Is Smoking A Dating Dealbreaker?

Wednesday, July 26th

Matt and Ramona debate whether or not smoking is a dealbreaker in relationships; Matt's also out here eating spoiled food and Ramona heard what kind of noises while on vacation?

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 only got. You're listening to all clear was that remote. There are certain habits it's it's that can be deal breakers or at least. They say their deal bring a lot of times people say simply to deal breaker and really adapt to a big deal with a but. 64 point 2% of nonsmoking women and 64 point 3%. Men who are nonsmokers said that smoking was a deal breaker. I. I would see dollars different kinds of smokers to. There's the kind of smoke religious smokes when they're drinking. Yeah there's a lot of smokers than Thursday down and dinners a smoker smokes all the time yeah smoker who's ever read let's say our so. Needs. Right to zionists are smoking individual. That has dwindled over the years because you can't smoke now writing those number of people have had at this dwindled in the past but. I would say that the odds mean. About beatings starting even beginning a relationship with a smoker would be silent. An Italian maybe Imus mode bigot or something's that's that's it. Gives us a some like that if I and I would you start relation with a smoker now that was that was on my list as a deal breaker. When I was dating. It all depends on the kind of smoker he well you assume that some assuming irregular. Regular smoker now because I don't want. Ever want smoking in my house I know the body app even of these Christmas they would smoke outside but it. The drag it and that's tough one out Communists. As Palestinians just heard is tough memorably been used to be outspoken bars it. You come home and you got showers and backed agreement to bag his ass smell like smoke I'm sorry I'm you know wean me there were a lot more smokers. I can't remember. One place I worked you had to walk through the smoking area to get to your aria and Susan. You fighting your way through the clan know yet. You've felt like he needed a shower afterwards I end you know we're slamming nonsmokers are rather guys that is the latest. Sometimes you you know you. I had a morning show a guy smoked mute command it beat us. Yeah smoke as smoke a Rana. And so anyway. Did the I guess smokers so there is good news 58% of nonsmokers. Claim they once did data smoker. I've never I dated smoker. I didn't dating he's the reason why I decided I could never. Be with a smoker who smoked in their home because you're an apartment smelled disgusting all the activity that many. And general managers many homes and our people to smoke willing it and it kids now. I don't think. There is yeah and certain. Income level. And things change that did hundred the truth. That's so that they smoke more often the whenever I just say OK I'm saying it I just said there it is that it isn't. Yeah you know Matt Harris are smoke public I am I'm smoke about a ask whether or not people broke up with a partner because smoking was very low percentage but men and women it's it actually did I do know a guy. Who quit for marriage. Oh really we don't know what. Multistate I would be afraid over not that I lefty picked up smoking again but then again I also know some people who. Snakes smoke behind their partner's back I think I hit magazine and women you do it I know then I don't know how they get away with it. I just I'm amazed at that I've heard that before the I don't know how you get away with it. I think jackets and about a mile away. Mean let the smoke and you'll vote. We didn't struggling like that route you're telling me something I mean smoking like you know going around the corner and come back in the house by how they not catch in that. And asked me away. And meters are targeted to be asking Iran with a let's have it would be weird though someone. I don't like it trust the look on the bright I'm gonna marry you if you quit smoking. Is a really good way to play it because and his give parents are smoking again I think you got to assume that they're always gonna smoke. Unless unless they quit for like you know you you say I'm not temerity smoke and it stops a keeper a years. But it row right Arnold emeritus six months later he really don't smoke again I haven't talked to Pete while. Unlucky that it baca the victim back up. 63% of women said they wanted data nonsmoker. Tempers and amends saying they wanted to it's. 073% amends that a smoker front attractive. 73%. And we already know they're easy photo in there and it it usually can't go. I didn't like Greg how and why that and it. You are easy and you have a endowment and you ought to know bogus. Items Indiana track events of the survey said 73% amends a smoker's right attractive. 54% of women say an unattractive to the easy part come round but it just that's just that's an. Anonymous survey. It's something I've observed over the years but this isn't over yet that is best plug it partly. Have I guess the good news is eager snow dilemma that many men and women has had their very unlike rule applies. Now he can't even overcome smoking and a mean very intimate evening or two but that is. But fresh non smoky lingerie such. And indeed yes. On write down more podcast. Temperature outside is heating up sent a 1079 delaying we're we're. Sizzling summer Rich's gonna try to get him to win four times each week day it's your shot in 1000 dollars a four time. In each weekday. For the national keyword to it takes to win and I. One in brief message generates a client the only thing harder than sitting in rush hour traffic easily. Actually it's sizzling summer reaches 1079. Until. Link you know one of our Ramon as a nemesis is. And the world they're squirrels. But what you don't know is that while not as afraid of those girls is I am at my mom definitely has a he treat. A hatred a hatred. You know this just like