Signs Your Marriage Won't Last

Thursday, February 22nd

Not all love is everlasting...what are the signs that trouble is on the horizon? We also talk about how to handle a smart kid and the business clichés we're all tired of hearing.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only god come. You're listening got caught there with that remote chance in the wedding photographers. Were some signs of America and it. Total one way. And sometimes you follow up the equipment it's been a lot of times I think found it and whenever. He or you referred. From somebody in news rickets paktia. So they they came up with these things and one of the ones is one of the partners is completely on interest in. Photographs. Like the other person do it. And are getting married. New united Nokia still suck it up bright and you'd. If you don't like photographs yeah gotta go it's. It's the wedding day RA it's that you just can't bitch and moan about it now not sat on a photo now in this case a groom hired her by phone. And when the food talk arrived the wedding and introduces of the bride she gesture toward the camera said don't point that league and playing and meet today. Now they divorce two months later. You yeah than. Shocked it made three so I thought about it at a I have I wouldn't put my many and then the last through a honeymoon that. Sounds a reality TVS. Band sounds Mozilla ish yes Adrian I mean for the day I can understand people are in the photos. But are you so I. I don't even get it how would your end to it like never I mean like as part of that getting photographed just epic that yeah I mean you you you may not want a photo put up the you don't like it but. I know some people probably leave. You know. We're willing to sacrifice their reputation to be on that reality show bride zillow yeah asks. But some of those people were so disgusting. That I craved a followup sales like how many of those are made it. And it. Not on ever thought that I saw a news story where. One of the women who had been featured on brides Villa was arrested for domestic violence against their groupies. Those big. A fat. Waste bookmark the following. Som but you know here's the thing about these brides military people I don't think they see it as wrong. I think in their heads. It's not as crazy as we think it is no I mean they wanna be on T. Don't think it looks that bad they they think that it just the way I mean some people are acting up the camera other people think that that's just okay. Rioting they don't even get the fact it's like almost been a Psycho or whatever you learn a look at where it's and wouldn't you know suffer from narcissistic. Thing right I mean they understand that how it's wrong. You know. All right so here's another wedding photographers spot on while it's not going to a science and be successful. The couple has more than a 20% rejection rate and ours BP's. Is that about ten to 15% as normal. When you get above Swanee 25%. Good beside your friends of spam mail likes it is I don't know where you have Michael and I my parents my time and money honest yeah I'd imagine that. She says he was photo photographing a wedding where the couple invited 250 guests paid the venue minimum 200 plates and sixty people showed up. All so they came earns that your identity Franzen and we don't want them over old. Pat and the couple got to separate later on but. I don't buy it that if people aren't approving of the marginal shot. I think it just you know I 'cause Peabody doubted it personally ever but I think it's more of a sign of the people you think are your friends. No don't aren't really are friends so their there's something wrong with you yeah yeah delete the bad it doesn't work out. The lot wrong there yet. They're giving multiple theories that make it all be right because if if if you're lining its people don't think it's gonna work. You're just trying to get married to rub it in some people's face is. The game don't really like you winning ways at a Latino that's gotta be enough there are a lot of destination that's got to be an all of the above because I think people I mean I've been him. I'm two weddings were people whispered and house never gonna last just Delgado when you whisper about it you into this business. When I was younger you know people get married in early twenties or else it around in Arizona this'll never yeah. I would say I say a bunch I'm on. I only whispered that at one wedding. And it was my sorority sisters wedding is now the Boris. But. Wind you're sitting there we looked a couple of rows ahead of us. And sitting on like almost the same row. Were four of her ex beyond phase. Boyfriends. Like Don valley and we were like Rudy biggest it is safe wanna sadness when he ended his day. Oh my god we don't like and that case is not good as she still hadn't cut the ties from Florida from people. That was one reason multiple glory to your right they're all probably right. This it is so photographers says that that there's infighting among the bridal party. It's a bad sign for their relationship. You know it's dispersants at the of the divers aired. They have. One of the bridesmaids dropped out on the wedding day. And another woman city women it was canceled because used our bridesmaids fighting. Another once said to best manage sex with a bridal party whenever I can Atlanta who. I don't think there's infighting among the bridal party really means that much sometimes you're colliding two worlds in you know you're you're you you maybe have family and friends it. You have to whenever and it just it can happen. You know they Aiken at bat that you decided your marriage and missed that it's. Sign it but it's a really good sign. If you have to invite Sime because I was in a way seeing and with the exception of one guy the groom is Maine were