables short of the room is small. I can only like. Went to LA down man knees that bent up. I guess he's the tiny people going in there hostile and we didn't let alone win yeah and actually like women's. Charlotte's best mix that. 1079 the lake invites you to get school. It's. And cheese. Get schooled me. It was special guests NASA. Are at 1079 no link dot com slash events. Don't say your sorry. If you rejecting somebody. Makes a rejection hurt more. So like yeah I hear loser I'm sorry we're just get out of here loser. You do that's an exaggeration but if you're dumping somebody. Don't say your Sar if firing somebody don't say you're sorry. Just get it out there the only time I ever had to fire someone I did see Allison are cried and I also gripe that's terrible. Makes them feel that. You make me feel better he had a meal but as you feel better UK. The of the experience of getting rejected it stings even more when accompanied by an apology. They increased hurt feelings. And you expressed forgiveness but did not increase feelings of forgiveness. They talk back going and a day. Tuning up his group's reliance becoming roommates. Beat the ever 39% of written rejection is that include the words sorry. They were aggressive should more hurt feelings. They also did it which studies have rejections with apologies. Influenced aggressive behavior and you stay here sorry the person. You're saying you're sorry to be rejected. Is more likely to be aggressive toward you. Now with an aunt and yes I am not lie and be aggressive. Studies and science of these human sciences. Define how aggressive person as they have you used hot sauce. And you tell the person like that the night like if you reject me dad. Never happen. The jury Jacqueline talk and say you're sorry. And Ramona rejects me Dunn says she's sorry then I have to give you guys drinks. And I can hot sauce and it. And they tell me Danielle like hot sauce and put a lot of hot sauce in there that tired they decided your grass. But I do in salt science projects across the land. The more odd size disembodied more aggressive account jazzed but did you not elect punched a guy here to try to job in the throat and just see a much hot sausage giving guy. They in size to bite out of your dress. If I'm getting fired I would rather hear the boss Sam sorry we have to let you go verses you're fired to get out he says out. I'm fired aptly to go. Sorry fighters are just as good guy totally honest I thought I. Hire yourself if. And it did business studies had to apologize to himself this settlement. Were given the apology and sorry I don't wanna work review where it out of college I don't wanna work review. Then. There's a little sorry she says I don't wanna work. The company is not a boss thing this was like somebody in the office went to putting the other teams. As somebody says I don't wanna work with you and the other person says I'm sorry I don't wanna work with you. The first is that I'm sorry they were like hey that guy I'm. I'm still feel like the person who descend. I don't lower with few flat out is more rude than the doors communities as I'm sorry at a lower and I'm still stuck on how tall yeah Ireland and that's outside to decide someone's aggressive kids by given a lot how much not sassy yet on. It but anyway they want I had people watch videos of people being rejected with or without apology. The rejections with a apologies were considered by the people watching less sincere. Then those that didn't include apologies. Individuals that of the rejects that included apology felt obligated. To express forgiveness but didn't actually feel forgiveness. So there in his I'm uncomfortable. Space in your rejecting them which are saying your sorry you're making me feel uncomfortable. Well I gotta say yeah that's all right even know I don't mean it's all right. So we'd rather just let you skip the am sorry part and give you some hot to us like just let's say you seem like a cool person but I just don't have time to act out this week. As opposed to ams are and can't hang out. It is it is no SARS man no sorry hikes are apologizing. Eileen ansari every time everybody here doses are yeah everybody does the. I've tried to stop. Being so sorry. Yeah liquid diet but what I have to send Sun Bowl and Starr yeah. What was it like when someone asked me to do something I can't do it I need to say nose like oh now I can't do at this time. And it kills me not say I'm sorry yeah it Acela zero can't make that meeting I'm sorry. Can you say. I wanna say something right now. But I heard. That it would hurt you more I mean I set on site it's the little. I recorded in any work and I Gary in a passive aggressively but. I like that I am definitely in over explainer. When there's. A sorry paying or whatever. You now run down a whole laundry list I ask a day off in the prosecutor's office does in my speech. His site. It should be just say it's view everyday. Do they gauge today anyway right but I definitely over explain. And I can't he's definitely and you over apologize to you took a while sometimes it doesn't make sense. He lie never make cents an economic cents a lot but if I had been taking a personal day and it took everything in need to not right I'm sorry. But I need this day I guess right and explain who