I'm with the exception of Henri she hates all animals are being hit and there's IEA is a special creature in her eyes and heat. Is fond of other dogs but any other animals she does not want them anywhere near her decision that a case of her anxiety drugs via just went right to you. So anyway we are still up. Nice hotel. Lines in the mountains. And bedtime. We were in a room that had guilt to. Queen size bed and we're about to go to sleep I'm watching TV in my mom goes on. The hit that. And up until that point I was so into the TV wasn't turning attention to those. They're squirrels in the wall shouldn't act. You people little weird or Newton there why so it. I tune in to this town which is. Little moan and analyze the motives are used that there was my mom. Those are not squirrels. All we have today is now is which forces me to tune in me even more to that. Are now. And my ma am that's not squirrels and yeah it is mom squirrels do not make that kind of written now I thought well I'm feeling like I. Moment. Yeah not a. It's true they're doing it not. An Angel I don't know listened. To him. All those. Here here and all and even I'm watching TV that turned the TV pretty loud at. Yeah. It's somewhere else let me tell you ladies. So there is a guy who stated Roma won eleven. I just told lodged and how can go on night at all. I find it all she does at all. They didn't. I had to actually pitched it to a bit. Literally bit. Was two hours. Call them what to do it did you ever get to see him. An excuse me. I'll admit that the technical group winds over this act and forty knock on the door exit ramp service and run away and let yeah. It's more class and more fun it's quick that promote these and it's not just this one. I think that he can prevent it. Certainly they would be going to ask the biggest video I think aside by society you know why he is not so affectionately call the. It's where all of the mere people at inner comes Charlotte which is WB ET. WFAV. And the link all work and it about a scary. Are different cases they have their own office but the rest of us are kind of jammed into this room together. And being Indian I sit side by side and had our backs. Is a guy who I am calling one crummy though. He is just probably he's. In it appears to video on my FaceBook page and I also tweeted it. And have on hand to grant. This guy it's like he sits at his desk with crackers and hit singles yeah. Minority. And lets the ball on the floor and the into. We CNET that looks like the aftermath. Of a toddler. Dining with his unattended family at Applebee's. And I'm wrong. Yes no not at minus rating inside of a mini van after he tried to toddlers have been acting and look at it. It is is so much grounds and so let's start and fill lights as I can even handle he denies that it was him yesterday first of all. I would show my video HR. Didn't yes I did yes I did and I. Are our age our director Shari I said I need a vacuum cleaner. I will. And I know that I can get banned onboard that she weekly he gave us access to a vacuum cleaner. And and after the show I saw crummy at his desk and I sit argues that. That. You have somebody has been. All I do then maybe do that somebody sent to what I've written cropped up around your feet past and it's. He. We need as security camera are simply do we need to get to the bottom of this and that was him we need to find the real perpetrators. Eight they need to be stopped crap he is our salt at all. Cleaning crew that don't go and oral as well that would be nice. And also how about an adult doesn't like that yeah. That UN Iran several more by 70179. This is the only restart without anonymous. Big really a big win make you pay which you're out probably what's the ramp. I got a problem. Or in the opposite. We're certainly out. And cubicle walls were but. Really no problem there at all. And Fargo and relevant as well out of me it felt like there were. An awful. They Brett and Bart and all that and yeah. I leave the bad part is not quality control that. I act pick a constant currencies quality control. I'm black got a hit me an hour. I can't turn the radio loud enough to go over his far louder I'd get louder and you. Wow. I. Ounce is this thing where are you guys are worried about crimes now on your floor up and burping manager. Man that's good stuff big Willie thank you Jenny Jenny Jenny AA which tirade. I'm 39 and a half we pregnant and it's a like mind. And I and it is my birthday I'm really I didn't say. You know but they have couple of them hard because of the heat and it just spoke like everybody you confetti I haven't. A local perjury or my aunt and sparkling water outlet like I have all right now. And out of and are at the end. Why did he look like you're ready yeah. Yeah. That you'd think there would be repeated and that all Ed Andy said all of its huge bottom line. The blue man. Where you at that point not very proud of that and it. That I hadn't. All your habit of all why aren't yeah yeah yeah. All is a punter look at you like not look like after. The guy well you know next time guys that you lot of land deals like united to say hey I'm not pregnant that really shine allow local. Yeah him. Any fat so when you have your kid. This is exactly guy. It's the fifth. Inning thanks we're tirade faintly he joins us with. What's going on land and pay with brow. I order a little late in her car issues not attacks are true and why. I had grown man and then laughs and says a little bit and got out the other end. Think what. Have yeah. That's a better. That but I would love to have crowd around her death she cut her fingernail. And hurt and they help you are able to own up. Needn't their camera and audio and they'll man. We're not going hills are drums are on your desk I would rather have fingernails. Because new solo again yes basically I don't here's an idea. How were building. Has a rodent problem. Problem now that we have mr. cranny. I the