jerks. While they jerks because the groom was injured guest. But some nights it was miserable. Since Mac being hit on by ID jerks in the way where they where they married at. A couple of more I mean there single item being disgusting. Now. I think some of the and Fides makes me it would get to the point with a bridesmaids were fighting over who had a walked out on the Iowa. Oh like he wanted to lords who didn't want to know. I don't like tonight and I think now the bridesmaids are in the match I don't have done is Mortimer. What a win free stuff on the link list. Is any life featuring Mickey manes doorways coming to Charlotte march 4 at ovens auditorium and we have special VIP tickets for you and your family to win. Mickey is hidden himself all throughout one and some in ninth only dot com think you can find him with a Mickey and you go through the special door to give into it jet yeah. That one incident nine. You're ranked feed podcast that be great person B rated it was like a bunch of SARS the oceans or just rate and what the report. If you if you don't like it don't rain. That's us contact a separate things is a guy on couple things it's a couple couple thoughts. Vs a some business cliches. He's stopped using it you want to be taken seriously. Since I don't consider this a real business. I didn't use them all I've heard some of them we don't have. You summit there are people here will sling around some classics but. They're not even like. New I even a business roast chicken with a pair. Pins and some people you'll use them I'm Mike as they what they are because all the people out. But you couldn't remember a mosquito like you know one and then we'll ever find an analyst anymore because it was on the list five years ago so anyway. Don't know I'm talking about. Also update. One of the things is a 110% this one manager says behavior in a 100% you know they say instead to say a team give it your all every day. That that's better but I don't attribute that. Yeah we're all in I don't need that apparently that I am given a mile beatle thing so they're alive but finally here well out here. Be safe out there. That's what is it probably in a cop me and Michelle I watch when I'm. In a statement. Like I just your but we're gonna regular immediately be at a meeting every day here stop in and Ike right baby given your well. Maybe I that I'm pivot. Appeared to quit not admitting that you made mistakes. And two or are disguising it. A pivot on that idea but let's pivot here and sell that soda Asian. Think that a blue. Depending on this many in a statement blue. Yeah don't make examples of them and a little bit of music and I don't think you sign my name an example you can be skeptically question we about to hit it hard headed before. You know why I'm looking at you this way. Because out of every article big you could choose to discuss. I can't think of any big you would know less about Iraq. If you have to get yourself to be a person who's working in an office and I don't does that even consider radio business mountain item. Up I think it all these things are there happening in meetings and now I I've heard him. Like one meeting a week end nine times out of ten that media gets canceled I wouldn't need canceled you're barely pay attention. I know but what about talking to the other people who are most of our people actually work in business something and I've seen. Something and I we don't like go into a meeting in nightly everybody opened the case and thanks a martini and the discussion and a myself hasn't been the Coca that the really it's different than most as it did the word you have bank was put it that way. Here it's. You have formed 99%. Of your opinions. About what happens. In corporate America. The same way you formed your opinions about what happens in prison by watching eyes and oranges the new black. And OK yeah. And a body of the prison guard and he doesn't answer and went and you. Played baseball against them prisoners in college so yeah. I'm here for as a prisoner snow there it is. So I know that enough on alerting him there on the inside how we didn't see it but I have. But I've read about visits UPI I don't know I mean every about leadership and things now follow through but I am interested. I've told you guys in England yeah yeah yeah you do read from articles to ask us about so yeah so now I'm up I have heard a 110%. I heard. That. At a pivot I have heard that you'd say you've seen or read or heard influence yeah. And then his US manager says that is if you describe that as a thought leader. Clutch or influence or you're linked in profile is a 100% chance the manager says don't think you fully yourself and love to Saudi around. You see it on mundane and you also see a lot on Twitter. Her if you click on someone's what are profiled there are countless people who list themselves as influence there. He is also as it often followed by social media like that preceded by social media in a social media influence or. Or a brand I'm influencers random blue answers social media what does he runs and what you big powerful I think it's like saying. You're a trend setter Euro America on the cutting edge of what ever feel. However. Apple doesn't have to tell you it's on the cutting edge of cellphone technology. It shows you. And that right what I feel about it most people who call themselves influenced. You. You know Kylie Jenner. Doesn't have to say. I flew answer right because she's getting millions of likes that say. Yep but I hernia hired as an answer to chew on as they are influenced him to hire somebody at the back and and look at I'm definitely not influence there not a lot 00 yeah. Well ducks broke outside influence and as well. That that most like a small one but I'm but I I'd do you have like I have had. Chosen. Companies