is dying or dead dying yap the whole story. Your right I'm I'm we're all with the each other on that when sadly enough. We need some sort of helped lead to a small there with Matt in Ramona it was a more. Things that. And another part has more things you should never say to a single person. Or lonely person everyone Wordock. The former Pomona Holloway is the single one Gary browser I'm just being at the only part by an. Single. I don't know if we mention an op but yet a FaceBook page with Ramona Holloway and you can faced the messenger. And that there are some mean. Things apparently people say it always is already said that could have broke from where prince in double Dayton and invites you only but advice you it's only couples and insinuating go. How about your pride your prime really making time. The assumption is a single person want to date night try whatever but didn't ever stayed straight up to you via they did and a straight up. Older people like you lire older people. Wanted to make sure that I got remarried. Like you have a baby after you got married yeah. 00 even after after I got my and you got divorced somebody would say T you know you needed her it is along but you know what that bad guys out there and you need to go get audit. Because. You. Not well. And then. Or that there of their damn business. You have that they that's in praise me crazy to me she just came off a horrible sometimes people think it's cute small talk. Can you probably right and no it's not militias but it is. Kind of spotless. I would even I would it would even cross my mind I die lacrosse I guys' mind a step when something maybe a woman sat Dominic I would say that. And I know it's mainly my age she's my Angel wouldn't be on this list of talking but when you even if a woman is married. You know whether or not he is. Deciding to or are. Physics have decided. To finds that the body's anatomy Brenda Villa and say baby you're no baby is many of his. Right because you don't know whether he doesn't want kids or can't have kids just letting go the app when she's pregnant alleged now. Even though you've been you've fallen to that. Person sang happy for. I did that Damien me. Yeah both us because they do with downing. Also expect immunized yeah and a pack pack and also I knew it would get on your inner yeah Amy not so much Maddon knew it would annoy the hell ID. Edited and it he's like a lot of times. Your poking fun like guy in our carry out another run and they usually say that one guy. And now he used to be doesn't. There's. Let's see you just have to find someone like my partner they're so good to me because you know what part is perfect and all that sort of thing. And. And then and doesn't mean at that person's husband slash boyfriend would be right for you anyway right so. Do you do that people said that use single person jets have to find someone just like. Matt. And another said that apps like hasn't said that to me like Matt Harris now I'll show a couple of and bad. I was kind of rude in my response. Letter was like I don't. It's at you know at Deere are things that people put up with in your relationship old in go 40 snack foods. Edited it and OIK like permit for instance if I were to sameness which I wouldn't I know which I know it's just going to be me and Amy. It's I can't hurt I know it was OK a mess that ups aren't I I know it was just going to be you and me but numbering Amy along. Assessing the people now they say that single people don't wanna hear that purity planned a one on one. Now regarding planned to catch up with you know whenever I can't accidents that horrible depending on the situation. Even among the doing yet by in general he's in a general I don't like doing things injuries. General I lightning batteries. Entrapment traveling prowling the green is I hate it. And pretty resolutely he made four forced yes now I guess would vote maybe 24 or any thing other injuries I. It's a bad luck thing for me so yeah. It's like you what happens when what is the what is the problem we going to what really happens in a he. Three so. They hit a Mac is there are two people there are always two people who are connecting and one person who is left it yes. I don't yeah I and eighty I needed I needed when I am the person who was the connection between the two people. It wears me out you feel like you got a team but happy why so and they're not exactly the same kind of person writing about the same kind of person I don't know we don't have the same. Connection like we both worked together we've both been friends forever about that mobile mobile it's too much work. But I wouldn't I mean I yes I would add I wouldn't bring him and Bain he said to me let's get together and whenever I wouldn't bring Amy unless he said anything yet. But that's not a single thing I assume it's just a means when he says I dude dude time. Now you don't ever and you guys have your romance going to do it just would money be crass comments Kansas City in a growing up. And another one final thing that things you should never say a single people is I can't even imagine what must be like he's dating apps. That's done I don't I don't think there's anything that aren't old nag that analysts showed us. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there with that. Ramona gave you have a second born especially he is a sign. Demise well Rome and the prison right now. Just a bad day gap and yeah how's that going to have me imprison differently attacks. As it may doctored up that second. MIT. Miss Maine it's missed its official today gatherer whole bunch of data and what Backus is in the curse of the second mortgage saga around forever. But 25 to 40% increased chance of getting in serious trouble at school with the wall when compared the first born in the family. Okay. Bailey your second born hanging would you say that you got in more or less trouble than you're older brother. He. About the same the same when when we were younger he got more trouble but as we got older I got animal which I know I thought putting into the rock and roller with a long Harry was we were younger I had in the got older and has been some bad things NASA. Yes I asked. And the year the first born. Yes I'm great says here. You're great I mean they physically not carry your younger brother got in more or less holding year. Probably more. Yeah probably the morning and he really rough. Role model in his older brother man man he didn't get ready aiding and much trouble I know we did things that we're worse than me. An opponent has. On this podcast. Yeah. Well you know he did things real high school that I wouldn't have rent. So they say though. Don't panic the researches. Very broad picture. And I guarantee I happen to think it's very specific it's. This one of the first major studies to point out that second born children aren't fact troublemakers. And is not exclusive to the US same as in Europe. First born higher IQ. Higher wages. Better do better and education. Just. And I didn't item give their daughters born as the first morning news. Second born brother has. Masters in mathematics so. And I talk on the radio who wins and then and yeah today and it's not a competition that from Betty president we're gonna yell about it. The road or the coming there that the theories are that. Force Boren parents really paid attention in the second born. The game indictments ago killed a neighbor me that I'm breaking down a scientific talk to do layman's. Sounds right. The old goat killed a neighbor yet doesn't logs I go start a game my hide and seek him not tell anybody that's right don't sleep on it right I was tightening closets no Republican army how hungry under that tree fell for hours I slept paramedics came as a very empty years on this was that was in the mall when I was in the clothes rack hiding. The whole mall outlook. Can forming a bad. My favorite band these mom's story links he would talk about how banding with playing. Hide and seek as a kid but wouldn't tell anybody he was playing. I had to reform. And they tried him and he would've fallen asleep in his hiding place and they say. They go with it yeah. Barbara and ego yeah. Yeah. I'm I don't you want me and I'm going to prison. The Kurds took kinds imprisoned not trying to. I had on the law a whole lot you know kind of from all of the years and a busy hiding from English teachers again. You guys had a bomb that's been gifted heads Thursday problem. Sweeping America. Girls are getting is an allowance. It's all the current. Is Angela criminal because we here it is not about how in other sides is. Wage gap between man and women that if you're a woman you earn 79 cents. For every dollar that a man may. But now we're taking a look at allowance and with the kids are collecting and apparently escaped and the girls just like at that moment. They. And I did that and they found that parents pay boys twice as much for doing chores every week twice as much a girl gets six dollars and 71 says around. Brother Reagan in thirteen dollars and eighty cents. They break it and age they break it and know what chores that person's doing you know I had to carry some damn. Shingles up to the roof a couple times now on things like that a little bit washing dishes. Some parents the the boys chores and bigger tool knowing the law on Marine One alone and leave the ring around the heat. Mullen the lawn is a once a week thing. Whereas a lot of girls tour is like dishes now that's an every day today in the air conditioning. Still takes a yeah. Yeah sure is why didn't you that's just thinks your dishes are put men is your posture and I. Ours is two hours of pushing the mower. How old before you finally start Durham wandered that's a once we got a gig girl's interest in mowing lawns and gamblers that young names you know president a little on. And I. Prayed and god above that I never do I don't wanna learn yeah. Learn on the way for fun or that's the wrong attitude that really is Uganda sent these real little I mean. How to learn how to my ass six asked me I think you should hate. This machine that has a blue playing that could take off my fingers Intel. They really make that easy to do to help your fingers were. I'm Laura you know plus two turnover probably try to get it going it's not think well. Anything Ramona with the Ramona never did let's seize every mileage catalyst going squeegee your windshield. Plunges toilet lenses toilets at motel alone. A lot of sure there's Martin we can start with friends are ignorant and perhaps. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.