mice are is just ridiculous are the you know other I'm crushed Brady gonna. And another from the human fingernails active element you know crumbs of her nails. Yeah I'm going problems. OK okay when the ice arrived. You'll be on my side and at the bank land. Megabytes Kennedy deal. Yeah yeah. You did admit I want to emails that in the possibility that scary thought. It's off there would match. OK IDS they seem to drones. Massive ratings. Moneys get on board. It's never too late never too late somewhat. Have to pay extra to get these notes on Netflix you know it's funny you know in the crowd iso to PX and I teach you on anything. These colleagues on a TV monitor TV and then you know I'm good TV no Netflix now HBO and showtime there's nothing good on anything but those channels. Yeah Herbert basically my nephew. AMC shows it. But basically. Maybe aspects here and there the bachelorette I'm time. The OEM well that's a I know that's an yeah yes a hundred Diana something much game at thrown out I'd like seventy much bachelorette and then you move in Lima and you went a bail on it. The latest episode. Things are starting to fall into place now restarted be a strategy. They made a giant thing that's huge stress begins that was weird yeah. What they had to figure out a way because. Basically Danny has weapons of mass destruction is no way to beat him why there's no way but they have to show that these dragons aren't the be all end all that there is a way to take them down I have to show that there are stakes involved where she could lose this battle or this war he noted that the dragons stone or whatever it is. They know where that is now which he's right they're right in Xeon yeah she's good she's right on dragon style now my big question animal this is how did. You're on great joy you find that fleet. That many go to the middle of the night and that many boats in the big wide ocean. Was he able to scale up on them in the middle and in the dark. I think that there's a leak on detainees council. I think someone's beating information you're on great guy and you're on cuts people's tongues yet this guy as a right. And he's got a comedy relief that he has done a little funny and here's talkative man he's kind of the the craze the night from them. He built the fleet of a thousand ships yet but it was just after that is the other great joys left. Yeah I took they took all his lead and somehow he was able you have to kind of suspend some belief maybe time is. Lapsing more than we think you have the timeline doesn't exactly lineup again thrown so you have to suspend some belief on certain things that show with flying dragons for cried out to suspend its English and nitpick about the timeline uh huh. That's the only thing in this congregation that's actually made sense to me come on. And and Sam is a you know. Destined to be here artists are taken -- guy returning and our rock. There's got to be some sort of reason why Sam is at the citadel he's got to come up with some huge Cink is he already knew about the dragging glass Spain is Brett teen told him there was a bunch of the dragons on the map that where bears yes they they found where is that there's got to be some other reason he's there like they're gonna he's gonna cure gray scale and then go over to the other continent in. He'll all those guys and have an army to grey scale I don't think he'll have RD and yeah Nike Nike they might need more people to fight in the war against the white wall or so he might go over there there's got to be a reason how about him does go up findings and the beats the white yeah. Yeah like may be held to make malaria in steel like John Snow sword yet or something like that there's got to be reasons why don't they group and time all the blue pin and went on a little long damn that was the the that was you know last episode that exchange in the bed pan it was a huge montage of some people eating what they call brown would just do offend him. Including chamber pots which was again brown. Yes yes navies that are modern nursing. Went a little far it did a multi car a little ridiculous and edited weights and also wasted time was on the the unit guy. Which unique things dollar and what is it would've won the got a arm bears are beyond gray Joyce went and got a got an on. Oh that's great warm great when the sandy had a sixteen yes lynch was kinda disappointing peninsula. At a sixteen. It was disappointing and I assure you look at this the like has scar where his status opera yes. As part of the and solid young sullied our this group of warriors. Who as a child they're taken and there are junkets cut off death to make them more subservient in this so this guy has no rule. Twigs or Mary still play when it here but so I think figured out something gambling does have feelings though twos and I'll Idec as stadiums or he wouldn't. It still has he wanted to surprise there urges but it but why go to all problem the whole point of everything and then not sell it yes exactly. Unless it has not pointed it out means nothing to the show I mean I'm all happy that they're getting together and they found love is great warm may die in the coming battle but shell us. Where the scar is we want to see yeah like he was packing are not backing down there yes I mean I was that yes that's with because they were teasing you that that's what I was gonna be out but there and then there was no pay off London. Am the dating him. You wonder how CI dragons and one to face changes based. How to be our little IDB Ariana and she changes faces old I've just got to get close to everybody else that. Yeah well she's headed north now all we don't know she's gonna continue to head north or she's gonna go back south and trying kills or C gap. Because she was headed north than you found her old dire wolf. Who kind of reminded her who she was because the dire wolf wouldn't come with there in the it was really like a deep meaning like