approached me too I do stuff in order to get exposure in front of my people and win. But when I go to your. Kerry did grass he Twitter account name or I'd kick you out on mr. Graham. You don't say carry browser influence there now that the Allan never do that. Because you are an inflow Russert that yes so people are coming to you because they know you're an influence that you've endured simple answer it's like saying. A social media guru. Well if you're of guru in all I have to do is look and see that you've got 101000 followers yeah I think you're a good group is the new entrepreneur or. Ali is now. Took on what's been your is somebody who like someday might sort of business Ireland having idea as yet. I don't and I admit you are and I had that pimple faced life aboard and anyway I don't think you want to be Newark. If I'm that makes influence there. That be something many Madonna the mean anything to do something that's not leak about the back to dot what is your. Do grassy is this. Canadian. 902 and O type thing is that fair to say yeah pretty McCain has been on for a hundred years doc is an influence series get like gazillion people. Millions millions millions of check out his blog but she usually check caddie does the video thing now right yeah sort of Swiss Overton did do it doing YouTube videos and what's the address it's to grassy court. The grassy corner there you ago. Influence influence. Drastic. Influence and then out finally the Hoover. Whatever it is. Uber of felling thanks sick humor of I've seen just recently a much time do you the headlines and read the story but the Hoover of. Well I was recently he. Checking out a story about a babysitting terrorists that's expanding from Raleigh to Charlotte. And are calling themselves the Lugar a baby sitting around. So that that that one manager doesn't like that basically means that you can easily order something with a map. I'll I'll catch irony that that means that guy says it doesn't run yes okay that's what that does say and independent or whatever it's reliable in. Returning title and again we're just a minute away. We legs L eight date that's right gates. And water candles you don't want anything with gate on the I don't upper scan a Watergate was that 1972 or something whatever as. And what's how many years that up to fifty or something we're still using date as the happy because. Nipple gate. Was. In the headlines after the Super Bowl yet because Justin Timberlake. Perform bad time in the previous time he was at a Super Bowls when he had the nipple incident with. Janet Jackson the world's eight wardrobe malfunction. In the Watergate using gate that he shouldn't buy whether it was they tell by the way. They handle app is sitting and says scandal but really subtlety is nipple crank crank. I. I. Political I don't know the new word op that I am an influence their right to stand back and of people now I've been and a good counter I told it would come up with an idea. I influenced them to start thinking. Now spell ridiculous stop doing something. Accidentally lets us know in the and I would that Danny is against him are both against Ella. Yeah I know we're we saw yesterday hogs hogs and allow dogs all of the things Villa and Brazil was that we have an anonymous FaceBook page what was at a bore yet with a lot of boards. Everything's a zealous and brides Alexander RC it's more glass and more fun it's. What's that called IDs are you know Paul bear like jazz and hear about it. Promise and greatness but something we don't talk about on the air and on and off the air gets a day. I think I hinted at d.s on the air but their disposable gloves. For wiping your kids by. But they it's that emissions. It sound like that they the are wiping up. I won't say even in the off there pike. Yeah rhymes and admit it disposable gloves wacky kids but. I say that's part of it you can even be in the parenting club unless ship poop on your hand. I would I think if if you talk about it I thought this is an amazing idea. Now I'm I've often thought that the wind is they that would be artist for me as a parent. Was he crappy part you know like that no one dies but after awhile it's you and bombing yet. After a while it's not that big of a deal and I haven't had much I don't know I Naples say but Downey is so sleep deprived you don't care what can Pena. Big giant blowouts we've sometimes it's more just. Hidden all the spots cleaner icons forever means there's like places I never gonna exist I don't know a these premises to try to a baby and it could. Okay it's a baby but and that you if you haven't had to move all of your hands and on your car seats and on your clothes and you just you can't be in the club. They aired disposable moist wipes shaped like a mission. They say better than maybe a solid option when you go and a big food upon and training tot. Adler does a lot of people Automask originally as a gag but they're they're taking off. I don't know what that means but it. They cost a lot though. 