is are you gonna go back and become an assassin nursing and Adobe would namely that it now that winter fell Nazi knives scissors and snow is Lleyton over there yeah sound they got but he gets to meet Danny next episode which is going to be huge to me yeah. Yeah Verisign. A minute ago is there really controversy now was comptroller what's her face is stands a better ominous that's an I think because that's I think little finger is going to be in her ear and she's gonna. And heard the normal Hussein's a stupid yes that's what I'm worried about the only Puerto season has a little finger now accounts from. A place called the fingers at a a group of islands nevermind I think it's gonna. Bodies because something stupid could she does a lot of dumb things he does that many on the eunick. If they are tough tough guys tied down there you go here to game six it's reality radio or schedule all off there who. Ramon I know but why do the things I do sometimes. But that'd I took a picture of my lunch today. Which was hey pop pocket into all out and eat hot pockets. So. The question though is is it really hot pockets of what we'll look at those that are Brad say monkey paw you and I put on my FaceBook page matters FaceBook page insurers can be shared across all over FaceBook pages. And I have to admit in retrospect. After I've beaten it. It does. Look kinda disturbing. The picture. Why did you have to use all the way it looked at big even say do. That's supposed to look gray and a great foods are awesome it is not a food coloring and a legal. Look at this isn't us some kept. I didn't Condrey and looks likes and I had some other went back there are just spotted a refreshing new but I thought I had to irregular way he was shredding it like Hansen doesn't turn it over they had to its great expert girls. It does look like something narrow it looks like on the them might wash ashore yeah. There are some pain that was discarded in the parking lot of Wal-Mart you. After buddy doubled on it you don't know how long it's been an aero what it was when it started. At I mean we're the problem. I picked. The most slightly old. When you say slightly we talk in week I don't know. Probably is that no he doesn't I don't know but I'd go month finish my opinion but it was but our freezer doesn't work that great little tiny refrigerator so that was sticking activists jammed neck as a keep forgetting I haven't. So who is like have to frost Al a lot of frost and not how long it's been in there I don't that they don't say anything about even on frozen. Maybe they didn't feel. Odds on the block the fans and the others. And I am a little I I will and I'm sure it. 99%. Of the stuff that you buying in the freezer section yeah I'm going to eating dad's needing only. She began pros are now in retrospect again I not feeling great. Did he take it. Not really not. Look at a the right. Didn't do any didn't taste good accused Howard drew powered through an odd about nine out and here's the thing your constitution and I don't know. Is my abs at some bank is because of that and by the way I tag have pockets they get to respond. And not take credit for that. I don't hold public course. That's I think you look like hot pot yeah maybe they would say here's a case. But. Doc about sort that I found. Aramis it would average jogged love. It appears beatle protein drink are. And the printed out. But in I don't know. And I went Furyk. And it tasted pretty bad the first two since I asked not to smell. It. And I tell us. All the protein shake yeah he basically does wants down that these are rotten fish not blog it was a mama. I didn't finish. A kill my dad. Two cents. Was steep that he is the. Didn't smell that bad. News if it wasn't. Even get near. Decided and yeah I don't dot did though they had now we know Obama with the. Do this and I wasn't sure who is supposed to be blue banner he or like all hail. Let's begin. We're talking a great college. Yes yes and and over I mean it was bad. We some sort of scary and it's let idea tale I gotta tell you I didn't I didn't think they'll. I don't know I he had ditty to rob pockets acknowledge it and it did not eat the whole thing. And I probably could afford. At that did Galloway couldn't. Get a I don't really wake you do realize this hot but it doesn't look good you know it's good that better not eat it I'm at a Baghdad looks like that there's a whole bunch that freezer. Covered on the Google. If you need. Pop pocket the frosted pop tell Wanda hot pockets last Major League isn't the I'm doing right now. Yeah. You. Get a. Edit things right count me yeah me under Google and. Don't go away. And right now. Yeah. It recently and I had a good look you're not. Good morning. I think not yeah after two years. And bring their. Even though it looks on hole and made me feel awful and people are telling me I need. I need to Google for a good NBA. You know. Us government published it in the oh crap bleak pockets infringed not freezer freak exclamation point as hot pockets still good. I've got a map and a freezer when I got to run dammit waterfront once again it. It can hot pockets be refrigerated a lot of people are wondering. What this tells us. Now and then hot pockets are. The favorite food 88 yeah there's a lot of dummies yeah on the Internet this guy who. Didn't. It yeah ungodly act counter overnight for twelve hours I'm not gonna get on that bad that the red sea of people haven't yet. Five hot pocket he left on top of the microwave. In the weekend been there for like he more hours. They got started club and the line failed because. It's as a frequently asked questions like a lot of he Hamlet to block you from. It's my boy but. We have a hot spot didn't vote and I did a big big thing. I'm going to be out now I think there reconsider its favorable position on that. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote. Check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.