34 dollars and thirty cents or twenty Wallace you're paying two bucks per group and not you complete it sounds weird statement and then I'll think currently I need to know they're not gonna break when I'm Alina well they are biodegradable. I may be there is an Adele application. And there. That hookah yelling for seniors but the senior Mike yourself. I I'm itself indoor and I'll have a baby blowouts anymore how critical when you wipe it with your hands sometimes as if you didn't know the thing would be an elephant never missed that not once. Good luck getting your hands on on their sold exclusively at Amazon currently sold out. Pattern and another thing should not look past it and these. The serious Fashion Week right you know. Where people do a lot of weird things that are growing have way column fashion designers do a lot of weird thing all attention even though they might not know it really fashion necessarily. There's autumn is fresh and 44 off laurels by the way statement rosary in court unexpected Harris answers. But this in the banana clip the clock making a comeback is really lost a figure into this from a South Korean designer ten immune. He's. I don't know he or she is famous for dressing Lady Gaga on Bjork so interesting looks weird streak yeah. I'm not saying this he sang it it's called the oriental garden collection. It's flashy pink fears studded leather blazers. Iridescent raincoats went to the waist structured. Tool body suits and lady part wigs ulcers Americans you know as a thing. Spiked hair extensions which look exactly many marks down there Erick I mention I was out at bodies I hate bodies gas let. I only bodies. Yeah that's a full it's not like a now I get underneath there what are really. It's quite a tight spot and you as a wrestler would call a single to. To his alike mr. good body loan would Wear you know a guide to good bat as he is. Williams right signal of the I looked like Italy's I don't say values it's a curly headed guys angels Bible man I'll bet that's right right. Gonna. Mr. good body wasn't there are no other the mr. good body was this character. That have a body suit. And he would have all some kind of police don't know to children say it was. He didn't it was on PBS all the time he wore body suit with all the organs and muscles drawn drawn on to the body suit so he can teach you about anatomy right. Sounds creed we can't hear you old enough to remember the old encyclopedias Reid had this team room as cellophane pay as you would slip and you'd have like the circulatory system down muscles bones okay yeah. Mr. good body at all about just your opinion about it mythology it means he had different suits or didn't I relax. I checked he was still make an yankees though are old and he still sounds creepy agreement when he used this. Because a man and a body suit is just. The women and I should wish Al I'm not a wrestler. Or her a gym this. In you in a body suit. Belongs in any psychedelic nightclub and a half and that's really really plays a woman doesn't are just the bodies I'd or something over her now this year like. It's become very popular for pop star's performance bodies oh I know it's mean to a regular purse. And usually Wear something on the bottom like a starters right over the bodies I've never understood the vice condemning you go to the bathroom and get it. And remember the bodies do. And that is kind of like. And Michael MacKey ringling employee do here it is like really like that. We are material and I would dancers Wear yeah I record that was around on like in the ninety's and yes I can listen to arrest but was this American. I don't know 16100. Prostitutes Warren. For you know they were shaver. Main reasons health reasons so they give my fake batch and so on this are runway they were all wearing them in a range of colors links and styles. Punk inspired Mohawk markets. Were created he says to assist irregular silhouettes and to bridge the gap of hard vs soft. Have the creative director of prima hair explains the inspiration behind me lady part wigs. Because this personal items of enrollment had a collection are huge central theme of pride in your body your sexuality whatever I never thought I would turn my back and we were wig and yes they say they look very natural. All pictures in of and I'm sure you did it after he did it's agreed that the public isn't nudity it's just have like you know to pay on it on or part it's not like it's citing your turn honored and so. Solid I'm doing research like apple. That it just like to talk about men are reluctant. So reluctant at the clouds are you know one other thing on nine New York Fashion Week you see the models that are carrying their decapitated heads now. They they have they have had to make to look like the real model. The models walking around carrying their own head. Well I bet I would like to do that I don't know what it. Plus a C one may know the clothing designers that we live from decide to do with that is if a county applying that old baby. That's achieved at a Daytona styrofoam heads I intended to. Like generic the most G ones that are Alda latter would be aired okay that's good that's it's off there. If you haven't. Headed over GPS map. The FaceBook page lately do ends its life and follow or Matt Harris there's gonna Holler ones as well. Pom lately there's been a few things so like. The kids trying to sneak in to black panther pricing and each other's well one city and the other shoulders. Read a trench coat. Trying to get in as one person talking it's. Had I idol areas has played some really seeing an old movie guess like back in the old days in new orders I've heard. With a drive ends repay about carload assault on old Jose would pack people and right of the trunks as a trunk in path that that that was days. I've heard people before wax nostalgia about drive in theaters. To stop no desire no desire no one wants to. And the desired ago now that we can see I don't see. Now but there's something. Fun about it it was back to being a kid yes and we would have us sleeping sleeping bags in my uncle would let us. Are sleeping bags on the roof of the cock. Low. But see that's something that you know that's like saying audience members of the. The movie while being being eaten by Imus. It hardly hear me and now you can take your sleeping Bagger whenever blanket into this. The theaters that have to fold back. Lazy boys and actually a great sound and all that why would you drive you to lose a sleeping bag kids. They RC two Bagger honestly but but they're bigger big blanket where there take one season stuff I understand blankets there's movie theaters are notoriously cool hat so I mean I'm. No no riot troops try to drive in. Moving aka. When you talk about Smart people. Yes so what do if you ever released market. That problem is according to experts. Is that what parents realize that they've got gifted kid. In figure. I've got to help I've got to do lots of things to keep this kid busy. But. Experts say the good news is it is that if you have a bright gifted kid. When you leave them to their own devices they have the brainpower to come up with activities for themselves. That are appropriately difficult. And that interest them at the same time. I you know I would think that be the same. Advice you'd give for the person is active in. Right people are saying. The date date you know there are brain's not working well they're not they they did we got to keep busy so they don't think about dumb they are not a scientific. I'm just anybody wanna keep them it tutoring and this and that whatever. I don't love you kid needs tutoring does one find out. But moderate got over scheduling her kindergarten and it didn't get it begins about my yeah everybody or schedule I guess I think debit dubbed. Problem is people think that gifted kid needs their brain stimulated all the time on trust don't know. They over scheduled kids but these kids need time alone to imagine to create games out of enough playing it and they even need some computer time. I don't see that as any difference as the advice they give. All too. Right now we always hear the story about over scheduling and canceled don't over schedule again has given free time we'll figure out what to do I don't see that advice is any different than. And honestly very nice I think works. No matter if you think your kid is brilliant or you think your kid is ever thanks for example they say ask more open ended questions like let's say you're driving. You ask a kid I would what do you think the pros and cons of having speed moments. Give them. An opportunity to think about things. Well I think that I would agree that critical thinking is one thing that we never. Allow. Children did you ever question they don't ever hear both sides of the story they become adults that we have now them refuse to listen to. Beings and that listen other sides and tossed back and or thoughts critical thinking is something that. We let slide somehow. And and that's my speech since I thought I thought. What I remember is these customers speech class read argue against something you yeah we're against and a late debate yeah if you had to pick something you're completely against that I doubted that any. I think that's important because for example decay comes home late. You say how do you think we should deal with this I had an election that's against something they say prawn catch CNET for all. Aaron and you encourage your kids ask a lot of why questions. It can be exhausting for EU. On hostages but it also gives you an opportunity to sit with your kid and cool things. I'd senator Bayh described below. How are now did you go to Alaska elected I thought that collects all probably know the answer to that one. And then there are two things he should choose very carefully. Number one your kids' school. Tough she again and heated. And number two your kids caretaker. Estimated you're working full time consider getting. A Smart. College did or or I wanted to dominated drama king are retired teacher. Someone is always. Happy to share a hobby with your child there is acting or sports or crafts whatever hours. Is different than any other advice for any other kid I don't see any difference and it only takes up and there really brilliant person who. Works and tact or something they're not driving it. The place to place not being caretakers probably around Silicon Valley make millions. Well I I I mean for a lot of college kids. Ed. Twenty bucks an hour you try to via college kids as lazy piece of crap that was shot just getting a college you know it. Where do I'm just getting they're not lazy might consider this as an opportunity. It is so hard to find people who watch your kids. And the summertime you'd think the college kids coming out of the woodwork it is hell trying to find somebody and once they hit like sixteen they start drive and then forget about it. Parts of the men in that one no one of the family really had ME it is a surprisingly difficult. On the other end of the because they're like twice and directly Mike's Aaron and in lieu of two bets on how much pain but still toy box now they're not. And I also consider not only. Asking for a specific teacher who has good reputation with some schools don't entertain them but others do. And also skipping agreed or cute they say kitten that's socially. Your kid. Might be you know a little awkward. But do you have a bit of fit often outweighs a liability especially if you have a need to lose. Bright but board. Now now I. Would like to sales for the record that I don't like gifted and talented as a last year as a moniker I don't think we certainly don't need talented and gifted and talented like now I mean. Testament did not mention talent if you can you give did it academically but talented. And recently juggle Iran you cycle. So I think it's nearly as an Internet can help. I don't gain an edit this out out when we decided that one would be resided AP. AG advanced billing strategies and high school wanted to use that in. Talent or heart got right back. Ailment that what I had. I don't I don't think it was a good thing I think they had I got her from the city gifted and talented program and I needed. I remember it's not for everybody had extra projects to do it but yeah we get extra work characters that you always reading I think that was. Or. ITunes has dropped in an accident. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.